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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Infographic - How to Build Log Furniture

    How To Build Log Furniture

    If building log furniture is not what you're up for, you can always visit our home page for a great selection of rustic items. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to build log furniture. If you end up trying on your own, feel free to post some pictures here and on our Facebook page. You can find our various log beds here if you're looking for any ideas.

  • Rustic Decor Brings Unique Lighting to Any Home

    Chandeliers are truly works of art!Vaulted ceilings are beautiful features that deserve to be dressed up with equally beautiful rustic decor. Having such a high ceiling gives you many options for decorating, and the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier is one of the most unique accessories that you can choose. It’s a work of art crafted by nature and finished by hand with an eye for rugged beauty and unique style.

    When hung from the ceiling, the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier not only provides subtle lighting but also catches the eye the moment you walk into the room. The entire body is made up of naturally shed antlers selected for their specific colors and shapes. Antlers are then pieced together to create individual masterpieces. The final result is much more than a light fixture; it’s a work of art with an authentic beauty that brightens up your home with its style and grace. Wrought iron circles and curls accentuate the natural shapes of the antlers and bring balance to the design.

    Twenty faux wax candles with optional rawhide shades shed light to every corner of your living room, dining area or wherever you choose to hang this stunning chandelier. All lighting components are UL listed and approved for safety and functionality. Expert crafting ensures that no wires or other components appear on the outside of the piece. Once you add the candelabra bulbs that the chandelier needs, all you’ll see is lovely soft glow that accentuates lodge decor and makes any room more comfortable.

    When it comes to lodge decor, antler pieces are unique and beautiful choices. The use of shed antlers allows you to enjoy unmatched style knowing that no animals were harmed to create the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier. With its rugged appearance and solid wrought iron accents, this piece is designed to last for many years. Make it a permanent fixture of your cabin, lodge or ranch house and enjoy how its special beauty enhances the decor.

  • Aspen Furniture Brings Timeless Splendor to the Home

    Easy Chairs for the Living RoomRustic decor exudes a sense of comfort that you can feel the moment you walk into a room. This is just the kind of environment that you want for the spaces where you go to relax. When you make the Aspen Mountain Log Easy Chair a part of your living room, you bring that comfort to your home in the form of a handcrafted piece that showcases the best that nature has to offer.

    The Aspen Mountain Log Easy Chair features large aspen logs in the legs and frame with slimmer logs providing support in the front and back. Each log is peeled by hand to reveal the beauty of the wood underneath the bark without compromising its character. The lines, cracks and checks that you see in the logs are a natural feature of aspen and don’t have any effect on its strength or longevity. The use of mortise and tenon connections at each joint of the chair reinforces the solidity of the wood to provide years of relaxation for everyone in your family. Glue and screws are used to reinforce the joints for added stability.

    You can make this aspen furniture your own with your choice of finish and accessories. Clear finish is meant to protect the wood from wear without changing the color of the piece. Bronze aspen has a warm tone that looks great in cabins and ranch houses. Add a chair cushion upholstered in one of over three dozen colors and patterns for maximum comfort. If you’re looking for something a little exotic, try the “extra gnarly” aspen log upgrade to change the whole look of the chair. “Extra gnarly” logs feature twists, turns, knots and a multitude of natural “decorations” that transform a simple easy chair into an eye-catching conversation piece.

    Bringing the Aspen Mountain Log Easy Chair to your living room lets you enjoy the beauty of log furniture whenever you sit down to relax. Its sturdy construction, rugged appearance and natural character offer a timeless splendor that the whole family can appreciate.

  • Preserve Family Treasures with Aspen Furniture

    Keep those treasures in storage chestsBeautiful blankets and quilts deserve equally beautiful storage that preserves their appearance over time. Whether it’s a hand-knit afghan that’s been passed down for generations or a treasured quilt from Grandma, you need a storage chest like the Elk Summit Aspen Log Cedar-Lined Chest to keep your precious family treasures safe. This eye-catching log furniture piece is built entirely by hand from aspen boards and logs, creating a rugged frame that’s just right for holding all of your best linens.

    An aromatic red cedar lining makes the Elk Summit Aspen Log Cedar-Lined Chest special. Cedar not only smells lovely but also provides protection against damage from fabric-loving pests such as moths. Cedar helps to control moisture so that mold and mildew don’t develop in the fibers of your blankets, an important consideration if you live in an area that experiences high humidity. The deep red color of the wood complements the lighter aspen on the outside of the Elk Summit chest, which gives you something beautiful to look at every time you open the top.

    When closed, this chest is the picture of simple country decor. Smooth aspen boards stretch around every side, and hand-peeled aspen log accents appear at each corner. These logs function as sturdy legs to keep the chest off the ground and support the weight of whatever is stored inside. By hand-peeling the logs instead of sanding them, the builders of the chest preserve the natural swirls, knots, bumps and other characteristics that develop during the life of an aspen tree. The result is a distinctive design that can also be seen in the log edging around the solid wood lid.

    Of course, in order for the Aspen Log Cedar-Lined Chest to keep your blankets and quilts safe, the wood itself should have some added protection. Aspen is sturdy enough on its own, but choosing a clear catalyzed lacquer finish enhances this natural strength. A honey-colored glaze is also available and gives this aspen furniture a darker tint for a bold and beautiful finish.

  • Choose Upholstered Country Furniture for a Relaxing Living Room

    Sofas for the Country Living RoomWhen you have a comfortable sofa as the focal point of your living room, everything else falls easily into place. The Westerford Bear Comfort Sofa is just the thing if you like the look of log cabin furniture but want an upholstered couch for family and friends to relax on. From the eye-catching patterns on the back and seat cushions to the solid underlying frame, this sofa has all the characteristics that you expect from high-quality furniture.

    Made in the USA, the Westerford Bear Comfort Sofa features hardwood rails in its frame and solid oak for the spring and leg rails. The combined strength supports a network of 8 gauge sinuous steel springs in the seat and 12 gauge springs in the back. The springs are secured with insulated metal clips that eliminate the potential for squeaking. Each seat cushion boasts a foam core with Dacron wrapping to ensure softness and comfort. The back cushions include hidden zippers so that you can adjust each one to your liking. Along with a padded seat edge roll, these features make for a cozy sofa that you can sink into whenever you need a quick rest or an afternoon nap.

    Appearance is also important when choosing rustic decor. If the sofa is going to be the central piece in your living room setup, you want a design that won’t go out of style. The Westerford Bear Comfort Sofa features a soft brown “Illusion Chocolate” fabric covering on the base and the arms and pattered “Taos Forest” fabric on the back and seat cushions. The latter fabric boasts a bold bear motif with a line of leaping salmon across the top. Southwestern patterns in red, black and tan divide the images from each other.

    If you want to add a little flair to your log cabin furniture, add nail head accents to the front of the sofa’s arms. Whether you choose the standard round shape or a Western “shotgun” style, you’ll give the sofa a beautiful finishing touch that makes your living room design one-of-a-kind.

  • Try Simple Aspen Furniture

    Simple Beds for the Aspen HomeA bed doesn’t have to be fancy to be beautiful. The best log furniture designs combine comfort and simplicity in pieces that draw the eye without being distracting. You’ll find these qualities in the Aspen Hobble Creek Log Bed. Durable aspen wood construction makes it unique among bedroom furniture and yet subtle enough to be part of any rustic or country setup.

    You can’t go wrong when you choose furniture made from aspen to adorn your home. This sturdy, rugged wood displays features that were put there by nature as each tree went through its natural life cycle. The logs for the Aspen Hobble Creek Log Bed are picked out with a focus on character and strength, and the result is a bed that you can admire during the day and be cozy in at night. Every joint uses traditional mortise and tenon construction to ensure that you have a solid platform for your mattress and box spring. It’s easy to sleep soundly with this strong frame surrounding you.

    Aspen furniture is unique among home accents in that it showcases the interesting shapes that aspen trees often grow in. Many of these trees spend their lives weathering tough winters and wind up with twists and turns in their branches and trunks. You’ll see this in the logs that top off the headboard and footboard of your bed. Additional logs are arranged in a fan shape underneath these crosspieces and supported by straight logs on the bottom. Solid aspen accents and wooden support slats complete the piece.

    Whether you need a twin bed for your guest room or a cozy California king bed for the master suite, you can get an Aspen Hobble Creek Log Bed that meets your needs. Upgrade the wood to “extra gnarly” aspen to enjoy log beds with stunning personality, or opt for honey glaze instead of clear lacquer if you’re looking for a deeper color. This sturdy, attractive bed brings the simplicity of log pieces to your bedroom and sets the stage for a style that endures.

  • Swing Into Summer with Country Furniture

    Enjoy the Outdoors with Porch SwingsA solid wood swing turns your porch into a cozy nook for visiting with friends, reading a favorite book or simply relaxing and enjoying the summer weather. The Real Hickory Contoured Rustic Porch Swing combines the bold beauty of hickory logs with lighter Northern white cedar slats for a country touch. With both 4-foot and 5-foot sizes available, this stunning rustic wood furniture comfortably seats several people so that you can share the fun of spending a lazy afternoon out on the porch.

    The choice of hickory and Northern white cedar as materials to construct this porch swing gives it special properties such as resistance to insect damage and decay. This allows you to enjoy the swing without any kind of finish and know that it won’t suffer premature wear from the elements. Each component from the hickory log frame to the cedar back and seat is crafted to bring out the character of the wood and create a beautiful finished piece that enhances the look of your porch.

    If you prefer to tint the swing so that it matches the rest of your outdoor rustic decor, you can purchase it with a “cedar tone” finish. This adds a warm tone that complements the natural color of the hickory bark. Finishing the piece yourself with standard clear deck sealant keeps it looking new and prevents the natural color change that cedar undergoes as it weathers. Each style has its own beauty that caters to different personal tastes.

    The Real Hickory Contoured Rustic Porch Swing is made with stabilizing logs along each side instead of springs. This innovative design improves the safety of the swing by ensuring that it can’t flip while in use. Optional “comfort springs” may be added for an even smoother swinging motion. Curved seat slats follow the natural shape of your legs to make this country furniture as comfortable as possible. Add an outdoor cushion or pillow and you have a cozy, beautiful place to relax whenever you need an infusion of summer sunshine.

  • Enjoy Cozy Country Decor in the Living Room

    Enjoy Your Living Room on these CouchesA long day at the office calls for a relaxing evening at home. An inviting living room setup that includes American made rustic furniture like the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa makes it easy to let go of the stress that builds up during work. You’ll feel the cares of the day fade into the background as you sink into this sturdy, comfortable sofa.

    Foam core seat cushions and conjugated polyester back cushions create a cozy foundation for the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa. Combined with an insulated seat deck and metal spring clips, this design not only provides a soft place to sit but also ensures that the rugged springs don’t squeak while you’re trying to relax. The use of hardwood for frame, spring and leg rails creates a strong foundation that provides exceptional support for the life of the piece.

    Of course, you want style as well as comfort when you pick out rustic decor for your living room. You’ll find both in this simple yet eye-catching sofa. The Palance Sable fabric makes a bold statement with its deep brown color and slightly shiny surface. If desired, you can add a little Western flair to your sofa with one of three nail head accent options. Standard nail heads highlight the arms of the piece with miniature bronze studs. Shotgun shell accents are larger and draw more attention with a silvery color. To keep things basic, opt for plain arms with standard stitching that creates an attractive inset design.

    The slight curve that gives the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa its name makes the piece just as suitable for country decor as for the living area in a cabin or lodge. The edge of the seat is padded from end to end so you’re assured of comfort no matter where you sit. Add an ottoman to rest your feet and enjoy the most relaxing experience possible. Even the toughest work day won’t be able to bring you down when you have this beautiful, cozy piece to come home to.

  • Light Up Your Patio with Rustic Decor

    Outdoor Lightings will Light up your Home at NightLighting makes all the difference to the atmosphere of an outdoor space. As you’re setting up your patio area this season, consider the mood you want to set. Are you aiming for an intimate seating area for sharing special meals with a loved one, or do you prefer something upbeat that’s just right for parties? Colorado Lighting 12” Outdoor Wall Mount Lanterns with 3D Aspen Leaves can lend themselves to both uses depending on how you arrange the fixtures and what kind of rustic decor you pair them with.

    These attractive rectangular outdoor lights measure 13.5 inches high and 7 inches wide, making for an eye-catching accent no matter where you hang one. The rugged outline and canopy top may be finished in Frontier Rust or Black Canyon according to your personal color preference. Both create a beautiful backdrop for the spray of handcrafted wrought iron aspen leaves that appears in one corner. When you place a 100-watt bulb inside, the whole fixture lights up with a soft glow that makes your patio more inviting.

    You can combine the Colorado Lighting 12” Outdoor Wall Mount Lantern with 3D Aspen Leaves with other types of country decor or make it the primary light source for your patio. Opting for wall-mounted lighting creates a soft look and a cozy atmosphere. Adding string or track lighting boosts brightness to make the space feel more open and allows you to linger outdoors long after the sun has gone down. When your guests go home for the evening, you can stay a little longer, admiring the look and feel that you’ve created for your personal outdoor area.

    Both the lighting and the log furniture you choose for decorating your patio need to be able to withstand changing weather conditions. This piece from Colorado Lighting is made for all kinds of weather including the stormy days that can sometimes surprise you during the summer. Whether you hang just one outdoor lantern or put together a collection, you’ll be adding timeless personality to your decor.

  • Country Furniture Expands Seating Options

    Benches look great anywhere at homeWhen it comes time to settle down for dinner, do you have enough space at the table for family and friends? Adding a Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest ensures that you do. Benches provide flexible seating for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you need four, five or six feet of space; this stunning country furniture comes in multiple sizes to meet your needs.

    Northern white cedar is a beautiful wood with many eye-catching colors. Hand-peeling the logs for the Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest brings out as many as possible for a finished bench with a lot of character. When logs are hand-peeled, bits of inner bark stay behind. The resulting spots and speckles along the lengths of the logs makes each bench unique. With a clear finish to seal it all off, this piece offers both beauty and stability.

    Log furniture should be built with care to ensure that it remains stable for years, and this bench is no exception. The solid cedar slab seat is supported by four stout log legs fixed into log crosspieces on either end. Five logs make up the back, two going vertically for support and three arranged horizontally to create a comfortable seat. Two rugged log armrests complete the design. With bumps, nodules and knots, the logs used in this bench make it both rugged and interesting. You wind up with a piece that’s a great seat as well as a fun conversation starter.

    Cedar is a great choice for cabins and country homes thanks to its warm tones and unique personality. The Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest pairs well with cedar dining tables of all sizes and is perfect for seating crowds around the holidays. Its beauty isn’t restricted to the dining area. You can place one or more around your living room, den or sunroom to add a rugged feel to your country decor. Sturdy and beautiful, this bench is just what you need when serving up a meal for all the people you love.

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