Make Aspen Furniture a Featured Part of the Game Room

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2015-02-19 11:00:56
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Play with Dartboards all DayAt the end of a long work week, all you want to do is sit back and relax. Weekends are meant to give you the time you need to unwind, and there’s no better way to make the most of that time than to have your friends over for an afternoon or evening in the game room. The Aspen Log Dartboard Cabinet with Doors gives you all something fun to do while you hang out, catch up and enjoy a little downtime. Plus, it adds the beauty of rustic decor to your home. Solid aspen wood creates a sturdy cabinet that opens to reveal an old-fashioned dartboard. Hand-peeled aspen logs make up the body of the piece and also serve as handles for the smooth wooden doors. Another, larger log sits across the top to cap off this unique aspen furniture for a rugged, beautiful look. The Aspen Log Dartboard Cabinet provides space to store your darts where they’ll be safe when not in use. On the opposite door, there’s space for a score card and pen to keep track of who’s currently in the lead. Track one game at a time or hold tournaments with your friends to make things more interesting. As you play, you can admire the natural beauty of the dark aspen logs which includes gnarls and knots as well as unique patterns that stretch along the length of the wood. Since a dartboard is the only piece of cabin decor you’re likely to throw sharp things at on purpose, it’s a good idea to choose a protective finish. Go for clear to seal in the beauty of the aspen or opt for a honey color that deepens the wood tones to bring out even more of its natural character. This well-crafted rustic beauty is made to last so you can enjoy it as part of your game room for many years to come. Make darts a routine part of “game night” and unwind with this rugged piece at the center of the fun.
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