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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Three is the Magic Number

    One drawer is perfect for a nightstand and you can never have too many for a large, showstopping piece of storage furniture, but when you just need enough, how many drawers do you go for? Three, of course. That’s why they call it the magic number!

    We think that our Sawmill 3 drawer Rough Sawn Nightstand is the ideal mid-way compromise between a bijou bedside table and a full-blown storage dresser. This gives it instant cabin credentials, as what could be better than a modest item of furniture that doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of a getaway home, while also offering enough stash space for a long weekend’s worth of clothing? Not much, if you ask us! And when you’re not using your second home, it can be put to good use as storage for the bed linens.

    We wanted to capture the look and feel of a genuine barnwood nightstand, so have used pine that we’ve weathered and textured especially, in order to tap into the aesthetic but not the price. We have extensive experience of sourcing and working with reclaimed timber, so we know that it is an extravagance that isn’t always the practical choice for smaller pieces, which is why we’ve worked hard to perfect our Sawmill Bedroom Collection. Even connoisseurs of antique wood will struggle to date our artisan items, so if you’ve always wanted the rustic look but worried about your budget, this is a perfect first purchase for you!

    Our rustic nightstand can be finished in a choice of four stains, including Antique Barnwood and a rather lovely Weathered Gray, because we know that everybody interprets design trends in different ways. The warm Honey Amber stain might look great in one home, but not quite right in another, so we wanted to offer a full spectrum of hues, to guarantee seamless integration. This is also why we kept the hardware discreet and upmarket.

    Using hand forged metal, we chose a simple strap handle design for each of the drawers, with optional corner accents to add a little extra touch. In a widely understated bedroom, including the optional decorative elements could make for an easy aesthetic upgrade, but if you prefer everything as simple as possible, perhaps you’ll be happy enough with a nightstand that comes with a hidden bonus. We’re talking about the lifetime warranty that is supplied with your new furniture, as standard.

    Whether we are building you a rustic 3 drawer nightstand, a bespoke bed or a striking dining table, one thing remains the same – our pride and trust in our craftsmen. We work with the best in the business, giving them the opportunity to create with their hands and experience-honed skills. The result is a slew of perfect pieces that we know will last forever and only get better with age, which is why we ship them to you, with that all-important warranty in place.

    If you need any further convincing, then take a look at the thousands of real reviews, from verified customers. We aren’t betting folks here at Log Furniture Place, but if we were, we’d wager that few other companies can boast such glowing testimonials!

  • Great Things come in Small Packages

    It’s sad to say it, but there can be a tendency to assume that only large items can be truly impressive, or perfectly fit for purpose, but we are on a mission to change that misconception.

    Picture in your mind the perfect rustic bedroom. What do you see? Obviously a gorgeous rustic bed, but what about some all-important bedside storage? Without it, where are you going to put your lamp, evening reading and personal essentials? We think t’s all too easy to forget about bedside night tables, especially when creating a comprehensive range of rustic furniture pieces that are designed to work together, but we never overlook the small details!

    Our Sawmill 1 Drawer Rough Sawn Nightstand is the ideal combination of pretty, practical and well proportioned, meaning that you get the table you need, without sacrificing too much bedroom space, or adding in a mismatched piece for the sake of convenience. In fact, our little square rustic nightstand is so balanced that you can easily add one to each side of a larger bed and your space still won’t feel cramped.

    Made from pine, we’ve been able to keep our imitation barnwood nightstand costs down, allowing you to invest in a matching pair, should you so wish to, but that doesn’t mean that you need to wave goodbye to an expensive aesthetic. By leaving all of the saw marks intact and adding a stain of your choice (we have four beautiful options to select from), you can welcome an authentic-looking piece of rustic furniture into your home, without needing to consider remortgaging!

    Sturdy legs and a chunky top make up the bulk of the effortlessly simple carcass here, but we knew we needed to add something extra. That’s why our rustic 1 drawer nightstand comes complete with a full extension glide drawer that is the ideal size for personal effects, such as contact lenses and reading glasses. This leaves the top free for a stunning lamp, a coaster and maybe your phone or tablet, if you can’t resist taking them to bed with you.

    A simple hand forged metal strap handle completes the look, but you can add extra corner accents to really lean into the rustic vibe and if you’re looking for a reason to just take the plunge and order a pair of these USA-designed and crafted nightstands, let us hit you with some simple maths!

    One nightstand costs just $399, but when shipped alone, you will need to pay an additional $150 for delivery. However, when you order two, you get the shipping, within the contiguous 48 states, for free, effectively taking the cost of your second nightstand down to just $249. To us, that just sounds like common sense!

    If you have any questions about our small freight shipping charge, or anything else, get in touch and we will be happy to advise you as to the best course of action for your needs and budget.

  • Go Big in Your Home

    In a family or holiday home, you can never have too much storage. Just when you think you’ve finally catered for everybody’s expansive clothing collection, you realize that the hunting gear needs to be homed as well. Or that you need some space for spare bed linens. Well, that’s where an unapologetically generous storage dresser comes into play and we have the perfect one for you, right here!

    Our Sawmill 7 Drawer Rough Sawn rustic Dresser is a great example of how you really can have it all, in terms of amazing furniture that’s built to last while looking great and complementing the rest of your home. We’ve taken our time designing this piece and though the styling was dictated by the larger Sawmill range, we wanted to be sure that this wasn’t just any old timber dresser. We wanted this to be THE rustic dresser that you build an entire room scheme around, because it’s so good looking, practical and, most importantly for you, affordable.

    To keep costs reasonable, we’ve used pine wood for this gorgeous item, leaving the saw marks in place, to give an aged and authentically rustic dresser aesthetic, without the antique price tag. Don’t you go assuming that pine is a compromise though, as you’ll be given a lifetime warranty with your dresser, as a demonstration of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. And no, you don’t have to pay for the privilege unlike with so many of our competitors. So, the question is, what do you actually get for your hard-earned money?

    Let’s start with the drawers. All seven have full extension glides fitted as standard, allowing for smooth and seamless operation and total access to your storage space within. There’s nothing worse than drawers that don’t open fully and leave you needing a contortionist to retrieve a favorite sweater! We give you four sizeable drawers, plus three smaller, to keep the look symmetrical and your evolving needs catered for. Those modest top drawers are ideal for intimates, accessories and anything you use daily but don’t want on display, while the lower pull-outs are excellent for foldables that don’t need to take up valuable wardrobe space.

    Tapping into the barnwood dresser vibe, we have kept the carcass and drawers understated and stoic in their simplicity, but you can add some detailing, if you want to. To coordinate with the hand forged metal handles, you can add some elegant corner accents as well. Blink and you’ll miss them, but they do add a certain characterful charm that is undeniably rustic. In a lodge, cabin or ranch home, we can see these little details being the design touch that tips your new purchase into the realms of seriously enviable.

    Delivered for free within the 48 contiguous states and available through a transparent financing package, thanks to our partners at Bread, we have made it as simple as possible for you to kit out your home with the storage you need and the aesthetic that you love. The only question is, will you be able to stop at just one dresser?

  • Perfection and Proportion

    How many times have you been searching for a piece of furniture, only to find exactly what you want, but in the wrong size? It’s even worse when there’s no possibility of adapting or asking for a custom piece that will perfectly fit your home, as it feels like a real tease! Well, that’s not the case here, as our gorgeous Sawmill 4 Drawer Rough Sawn Chest has not only been designed to be the ideally proportioned addition to any room, it is also available in a medley of different sizes.

    You might be wondering why we chose to make this piece in so many size variations and the answer is simple…because no two homes are ever the same! Dimensionally, some might be similar, but every individual customer has personal storage requirements and different takes on interior design, so while we think that this option is ideal for a bedroom, you might not agree and might need something with even more organizational capacity. The great thing is that we don’t change our production methodology or standards for any option within the rustic Sawmill collection.

    Everything you need

    We wanted to keep this range simple, so our 4-drawer option comes with nothing that you don’t need but everything you want. We homed in on the details that would make this a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, backed up by a lifetime warranty, which is why you’ll discover high quality full extension drawer glides, hand forged metal accents and a sturdy stance.

    Using trusted pine wood, we leave the saw marks from our machinery intact, to give a far more aged and rustic chest appearance, without compromising the strength of your finished piece. Finding the perfect rustic chest of drawers can be an endless task, especially when you want something that will last plenty of years, so with this option, you get the best of the aesthetic you love, but with modern build quality. That’s a double win. What’s more, you can choose from four separate color finishes, giving you some artistic involvement and allowing you to choose the level of rustic that you really want.

    Let’s talk about the metal accents for a second. We said that we wanted to keep the overall styling as simple as possible and we have, with a proportional and linear design made from perfectly manipulated wood, but we needed to up the ante, just a little. After all, we are known for our exquisite design flourishes! That’s why you’ll find hand forged metal drawer handles. They might be an unfussy strap design but knowing they have been crafted by artisans makes all the difference and you can choose to add corner accents to match.

    Designed, made and shipped for free (conditions apply) in the USA, our sawmill 4 Drawer Chest is the answer to your storage needs and gives you easy access to coordinated furniture pieces for other rooms. You can’t have too much of a good thing, or so they say, so why not check out our 7 Drawer version as well?


  • Storage that Stands Proud

    It’s a tough call to make functional storage furniture that can also stand alone as a beautiful item. More often that not, one of the two priorities has to fall a little flat, but we have worked hard to create a range of dressers that not only look incredible, but also give you access to the valuable extra organizational potential that your home needs. What’s more, we make these pieces so sturdy and fit for purpose that we ship them to you, complete with a lifetime warranty! How many other companies can say the same thing?

    Picture a rustic dresser and we bet you’ve included some rough edges, maybe a few unnecessarily fussy accents and a good dose of woodworm that will have your jumpers falling through drawers in a matter of a few years. Are we right? Well let’s change that perception right here and now, with our Sawmill 9 Drawer Rough Sawn Dresser. Don’t let the name fool you, as this is one smooth operator that feels as good as it looks, we just don’t hide the saw marks, to give you the rustic look you want, but with none of the splinters you don’t!

    We age our solid pine to give you the barnwood dresser look but without the eye-watering price that usually accompanies it and we’ve really thought about the drawers here as well. Six large slide-out drawers, with full extension glides, are topped by three smaller options, foal l those accessories and personal items that get lost in large sideboards. With this in mind, we think this is the perfect addition to any rustic-themed bedroom, especially when you consider how delicate we have kept the metal accents.

    There can be a temptation to go overboard with the metal touches, but in a bedroom setting, you need to create a balance between sturdy and soft, so we have finished our timber dresser with slimline metal drawer pulls (hand forged by and optional corner accents. Want to keep things as unfussy as possible? Simply leave off the accents and let the wood do all the talking. It’s that easy.

    Rustic doesn’t necessarily mean antique, so if you’re thinking that this is the perfect dresser for you, if only it was a different color, you’re in luck! We offer you four finishes to choose from, with Antique Barnwood being the darkest and most impactful and Weathered Gray offering a significantly softer and more romantic aesthetic.

    We design and build furniture for discerning customers that know exactly what they need. We inject a hearty dose of domestic pride into every item of furniture we create and we ship free of charge to the contiguous 48 states, because we are the face of American craftsmanship and we want to always go the extra mile for the people that believe in us and support our dream. That’s why you can customize almost everything we make and if our standard options don’t quite fit your ideals, get in touch and let’s see what we can do.

  • Bringing the Beauty of the Outdoors Inside

    We’re not a company to shy away from taking a few design chances and when our talented designers dreamt up the ultimate in beautiful hand carved rustic bed styles, we knew that we had to make it a reality! Seriously, you need to take a seat and prepare to drink in some amazing details here.

    We are always looking to create pieces of furniture that satisfy the widest scope of rustic tastes possible and with this timber frame carved bed, we think we have hit the jackpot. Combining our unrivaled talent for wood craftsmanship with next level artistry has led to our nature scene bed that you didn’t know you needed, until now!

    We’ve taken a solid and sturdy pine timber frame bed and distressed it just enough to give it some character. From there, things get really interesting with a hand carved headboard that adds some much-needed curve and texture to the overall look and then, out comes the paint box!

    It’s one thing to include a hand carved headboard in a rustic bed design but adding a hand painted nature scene turns a stunning piece of bedroom furniture into something that you’ll want to hand down to multiple generations of your family. You can even choose to add a matching footboard, but that’s just one of the many customization options.

    You’ll need to decide whether you want a queen or king-size bed frame to start with and from there, prepare to be spoiled for choice! With a staggering 17 motifs to admire, you’ll have a hard decision on your hands in terms of what you want on your headboard, not to mention if you want a matching footboard! Don’t worry, if you prefer to keep things slightly more low-key, you can select our elegant low-profile plain footboard and focus your attention on choosing your ideal finish color instead. We did warn you that we give you as much choice as possible!

    We know that this isn’t what you’d call a standard piece of rustic bedroom furniture and as with any investment item, you might be concerned about the price, but we’ve taken that into consideration. We always price fairly, despite injecting hours of artisanal quality and talent into every build and just to take the pressure off even more, we have partnered with Bread to offer you and easy and transparent financing option. Just as with our ordering process, there are no hidden fees or upgrades and you can even pay off your agreement early without incurring a penalty.

    As standard, you’ll get your frame, side rails, support slats and your choice of head and footboards in your delivery and we include something extra special with your purchase as well – peace of mind for 20 years. Our two-decade-long warranty tells you more than we ever could about how well made our furniture is, but if you need some extra convincing, just take a look at our reviews, all of which come from verified buyers. We’re not happy unless you’re happy and that’s why we are always striving for perfection.

  • Don't Sleep on Understated Excellence

    We totally understand that in a bid to make your home as special as possible, you might be tempted to invest in slightly more unusual or outrageous bedroom furniture designs, but can we take a minute or two of your time to talk about why simple styles are worthy of your consideration as well?

    Our Sawmill Spindle Rough Sawn Timber Bed is a perfect example of how a rustic bed frame can be elegant, simple and yet still commanding. We decided to forgo the fussy details and stick to what we really know best – strong lines, sturdy proportions and artisinal excellence.

    Making great use of rough sawn pine (deceptively named, as it simply refers to the finished texture of the wood, which is smooth to the touch, don’t worry!), we have chosen 6” frame legs to drive the stocky and masterful finished look. Of course, we couldn’t resist the urge to add a little decorative touch here and there, so the slated head and foot boards add in some eye-catching detail, but nothing too extravagant. You can also choose to add or leave out the optional metal accent strips, though we think they add the perfect amount of contrast to the solid wood design.

    We are exceptionally proud to have been able to expertly bring together rustic materials, finished in a contemporary style. We are known for our master craftsmanship when it comes to hand-peeled log furniture, but to be making waves in the modern-rustic design world is a real coup for us. It’s also not often that you see a barn wood bed that has a reasonable price tag attached to it, so we are really shaking up the landscape of the handmade furniture industry!

    In terms of options to choose from, we like to give you as many chances to personalize your rustic bedroom furniture as possible, without detracting from the original design of course. With that in mind, we invite you to pick the best size for your room, ranging from twin through to California king and we even have four very different color finishes to select from. Whether you like cool or warm tones, we have something for you, so don’t assume that the Antique Barn wood look, despite being a customer favorite, is the only choice!

    When you purchase your frame, included in your delivery (free within the 48 contiguous states!), you’ll find your foot and headboards, side rails and mattress slats as standard. If you’d like to add a mattress to your order, you can, meaning that you can simply take delivery of your brand-new bedroom centerpiece and have no other delays before enjoying the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. In fact, from the point of ordering, we estimate that we will only need between 4-6 weeks to build your bed for you. How’s that for a dream scenario?

    Everything in our Sawmill collection has been designed to tread the line between rustic and elegant, so if you decide that you’d like to totally revamp your bedroom scheme, don’t forget to take a look at some of our other complementary pieces.

  • Two's (comfortable) Company

    Bunk beds have long been a useful home addition, but have they ever really been as stylish and well designed as they could be? We don’t think so, which is why we have taken the time to create not only a gorgeous alternative to the standard bunk beds of years gone by, but also something with enough options to suit any home, regardless of your needs!

    Forget what you think you know about stacked beds, because today, we are talking about the ultimate in rustic bunk bed design. It’s good looking, comfortable and built to last literally a lifetime, as that’s the warranty that we give you, as standard. No, you’re not tucked in and dreaming yet, you did read that right, but how can we offer a lifetime guarantee? Because we know that our quality and standards can stand up to one! Let’s get up close and personal with some details.

    This is no ordinary timber bunk bed design. First off, it is available in a staggering six sizes, ranging from the standard twin over twin all the way through to queen over queen. What that means is that stacked beds are no longer just for kids and underused spare bedrooms. Now, that an adult bunk bed has been perfected, you can add serious overnight guest potential to your property, which is great for those of you with big families and naturally sociable natures, but also anybody with a cabin or lodge home that is rented out.

    Just in case you were thinking that we might have overlooked things such as storage potential and finish in favor of focusing on making the more size options, think again! We know that the homes that these incredible beds will be going into are as varied as the guests that will be sleeping in them, which is why we give you six finish choices. If you like your bedroom furniture understated, simply opt for the natural clear, but it’s worth taking a closer look at our spectacular antique barnwood bunk bed finish as well. You get all the character and charm of reclaimed barn wood timber, but without the, often, eye-watering price tag. You can’t say fairer than that!

    You don’t need to know who will be sleeping in your new bunk beds most of the time in order to make an informed decision about your mattress supports. We are happy to add wooden mattress foundations to both your top and bottom bunks, to give you as much peace of mind as possible and as the ultimate finishing touch…how about a little storage?

    Bunk beds are great in that they can comfortably sleep more people in one room than standard beds, but you don’t want to skimp on the storage when you have at least double the amount of clothes to contend with. That’s why our design has been created with easy organization in mind. The raised bottom bunk leaves enough space for seamless drawers to be integrated, without disrupting the overall appearance. We actually think that they add an extra special rustic touch, but ultimately, that’s for you to decide on!

    Designed, made to order and shipped for free within the USA, this is the bunk bed that you’ve been waiting for, so don’t delay and further!

  • The Perfect Finishing Touch

    Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you need just that touch more storage, without sacrificing a huge chunk of space for it. That’s where our Hickory Logger 4 Drawer Log Chest comes in. Big enough to store plenty of essentials, but still modest in terms of floor space requirements, it’s the ideal compromise that doesn’t mean you have to negate on style.

    Traditional techniques

    We work with the best artisans, all of which have a respect for the material that they craft with and a deep understanding of the best ways to use it. That’s why we are proud to use traditional methods when creating new rustic furniture pieces and here, we have put hand-peeling to amazing use.

    Building a rustic cedar chest from hand-peeled logs allows the character and beauty of the raw material beneath the bark to really shine through and, offers an organic contrast to the rugged hickory accents as well. After all, there are plenty of options for a log chest out there, but few marry such naturally harmonious wood together, play with textures as well as color or stick to the old ways of constructing. We do all three, in a bid to stand out from the crowd and produce something extra special.

    Built to last

    The wood we have chosen are known to be strong, so you’ll have no doubt that your new rustic hickory chest will be with you for a lifetime, but just to reinforce the point, take a 20-year warranty, on us. Also, revel in the finer details that make our rustic furniture so sought after and highly rated.

    A 2” solid top comes as standard, as do full extension drawer glides and hand finishing, regardless of the finish you choose. You can upgrade to dovetail drawer boxes allowing you to make your rustic bedroom furniture a real reflection of you, your home and your design preferences. None of the options will invalidate your warranty or compromise the strength and longevity of your finished piece, so customize at will!

    Going the extra mile…for free!

    Finally, after you’ve decided that a hickory and cedar wood chest is for you and you’ve decided on the smaller details, we will build your furniture just for you. There’s no stock held in a dusty warehouse anywhere, so when you click to buy, our relationship with you really begins. Just as with any successful relationship, we know that a little effort goes a long way, which is why we deliver for free, within the contiguous 48 states. We have also partnered with Bread, to offer you easy, transparent financing options as well. We’re the new best friend that you didn’t know you and your home needed!

    Designed, built and shipped in the USA, we think of our rustic bedroom furniture pieces as real slices of domestic pride and hope that you agree. Perfect for any style of home, we know that you’ll fall in love with our special hickory accents, so be sure to take a look at our other Logger Collection pieces too.

  • Serious Storage and So Much More

    Imagine if you could find a piece of furniture that offers amazing storage, looks spectacular and smells divine as well. It’s no longer a fantasy, if you take delivery of one of our Hickory Logger 10 Drawer Log Dressers.

    Built to solve problems

    We know that all storage furniture is designed to offer a solution to the eternal problem of where to put everything, but how many items actually do what they claim to? How often do we see wardrobes with rails that are too flimsy to support a number of coat hangers, or dressers with pitifully few drawers? Well you won’t find that here!

    Part of our wider Hickory Logger collection, the 10 drawer rustic dresser is a fantastic piece of functional and aesthetic furniture that has been considered and built to exacting standards all the way through. We start with hand-peeled aged cedar logs that have character and strength running through them and from there, we ramp up the details.

    If you like your furniture truly rustic and not just paying lip service to a sort of rustic vibe, then this rustic cedar dresser is for you. We let the wood do all the talking, because it’s naturally stunning. Plus, we know that it will ensure seamless integration into any home, from woodland cabins and lodges through to country ranches and even chic urban dwellings.

    We’ve taken a simple concept and made it extra special, with a thick slab top, tactile hickory corner log detailing and if you want to go the extra mile, you can choose our half log drawer handles as well. Don’t go thinking that we’ve only focused on the aesthetics though, as usability is always a primary concern at Log Furniture Place. That’s why you’ll be delighted by the smooth full extension drawer glides, handcrafted drawer boxes and the option to upgrade to dovetail joints. Finally, we give you a choice of three finishes, to make sure that your rustic dresser is exactly as you want it. Love it natural? Then we can supply it unfinished for you. For a warmer hue, choose our Honey finish or simply opt for a clear coat that will seal in all the beauty.

    We know that we didn’t invent the log dresser, but we do think that we are reinventing customer service, with our 20-year warranty that comes as standard with this piece of handcrafted furniture. You may ask why we include this, as well as free shipping within the USA and the answer is simple: because we know that you’ll appreciate it and that it will give you peace of mind that few other companies can.

    We stand beside our products. From design through to completion, we take the time to identify a need and innovate a solution that will perfectly account for it, but with extra style and whole new standards of customer care.

    In short, we are offering you rustic bedroom furniture to last a lifetime, plus a promise of ongoing care and a full range of complementary products.

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