Inspirational Country Decor Brings Peace to the Home

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2014-01-09 11:00:05
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Send Inspiring Quotes with Art PrintsSometimes daily life gets so hectic that you forget to stop and take stock of the blessings that you and your family have. Between school, work, chores and personal obligations, it can seem as though there's never time to rest and reflect. No matter how busy you are, though, it's important to take a step back, relax and breathe now and then, even if it's only for a few minutes every day. Making inspirational art prints like Linda Spivey's Goodness of the Lord part of your country decor helps to remind you of what's truly important, even when the rigors of life make you feel as if you're in over your head. Goodness of the Lord is a simple 5"x7" print that depicts a quote from Psalm 33:5 in which the psalmist declares, "The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord." These words are written out in attractive, easy-to-read letters that reflect an almost childlike innocence in their flowing shapes. Small round embellishments at the ends of lines and the edges of curves add a decorative feel to the text, and large colorful capitals on "the," "goodness" and "Lord" emphasize the main message of the passage. An outline drawing of two bluebirds in a branch appears in the lower left corner of Goodness of the Lord. This decorative accent is filled in with brown, green, blue and yellow shades, adding a splash of color that stands out from the print's white background. The same pretty blue is used to shade in the block capitals in the Scripture quote, creating a balanced look for your home's rustic decorating scheme. The living room, bedroom and kitchen are all great places to hang inspirational artwork. Framing Goodness of the Lord helps it stand out among your log furniture and catch your eye whenever you need a gentle reminder of the true goodness there is in the world. As you go about your daily schedule, let Spivey's simple artwork bring a sense of peace and rest to each day.
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