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Log Beds Bring Back Summer Memories

Aspen bunk beds made of dead standing aspen treesThink back to the summers of your childhood. What do you remember most? Running around outdoors until your parents called you in for dinner? Going camping with the family? Or did you have a getaway like a cabin in the woods where everyone would go to relax and spend some quiet time enjoying nature? All of these are great summer memories, and they don’t have to stay in the past. With a little creative designing, you can turn your home into a rustic retreat that can be enjoyed any time.

Whether you camped out or spent time in a woodland cabin, you probably slept in a bunk bed at least once in those summers gone by. You can recapture that feeling or give your kids the same fun experience by incorporating the Aspen Estate Rustic Bunk Bed into any bedroom. Available in Twin over Twin, Twin over Full and Full over Full, this rugged bunk is suitable for both kids and kids-at-heart. Each bed is made individually by hand from either dark aspen logs or clean sanded light aspen logs. Built-in bunk ladders at either end of the bed make it easy to get to the top bunk without worrying about stability.

Dead-standing aspen trees provide all of the wood for the Aspen Estate bunk. What does this mean for your bedroom’s cabin decor? Picture a natural forest, each tree unique in its growth. That’s exactly how the finished bunk will look in your home. Bumps, twists, knots and tracks are just a few of the interesting accents that you get in aspen log beds. A clear catalyzed lacquer finish is applied to protect each distinctive feature.

The classic look of a bunk bed is the perfect way to incorporate cabin decor into any bedroom in your home. Enjoy rugged comfort as you hearken back to your favorite childhood summers, or start making new memories with your own kids. Whether you use log beds in your year-round home or a cabin getaway, you’ll always have a unique place to sleep.

Incorporate the Aspen Estate Rustic Bunk Bed into your bedroom for only $1,765. To choose bed sizes, visit the official product page.