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Log Pet Beds for Dog Lovers

Our log furniture for pets is something you'll want to show off.Are you a dog lover? Well then you probably want the best for them, right? Dogs are like really hairy little people, more so than any other type of pets. They each have their own personality and enjoy nice things just like anyone else…and that rinky-dink dog bed from Wal-Mart just isn’t the right thing at all. Like you, your dog appreciates quality things. They want a place where they can sleep and relax in comfort. Preferably not an arrangement made in China and coated in unknown substances!

Rustic pet beds that are made in America are available here for your pets! Our luxury log dog beds are as high-quality as our bedsfor humans. Dog is a man’s best friend, and we’re sure you want your best friend to have the most you can possibly give them, and a safe environment too. All mammals, both dogs and humans, are as susceptible to disease from heavy metals and carcinogens as we people are.

At Woodland Creek’s, our log pet beds are finished in the same materials our standard log furniture for your home is. All coatings and materials are non-toxic by American standards for a safe home environment. Additionally, out great looking and unique pet beds are comfortable, stylish, and affordable on any budget. Crafted from solid Northern White Cedar, these trendy rustic pet beds are a unique way to do pet bedding.

Not all dogs have the same proportions, and neither are our log dog beds. You can choose from a variety of different styles. One example of a great pet bed is our Old Adirondack Log Dog Bed. It is made from natural Northern White Cedar and has a creamy color. Low rails surround this bed and you can add the mattress if you desire. Another example of the Woodland Creek log pet bed selection is the Cottage Log Dog Bed. This bed resembles a miniature outdoor log bench, but it also includes a comfy cushion. You can choose a rustic pet bed that matches the rest of your home, or you can choose a bed that is unique for your dog.

Incidentally, at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, you’ll find more great stuff for your beloved pets than beds! We also have cabin pet accessories like dog feeders, cat exercise wheels, bird feeders, and much more. Since we have pets of our own, we know exactly how much yours are loved too. Naturally, we realize that you can’t be sticking plastic pet beds and accessories in your attuned-to-nature home filled with rustic art and log furniture. So, we’ve made keeping the feeling of your home a cinch. Every style of home furnishings we carry is mirrored in our pet selections, right down to the cabin pet accessories.

Share the natural benefits of log furniture with your dog. You want the best for them. You buy the best dog bones, chew toys, and care for your pet. Shouldn’t you be worried about the materials used in their bed too? You are unlikely to find a dog bed that is even close to the quality of our log, rustic and cottage pet beds.