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Living Rooms

  • Choose Upholstered Country Furniture for a Relaxing Living Room

    Sofas for the Country Living RoomWhen you have a comfortable sofa as the focal point of your living room, everything else falls easily into place. The Westerford Bear Comfort Sofa is just the thing if you like the look of log cabin furniture but want an upholstered couch for family and friends to relax on. From the eye-catching patterns on the back and seat cushions to the solid underlying frame, this sofa has all the characteristics that you expect from high-quality furniture.

    Made in the USA, the Westerford Bear Comfort Sofa features hardwood rails in its frame and solid oak for the spring and leg rails. The combined strength supports a network of 8 gauge sinuous steel springs in the seat and 12 gauge springs in the back. The springs are secured with insulated metal clips that eliminate the potential for squeaking. Each seat cushion boasts a foam core with Dacron wrapping to ensure softness and comfort. The back cushions include hidden zippers so that you can adjust each one to your liking. Along with a padded seat edge roll, these features make for a cozy sofa that you can sink into whenever you need a quick rest or an afternoon nap.

    Appearance is also important when choosing rustic decor. If the sofa is going to be the central piece in your living room setup, you want a design that won’t go out of style. The Westerford Bear Comfort Sofa features a soft brown “Illusion Chocolate” fabric covering on the base and the arms and pattered “Taos Forest” fabric on the back and seat cushions. The latter fabric boasts a bold bear motif with a line of leaping salmon across the top. Southwestern patterns in red, black and tan divide the images from each other.

    If you want to add a little flair to your log cabin furniture, add nail head accents to the front of the sofa’s arms. Whether you choose the standard round shape or a Western “shotgun” style, you’ll give the sofa a beautiful finishing touch that makes your living room design one-of-a-kind.

  • Enjoy Cozy Country Decor in the Living Room

    Enjoy Your Living Room on these CouchesA long day at the office calls for a relaxing evening at home. An inviting living room setup that includes American made rustic furniture like the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa makes it easy to let go of the stress that builds up during work. You’ll feel the cares of the day fade into the background as you sink into this sturdy, comfortable sofa.

    Foam core seat cushions and conjugated polyester back cushions create a cozy foundation for the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa. Combined with an insulated seat deck and metal spring clips, this design not only provides a soft place to sit but also ensures that the rugged springs don’t squeak while you’re trying to relax. The use of hardwood for frame, spring and leg rails creates a strong foundation that provides exceptional support for the life of the piece.

    Of course, you want style as well as comfort when you pick out rustic decor for your living room. You’ll find both in this simple yet eye-catching sofa. The Palance Sable fabric makes a bold statement with its deep brown color and slightly shiny surface. If desired, you can add a little Western flair to your sofa with one of three nail head accent options. Standard nail heads highlight the arms of the piece with miniature bronze studs. Shotgun shell accents are larger and draw more attention with a silvery color. To keep things basic, opt for plain arms with standard stitching that creates an attractive inset design.

    The slight curve that gives the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa its name makes the piece just as suitable for country decor as for the living area in a cabin or lodge. The edge of the seat is padded from end to end so you’re assured of comfort no matter where you sit. Add an ottoman to rest your feet and enjoy the most relaxing experience possible. Even the toughest work day won’t be able to bring you down when you have this beautiful, cozy piece to come home to.

  • Loveseats Make Country Decor Cozy

    Let Loveseats be the Living Room ChoiceYou work hard to make your home comfortable and inviting, choosing only the best pieces to furnish each room. What could be more comfortable than a custom upholstered loveseat made right here in the USA? The Tahoe Loveseat in Solid Colors is constructed to be sturdy, cozy and attractive. Each feature of this simple, stunning country decor is designed to provide rugged support along with the beauty you expect from custom pieces.

    Beginning with a base of hardwood frame rails as well as spring and leg rails made from oak, this rustic decor only gets better as the pieces come together. Both the seat and back springs are made from sinuous steel and secured with insulated metal spring clips so your loveseat is always comfortable but never squeaky. The seat deck pad is also insulated for added insurance against noise. The use of high resiliency cushions and a padded seat edge roll makes this loveseat the perfect choice when you need a soft place to sit and relax.

    You can customize the look of your Tahoe Loveseat in Solid Colors by choosing unique fabric colors such as the dark brown Moondance Godiva, lighter Atlas Taupe, dark Cashmere Espresso or deep red Cashmere Berry. Different pillow fabric selections are available for each selection to create an even more individual design. Each patterned pillow fabric stands out against the solid color of the base, making your loveseat eye-catching as well as inviting.

    All of these custom options enhance the simplicity of the Tahoe Loveseat in Solid Colors. Like most country furniture, it’s designed without frills so that it can be used in just about any living room or den setup. The base is rectangular with solid wood “feet” peeking out at the bottom to hold the loveseat up off the floor. The combination of rounded arms and back with flat seat cushions makes it looks as though the piece is just waiting for you to sit. Adjust the back cushions for maximum comfort and enjoy your loveseat whenever you need a break.

  • Create the Perfect Living Room with a Rustic Decor Furniture Package

    Enjoy the Perfect Living Room with Furniture PackagesAre you the type who likes everything in your home to coordinate perfectly? When you’re also a fan of log furniture, you know that the unique nature of the pieces can make it difficult to put together a matching set. With the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Living Room Package, however, the job is done for you. This five-piece set includes everything you need to create a beautiful living room layout without having to shop around for individual home accents.

    With the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Living Room Package, you get a sofa, loveseat, chair, end table and coffee table. Each piece is made from solid Northern white cedar, sanded and left unfinished for a bright appearance that lightens up your living space. Create a unique setup with the coffee table as the focal point to encourage conversations when guests come to call or put together separate seating areas around the living room for a modern look. Since you get the entire package at once, it’s easy to experiment with different layouts until you find the one that you like best.

    Choose rustic cushions for the sofa, chair and loveseat in forest green, burgundy or khaki to give the room a comfortable atmosphere and soften the appearance of the furniture. Add accents such as throw pillows or blankets for a personal touch that infuses the room with charm. The end result is a cozy living room or den in your cottage, cabin or lodge. Individual natural accents on the wood enhance the unique look that makes this set a staple of rustic decor.

    The durable nature of cedar means that the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Living Room Package can stand up to whatever daily life throws at it. Whether you set it up in your summer cabin and only use it for one season or you make it part of your permanent home’s country decor, it retains its beauty throughout many years of use. Relax in comfort and enjoy the balanced look that this handcrafted set brings to your home.

  • House Guests in Comfort with Attractive Wood Furniture

    Futons come in multiple designsFutons are fabulous when you need sleeping space in your home but don't have a guest room. Versatile and attractive, the Glacier Country Pine Log Futon combines the beauty of hand-peeled pine with the functionality of a full-sized futon. When placed in the living room or den of your rustic home, this stunning handmade log furniture piece enhances the decor and gives you a place to house guests for an overnight stay.

    Simple yet beautiful, this futon boasts some of the best features of rustic decor. Rugged pine longs with tenoned ends are used for the legs, crosspieces and side accents. Simple round logs create the arms. A box made of the same strong pine wood sits under the 54-inch by 75-inch black futon mattress. This box slides out easily when you want to covert the futon from a sitting space to a sleeping area. With its heirloom quality craftsmanship, the frame will last through years of use, allowing you to provide many visitors with a comfortable night's sleep when they stop by.

    Only dead-standing trees are harvested for use in the Glacier Country Pine Log Futon. Each beautiful log is peeled by hand using a draw knife which creates a pattern of light wood with dark inner bark accents. An eight-step finishing process applies honey pine stain and a top coat of lacquer to protect the wood from wear. The result is a finished piece that exudes woodland charm. Though you probably picture pine as a bright and sunny material, the peeling and staining processes used on this futon impart a deeper tone that works well in cabins and lodges.

    Find a futon cover with a suitably rustic design to finish off your new wood furniture piece and make it blend right in with your home's decor. You may choose a fabric in bright colors or subdued tones depending on the look you want to create. Think of your selection as another accessory in your home's layout and turn your futon into an integral part of your living space.

  • Admire Log Furniture as Part of the Living Room

    Coffee Tables made of Cedar WoodThe living room or den in your rustic home should be a comfortable place where you can relax with a cup of coffee and the morning paper or gather with family and friends for an evening of good company. Creating the proper atmosphere means choosing country furniture that's simple, rugged and sturdy such as the Lakeland Frontier Log Coffee Table. With its attractive combination of cedar and pine wood, this rustic centerpiece looks beautiful as part of the living area in any cabin or cottage.

    The strong construction of the Lakeland Frontier Log Coffee Table is apparent the moment you look at it. Each leg is made from a thick, smooth-sanded Northern White Cedar log. Log crosspieces reinforce the rectangular frame at the bottom and top of the legs. Mortise and tenon joins not only provide added durability but also give the table the classic look that makes log furniture so appealing. Topping it all off is a smooth top constructed from pine boards. The light colors of both types of wood complement each other to create a simple, beautiful finished piece.

    Knots, varying grain patterns and stripes of color are all part of what makes natural wood so beautiful. When you include a handcrafted piece of furniture in your living room setup, you make all of these characteristics an integral part of the design. Enhance them with a light honey finish that adds a warm touch or leave them undisturbed with clear finish. Choosing an unfinished Lakeland Frontier Log Coffee Table allows you to enjoy every inherent accent as it appears without any alteration. All finishing choices result in a beautiful table so you can pick the one that's best for your living room style.

    To round out your living room, you can complement your Lakeland coffee table with other Lakeland furniture such as a sofa or chairs. You get the same sturdy handmade construction along with more beautiful cedar wood to make your living room a cozy, inviting place that you can admire and enjoy for years. Continue reading

  • Country Furniture Creates a Stunning Living Room Setup

    Make Room for your TV and more with TV StandsEven if you don't live in a rustic home such as a cabin, it's fun to incorporate log furniture into your decor. The use of natural materials makes these pieces attractive additions to any room. Furniture crafted from solid wood also lasts much longer than modern pressboard or composite pieces. Strength and longevity are especially important when it comes to housing electronics, which is why the Rustic Natural Cedar TV Stand is a good choice for your living room or den.

    Elevating your TV off the floor helps keep it free from dust and debris and also provides an optimal viewing experience. The Rustic Natural Cedar TV Stand measures 23 ½" high and offers sturdy shelf space for all styles of televisions. Solid Northern white cedar logs combine with flat boards to create a rugged stand with two shelves. Whether you have a modern flat-panel TV with a wide screen or an older tube-style set, this stand makes the perfect companion.

    With one shelf to hold your TV and another for storage or decoration, this TV stand is a versatile piece that combines form with function. The simple style allows it to harmonize with the existing style of your home, adding the beauty of decor and the unique personality of natural wood. Each stand is crafted by hand but left unfinished to bring out the attractive light color of the cedar. Small accents like knots and dark specks make the stand even more eye-catching. Leave it unfinished or stain as desired for a perfect match to the rest of your country decor.

    When you want country furniture that's both beautiful and useful, you can't go wrong with handcrafted cedar pieces. By combining clean-peeled logs with classic rugged construction, the Cedar Log TV Stand gives you everything you need to enjoy your TV while bringing rugged charm to your home. Place your TV on the upper shelf and organize your DVD collection underneath it to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment setup that's stunning to look at and easy to use.

  • Teak Furniture Makes Any Home Unique

    Living Room Sofa TablesWhen you compare teak furniture to other pieces, it's easy to see the distinctive differences in style. While most modern furniture follows a specific style or form, teak breaks the mold with its free-flowing design and natural accents. These characteristics are especially visible in the Atlantis Sofa Table by GroovyStuff. Instead of legs and supportive crosspieces, this stunning table features an irregularly shaped slab of teak wood as its base. Every natural edge, color change and grain pattern is preserved when the table is constructed, giving each one its own look and personality.

    Like most rustic decor, the GroovyStuff Atlantis Sofa Table has inherent characteristics that create a distinctive design. Though the slab bases differ from table to table, each piece shares a spectrum of colors ranging from delicate tan to robust red-brown. You may see rounded areas, large swatches of rough, dark wood or even curved projections around the edges of the slab. Tables are topped with a smooth, four-foot teak board that offsets the rugged look of the base. Use this area to display photographs, hold vases of flowers or arrange your favorite rustic decor accents to create a look that reflects your sense of style.

    This unique wood furniture is designed to be used in your entryway or living room as an accent table to complement the rest of your decor. In the entryway, the distinctive construction greets guests in style. In the living room, the table fills up empty spaces with the beauty of natural wood. Since teak is known for its strength, you can be sure that your table will retain this beauty for many years.

    The Briwax coating that it comes with can be refreshed whenever necessary to bring out all the best in the wood. Teak is so versatile that you can even place this table outside if you desire, adding eye-catching style to your patio or deck. No matter where you use it, the GroovyStuff Atlantis Sofa Table makes for a beautiful conversation piece that boosts the style of your home.

  • Choose Bright Woods for Attractive Country Decor

    Brightly colored sofa tablesDecorating the living room with attractive country furniture brightens up your home with the beauty of natural wood. The combination of white pine and Northern white cedar used in the Lakeland Log Sofa Table is especially eye-catching. Built by hand from solid wood, this table is perfect for placing behind your sofa or along a wall. Whether you use it for display or as a place to hold the daily newspaper, this table brings a lovely natural accent to your living room.

    Sturdy German-peeled cedar logs support a flat pine top to create the basic, beautiful form of the Lakeland Log Sofa Table. Two stout support pieces hold each log leg in place while a longer log beam stretches between the pairs of legs, ending with sturdy mortise and tenon joins. Slanted logs at either end support a row of smooth pine boards to create a sturdy tabletop. Screws reinforce the upper joins to ensure that the piece remains stable. Natural knot and grain accents appear along the surface of the wood, giving each table its own unique signature.

    Sofa tables are versatile, meaning that you can use them in the entryway or even the dining room if you so desire. Give yourself a place to put the mail and your keys when you come home in the evening or expand counter space where you eat by using your table as a sideboard. The choice is up to you.

    Cedar and pine are both beautiful options when it comes to log furniture. Each sports a light, attractive color that you may wish to leave unfinished so you can appreciate it in its natural state. Choosing a clear finish adds protection from normal wear as well as potential accidents. Light honey finish stains the wood with a warm yellow-brown tone that complements all manner of furniture and decor. Whether you go with the standard clean look of German-peeled logs or prefer to have your country decor sanded smooth, the Lakeland Frontier Log Sofa Table is a beautiful choice for your home.

  • Versatile Bookcases Enhance Country Decor

    Bookcases will keep your precious collections safeAny living room or home office can benefit from the attractive look of log furniture. Heirloom-quality handcrafting and natural wood beauty work together to create pieces that enhance decor. When a piece is also functional like the Hidden Lake Rustic Cedar Bookcase, it becomes even more desirable. Whether you have a large collection of books or are looking for a way to display decorative home accents, a solid bookcase gives you the space that you need.

    Bookcases can serve many purposes as part of country decor. The first, of course, is to organize books. From novels and poetry books to biographies and cookbooks, any book collection is safe and secure in the Hidden Lake bookcase. Built from solid Northern white cedar wood with 5” log legs and tongue and groove back paneling, this rugged case can hold even your heaviest books without shifting or warping. Four height options give you the flexibility to include this bookcase in any room. Depending on the size you choose, you’ll get anywhere from three to five shelves for book storage and organization.

    A smooth-sanded finish gives each part of the Hidden Lake bookcase a sleek, attractive look. The rugged shelves and flat top provide a beautiful backdrop for your books or for displaying knickknacks, photos and decorative plates. Try alternating books with decor items to create a unique look in your living room. In your home office, you can use the shelves to hold computer peripherals or essential reference materials. Whatever you place on the shelves, you can be sure that the Hidden Lake Rustic Cedar Bookcase will keep it safe and sound.

    No matter what type of log furniture you’re already using in your home, you can match your new bookcase to the current decor with one of three finish choices, all at the discounted price of $499.00. Leaving it unfinished imparts a rustic look. Clear finish protects the wood while preserving the natural color, and honey pine finish adds a warm glow that looks especially attractive with other country furniture. Enjoy extra storage and beautiful design with the Hidden Lake bookcase.

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