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Lamps Bring Cabin Decor to Life

Lamps with eye-catching designsIf you're aiming for classic cabin style in your home, a variety of rustic accessories can help you achieve the desired look. Combining log furniture with attractive decor pieces creates a distinctive look that puts your home in a class of its own. Even when choosing everyday items such as lamps, it pays to keep an eye out for rugged style like that found in the Chainsaw Bear in Stump Lamp.

At an eye-catching 29" in height, this rugged lamp is sure to draw comments from family and friends. The carving that gives the piece its name is deliberately rough, reminiscent of the large wood sculptures and totem pole designs often seen at campgrounds. The stump base adds an air of solidity that resonates with other cabin decor. A rugged lampshade tops it all off with its attractive brown color and a line of bear tracks running diagonally from the bottom edge to the top. This contrasts nicely with the dark brown of the rest of the bear carving and creates a soft glow every time you turn on the lamp.

Whether you need full light or low light, the Chainsaw Bear in Stump Lamp lets you choose the right level of illumination for every task. Take advantage of the three-way socket to set the lamp to dim, medium or bright depending on the time of day. Choose soft lighting to relax at night or turn the lamp up to full strength for early-morning newspaper reading.

Lamps are essential in every room of your home, which is why you should be discerning when choosing lamp designs for your rustic decor. Though you could go with a contemporary lamp style in your cabin, lodge or ranch house, it would seem out of place among all of your rugged pieces. Metal lamps with flexible necks are fine for modern home offices and you can use any kind of porcelain lamp with a pot base in a country home, but when you want rustic style, the Chainsaw Bear in Stump Lamp delivers.