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Game Room

  • Foosball Fun for All Ages

    Try ones made of log furniture material!When you have enough space in your home to include a game room, it’s fun to fill it with things that the whole family can enjoy. Pool and poker are fine for adult family gatherings or evenings in with friends, but one of the truly classic tabletop games that both kids and adults get a kick out of is foosball.

    Putting a foosball table in your game room adds instant fun for everyone in the family. Kids love the fast pace of the game while teenagers enjoy showing off how quickly they can move the ball around the table and beat their opponents. And don’t rule out the enjoyment that adults can get from this game; put a few people around a foosball table and you’ll see how quickly they become like kids again.

    The rustic look of the Rush Creek Log Foosball Table offers hours of family fun while bringing the classic beauty of log furniture to your game room. Hand-peeled pine logs make this table especially unique, as the hand-peeling process leaves bits of the bark behind to create a slightly different appearance each time. The table is also sanded by hand with a two-step process before a light glossy finish is applied.

    The use of kiln-dried pine wood in the table offers a few extra benefits over and above the enjoyment of the game itself. Pine grows fairly quickly, making it a bit cheaper when compared to furniture made from other types of wood. Plus the kiln-drying process reduces the potential for expansion or shrinkage—called equilibration—of the wood, providing a sturdier table. Combine this with leg levers that keep the table flat on any surface and you’re in for an enjoyable foosball experience.

    Other rustic furniture in the Rush Creek collection can be incorporated into your game room to balance out the décor. Adding a swivel stool or two gives family and friends who aren’t in on the foosball match a place to sit and watch. Or offer them another fun game to play by including a dart board with an attractive pine wood cabinet.

    By the way, that foosball table might be just the thing to entertain the kids on rainy days and long quiet nights at your getaway place, it's the perfect log cabin furniture style to look right at home.

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