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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Setting the (Home) Bar High

    If a rustic bar has always been a dream but one that felt a little out of reach, we have the perfect design to introduce you to today. Modest but no less gorgeous to look at and functional too, our Aspen Highlands Rustic Four Drawer Bar is the answer to your home entertaining needs, so let’s take a look.

    From the outset, this log bar looks every inch the stylish home addition, don’t you agree? With the pared back and unfussy organic look, we can see this fitting in anywhere. A fully fitted out man cave, a games room or even an open plan kitchen/lounge area, there’s nowhere this hunk of stunning aspen wouldn’t look right at home.

    Let’s talk about practicalities. Behind the simple frontage lies a generous two-door cabinet with adjustable shelves, perfect for fitting non-uniform height bottles inside. To the right, you’ll find four deep drawers, made from poplar and finished with decorative, not to mention strong, dovetails. Finally, a place for all your good glasses, cocktail stirrers and accessories and with full extension drawer glides, you’ll never find yourself trying to fish anything out from the back. Accessibility is key and we ensure it. Switch back around to the front and there’s a foot rail in place for your comfort, as well as a generous but not encroaching bar overhang, that will let you tuck some matching bar stools under easily. 

    We were spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a wood to make this rustic log bar from. Of course, red cedar would have worked well, but we wanted to showcase something a little different and with a perfume all of its own as well. Aspen is noted as having one of the purest wood aromas and we think it’s just perfect for a home bar where you plan to sit and relax. Naturally resistant to rot, it was also at the top of our list for not falling prey to spilled drinks, though we add a clear finish just for a little extra protection as well. 

    We ship for free, within the contiguous 48 states and supply your new favorite home addition complete with a full year of warranty. We are also delighted to be able to offer you an easier way to pay.

    Partnering with Bread, we have been able to give you access to fully transparent financing options that won’t penalize you for early repayments. The application process is fast and simple, with all terms and conditions clearly highlighted throughout.

    A little bit of luxury for your home that’s easy to pay for? We’ll drink to that!

  • The Bed to Make You Sleep Like a Log

    Few things give as much of a genuine impression of a product as a verified buyer’s review and we are so proud of one we have received for our Rustic Red Cedar Spindled Log Bed. Though we will tell you more about our simple but elegant log bed design, let’s just start by reiterating what one customer said,

    “I am so impressed with the quality of this bed that I ordered 3 more. Very heavy, high quality bed that I would highly recommend.”

    If that doesn’t speak volumes then we don’t know what will!

    Of course, quality is our ultimate priority and focus with our rustic furniture. Though you’d be forgiven for assuming that working with the best solid woods will give you a guarantee of certain standards, it actually all comes down to the design and craftspeople involved. We are happy to say that we have the best of both, all nestled down in our USA workshop, creating timeless bedroom furniture, amongst other pieces, that will last you a lifetime.

    Our spindled log bed was born out of a desire to create something stoic, classic and strong. The design itself almost manifested itself, but choosing the red cedar was all down to us. Selected for its beautiful coloring, naturally rustic appearance and distinctive perfume, it was a real no-brainer moment. What we particularly love about the finished product are the little patches of vibrant red at the tips of the spindles. They add some interesting variation and reinforce that the bed frame itself has been made by artisans who clearly know and love the material.

    In terms of options, we’ve kept things super simple. No vast catalogue of stains to choose from or fiddly details, just your preferred size and the style of footboard. Though these will have a big impact on the look of your final rustic bed. When it comes to size, we give you the choice of four, ranging from twin through to double, queen and finally, king. Given that the frame design here is chunky and generous, we knew that a variety of sizes would be key to you finding something that would fit any space perfectly. The footboard, we offer in high and low profile styles. For a cozy and tucked-in ambience, choose the higher option that mimics the headboard. For something a little more open, choose the low profile. Either way, you’ll still get a statement footboard with turned spindle logs, so it’s not a case of compromising the design at all. There’s no price difference either.

    With your red cedar log bed ordered, you can rest easy knowing that we will take care of all the logistics, shipping for free within eligible states. You’ll also get a full year’s warranty with your new bedroom furniture, just for added peace of mind. As a quick side note, you might want to think about adding a matching red cedar log nightstand to your order. If you order later, you might have to pay a small freight fee, but when ordered with a large piece, you’ll pay nothing.

    Gorgeous, comfortable and built to last. That’s enough to make us sleep like a log. How about you?

  • Double Down On Your Bedroom Design

    You might have guessed that we love log furniture. It’s in our name, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume, but what you might not realize is that we have an affinity for it in so many different guises. We haven’t simply plumped for a style, made it our signature and turned our backs on alternative options and we are proving that today with our Rustic Red Cedar Double Rail Log Bed.

    On the face of it, it looks like quinn, but we’ve taken things up just a notch, to offer a slightly more decadent and eye-catching finish and it all centers around the double rail in the headboard. Tall, stoic and proud, the headboard already makes a statement but with that second rail added at the top, it just commands attention, don’t you think? It’s almost reminiscent of a four poster, with the corner logs standing tall, so the romantic element is undeniable as well, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be for a master bedroom.

    We offer four sizes, ranging from twin through to decadent king, so if you’re looking to furnish a spare room or maybe a teen’s bedroom, there are options that will work. You can also decide whether you want the high or low profile footboard. This might not sound like a big decision but it changes the overall look dramatically, with the high option creating a more snug ambience and the low being better for those who don’t like to feel as enveloped by their beds. We would like to point out that selecting a low profile footboard will result in an extension of the build time, by several weeks, as they have to be made specifically. Get in touch to talk about real-time lead times, as we pride ourselves on always keeping our customers informed.

    If you’re looking at this red cedar log bed and thinking that there’s something so beautiful and bold about it that you can’t put your finger on, let us help you; it’s the red cedar. Strong, durable and gorgeous to look at, it’s a special wood that we can’t resist putting to great use, especially with hand peeled logs that showcase the dramatic contrast between the bark and the inner material. Warm tones radiate throughout a room where redcedar is placed but there’s the added bonus of the breathtaking scent as well. If you love the great outdoors, you’ll feel as though you’re sleeping under the stars every night in this bed, thanks to the woody and fresh perfume. 

    If you’re thinking that a red cedar bed sounds like the missing piece for your bedroom but you’re worried about it not matching anything else, we have a full Rustic Red Cedar collection of log bedroom furniture and if you’re buying a large item, your shipping is free within the contiguous 48 states, regardless of how many extras you add to your order. Maybe now’s the time to start thinking about a room revamp, complete with all new storage pieces?

  • The Red Cedar Bed You've Been Dreaming Of

    A gorgeous rustic bed is one thing, but building one out of aromatic and dramatic red cedar? Well that’s something else entirely, but we never shy away from a creative vision. That’s why we are able to introduce you to our incredible Rustic Red Cedar Towering Log Bed. We have some more understated designs too, but when it came to showcasing just what a fabulous wood red cedar is, we knew we needed to go all out and bring something extra special to life, so that’s what we did.

    We know you’ve seen log bed frames before, heck, we make a lot of them ourselves, but have you ever smelled one? It might sound like a strange question, but part of the appeal and allure of red cedar is the incomparable scent that it exudes. A rich woodland perfume that feels cozy and fresh all at once, it’s the perfect antidote to a long day or a bout of insomnia and then there’s the visual impact. Hand Peeled logs reveal the warm inners and with just enough contrasting bark left behind, the final result is a bedroom centerpiece full of subtle but well-considered nuances. 

    Now, we know what some of you might be thinking and yes, this IS a statement piece, but you can tone it down a little, if you like a more understated rustic ambience, by selecting a different footboard. While we love the towering proportions at either end, which give a fabulously cozy and snug feel, to open up the space a little more, you can choose a low profile footboard. It will sit below the height of your mattress, giving a more airy finish and allowing taller sleepers more foot space as well. 

    Ok, so you’ve got a striking bed frame, a gorgeous aroma and you’ve chosen the right style of headboard. Now you have to decide what size you need. We don’t want anyone to miss out, so you can select from twin, double, queen and king sizes, meaning whoever you’re buying for and whichever room you’re furnishing, there’s a red cedar log bed that’s right for you. Also, hopefully you know by now that if you are after something bespoke or just a little more tailored to size, we would love to have a conversation with you about how we might be able to help. 

    With a red cedar log bed of this stature, you are probably wondering about shipping. We are delighted to offer free delivery within the contiguous 48 states, meaning you can simply sit back and wait for your carefully packaged crate to arrive. On unboxing, you’ll find your frame, side rails and support slats, all ready to assemble, with your red cedar treated to a protective clear coat finish. Plus, as well as enjoying a good night’s sleep thanks to your comfortable and sturdy new bed, you won’t be kept awake with concerns about warranties, as we supply a full year with your purchase.

    If you fancy snuggling down in some red cedar, get in touch today.

  • Why Rustic Garden Furniture is a Fitting Outdoor Tribute

    Garden design is just as personal as interior decorating, with individual preferences playing a huge role and while some people love modern outdoor furniture, we can’t help but think that rustic designs in outdoor log furniture and rustic outdoor furniture look so good in the great outdoors. There’s a place for all styles of furniture, we firmly believe that, but when it comes to gardens, we just love the way that rustic garden furniture blends right in and connects with the wider space and we think it’s for the following reasons:

    Wood comes from nature

    Chief amongst our reasons for liking rustic outdoor furniture so much is that it feels like a return to the source. Wood comes from nature and to be placed back in the outdoors feels right and respectful. Metal and plastic alternatives can look attractive, but they don’t have the same symbiosis as wood and when it’s given a rustic treatment, it looks even more at home. Organic lines, unfussy finishes and respect for the materials lend themselves to a natural flow in a garden space.

    Stains can be inspired by the flora and fauna

    Rustic furniture looks fantastic with a stain, whether bold and colorful or traditional and with an entire garden to take inspiration from, your imagination can run wild. Just picture a stunning rustic loveseat, nestled in a flowerbed and stained a delicate lavender. Or how about a swing seat, colored to match the evergreens in your borders? Using existing greenery to inspire your color palette adds an extra layer of personalization.

    Weathering will only add to the aesthetic

    Nothing ages garden furniture quite like the elements. All it takes is a little harsh rain or a cold spell and suddenly, the luster is gone and things begin to look somewhat tatty. Unless you’ve chosen rustic furniture to start with! Every new mark, weathered section and bit of patina will simply amplify and complement the wider design, while also giving the impression that the piece has been in situ and beloved for years.

    It’s timeless, not trendy

    Of course, we are unabashedly biased when it comes to rustic and log furniture, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fantastic. What we particularly love is that it has the ability to adapt to any and all new trends, but stick to a rustic aesthetic and what you have is timeless appeal. When you’ve labored in your garden, making it an outdoor space that you look forward to spending time in, the last thing you want to be doing is regularly replacing your furniture. You want to install and use, not worry about whether it looks dated and rustic pieces give you that freedom and peace of mind. They just look good. Always. 

    If you’ve been thinking about investing in some new garden furniture, don’t snooze on the potential that rustic designs offer.

  • The Beauty of Imperfection: How Rustic Wood Became Glamorous

    There was a time when solid wood rustic furniture needed to be mirror polished and perfect for it to pass the consumer test but these days, trends have shifted dramatically in the opposite direction. Perhaps it started with ‘shabby chic’, which prizes an imperfect but homey finish on upcycled furniture, before trickling through to new artisan pieces, but whatever the reason for rustic furniture’s revival, we love it.

    Of course, there are some of us who never felt that rustic wood went out of style. Cabin owners and lodge enthusiasts have long understood the appeal of unfussy furniture, crafted from carefully selected timber, but when such pieces are springing up in modern homes, you know a trend has emerged.

    What makes wood rustic? There’s a few elements to look out for, including:

    Knots and gnarled shapes - Perfection is measured by tolerances and rustic wood pays no mind to them. This means that knots, natural bends, twists and curves in timber are left in place and incorporated into a design, to show truth to the material. Particularly beautiful examples can include tree root stump coffee tables, with intricate branch patterns displayed beneath a smooth top.

    Insect tracks and tool marks - Wood is a natural material, it grows, has a history and supports a wider ecosystem than just itself. We enjoy paying homage to this by not looking to erase the life marks or the manufacturing marks, both of which add a charming rustic finish. All those rough sawn touches add character and nail marks can let you know you’ve bought some real reclaimed wood. 

    Bark left intact- The rough bark aesthetic isn’t for everyone, but it certainly lends some dramatic power to wood furniture, especially when the timber has a really striking exterior, like hickory. Stripped logs with a little bark left in place offer a textural and visual diversity that amplifies the finish of any furniture.

    Why is rustic wood the height of interior chic? Because it’s timeless, unpredictable and feels less manmade. For ultra contemporary homes with minimalist furnishings, one statement natural wood piece is all it takes to amp up the glamor. A log dining table, a rustic dresser or a master aspen log bed beautifully constructed from interesting timber that can’t be replicated? Can you get any more exclusive than that?

    Mass-produced furniture, though practical and often cost-effective, holds no unique qualities and often contains cheaper materials. Every piece is the same and any home can contain them. Rustic wood means that you have a genuinely individual investment and rather than being manipulated by a workshop to be unique, Mother Nature has done all the hard work with your chosen artisans simply capturing it and making it functional. There’s also a certain joy that comes from easy-to-maintain pieces, as mirror polished perfect specimens show every age mark, whereas rustic wood? It looks even better for a few little patina spots.

    Gorgeous, full of character and an easy way to pay deference to the great outdoors, rustic wood is more than just fabulous and fashionable; it’s the GOAT

  • Light Up Your Bedroom With Some Rustic Red Cedar

    There’s a lot to love about our Rustic Red Cedar Lit Bookcase Bed, so bear with us while we tell you about some of the most key features that we know will have you ditching an old divan!

    When we sat down to design a new rustic bed with swathes of useful storage and extra features, the first thing we thought of was using red cedar. Why? Because it’s not just a beautiful, naturally warm and inviting timber, it also smells divine. We couldn’t think of anything better than an accidentally-on-purpose aromatherapy log bed frame. Plus, the wood itself is malleable and strong, which we know you’ll appreciate for years to come. Next, we started thinking about useful additions that few other beds seem to include and that is when we really started to create something special.

    Not everybody has the space for log nightstands, but we all have a number of personal effects that we like to keep close as we sleep. From mobile phones to books, contact lenses and a host of other trinkets, having a safe place for them is key and that’s why we’ve included two storage cabinets here. Blending into the overall design seamlessly, thanks to half log slab fronts, they are subtle but so handy. But wait. There’s more!

    Beneath your personal cabinets you’ll find two conveniently lit cubby holes. Ideal for a drink and a favorite book, the cut-outs deftly showcase the exuberant richness that red cedar is famous for, with the low-level lighting shining out with a glorious golden hue. Finally, we added a mirror in the center of the headboard. Not only useful, it also helps to offset the delicious chunkiness of the rustic red cedar bed as a whole, creating the illusion of open space and helping to make a small bedroom still feel generously proportioned. You see what we are so proud of this design now, don’t you?

    Naturally, you still get to choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from comfortable twin to spacious king and you can also decide whether to keep the impressive proportions throughout with a tall footboard. If you’d rather tone things down a little, or simply need more foot space, we also offer a low profile version at no extra cost. Comfort and style in perfect harmony, that’s what we are all about!

    When you’ve made your choices, simply sit back and dream about the best night’s sleep of your life that will soon be a reality. We ship your frame, side rails and support slats free of charge, within the contiguous 48 states, and complete with a full year’s warranty in place. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting a domestic company, while also demonstrating our faith in our artisans.

    The only thing left to think about is scatter cushions, comforters and bed linens, but we’ll leave you to enjoy that at your leisure. Though we will say that a traditional patchwork quilt always looks stunning on our red cedar log beds, so it might be time to dig out some heirlooms from Grandma!

  • Look Forward To Bedtime With a Backwoods Frame

    Who amongst us doesn’t already look forward to hunkering down under a duvet for some restful sleep? Maybe people who haven’t yet discovered their perfect rustic bed, in which case, please allow us to introduce you to the ultimate rustic bedroom centerpiece, in the form of our Backwoods Rustic Pine Double Rail Log Bed.

    It only takes one glance to see that this is a special design. Knotty, just the right amount of gnarly and so outdoorsy, we love the way this log bed frame commands attention and yet exudes a peaceful elegance as well. That’s everything you want from a rustic bedroom furniture focal point, after all. If you’re thinking that pine isn’t as elegant as some other woods and that you’d be compromising to choose it, let us sing the praises of this fantastic wood variety for a moment.

    Pine is easy to work with, strong and reliable. There is a plentiful and sustainable supply of it and maintaining or changing it up at a later date with, say, a stain, isn’t difficult. It’s a fantastic all-rounder that is cost-effective, aesthetically-pleasing and has no drawbacks, so we are pleased to put it to such great use in this design. We actually think you might be surprised at just how beautiful it can look, when handled by a master craftsman and used for high quality log furniture, rather than disposable, cheap pieces. So beautiful in fact, that we only add a clear finish to it. That really tells you something!

    We’ve kept the overall look simple here, with a double headboard rail for a little added interest, without taking the rustic theme to extremes. You can, of course, have input into how your own frame looks, by choosing between a matching taller footboard or a discreet low profile style. For a cozy feel, we highly recommend the higher design, but the low profile makes for comforter draping potential, so it will come down to your preference. Maybe your height too!

    Like this log bed design but fancy it in a twin? No problem. We offer the Backwoods bed in a range of sizes, from twin all the way through to luxurious king and whichever you need, the build quality and finish will be consistently stellar. We know you value strength and reliability in your beds, which is why we use metal side rails, but keep them discreetly tucked out of sight, to leave the rustic look unadulterated.

    We supply your rustic bed frame complete with side rails and support slats, all via a carefully choreographed and free logistics service. This leaves you free to think about important issues such as a new mattress and gorgeous bed linens. You won’t even need to be concerned about any warranty issues, as we have a no-quibble one year guarantee in place, specifically for your peace of mind.

    The time has come to say no to squeaky, tired old beds and yes to a rustic centerpiece built to last. You deserve it.

  • Simple Ways to Preserve the Lifespan of Solid Wood Furniture

    Solid wood rustic furniture can require a significant up front financial investment, especially if you are buying a lot of it, which is why it’s in your best interest to learn how best to take care of it. When looked after properly, real wood pieces can last a lifetime, evolving with time to be a showcase of your history and experiences (and will save you money in the long term). We love the romance involved with owning solid wood rustic furniture and encourage you to read on and find out how you can make your treasured items last forever.

    Coasters are not optional

    We cannot stress enough how important it is to use coasters. Any drink, hot or cold, can leave a mark on your solid wood furniture, as well as helping moisture ingress. If you don’t want to ruin your perfectly curated rustic aesthetic, why not choose some wooden coasters that blend in with your furniture, so that you can protect while you maintain your look.

    Ask your maker for advice

    Any reputable log furniture maker should be delighted to advise you how best to look after your item. We recommend asking about this before you commit to a purchase, because if you encounter resistance, you might find that any warranty claims will also be a struggle. Here at Log Furniture Place, we are always delighted to help our customers to look after their investments and are happy to talk about how we finish items and what cleaning products can be used with our topcoats.

    Decide whether to repair or retain 

    Scratches, marks and nicks happen, especially when you own something for a long amount of time, so make sure you have a plan. Will you keep the marks and see them as a natural evolution that’s occurred through use and time or will you want to repair them and try to maintain the original visage? Be aware that repairs might not always restore something to its full glory, but even the most annoying and avoidable scratches can become loved, over time, because of the story behind them.  With rustic furniture scratches, nicks and marks can add to the look of the piece also.

    Be consistent

    The key to maintaining is to be consistent, so have ground rules in place for use and commit to a regular schedule of cleaning/oiling is appropriate. This is where coasters and placemats will come in, as well as strict guidelines for things like candles and oil diffusers.

    Don’t DIY if you’re not confident

    If you’re not confident carrying out a repair or some maintenance, leave it to an expert. It will cost you less to have them do it initially, rather than fixing your mistake and then carrying out the original task, plus they should offer a warranty for their work as well. Even something as simple as using the wrong grade of sandpaper on a rustic dining table top could have a devastating effect on a beautiful item, so when in doubt, call the professionals out!

    Solid wood furniture is stoic, sturdy and made to be used and loved, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let it get tattered or neglected. Some simple care duties will keep it in tip top condition and let you reap the rewards of a one-in-a-lifetime purchase.

    Restore Your Rustic Furniture with our Restore Video

    Find it here:

  • Double Down on Your Sensory Pleasure

    A log bed that feels good is a must, but what if you could have one that smells dreamy as well? No, we’re not talking about your fabric conditioner choices, but rather, the wood your frame is made from and how it can fill your bedroom with a beautiful, natural aroma guaranteed to help you drift off to sleep.

    We know it sounds like a tall order, to get a log bed that does what it’s supposed to but also has an added bonus of smelling really damn good, but we’ve managed it with our Aspen Highlands Double Rail Log Bed, simply by using one of our favorite woods. Aspen has a naturally herbal, fresh and almost meditative scent to it that lingers but doesn’t overpower and brings a soothing energy to any space it is placed in. It makes perfect sense, therefore, that it should be put to great use as a stunning, not to mention sleep-inducing bed.

    We’ve kept our signature spindled logs design detailing in place and added a double headboard rail, for some added glamor and interest, without going overboard. If you like your bedroom furniture simple rustic and stylish then this is the bed for you, complete with hidden metal side rails and supplied support slats. We still let you choose a couple of the pertinent details though, including size of frame and how high you like your footboard. Don’t forget to think about the tallest sleeper when making this last decision, as our low profile option will ensure that feet can hang comfortably off the edge, without getting tangled in logs!

    Aspen is a naturally beautiful wood that needs nothing more than a clear finish to protect and bring out the best in it. All those knotty details and natural patina marks look fantastic under a topcoat and help to bring out the organic character in your big bedroom centerpiece. Don’t forget that if you keep your bed natural, that paves the way to add some rustic furniture as well, without the room feeling too cluttered or overbearing. 

    Finish your new rustic bed off perfectly with some organic cotton bed linen and comforters, to amp up the rustic flair without making it feel like a novelty theme and rest easy that your delivery will be free to most parts of the USA and come complete with a full year’s warranty on your bed frame. When you buy a domestic product, you are directly supporting small American industry and we take that responsibility seriously, hence we give you endless customer service support and an easy return/replace procedure too. 

    Looks good, smells great and feels amazing. What more could you ask for in a new aspen log bed?

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