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  • 3 Rustic Holiday Gifts Perfect for The Season

    Here are a few of our favorite rustic holiday gifts, perfect for the season

    We are brought closer together, cherish those we love, and bring positivism and thoughtfulness to one another during the holidays. We curated some of the best rustic holiday gifts for your home this holiday season. Your entire family will enjoy these rustic pieces. From our solid wood dining table where everyone can enjoy a meal, to our original Cedar Lake Log Bed where naps are plentiful; here is a short Holiday buyer’s guide on our top products.

    Enjoy many meals to come on this Cedar Lake Solid Wood Dining Table

    When it comes to classic rustic furniture, this table is it. A finely finished, solid, naturally distressed wood makes this table-top tough when you need it to be. Two inches thick, and securely placed on a hand peeled Cedar stump; the craftsmanship in this piece is just absolutely remarkable. A true rustic charm, you can customize the finishes between clear, vintage whiskey, and honey finishes. Its no wonder our Cedar Lake Solid Wood Dining Table has been one of our highest selling and most beloved rustic furniture pieces of

    Cedar Lake Log Dining Table on Stump in Clear Finish

    Light up the room & take those perfect photos near the fireplace

    Keep the room illuminated and capture those smiles as intended in picturesque lighting, with our Rustic Mesquite Log Copper Shaded Lamp. You will love this gorgeous lamp!  We handcraft this rustic lamp using velvet mesquite from the Sonoran Desert. Finally, we hand-sand the lamp until smooth and give it a custom Watco Danish Oil to preserve the rustic beauty.

    Elk Shade with Turquoise Inlay Base

    Note - The turquoise inlay is optional.

    Cozy in with your favorite book on The Original Cedar Log Bed

    We all know how important sleep is. And a good night's rest can make or break your day. Especially during the holidays. The Original Cedar Log Bed is built is handcrafted and from carefully chosen Northern White Cedar Logs. The peeling process allows us to leave the inner bark; which accentuates the natural character of the logs. All of the rustic lines in the wood, are from Mother Nature herself. Love your bed finished or unfinished, you can customize how you like. We also have single rail and double rail available. All Original Cedar Log Beds include a headboard, foot-board, side rails, and slats. Choose from Twin, Full/Double, Queen, King, or California King.

    Cedar Lake The Original Log Bed with double side rails with spindles--Clear finish/>

    Rustic charm all sourced and handcrafted in The States

    We use locally sourced materials from the United States to handcraft all of our products shown. You can contact us today if you have any questions regarding our process and or customization options.

    We back all of our products with a solid warranty to ensure you are 100% satisfied when you receive your purchase. We work tirelessly and offer some of the most competitive prices around, which is why we're the top log furniture store online.

    From everyone at Log Furniture Place, we wish you a happy holidays!

  • These Rustic Antler Chandeliers are Perfect for Any Space

    Deliver an unmatched lighting experience with these rustic antler chandeliers.

    It's empowering to be boldly rustic.  As a result, you lift up your chosen space, which is especially true when it comes to lighting.   Rustic antler chandeliers, for instance, can play a pivotal role in interior design, some fancier than others of course.

    No Matter What Size Space, We Have a Chandelier For You

    If you’re looking to light an entrance, an adjacent book room, or a small dining area; the Elk Tripod 3 Light Antler Chandelier would be perfect. Offering sufficient light, the 3 light version of the very popular 6 light; offers the classic antler design in which no one antler is the same. Authentic natural shed Elk antlers deliver the best craftsmanship. Transform your space today.

    Illuminate Your Next Dinner Party With Flare

    The Elk Tripod 6 Light will cast a larger radius of light offering the best ambiance possible for your next dinner or hosting event. The light glows and bounces off the beautiful brown tones from the antlers, casting a warm and rich glow. These beauties usually ship within 4-6 weeks.

    This Rustic Antler Chandelier is Destined to Rule Them All

    If you’re looking to create a rustic space that truly transforms the interiors into a mighty destination fit for Davy Crockett, the 30 antler chandelier is for you. Wine and dine in the most exquisite lighting experience; perfect for log cabin homes, lodges, or bigger conference style spaces and entrances. Each antler is picked to display the beauty of mother nature, through the antlers’ vivid lines and the chandeliers 21 lights; bathe and illuminate in what is sure to be the talking piece of the night.

    Design with Ease

    If you’re still not sure which rustic antler chandelier to choose, one of our rustic interior design consultants can help. Contact us today, and let us know your questions and thoughts; or buy online, all of our products are backed by a 1 year warranty and made in the USA.


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  • Burlap and Barnwood

    Table Lamps made of a Bag of AcornsReclaimed wood is a versatile accessory for many homes; it’s a perfect accent for contemporary design as well as a home with more rustic décor. The character and texture of barn wood provides a warm and welcoming backdrop as an accent wall or trim, or is also at home as a feature piece of furniture in a room.

    To further enhance the décor of a rustic home, burlap is a suitable fabric for accessories. Pillows, draperies, and lampshades are all great places to introduce the rough and rustic texture of natural burlap. To add a unique and personal flair, stencil a design onto the burlap or use the label section from a burlap feed sack.

    An affordable fabric, burlap is a sensible and stylish drapery for large windows and/or areas that need softening. Its open weave filters light without blocking too much of it, and lends a rustic touch to the hard edges around windows. For a more primitive look, the fabric can be attached with tacks or nails and secured with twine. Or, if you prefer a more finished look, the swag of burlap can be wrapped around or hung on a traditional curtain rod.

    Burlap and barnwood are a rustic decorator’s dream, such as this Burlap Bag of Pine Cones Lamp. The combination of the two meld together perfectly and create a serene and natural setting. As Forrest Gump might say if he were decorating a home, burlap and barnwood are “like peas and carrots”.

  • Rustic Renter

    Night Lights are Affordable but Great DecorWe are a family that rents the homes we live in. Renting makes the most sense for us, since we move every 2-3 years. I’m not going to lie; it’s difficult and disheartening to me. I do the best I can to make each house our home, but there a lot of limitations when we aren’t the owners of the residence.

    Because we live in rentals, I’m always on the lookout for home décor items that showcase our love of rustic style without being permanently affixed to a wall or ceiling. In a recent walk through the World Wide Web, I found some really cute nightlights with rustic scenes. Accessories such as those are a great way to inject our style and character into our temporary housing.

    Because I don’t like a completely dark house at night, and because the nightlights are not only darling but also darn affordable, I bought several to dress up many rooms of the house. I sometimes just wander the house at night to gaze at the warm glow of the Pinecone Night Light. It always brings a smile to my face…such a simple pleasure.

    Are you a renter too? Comment below on techniques you’ve used to customize your temporary housing.

  • Use Cabin Decor to Light Up Your Home

    Table Lamps with a Rustic AccentSimple accessories create a rustic look that enhances cabin decor in any room of your home. The Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp incorporates the weathered beauty of barnwood into a functional piece that can be placed on the end table in your living room, den or bedroom. Whether you need extra light or are looking for a unique piece to bring balance to the style, this lamp offers just the right flair.

    Handcrafted from reclaimed barwood, this table lamp features UL-certified wiring and a traditional socket with support for an optional lampshade. The base is fashioned from a single barnwood beam and supported by a small, square plank. Although the style is basic, the patterns in the barnwood make every lamp unique. In fact, barnwood can be considered a work of art thanks to the forces of nature imprinting the wood with individual characteristics over the span of many decades. Clear catalyzed lacquer is used to finish off the base and protect the surface of the barnwood from damage and wear.

    If you choose to add a lampshade to your Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp, you get another handmade accessory that features a cedar background with a distinctive pattern of leaves across the lower half. Since these shades are made individually, no two are exactly the same. You wind up with a stunning lamp that brings a soft, warm glow to any room while adding to the beauty of your country decor. Flip the switch whenever you need extra light and enjoy the simple charm it exudes.

    Standing 26 inches high from the base to the top of the shade, this lamp makes the perfect compact complement to barwood furniture. It’s small enough to sit on a nightstand without crowding out other accessories but large enough to provide light for all of your favorite activities. Set up one or more around your home to create a beautiful style that shines with all the appeal of reclaimed barnwood. With its combination of personality and practicality, the Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp is just what you need to make any room feel cozy and inviting.

  • Rustic Decor Brings Unique Lighting to Any Home

    Chandeliers are truly works of art!Vaulted ceilings are beautiful features that deserve to be dressed up with equally beautiful rustic decor. Having such a high ceiling gives you many options for decorating, and the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier is one of the most unique accessories that you can choose. It’s a work of art crafted by nature and finished by hand with an eye for rugged beauty and unique style.

    When hung from the ceiling, the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier not only provides subtle lighting but also catches the eye the moment you walk into the room. The entire body is made up of naturally shed antlers selected for their specific colors and shapes. Antlers are then pieced together to create individual masterpieces. The final result is much more than a light fixture; it’s a work of art with an authentic beauty that brightens up your home with its style and grace. Wrought iron circles and curls accentuate the natural shapes of the antlers and bring balance to the design.

    Twenty faux wax candles with optional rawhide shades shed light to every corner of your living room, dining area or wherever you choose to hang this stunning chandelier. All lighting components are UL listed and approved for safety and functionality. Expert crafting ensures that no wires or other components appear on the outside of the piece. Once you add the candelabra bulbs that the chandelier needs, all you’ll see is lovely soft glow that accentuates lodge decor and makes any room more comfortable.

    When it comes to lodge decor, antler pieces are unique and beautiful choices. The use of shed antlers allows you to enjoy unmatched style knowing that no animals were harmed to create the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier. With its rugged appearance and solid wrought iron accents, this piece is designed to last for many years. Make it a permanent fixture of your cabin, lodge or ranch house and enjoy how its special beauty enhances the decor.

  • Light Up Your Patio with Rustic Decor

    Outdoor Lightings will Light up your Home at NightLighting makes all the difference to the atmosphere of an outdoor space. As you’re setting up your patio area this season, consider the mood you want to set. Are you aiming for an intimate seating area for sharing special meals with a loved one, or do you prefer something upbeat that’s just right for parties? Colorado Lighting 12” Outdoor Wall Mount Lanterns with 3D Aspen Leaves can lend themselves to both uses depending on how you arrange the fixtures and what kind of rustic decor you pair them with.

    These attractive rectangular outdoor lights measure 13.5 inches high and 7 inches wide, making for an eye-catching accent no matter where you hang one. The rugged outline and canopy top may be finished in Frontier Rust or Black Canyon according to your personal color preference. Both create a beautiful backdrop for the spray of handcrafted wrought iron aspen leaves that appears in one corner. When you place a 100-watt bulb inside, the whole fixture lights up with a soft glow that makes your patio more inviting.

    You can combine the Colorado Lighting 12” Outdoor Wall Mount Lantern with 3D Aspen Leaves with other types of country decor or make it the primary light source for your patio. Opting for wall-mounted lighting creates a soft look and a cozy atmosphere. Adding string or track lighting boosts brightness to make the space feel more open and allows you to linger outdoors long after the sun has gone down. When your guests go home for the evening, you can stay a little longer, admiring the look and feel that you’ve created for your personal outdoor area.

    Both the lighting and the log furniture you choose for decorating your patio need to be able to withstand changing weather conditions. This piece from Colorado Lighting is made for all kinds of weather including the stormy days that can sometimes surprise you during the summer. Whether you hang just one outdoor lantern or put together a collection, you’ll be adding timeless personality to your decor.

  • Unique Lighting Adds Woodland Charm to Cabin Decor

    Pendant Lights are Good CenterpiecesLighting is an essential element in all country decor. Without properly placed lights, a room can seem cold, claustrophobic and uninviting. The Colorado Lighting 3 Leg Pendant Light suspends from the ceiling to spread light into every corner, banishing unwanted shadows and making your living room, dining area or den a bright and appealing place to spend time in. Not only does it provide the light you need to make the room look its best; it also adds a touch of woodland beauty to the style of the room.

    This attractive pendant light is handmade in the USA from rugged wrought iron and hefty glass. Three sturdy “legs” radiate out from a central pillar held in place by a sturdy chain. One light fixture hangs down from each leg and is adorned with a flower-shaped shade that diffuses the glow from a 100-watt bulb. The result is beautiful, even lighting that’s perfect for illuminating evening activities or brightening up dreary days. All wiring and fixtures in the piece are UL rated, so you know you can use this fixture safely in any part of your home.

    Thanks to the inclusion of one six-inch and two 12-inch rod couplers, you can hang this attractive cabin decor from flat or vaulted ceilings of any height. Adjust it as necessary to create just the right ambiance for any room. In the living room, it provides eye-catching overall brightness which can be enhanced by choosing Alabaster Glass shades. In the dining area, you may wish to aim for something more subdued, a look perfected with Mission Amber Diffuser shades.

    Right in the center of the Colorado Lighting 3 Leg Pendant Light, you’ll find a trio of pine cone and “branch” accents complete with pine needle decorations. This contributes a “woodland” look to the piece that’s perfect for cabins and country homes. Enhance the design with pine log furniture in the room below or choose other accessories with pine tree and pine cone themes to create balanced decor with attractive, timeless rustic style.

  • Handcrafted Rustic Decor Brings Woodland Beauty Home

    Wall Lamps to Compliment Your FurnitureThe woodlands hold a wealth of beauty that can be enjoyed on any hike. Birds sing in the trees, squirrels skitter through the underbrush and all manner of unseen creatures add their voices to the choir. It’s hard not to want to bring the experience home, and with the Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp, you can have it in your cabin decor.

    Handcrafted by artist Dick Idol, this unique light fixture is made from resin and features a multi-wood finish in shades of brown to mimic the look of natural tree bark. Starting with a sturdy round mounting plate and extending out into a 24-inch arm, the “tree” part of the lamp looks just like a pair of branches attached to a trunk. Another vertical “branch” extends up from the arm to support the UL-certified lighting components and the espresso leatherette shade. Adding a 100-watt bulb brightens up the style and brings just the right amount of light to any room.

    Look closely at this rustic decor and you’ll see two adorable black bear cubs climbing across the arm and the base. Also crafted from resin and painted in a shiny black finish, these simple accents turn the lamp from a basic log design into something truly special. Guests will want to take a second look to see just what is adorning the lamp, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality craftsmanship of each detail.

    This lamp is a compact 19 inches high so you can mount it anywhere in your home. It makes a great reading lamp for the living room or den and can also be used above the counter in the kitchen. In the bedroom, it adds a rustic touch to complement other cabin-style pieces. You can even put it in your home office to give yourself something special to enjoy as you go about daily work. With its attractive woodland motif, deep colors and bark detailing, the Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp is just what you need to complement log furniture.

  • Illuminate Wood Furniture with Unique Lamps

    Great Handcrafted Table LampsAs fall creeps in, the days begin to get shorter and you find yourself reaching for the light switch more often. A sign of the long winter to come, these days can seem dreary without the right illumination in your cabin or lodge. When you're looking for a way to brighten up autumn mornings and evenings, consider unique rustic decor like the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp.

    Standing around six feet tall, the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp is handcrafted from real antlers. Every antler was shed naturally, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of antler furniture without worrying about its impact on wildlife or the environment. The entire base of the lamp, including the stand that elevates it slightly from the ground, is made from antlers. No metal poles or manmade adornments are found. This makes for a 100 percent unique lamp design that exudes the inherent beauty of the wilderness.

    In contrast to the usually soft, round shapes found in wood furniture, antler pieces feature curves and spikes that vary depending on the size and age of the antler. Colors are different as well, with antlers falling somewhere between tan and dark brown. No finish is necessary to enhance their natural charm. Skilled craftsmen work with the antlers to make a lamp that flows organically from top to bottom, drawing the eye and turning your living room into a woodland oasis. Add other antler furniture or accents to the room for a cohesive style that draws attention and generates comments from friends and visitors.

    Grab a 100-watt light bulb and choose a coordinating lamp shade to finish off your Fallow Deer Floor Lamp and truly enjoy its beauty. When used with other lodge decor, this stunning piece of art brings a combination of ruggedness and elegance to your home. Every time you turn it on, you'll not only get the benefit of extra light at the end of a dim and dreary day, but also the enjoyment of having a bit of nature right in your own home.

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