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Light Up Your Bedroom With Some Rustic Red Cedar

There’s a lot to love about our Rustic Red Cedar Lit Bookcase Bed, so bear with us while we tell you about some of the most key features that we know will have you ditching an old divan!

When we sat down to design a new rustic bed with swathes of useful storage and extra features, the first thing we thought of was using red cedar. Why? Because it’s not just a beautiful, naturally warm and inviting timber, it also smells divine. We couldn’t think of anything better than an accidentally-on-purpose aromatherapy log bed frame. Plus, the wood itself is malleable and strong, which we know you’ll appreciate for years to come. Next, we started thinking about useful additions that few other beds seem to include and that is when we really started to create something special.

Not everybody has the space for log nightstands, but we all have a number of personal effects that we like to keep close as we sleep. From mobile phones to books, contact lenses and a host of other trinkets, having a safe place for them is key and that’s why we’ve included two storage cabinets here. Blending into the overall design seamlessly, thanks to half log slab fronts, they are subtle but so handy. But wait. There’s more!

Beneath your personal cabinets you’ll find two conveniently lit cubby holes. Ideal for a drink and a favorite book, the cut-outs deftly showcase the exuberant richness that red cedar is famous for, with the low-level lighting shining out with a glorious golden hue. Finally, we added a mirror in the center of the headboard. Not only useful, it also helps to offset the delicious chunkiness of the rustic red cedar bed as a whole, creating the illusion of open space and helping to make a small bedroom still feel generously proportioned. You see what we are so proud of this design now, don’t you?

Naturally, you still get to choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from comfortable twin to spacious king and you can also decide whether to keep the impressive proportions throughout with a tall footboard. If you’d rather tone things down a little, or simply need more foot space, we also offer a low profile version at no extra cost. Comfort and style in perfect harmony, that’s what we are all about!

When you’ve made your choices, simply sit back and dream about the best night’s sleep of your life that will soon be a reality. We ship your frame, side rails and support slats free of charge, within the contiguous 48 states, and complete with a full year’s warranty in place. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting a domestic company, while also demonstrating our faith in our artisans.

The only thing left to think about is scatter cushions, comforters and bed linens, but we’ll leave you to enjoy that at your leisure. Though we will say that a traditional patchwork quilt always looks stunning on our red cedar log beds, so it might be time to dig out some heirlooms from Grandma!