Guaranteed to Make You Sleep...

Guaranteed to Make You Sleep...
1 year ago
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If something about our Extremely Gnarly Aspen log bed looks familiar, it should. Featured in the global entertainment sensation, True Blood, this bed has become synonymous with romance, as well as daring use of organic materials and we couldn’t be prouder. Now, you don’t need to be embroiled in a relationship with a vampire to enjoy our take on extreme rustic bedroom design, but we do think that a suitably natural interior design scheme will help you get the most from this incredibly eye-catching rustic bed. It’s also worth noting that few pieces of rustic furniture will be able to detract from this, so consider the Aspen bed your new centerpiece! Made just for you We do things a little differently here at Log Furniture Place. While other companies might simply have vast stocks of ready-to-ship items gathering dust in their storage facilities, we build your new forever bed to order. The reason for this is so that we can invest the right amount of time into selecting the ideal logs and so that our master craftspeople don’t need to feel rushed. They can enjoy the process of turning raw materials into beautiful, tactile rustic bedroom furniture, knowing that their creativity won’t be stunted by an inflexible deadline. When it comes to this particular design, whether you choose a twin or a Cali king frame size, your order will be given the same amount of focus and attention. Your logs will be chosen according to their bends, from being laden with snow, as well as the characterful marks from passing elk and no live trees are sacrificed for your purchase. Every log is harvested from dead standing Aspen trees, because we believe in and support sustainability. Hand sanded and lacquered, your Aspen log bed will be treated with kid gloves, but the strength built in will be second to none, thanks to our allegiance to tried and tested carpentry methodology. You won’t find flat-pack corner cutting or cheap fixings in our designs, as we favor mortise and tenon joints, plus extra measures, to guarantee the longevity and comfort of your new bed. Your new FOREVER bed. Double side rails and mattress support slats are included as standard too, for your peace of mind, as is an unprecedented lifetime guarantee. Yes, you did read that right! When designing and building a bed with the highest standards in mind, there is no reason not to include a lifetime warranty. We know that a new rustic bed is a huge investment and not one that you want to be repeating many times. We also know that when it comes to taking the plunge and buying something handcrafted, stunning enough to have been featured in an award-winning television show and fantastically different, you need some assurances, so please don’t lose a minute of sleep wondering about our after sales commitment to you. Your dream gnarly aspen log bed is just a few drop-down menu selections away, with free shipping included!
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