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Finding the Log Furniture Fabrics to Match Your Style

We have a large selection of fabric for your log furniture.Decorating with log furniture in your home at all is a huge statement of who you are at heart. After all, the building you live ceased to be just a house. As soon as you moved in and unpacked your stuff, it turned into your home. It’s the only place in the world that you can surround yourself with all your favorite things - with complete freedom. This is probably why eclectic décor is so popular, because anything you really love goes so long as you stick to color rules.

Animals, geometric shapes, solid colors, floral prints, lines, swirls and textures--the fabric style that you choose for your log furniture gives it a totally unique look. Your selection definitely says a lot about your taste and personality. Since we are all such unique personalities, Woodland Creek’s has a wide assortment of cushion and futon fabrics to choose from.

For many of our log chairs, log patio furniture, and log living dining furniture designs, you can add your personal touch to these items or sets by choosing the upholstered parts to be covered with a variety of different colorful fabrics. We like to give our customers a choice, because none of us have the same taste or sense of the perfect style. Some will prefer dark, solid colors while others prefer light colors like pink or yellow, and then there are those who want patterns in a range of hues.

Whatever your taste in rustic décor and log furniture design is, we have something for you. Our earth tone solids are loved by log home furniture owner's who like things simple and aesthetically pleasing. Our fabrics featuring animals are a fun, decorative way to bring wildlife into your home or hunting themes to the upscale cabin and lodge. Adding this fabric to your log patio furniture or log living dining furniture will give the comfortable cushions colorful appeal.

Personalizing your home, cabin, porch or patio is paramount. Adding your choice of color, pattern or texture in fabric to your log home furniture and log outdoor furniture gives it your personal style. Using different fabrics through the various rooms of a home and different styles of log furnituregives you instant variety. A far more interesting home is the result as opposed to the abode where everything looks the same.

Are you unsure of which fabric you should choose? It's okay! We allow you to order sample swatches so that you can choose which fabric is just the right colors for your rooms. The last thing you need is for that exciting moment when your log home furniture arrives to be a letdown because the fabric color is all wrong once seen beyond the image on our web pages. We know all about the ins and outs of decorating! After all, we are homeowners too.

  • Karen Riffle

    We are looking for wildlife material and cushions for a couch and chair. Wasn't able to see any fabric choices even though it stated you had several. Would love some info.