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Log Beds

  • All That's Missing are the Stars

    Few things beat sleeping in the great outdoors, but we think we might have created one of them. The only thing you’ll miss is the stars, but we know it’s a sacrifice you’ll be willing to make on this aspen log bed.

    When we first started thinking about creating a four-poster bed with a definitively rustic edge, we knew that the end result would be special but even we couldn’t have predicted the glorious vision that is our Aspen Highlands Log Poster Bed. Why? Because combining natural wood in its purest form with romantic ideals isn’t a science. 

    One thing we knew for certain was that aspen logs were the way to go. Strong, sturdy and blessed with an aroma that fills any room with an organic perfume that brings to mind fond memories of camping and living outdoors, there was no other choice. Plus, aspen logs are some of the most naturally beautiful, being as rustic as they are eye-catching and impressive. Every mark, every bend and every nuance simply adds to the overall charm and layers yet more genuine rustic aesthetic into the otherwise stunningly simple design of your log bed.

    Could we have been more over the top? Of course, but for this particular four-poster rustic bed we wanted to let the wood do all the talking. That's why we have used as much as possible, with a log-filled head and footboards. But just look at the four main posts! Chunky, rigid and reaching for the ceiling, they look as though they have been plucked from the earth that morning, just for you to sleep in amongst them. It’s like being cradled by the forest itself, as you drift off.

    We’ve kept the options for the log beds simple here. Choose from a twin, full, queen or king size log bed frame, safe in the knowledge that your purchase includes not only the head  and footboards, but also all your side rails and support slats, not to mention shipping as well! We finish the frame with a protective clear coat and pack for transport with as much care as we would a treasured family heirloom, and with a full year’s warranty in place, you needn’t worry about our craftsmanship. 

    We know that you’ll be passing this rustic bed down to other generations of your family, with the aspen logs getting better with every year that passes. What looks extraordinary when you first place it in your bedroom will quickly become the star item in your home and as it ages and ‘beds in’ it will simply belong. We know that this depends on us giving you the best artisan construction possible and there, we have no concerns. Designed, made and shipped from within our USA workshop, every one of our four-poster beds is guaranteed to delight visually and help you get a great night’s sleep, even if it’s not under the stars.

  • Sleep Like a Log(ger)

    It’s beautiful when two things come together in harmony and that’s what has happened with our Hickory Logger Bed. Not only the product of vision and craftsmanship, this bed is also a happy union of two contrasting yet complementary types of wood – hickory and cedar.

    Not all log furniture is created equal and we are here to prove that today by showing you one of our most striking and highly rated bed frames designs. A perfect marriage of creamy hand peeled northern white cedar and rugged dark hickory logs, there is strength and style in equal measure here, with a 20-year warranty included as well!

    We’ve designed our Hickory Logger Collection to be filled with unique, genuinely rustic pieces that add depth and character to your home, but also function to a higher standard than you would normally expect, hence the extensive warranty. Our team of wood artisans craft exemplar furniture for us every day and have an intrinsic understanding of the importance of structurally sound, comfortable and reliable pieces, which is why if it isn’t right, it doesn’t leave our workshop.  When your new hickory log bed arrives, you can be reassured that it has passed all of our stringent quality checks.

    An option for every bedroom

    We know that designing a covetable rustic bed is just the start of the process, as we need to be able to offer a variation of it to as many of you as possible. After all, what’s the use in finding your dream rustic bed, only to discover that it is only available in a twin size? We are pleased to offer five sizes, ranging from twin all the way through to Californian king, but what is included?

    We leave our cedar log bed unfinished, as the natural wood is beautiful enough on its own, but we can apply a clear or Honey finish for you if you prefer. Bear in mind that there is nothing but wood on display with this bed, so any color you add will be repeated over a fairly expansive area.

    Your package will contain a striking pair of hickory log adorned head and footboards, spindled double side rails and mattress support slats, ready for you to top them with your preferred style of sleeping surface. Please note that in our pictures, we have styled the bed with a low-profile box spring mattress, so if you choose something that sits higher, the finished aesthetic may vary from our catalog image.

    When it comes to log bedroom furniture, we naturally don’t think there is any such thing as too much. That being said, this hickory bed will absolutely be able to stand alone as the most eye-catching item in your boudoir. If you do prefer to coordinate your suite a little more however, we have an extensive range of matching pieces available, as well as rustic accessories that can add even more charm to your space. Our lamps selection is a particularly nice place to start!

  • Cabin Fever - In a Good Way!

    We know that the phrase ‘cabin fever’ usually brings to mind negative connotations, but once you’ve drunk in the exquisite detailing of our Cedar Lake Twin over Full Log Bunk Bed, we think you’ll understand why we are changing the definition!

    Of course, you don’t need a cabin of your own to enjoy rustic designs that bring the outside indoors and we think you will come down with a serious case of cabin-style furniture fever that can only be cured by treating your home and loved ones to the finest quality items that they will have ever seen.

    A statement for any bedroom

    Not all bunk beds are created equal and this point has never been so clear as it is when looking at our rustic bunk bed designs, particularly our Cedar Lake Twin option, but there’s much more to this piece than just gorgeous looks.

    Firstly, you’ll want to know that your sleeping furniture is as secure, sturdy and safe as possible and with our cedar bunk bed, you don’t need to worry. We use mortise and tenon construction to ensure a rigid finish that can support up to 600 pounds and, thanks to the traditional methodology, doesn’t sacrifice rustic appeal for modern safety standards. You’ll also want ease of use and placement with something as chunky as a cabin bunk bed, which is why we have taken that into consideration and included two integrated ladders, one at each end, to combat potentially awkward room layouts.

    Let’s get back to those amazing aesthetics now. This is a hand peeled log bunk bed, meaning that it is entirely constructed from hand peeled cedar logs, to maximize the visual impact. Knots and dark cambium patches remain in place for character and guarantee you that nobody in the world will have a carbon-copy of your investment. This is almost unheard of in modern commerce, but it’s something we are exceptionally proud to be able to offer our discerning customers. A cedar bunk bed might not be hard to find, but a hand peeled version, with one-off markings and artisan craftsmanship? That’s rare!

    Tell us what you want

    We like to think that our designs are among the best in the world, but we know that you might want to tweak a few elements here and there. Go right ahead! If we can land on absolute perfection in terms of finish, storage and support panels, then let’s start a conversation.

    As this is a generous size, making it suitable for use in a spare room as an adult bunk bed, you can afford to think a little more about your preferences, rather than giving the kids free reign. So, if you’d prefer a Honey or Vintage Whiskey finish, let us add that for you. Need some drawers for underneath? We can oblige and if you want mattress support panels, just for added peace of mind, they’re yours!

    Add in a lifetime warranty and free shipping within the USA and we think you’ll agree that a touch of non-coronavirus related cabin fever sounds pretty good right now!

  • Quality, Handcrafted Rustic Furniture Could Save Humanity

     Our Robot Furniture Overlords Have Arrived

    "Step One Nearing Completion. Step Two: Strap Human to Cheaply Made Chair."

    Okay, so maybe it is still up in the air as to whether automated, assembly will be the undoing of us puny humans, but you have to admit that robots doing EVERYTHING is more than a little unnerving!  What does a person have to do to find quality, handcrafted rustic furniture??

    Is this funny to you?!

    Second Rate Will Make You Irate

    We realize that there is a market for inexpensive, cheaply made furniture for a reason.  Some people don't care about craftsmanship, can't afford quality built products, or don't realize the lack of quality they are paying for.  But things are just getting ridiculous...

    Popular Swedish Furniture made from particle board.
    Particle board loosely translates to cardboard in Sweden?

    Surely, we aren't the only ones that yearn for the days when it meant something to purchase a handcrafted product!  Remember when a big furniture purchase meant heirloom pieces to pass on to the kids? Heck, even to THEIR kids!  Well thanks to our Robot Furniture Overlords, those days seem numbered.  Around every corner lurks a crappy piece of furniture made in a rush, with inferior materials, with poor craftsmanship, or attention to detail.  A lot of times, real, solid wood isn't even used in the building process!  We don't want to be curmudgeonly, but how do we fight back?

    Teach your kids to build or create something for themselves. It's good for the soul!

    Quality, Handcrafted Rustic Furniture Is What We're Great At

    Fear not, all is not lost.  Not yet.  There are those of us who are fighting the good fight.  Resisting our Robot Furniture Overlords and their cheaply made furniture army.  It may take several weeks, but in the end our handcrafted, solid wood, rustic log & reclaimed barn wood furniture will be built and delivered.  You'll be proud to purchase and own furniture that you can pass down to your children.  We sure are proud to build it for you.

    Whether it's putting together the highest quality, handcrafted rustic dining furniture,

    We don't mess around when it comes to quality, handcrafted rustic furniture!

    or maybe you've had your eye on a brand new, quality, handcrafted rustic bedroom set.

    Sometime's it's good to go dark.

    Maybe you've really need to upgrade to quality, handcrafted rustic bathroom furniture.

    This reclaimed beauty will make you weep.

    No matter what kind of furniture you're in the market for, be sure to do your homework.  Buying rustic and log furniture is a big investment.  We want you to get it right the first time, and at Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place, our master craftsmen are ready to ensure that happens.

  • 3 Rustic Holiday Gifts Perfect for The Season

    Here are a few of our favorite rustic holiday gifts, perfect for the season

    We are brought closer together, cherish those we love, and bring positivism and thoughtfulness to one another during the holidays. We curated some of the best rustic holiday gifts for your home this holiday season. Your entire family will enjoy these rustic pieces. From our solid wood dining table where everyone can enjoy a meal, to our original Cedar Lake Log Bed where naps are plentiful; here is a short Holiday buyer’s guide on our top products.

    Enjoy many meals to come on this Cedar Lake Solid Wood Dining Table

    When it comes to classic rustic furniture, this table is it. A finely finished, solid, naturally distressed wood makes this table-top tough when you need it to be. Two inches thick, and securely placed on a hand peeled Cedar stump; the craftsmanship in this piece is just absolutely remarkable. A true rustic charm, you can customize the finishes between clear, vintage whiskey, and honey finishes. Its no wonder our Cedar Lake Solid Wood Dining Table has been one of our highest selling and most beloved rustic furniture pieces of

    Cedar Lake Log Dining Table on Stump in Clear Finish

    Light up the room & take those perfect photos near the fireplace

    Keep the room illuminated and capture those smiles as intended in picturesque lighting, with our Rustic Mesquite Log Copper Shaded Lamp. You will love this gorgeous lamp!  We handcraft this rustic lamp using velvet mesquite from the Sonoran Desert. Finally, we hand-sand the lamp until smooth and give it a custom Watco Danish Oil to preserve the rustic beauty.

    Elk Shade with Turquoise Inlay Base

    Note - The turquoise inlay is optional.

    Cozy in with your favorite book on The Original Cedar Log Bed

    We all know how important sleep is. And a good night's rest can make or break your day. Especially during the holidays. The Original Cedar Log Bed is built is handcrafted and from carefully chosen Northern White Cedar Logs. The peeling process allows us to leave the inner bark; which accentuates the natural character of the logs. All of the rustic lines in the wood, are from Mother Nature herself. Love your bed finished or unfinished, you can customize how you like. We also have single rail and double rail available. All Original Cedar Log Beds include a headboard, foot-board, side rails, and slats. Choose from Twin, Full/Double, Queen, King, or California King.

    Cedar Lake The Original Log Bed with double side rails with spindles--Clear finish/>

    Rustic charm all sourced and handcrafted in The States

    We use locally sourced materials from the United States to handcraft all of our products shown. You can contact us today if you have any questions regarding our process and or customization options.

    We back all of our products with a solid warranty to ensure you are 100% satisfied when you receive your purchase. We work tirelessly and offer some of the most competitive prices around, which is why we're the top log furniture store online.

    From everyone at Log Furniture Place, we wish you a happy holidays!

  • Snooze Well on a Comfortable Log Bed

    We have the right log bedroom furniture for you.We spend a third of our lifetime in bed. In this huge chunk of time we spend rejuvenating in our sleep, it is important that we have total comfort. Tossing and turning is not a good night’s rest. The key to a good night’s sleep is a naturally relaxing log bedwith a great mattress. These beds provide comfort for the bones as well as one’s sense of good looking and a personal invitation to completely relax.

    The inviting look of our log beds will make you want to stretch out, snuggle up in that blanket, and sleep the day away. It is that quality of sleep that when you awaken, you will be completely refreshed, and ready to take on the new day.

    Are you tired of replacing bed frames too often? You should get many decades, if not centuries from the purchase of a bed frame. Unlike today’s lesser quality mass manufactured bedroom furniture, a log bed will eliminate that problem. Your bed will last as long as you do, and live on into your offspring’s home – possibly for several generations.

    Our log bed framesare crafted from the sturdiest wood and are guaranteed to last a last a lifetime. You can choose from unfinished or finished log bed frames. Some people choose our beds to be shipped in an unfinished selection giving them an untamed and truly natural look. Others choose their piece to be finished because the coating enhances the grain, knots and beetle trails that decorate the wood.

    Outfitting your weekend getaway always has people looking for extra sleeping space for guests. Space is always a dilemma in the lakeside retreat or hunting lodge, but Woodland Creek’s has the perfect solution. Adult log bunk beds are a spin on your typical bunk bed, which is normally designed for kids. These beds offer more accommodations in very little space than trying to squeeze in the same number of regular beds. There is a selection of woods and styles available, so you’re sure to find the right adult log bunk bed.

    Whether you choose an adult log bunk bed, canopy bed, daybed, or regular log bed, you will need other pieces of log bedroom furnitureto finish out the room. We have an excellent assortment of beautiful, handcrafted dressers, nightstands, and armoires. It is the perfect atmosphere for the relaxed personal space, and allows you to create a handsome ensemble for your bedroom.

    Log beds always have been and always will be the central feature of what was once known as the sleeping chamber. Did you know that? Even as recently as the late 1800’s, house plans label the bedrooms as ‘chamber’ on the floor plan. If you find an old book of Victorian house designs, every one of them will have chamber titled where you know the bedroom goes. Along about the turn of the century, folks started using the term bedroom. Somehow, log chamber furniture just doesn’t roll of the tongue as well as sayinglog bedroom furniture.

  • Log Pet Beds for Dog Lovers

    Our log furniture for pets is something you'll want to show off.Are you a dog lover? Well then you probably want the best for them, right? Dogs are like really hairy little people, more so than any other type of pets. They each have their own personality and enjoy nice things just like anyone else…and that rinky-dink dog bed from Wal-Mart just isn’t the right thing at all. Like you, your dog appreciates quality things. They want a place where they can sleep and relax in comfort. Preferably not an arrangement made in China and coated in unknown substances!

    Rustic pet beds that are made in America are available here for your pets! Our luxury log dog beds are as high-quality as our bedsfor humans. Dog is a man’s best friend, and we’re sure you want your best friend to have the most you can possibly give them, and a safe environment too. All mammals, both dogs and humans, are as susceptible to disease from heavy metals and carcinogens as we people are.

    At Woodland Creek’s, our log pet beds are finished in the same materials our standard log furniture for your home is. All coatings and materials are non-toxic by American standards for a safe home environment. Additionally, out great looking and unique pet beds are comfortable, stylish, and affordable on any budget. Crafted from solid Northern White Cedar, these trendy rustic pet beds are a unique way to do pet bedding.

    Not all dogs have the same proportions, and neither are our log dog beds. You can choose from a variety of different styles. One example of a great pet bed is our Old Adirondack Log Dog Bed. It is made from natural Northern White Cedar and has a creamy color. Low rails surround this bed and you can add the mattress if you desire. Another example of the Woodland Creek log pet bed selection is the Cottage Log Dog Bed. This bed resembles a miniature outdoor log bench, but it also includes a comfy cushion. You can choose a rustic pet bed that matches the rest of your home, or you can choose a bed that is unique for your dog.

    Incidentally, at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, you’ll find more great stuff for your beloved pets than beds! We also have cabin pet accessories like dog feeders, cat exercise wheels, bird feeders, and much more. Since we have pets of our own, we know exactly how much yours are loved too. Naturally, we realize that you can’t be sticking plastic pet beds and accessories in your attuned-to-nature home filled with rustic art and log furniture. So, we’ve made keeping the feeling of your home a cinch. Every style of home furnishings we carry is mirrored in our pet selections, right down to the cabin pet accessories.

    Share the natural benefits of log furniture with your dog. You want the best for them. You buy the best dog bones, chew toys, and care for your pet. Shouldn’t you be worried about the materials used in their bed too? You are unlikely to find a dog bed that is even close to the quality of our log, rustic and cottage pet beds.

  • Discover the Versatility of Log Daybeds

    This piece of log furniture would be perfect for your home.When was the last time you felt confident about the results of using outdoor wooden furniture inside? Better yet, it probably never occurred to you to use indoor furniture on the patio or your porch.  With the right construction, log daybeds can be used anywhere you find them useful.

    The first thing you need to look for in log daybeds that will work for sipping iced tea on the shaded porch or napping in the den is that it is constructed of all logs. Now we carry a variety of great looking daybeds in our log furniture collection that offer you sleeping arrangements on the jiffy that feature pull out mattress frames or space saving beds for kids with trundles. These would only have a long and  uneventful life in your enclosed porch or three-season room. All that metal mattress framing and support wouldn’t hold up long term exposed to the rain and constant humidity outdoors. Now these types of log furniture are great anywhere else in your house or cabin where they fit the utility of cushioned seating.
    Log daybeds are the perfect addition to your log furniture collection

    Daybeds are particularly handy at your weekend cabin or cottage for providing extra guests with a comfy place to sleep. Naturally their rustic furniturelines and appeal are right at home at your middle of nowhere escape. No other cot sized bed ever looked this good in your lakeside or mountain retreat living area! Log daybeds are perfect for stretching out in front of the fire after a long day tromping through the woods or skiing and ice skating.

    Yet when you consider the versatile nature of our solid log furniture construction of the Old Adirondack Cumberland Bay, you are sure to be pleased with its many applications at home or the weekend place.  This log daybed is crafted from 100% Northern White Cedar which gives you straight logs that will work in any ski lodge, beachside cottage or hunting cabin whether the design and décor is thoroughly modern or rugged and 100 years old. Unlike a lot of your more rustic furniture choices, this clean and simple daybed will look at home in any surroundings and way you decide to dress it.
    Log daybeds are versatile pieces of log furniture.

    Cedar log furniture is the best for using on your patio or porch. This outdoor wooden furniture naturally repels insects and rot, making it the perfect thing for lounging or sitting in the fresh air. If you remember the old time sleeping porch where everyone headed during the dog days of summer, you’ll be excited with the prospect of using this log daybed to escape the heat of the house on those sultry August nights. That is if you have a screened in porch to protect you from insect bites. We doubt you’ll feel much rested battling blood thirsty mosquitoes until dawn, no matter how refreshing that late night breeze may be.
    This piece of log furniture would be perfect for any rustic home.

    This gleaming light wood design from the Old Adirondack collection can be purchased without a finish, or with natural or medium colored wood sealants. For outdoor wooden furniture use, you’ll no doubt what to select a finished version of this wonderfully useful log daybed. As you can see depending on where you place it this great piece of log furniture can be inviting any time. It’s just as at home in the den for watching TV as it is on the back porch, though we recommend when using it outside to be sure all the pillows and it’s mattress selection are made from weatherproof materials.

    You’ll find we also carry a great selection of other cedar log furniture that you can add to create a wonderful looking ensemble for a welcoming space outdoors or inside. It will also sound like the best thing to use when you understand how many years of use this purchase will give you. Solid wood – it’s the only way to go to make your money stretch the farthest. The Cedar Log Daybed doesn’t even have a standard décor style. Look at how easily this solid wood design changes its attitude and still comes off as a perfect natural.

  • Log Bunk Beds for Kids Today and Tomorrow

    You can't beat the sturdy, solid wood construction of cabin log bunk beds for children's bedrooms.Cabin log bunk beds are the perfect beds for kids. Sturdy and durable, log bunk beds are made to withstand the rigors that children can put them through.

    What child has not used his or her bed in some adventure that required jumping and rough play? From searches for buried treasure to wrestling matches, kids are usually the ones that put furniture to the real test. While children want something that is fun, parents want beds for kids that are functional and attractive. Cabin log bunk beds are the perfect kid's beds, because they provide one set of furniture that can satisfy both sets of tastes.

    Log bunk beds can meet the rugged demands that children place on them, and they can still offer parents the aesthetic value they want. This honest rustic furniture is made from real wood, these great log beds give the kids a sense of the outdoors, allowing them to enjoy nature, even inside.

    Cabin log bunk beds can last for many years, its doubtful you will need to replace these pieces of rustic furniture. Handcrafted quality and manufacturers’ warranties ensure parents will make only log bedroom furniture purchase with these durable beds. Other kid's bedroom furniture products today are manufactured from cheap, flimsy materials that warp, split, crack and can fall apart easily under the use of healthy children in a short span of time. You won't find these issues with log furniture beds. These naturally strong, handsome beds for kids will last through countless wrestling matches, tug of wars and endless bouncing and climbing. Pirate treasure can be found time and again without parents worrying about the bed falling on top of the child, or falling apart.

    Log bunk beds reflect the strength of nature with the appeal of a beautifully finished product. They come in many styles. Some have a traditional ladder that sits on the floor beside the bed. Others have a ladder that is built into the frame. There is also a bed available that has a futon as a bottom mattress, and it is quite popular. These beds for kids can even come with larger mattress sizes on the lower bed frame, to accommodate several children at a time. Log furniture beds featuring twin over full or queen construction will make sleepovers a lot more comfortable than the traditional floor accommodations.

    These fun and unique cabin log bunk beds can be bought separately or in sets. You will also be able to match up dressers, armoires, desks and bookshelves to create the entire log bedroom furniture suite. These beds for kids provide safe furniture to play on, comfortable furniture to rest on and beautiful furniture to look at. Cabin log bunk beds will withstand the rough tests that children can put their furniture through, surviving to the next generation.

    Imagine that, you won't find this kind of durability with the majority of standard beds purchased from your normal retail stores. Log beds are made to last for generations with timeless styling. Your children will grow up to pass this log furniture down to their children. So in essence, buying these beds for kids is a double value investment in the present and the future. Making them the first gift you have for your grandchildren, ready and waiting when they arrive.

    Cabin log bunk beds allow children to experience the benefits of nature and the enduring strength of the best materials known to man. Log furniture offers young minds a sense of adventure and an introduction into the gifts of the earth and just how vital our environment is to life. With these beds for kids, parents and children can enjoy the rustic appeal that provides comfort and a sense of strength.

  • Log Bunk Beds, Rustic Bunk Beds for Your Rustic Home

    Rustic Bunk Beds for the BedroomThere can be many advantages to using log bunk beds in one or more of your bedrooms.

    First, they are ergonomic. You’ll save on floor space, and be able to use that part of the room for something better. Or maybe you can use our rustic bunk beds to free-up the space of an entire bedroom.

    Second, log bunk beds are economic. The cost of two beds sharing a single construction is often significantly less than if you were to buy two separate log beds made with this level of superior quality. Our log bunk beds offer a sturdy construction that will offer you years of use – and a tremendous value.

    Third, and perhaps most importantly, rustic log cabin bunk beds are fun! This is why we offer rustic bunk beds for kids as well as log bunk beds for adults – because we know that you are never too old to enjoy a pajama party! Go ahead and put these solid log beds to the test. Our log bunk beds each have a unique look from their solid log construction.

    Crafted from hand-selected Northern White Cedar, lovely peeled Lodgepole pine, naturally unique Aspen (which can make some crazy beds), reclaimed barn wood and hickory. Some have log ladders that can rest on the floor and some have them built right into the footboard, but each top bunk is easy to access, sturdy, dependable and safe... And fun! We offer many sizes of log bunk beds from twin over twin bunk beds to twin over queen bunk beds to queen over queen bunk beds and everything in between. Log loft beds, log twin over futon bunk beds, you name it we have it or can likely build it. When you come to the place known for log furniture you are coming to a company who is both the manufacturer as well as a trusted retailer. Come and visit Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place today!

    Twin over Full Log Bunk Bed from Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place on Vimeo.

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