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Lock Up Your Linens

When was the last time you looked at a linen closet in somebody’s bathroom and felt really envious? We are willing to bet that it’s an infrequent occurrence, if it has ever happened at all, but guests in your home will be faced with that exact dilemma, if you treat yourself to our Reclaimed Barn Wood Linen Closet. And we don’t make that claim lightly!

Let’s say that you’ve not really seen much point in investing in a beautiful rustic linen cupboard before. We are going to change that now with a few good reasons:

Extend your linen lifespans – You deserve a little luxury in life and when it comes to towels and robes, there’s no point buying bargain basement. We all know this and so does our skin! By investing in a proper linen closet, you can maximize the chances of keeping your bathroom essentials clean, dry and fluffy.

Take advantage of wasted space – If you have a corner that goes unused but isn’t big enough for an extra rustic vanity or a dresser, this could be the perfect solution. You’ll get access to ample amounts of extra storage, helping to declutter the wider room, plus you won’t need to sacrifice any valuable floor area.

Finish the room – If you’ve plumped for a stunning rustic vanity, don’t just leave it there. Add a matching rustic linen closet to complete the gorgeous aesthetic you’ve cultivated and really lean in with some extra accessories. A coordinated mirror is a good start.

So, now that you can see just how valuable a rustic linen closet could be, let’s discuss the options you have. We have seven standard widths to choose from, as well as three heights. From here you can choose which side your hinges are attached to and you can also let us know where your new closet will be placed. Freestanding, between walls or next to a vanity – all of these will have a slight impact on how we finish your piece. Naturally, we have plenty of scope to create something entirely custom for you, so if the aesthetic of this closet is absolutely perfect for you, but none of the measurements are, let’s talk about turning your dream dimensions into reality!

Made to order, by hand, from tobacco barn timber with hundreds of years of heritage, these rustic linen closets are not like any other. We still give you all the practicality you need, with three integrated shelves, a clear protective finish and metal handles, but with an extra soupcon of exclusivity that only genuine barn wood can bring to a design. No two linen closets can ever be identical, even if they are made from sister wood planks and if that isn’t enough to cause serious envy in your house guests, we don’t know what will!

Shipped for free and with an industry-leading lifetime warranty in place, you only need to make the excellent decision to buy, once. After that, it’s just a case of waiting for the green-eyed compliments to pour in!