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Make Your Guests Red With Envy!

Forget turning people green with envy because once your guests see your brand new red cedar bathroom vanity, they won’t be able to hide their rose-tinted jealousy!

We shouldn’t have favorites when it comes to woods but we’re only human and when you see the majesty and splendor of red cedar, it’s hard to not love it! That’s why we decided to extend our affection for this extra special material by creating a series of striking bathroom storage pieces, headed up by the Rustic Red cedar Log Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Smells

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a moment. Bathroom smells. They don’t have the greatest reputation for being particularly pleasant, but install an aromatic red cedar vanity and you can wave goodbye to embarrassing pongs and whiffs. All you’ll be able to smell is the great outdoors, American heritage and rustic weekends spent in the family cabin. And though it might smell great, this is simply just a bonus because the real joy, the defining quality of red cedar is how utterly incredible it looks. 

Elegantly Rustic

We know we can turn our heads to an elegantly rustic vanity unit. Our team of artisans have mastered the art of making the functional fabulous, which is why our satisfaction ratings are as impressive as they are. But when you add in an extra special wood, that’s when things start to get really eye-catching and interesting. Suddenly, that simple log vanity that houses a sink or two is now a main feature in the space. Instead of just being a useful location for stashing away toilet rolls and extra towels, it’s a focal point where users enjoy standing and giving themselves a minute to compose themselves. At the end of the day, by lavishing as much time, care and attention as we do into a humble rustic bathroom vanity , it becomes a treasured piece of log furniture, which is why we kept the details simple here. 

Nothing is going to overshadow the wood itself, so you’ll see elegant cabinets and drawers with either log or metal strap handles. You can choose to add a top or not. Fancy some beautiful sinks? Let us know and as long as they aren’t vessels, we can fit them for you to ensure perfect compliance and easy plumbing. The only thing we don’t offer as standard is a colored stain, because why would you cover up that glorious rouge? 

Free Shipping

We ship for free within the contiguous United States, as a way of thanking you for choosing American designed and made quality goods. We also give you a lifetime warranty on this particular piece, because we know it can and will stand the test of time and that you’ll never get bored of it. So what are you waiting for? Timeless style awaits and all we need is for you to get in touch with your dimensions!