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Making Friends With Mirrors in Rustic Décor

Encountering a mirror can sometimes come as a shock. You’ve probably experienced it before: you’re walking around a store or shopping center and suddenly catch sight of yourself in a reflective surface. Either you don’t look how you thought you did, or you get a pleasant surprise and find out that you look even better. Whatever the case, mirrors tend to be one of those things that people love or hate, especially when one appears seemingly out of nowhere."Add

Having a mirror in your home, however, is a completely different experience. At home, you control the style and placement of the mirror and you know exactly where it is when you want to examine your hairstyle or outfit. Mirrors also have the extra benefit of adding depth to a room, which can be especially helpful in smaller homes or cabins. A full-length mirror like the Beartooth Aspen Log Cheval Mirror makes a stunning bedroom accent that brings delight instead of shock. With a hand-peeled aspen log frame and the ability to tilt at just the right angle, this is the perfect mirror for bedrooms and master suites.

Hand-peeled aspen logs show off a great deal of the character you’d expect from log furniture. Using the Beartooth Aspen mirror as part of your home’s rustic décor brings this particular personality to the forefront. Both frame and base are handcrafted from solid aspen, which is then finished with a special three-step clear coating to bring out the natural colors and tones in the wood. The top two coats of finish provide exceptional protection from water or chemical damage, ensuring that the mirror stays looking its best.

If you can’t get enough of aspen, go for the “extra gnarly” log upgrade to make the mirror an even more eye-catching part of your rustic décor. Extra knots, twists, insect tracks and burls in the wood will make you want to look in the mirror more often, if only to admire the aspen itself. Far from basic, the Beartooth Aspen mirror adds beauty and character to any bedroom.