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Making a Statement with Storage

Gone are the days when storage simply needed to do its job and slink into the background as now, beautiful rustic dressers and rustic chest design are being used to define entire bedroom schemes. We know this and have risen to the challenge of creating stunning pieces, in a variety of sizes and shapes, to offer our customers the opportunity to really take things up a notch when renovating their homes. Need some proof? Then come with us now as we tell you all about our rustic Black Granite 7 Drawer Dresser!

From basic chests to tallboys and everything in between, everybody loves a solid wood storage solution. They add character, charm and class to any bedroom, but what about a statement? Rustic bedroom furniture is fabulous in itself, but add in a contrasting material or accent here and there and you can take something timeless and pretty and turn it into a future heirloom that future generations of your family will love to welcome into their own homes. That’s exactly what we’ve done with our Black Granite range.

When it came to designing a large rustic storage dresser, we took into account that you’d need differently sized drawers. That’s why we opted for a layout that made good use of three small drawers at the top and four larger versions below. A chunky solid wood top finishes the carcass and gives ample display space, meaning that this could be the only item of storage furniture you need. Perfect for smaller spaces or when you like an unfussy bedroom, we were cognizant of the fact that you might like less furniture, but that doesn’t mean you want the pieces you do have to be boring.

To ramp up our design, we took perfectly distressed pine and contrasted it with chic marbled Formica panels, black trims, metal strap handles and metal corner accents. We didn’t want to go overboard, so have only used the gorgeous gray feature panels in the small top drawers, but we are more than happy to add them to the others as well, if you are looking for a real statement piece.

One thing we don’t want is for you to assume that because we were focused on aesthetics, any of our infamously high standards slipped, because they resolutely did not. Designed, built and shipped for free in the USA, this rustic dresser is as much of a representation of our abilities and commitment to you as any other item in our portfolio. That’s why it comes with a lifetime warranty, as standard.

As always, we want you to feel really involved in the design process, so give you the opportunity to choose your preferred wood finish, number of Formica inserts and even give you the chance to add other coordinating items to your order. No two homes are ever identical, so your finished product needs to be as tailored to you as possible and here at Log Furniture Place, we aim to make that as easy as pie.