Log Furniture Combines Beauty and Comfort

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9 years ago
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Foot stools of beauty and comfortLog furniture is one of the most beautiful things you can include in your home. Nothing compares to the look and feel of pieces handmade from natural woods and built to last for generations. These sturdy pieces give your home an air of rustic comfort, bringing the tranquility of the deep woods to any room. Of course, you want your cabin furniture to be as comfortable as it looks. That’s where pieces like the Glacier Country Log Foot Stool come in. Designed with strength, durability and beauty in mind, this foot stool offers more than just a place to rest your feet after a hard day’s work. Its heirloom-quality construction is achieved through careful handcrafting methods and attention to detail. Each log is harvested from dead-standing lodgepole pine trees, then hand-peeled and assembled into a one-of-a-kind piece. Mortise and tenon joinery in the log legs and crosspieces ensures sturdy construction. The hand-peeling process creates an attractive color contrast between the lower logs and the smooth top, making the Glacier Country foot stool suitable for any type of cabin decor. The rugged nature of cabin furniture puts it in a class by itself. Even among log furniture, cabin pieces are unique. Many feature natural accents in the wood, be it inner bark left behind when the logs are peeled or knots and insect tracks forming a unique brand of decoration. Since no two trees are ever exactly alike, these accents change from piece to piece. This makes each handmade Glacier Country Log Foot Stool different from all the others, so you can be assured that the piece you receive is truly one-of-a-kind. Adding a foot stool to your collection of log furniture is a unique thing in and of itself. You don’t see log foot stools very often; instead, most people have ottomans or use reclining easy chairs with built-in footrests. With the Glacier Country stool, you get a comfortable pine piece that looks great in your rustic home, adding personality and eye-catching style that sets your cabin decor apart. For only $54.95, you get to bring home and enjoy all the benefits of the Glacier Country Log Foot Stool.
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