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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Utility and Decorating Outside the Box with Rustic Furniture

    When you're looking for versatile rustic furniture, barnwood is the way to go.For most of us when the word ‘dresser’ is mentioned, we immediately think of the bedroom. Once upon a time, every piece of furniture that had drawers was called a dresser, no matter what it was designed to be used for. Isn’t it refreshing to know that with rustic furniture, those hard core modern rules are tossed into the wind?

    Take this particularly handsome Wyoming barn wood furniture dresser in the photo. It’s definitely roomy for ample clothing storage as rustic bedroom furniture, yet it doesn’t necessarily scream it must go in the bedroom. Here is one of the really cool things about rustic or log furniture - it crosses the lines in decorating rules so easily.

    Breaking the Rules Adds More Charm and Utility to Home

    Now where in your home, beyond the bedroom, could you make use of 7 large roomy drawers for valuable storage? I can think of a number of places that you could really enjoy this rustic barn wood furniture dresser. As added linen storage in the bathroom or just outside in the hall would be one spot. Not all homes have ample space for this in the bathroom or anywhere else within easy reach when you need another towel.

    Some people love to dress the table differently for each type of cuisine they serve for dinner. If cooking and entertainment decorating in the dining room is your thing, chances are you have oodles of different sets of dishes clogging your china cupboard and little room for candles, silverware and napkin rings… or your collection of table cloths and matching napkins. Here you have a very warm looking piece of rustic furniture for the dining room that will house your entire horde of table setting goodies very neatly. Plus, it will double as extra serving space for mingling guests for those large holiday gatherings.

    Barn Wood Furniture for Laundry or Mud Room

    Where do you store those beach towels, car cleaning rags, winter mittens and scarves, and other off season items? If the pool is in the backyard, you’ll want fast access for those chlorine dripping kids before they reach the carpeting. Since a lot of us have a utility room that doubles as the laundry room/mud room and cabinets are at a minimum, this big 7 drawer dresser would come in awful handy for getting rid of clutter in a flash.

    Imagine the warmth of something not wrapped in Formica that you don’t have to worry about the abuse it would get in the mud room. Barn wood furniture has already been exposed to the elements for a century or more. This tells you that the wood is seasoned and hard. While some things like gooey paint cans could really mess up the finish, a little pool water or mud isn’t going to faze it and will clean off very easily. You couldn’t put a piece of modern particle board and laminate furniture to this test and win! Nope, those manufacturers only put into their products the amount of strength you’ll need to get by for a year or two in the setting they have planned for its use.

    So it’s no wonder that we have been trained to think of furnishings in made to match sets. It isn’t just that it makes decorating for the style challenged easier; it’s about how much quality went into each piece. Rustic furniture and barn wood furniture is built to span time and be used in a busy home, not pampered and closing off your imagination. Rustic bedroom furniture can be used in almost every room of your home and hold up beautifully. Well all except the bed, that is. I guess not all rules were meant to be broken.

  • Every Little Girl Adores Horses

    Barnwood furniture goes with any bedding set.If you’ve had your fill of My Little Pony and Tinkerbelle characters swathing your child’s bedroom, you will love the breath of fresh air found in light hearted rustic bedding sets. Imagine finding a happy medium between your adult sense of good taste and your daughter’s imagination. Even this is possible with some planning.

    Kids grow so quickly, it hardly makes good budgetary sense to spend a fortune on little girl designs in bedding when you know she’ll think it is far beneath her in only a couple of short years. These days, it is smarter to get more use out of things we purchase. She won’t outgrow the styling of Pink Paisley rustic bedding sets overnight. Whether you add that needed touch of bright color and femininity to reclaimed barnwood furniture for her bedroom or blend a little cowgirl with a traditional white girl’s style bed… you’ll both love this lively combination of colors.

    Granted, it may not be the choice that first pops into mind – putting rustic barnwood furniture in your little girl’s bedroom.  Then again, imagine how lovely this bed ensemble would look on log canopy beds too. It’s not like you are stuck with only one choice when it comes to rustic furniture. You could really have a grand time dressing up a four post cedar bed with rich pink bandana print and hot pink polka dots on black.

    The makers of this lively modern design in rustic bedding sets has also given you an assortment of accessories that can be employed to jazz up log canopy beds in the most endearing fashion. Instead of the traditional and expected fashion of draping dripping lace over the top of this kind of bed frame, here you can have a whole lot of fun. The window valences in this cheeky black polka dot print would look great ruffling around the top rails. The coordinating pink cowgirl paisley tab curtains could also be employed in a delightful twist as the floor length corner curtains on one of our four post cedar beds.

    Don’t forget to add the more realistic horses to satisfy your little girl’s dreams. We suggest collecting Breyer horses for their lifelike beauty. At some point in time, My Little Pony is going to start looking babyish to your daughter and you will be regretting investing a large sum of money in her earlier enchantment. We can’t promise you that she will not outgrow her delight in plastic horses. Quite the opposite, most likely one day she’ll be nagging you to buy her a real horse she can ride like the wind upon.

    And you thought that rustic bedding sets would be boring or only right to use at the cabin! This one even comes in baby bedding ensemble that is wonderfully fetching and up to date. Yes, there are log cribs of far sturdier construction than these new mass manufactured affairs. Add a few throw rugs and some horsey prints or framed photo posters and you’ll be amazed at just how imaginative and delightful barnwood furniture or log canopy beds can make your little girl’s bedroom into a stylish and magical place.

  • Choose Rustic Office Furniture to Transform Your Office into an Oasis

    Create an office oasis with our rustic log furniture.You need to get work done at home, whether it is in your den, your home office, or your student’s bedroom. You also want to maintain the rustic log cabin style you have throughout your home. If you are looking for desks, chairs, bookshelves, or filing cabinets, we have the rustic office furniture for you. You won’t even feel like you’re working, because you will be so comfortable in your rustic surroundings that you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in a rustic oasis.

    Your first choice of office furniture has to be your desk. This is going to be a tough one, because there are so many styles of cabin log desks to choose from. We have executive desks, computer desks, writing desks, student desks, hutch-topped desks, file desks, L-shaped desks, funky-legged desks, and secretary desks.

    Our executive cabin log desks come in many different styles. You can choose the type of wood you want for your desk, either cedar or aspen, in a choice of colors and finishes. There are some executive desks with cabinets, file drawers, and regular drawers. There are also executive desks that have only cabinets and file drawers, or only file drawers and regular drawers. Your choice depends on what your needs are in an executive desk, and what style of rustic log furniture suits your taste.

    All of our computer desks feature a slide-out tray for your keyboard, and a large workspace so you have plenty of room for your monitor and other desktop accessories. There is a cabinet the perfect size to fit your computer tower on the side of each computer desk, as well as a file drawer and regular drawers to store your office accessories.

    Our writing desks feature a large open workspace. There is plenty of leg room underneath, so you will be able to work comfortably. Depending on the size of writing desk you choose, you may even be able to fit two chairs underneath. This is great for allowing more than one person to utilize the work space of this rustic furniture piece at once. Some of our writing desks also have a drawer to hold pens, paper and other writing supplies.

    Our student desks are perfect for the primary, high school, or college student. They are much like the writing desks, although some of the student desks also feature drawers on the side to hold the school supplies essential to the completion of homework.

    We have log filing cabinets to suit the needs of everyone in cedar, aspen, and hickory. You can choose to have an unfinished cabinet, or to have one of many beautiful finishes we offer on select pieces of our rustic log furniture. There’s a size just right for every spot with two, three, or four drawers available. The four drawer models can be vertical or have two drawers on each side. We also carry stands for your printer, fax machine, or telephone with either one or two cabinets underneath, and several different styles and sizes of log bookcases.

    You can find all of your rustic office furniture here, no matter what your spatial or organizational needs are. Don’t settle for boring or low-quality office furniture that will warp or fall apart before you know it. When you buy from us you know you’ll be getting the highest-quality rustic furniture products available.

  • Create the Perfect Kitchen With Our Log Decor

    Accent your rustic log furniture with our log decor.Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you need to treat it that way. We have everything you need to create the rustic log cabin kitchen of your dreams. You’ll want to be the one doing the cooking, because your kitchen will be too beautiful to walk away from!

    Your kitchen’s log decor starts with our North Woods custom kitchen cabinets. We can help you design the perfect kitchen cabinet arrangement, so that you have the log kitchen you desire. You have your choice of regular cabinets, cabinets featuring pull out drawers, sleeves, recycling bins, trash compacters, corner units with a lazy susan, and much more. Your wish is our command! We use hand draw knifed pine to give you the perfect log cabin feel, and your cabinets are built to handle all of the daily use they will undoubtedly get.

    Our cabinet hardware comes in many different designs, such as resin, wildlife, leaves and trees, fish, nautical, and western. There is cabinet hardware to suit everyone’s discriminating taste! A matching North Woods kitchen island is a must-have piece of rustic furniture, with all of the same great qualities you cabinets possess. You can even request liquid glass to be applied to the bar countertop of your island. All of our North Woods products can be unfinished or have a clear or medium finish applied.

    The style of sink you choose is very important when you are decorating your rustic log cabin kitchen. You can choose from many different styles of sinks, in either copper or granite. There are square sinks, rounded sinks, sinks with aprons, single well sinks, 60/40 sinks, 50/50 sinks, sinks with workstations, you name it, we have it. Our granite sinks are incredibly heat, stain and chip resistant, needing only light cleaning with a dishwashing liquid to remove everyday stains. Our copper sinks are easy to maintain, as they actually fight the bacteria that stainless steel sinks would harbor! We also offer drain and strainer sets for your sink, as well as garbage disposal caps, so all of your sink needs are met.

    Every kitchen needs a paper towel holder to go with their rustic furniture. We have a wide variety of free-standing paper towel holders. The designs on our wrought iron paper towel holders are beautiful, and there are so many of them it will definitely be a difficult choice. Our wall-mounted wrought iron paper towel holders also come in too many designs to list, so there is something for everyone.

    We also have several free-standing and wall-mounted log paper towel holders for you to choose from. If you want napkin holders, we have many wrought iron styles from you to choose from, as well. The construction of our paper towel and napkin holders is unmatched by anything you could find in a store, just like the rustic log furniture we carry.

    If you’ve dreamed of having a pot rack, you’ve come to the right place. We have gorgeous pot racks, with many different rustic scenes to choose from.

    All of your kitchen needs are met here! We have everything from your rustic log furniture cabinets and islands to that just right kitchen sink, and more. Now all you need to do is add your appliances, cooking and eating ware to compliment the log decor, and you’re ready to go!

  • Add Eye-Catching Rustic Furniture Accessories to Impress Your Guests

    When you have a home full of rustic log furniture, choosing the right accessories can be tricky.So, you have picked out all of the perfect pieces of log furniture to create a stunning rustic home. What’s next? Of course, the fun part! Now you get to select all of the unique, interesting accessories and details to complete your rustic design scheme!

    Let’s start with the entrance to your home – the foyer or mudroom. There are some very interesting and unique accessories and pieces of rustic log furniture available for these rooms. A nice addition to your entryway would be a striking hall tree, which features a seat where you can remove your footwear, handles for stability, drawers for storage, and hooks for jackets and other outdoor accessories. You can also choose to add a handsome log coat tree, with branches at different levels to hang many types of coats and hats. You may prefer a wall coat rack, duster rack, or peg rack, which are available in different types of wood or iron. A more subtle choice would be one of our log hanging brackets.

    Every rustic log living room needs to accessorize its rustic furniture with a mantle, and a log mantle is a real eye-catcher. Log shelving is also a must-have, and you can choose from many styles of rustic iron curtain shelf brackets to go above your windows, or any of our other beautiful iron shelf brackets. To add a comfortable feel to your living room, you can choose to add a natural cedar quilt bench, a double or triple cedar quilt rack, or even a quilt ladder.

    Every fireplace needs a scenic fireplace screen in front of it, or an iron fireplace pillar holder. A log footstool is a necessary piece of log furniture in every rustic log living room, as well. You can choose to place a standing log mirror in your living room or one of the many gorgeous styles of hanging log mirrors available. Speaking of things for the walls, your living room definitely needs one of our wrought iron or granite wall clocks. Who would have thought that you could get a personalized charcoal portrait from Log Furniture Place? Well, we did, of course!

    Next comes one of the most important rooms in your rustic home – the kitchen. Let’s start with the cabinet hardware. We have something to suit everyone’s taste. You can choose from many different designs, such as resin, wildlife, leaves and trees, fish, nautical, and western. Can you believe we offer 44 different styles of wrought iron napkin holders and 38 styles of paper towel holders for your kitchen?

    Every bathroom needs a few rustic furniture accessories, as well. We offer many different styles of wrought iron toilet paper holders, and you’re sure to find a matching wrought iron towel bar or ring. You can also choose from our log towel bars, and you’re sure to want a cedar towel stand to go with it! A wrought iron over-door clothes bar is a nice accessory, as is a switch plate or outlet cover.

    You are sure to find the perfect rustic log furniture accessories for your rustic home here at Log Furniture Place. We have something for everyone, and many of our items come in corresponding designs so you can keep a theme going in any room. Stick with us and you’ll have the most interesting rustic oasis to be found anywhere.

  • The Evolution of Hickory Furniture: From Pioneer Days to Today

    Hickory is a must-have for the log furniture lover.In the early 1800’s there were many discoveries made in the Midwest. One of the most important discoveries related to the future of rustic furniture and home production for the pioneers travelling through and settling down. This discovery was that of the hickory sapling. These trees were very small in diameter, staying between 2 to 3 inches even after 20 or 30 years, and grew in groups of 20 or 30. These saplings were very resilient. They grew up tall and straight, reaching towards the bright sunlight overhead.

    Because of the size and shape of these strong little trees, the pioneers realized that they were the perfect material to make chairs and table frames from. When they were soaked in boiling water, they became very malleable, so they could be shaped many different ways. They could be made into hoops or even woven together. Another important detail about these trees is that new trees would sprout from the same stump every time the wood was harvested. Because of the knowledge gained through studying the hickory sapling and using it in the production of hickory furniture, the pioneers also used it in early home-building, as well.

    Through the years, the evolution of the production of hickory furniture has evolved, and the results are amazing. The rustic furniture craftsmen working with hickory create visually stunning pieces. Leaving the natural bark on the logs we use in our furniture allows us to show off the beautiful details of the hickory trees we use. The logs are kiln-dried, which preserves the innate beauty of the hickory tree. After the drying process, a clear coat of catalyzed lacquer finish is applied to seal the wood. It is then ready to be turned into one of many unique pieces of rustic log furniture perfect for someone’s rustic home.

    Rustic log furniture works so nicely in every room in your home. You may choose to decorate your bedroom with a rustic hickory armoire in the corner of your room, with a hickory blanket chest at the foot of your log bed. Selecting an entire ensemble adding a hickory dresser on one wall under a hickory mirror and hickory nightstands are available too.

    Living room selections include a hickory sofa and adjoining loveseat, a hickory lounge chair and ottoman, a hickory coffee table and end tables, a hickory television stand, and even a hickory gun cabinet for the hunters out there. You can beautify your dining room or bar with a stunning hickory hutch, and any of our wide variety of tables, chairs, stools or benches. There are also desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and executive chairs for your home office. The bathroom hasn’t been overlooked with vanities, towel bars, and paper towel holders. Last but not least, there are rustic lamps in hickory for every room in your home.

    Hickory wood is the perfect choice when you want to add some dramatic rustic furniture pieces to the rustic décor home. The production process and fine craftsmanship that goes into every selection ensures that your log furniture will be around a long time.

  • Get the Facts on Aspen Log Furniture

    Aspen is a natural choice for your rustic furniture.When furnishing your home to be a warm, rustic oasis. You want everything to be natural looking, but still contemporary and sophisticated. One of the best ways to go about doing this is by choosing to place aspen log furniture in your home to give it a woodsy, yet upscale feel. The logs used for our aspen wood furniture are naturally pleasing to the eye, and our preparation methods are the best possible ways to bring out the attractive qualities lying beneath the surface.

    The aspen furniture is crafted through a long, meticulous process. First you should know that aspen trees are only grown in the northern hemisphere, primarily in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Dead-standing aspen trees are located and collected, which is a great benefit to the forest and the environment. Next they are peeled using a draw blade and are hand-sanded, which is the best way to make the most beautiful aspen wood furniture. The hand-sanding brings out each of the inherent knurls and patterns in the wood. Just as in nature, no piece of aspen wood looks exactly the same, so you’ll have your own unique, natural-looking pieces throughout your home.

    The care of your rustic log furniture is simple and not at all time-consuming. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and high quality furniture polish is very important. You should always clean in the direction of the grain with only a slightly dampened cloth, and be sure to not leave any moisture on the furniture for an extended period of time after dusting. You should keep your aspen furniture away from heat, chemicals, water, and direct sunlight, because you don’t want your rustic furniture to dry out.

    If you plan to place something on top of your piece of aspen log furniture, make sure to use a soft disk to protect it from scratching. Also be sure to allow ventilation between the item and the wood. These steps are very important to prolong the beauty and life of your aspen furniture.

    The style, craftsmanship, and endurance of our rustic log furniture is unmatched by any other manufacturer. When you enter a home furnished with our rustic furniture, you will feel as though you are stepping into a natural, woodland environment, which will bring comfort and relaxation to you.

    When you look around your home, you will constantly be noticing different details in your furniture, because each piece is so unique. Your guests will be impressed with the sophisticated, untrendy abode you dwell in, as well. They will be awestruck by the beauty of your home, and the high-quality furniture you have adorned it with. Striking aspen furniture will make an impact on everyone who sets foot in your rustic domicile.

  • Get the Facts on Unique Teak Wood Rustic Furniture

    Teak is a durable form of rustic furniture that is beautiful, as well.You have exceptional taste and style, and you like to show it off by displaying your gorgeous wooden outdoor furniture made from teak. When a person lays their eyes on the fine craftsmanship of this rustic log furniture, the striking features and rustic details of the pieces you have chosen definitely won’t go unnoticed.

    A material that has always been prized, teak wood has been used to outfit and adorn the homes of the wealthy and powerful since around the 7th century. The wood was once used to build entire ships, because it has extraordinary abilities to ward off dry rot, fungi, and parasites. Today, teak has decorative uses on finer leisure boats.

    The finest teak wood comes from trees that have grown slowly in natural forests; this makes for the most durable type of teak wood. Teak from very young trees is more likely to split or discolor. Because of this knowledge, growers of teak know that it will take around 80 years before a tree they plant will be ready for harvesting to be made into rustic furniture.

    Grown in an environment that is hot, wet, and humid, teak wood is the perfect choice for your wooden outdoor furniture because it can withstand similar conditions. The finest teak wood comes from trees that have grown slowly in natural forests; this makes for the most durable type of teak wood. When you make the choice of teak wood for your rustic log furniture, you can be sure that it will age beautifully.

    Teak wood has a very high content of natural oils, which makes it unnecessary to treat the furniture with varnish, wood sprays, oils, or preservatives, although you may choose to apply a special teak oil if you want your outdoor furniture to have a surface sheen. These natural oils protect it in even the worst weather conditions, and make your rustic furniture resistant to pests such as termites.

    The colors of teak wood furniture vary from light brown to dark brown, and no two pieces are quite the same, just as no two trees are quite the same. You get your money’s worth with teak wood furniture, because the amount that you would spend on annual waterproofing of other wood is saved when you purchase teak furniture.

    Objects made from teak over 2000 years ago have been found intact in caves in Western India. This is unheard of for log furniture that was un-used, un-treated and un-cared for. Because of the awesome qualities that teak wood possesses, previously used teak - such as from old ships or structures – is often made into teak wood furniture when it is no longer needed.

    With all of the excellent attributes of teak wood, you can’t go wrong in choosing teak for your wooden outdoor furniture. This gorgeous wood will create the perfect rustic wood look for years to come.

  • Rustic Log Furniture is the Perfect Choice for Pampered Pets

    Rustic log furniture isn't just for humans any more.Your pet is a member of your family, and you love to treat them that way. You give them the best of everything. While you’re picking out the rustic log furniture for your home, remember to pick out the pet accessories that will blend in with your charming taste, and go with rustic pet accessories.

    You often have to set aside an area of your home specifically for your pets, so that their sleeping areas don’t stick out like a sore thumb amongst your log cabin furniture. Not anymore! You now have the option of keeping your pet with your family at all times by choosing a log pet bed. These gorgeous pieces of furniture blend seamlessly into your rustic-themed home. While you wouldn’t think that a pet’s sleeping area would be a beautiful addition to your furniture collection, in this case, a log pet bed certainly is.

    Log dog beds and other rustic pet beds are not only stylish pieces of log cabin furniture. They are the best choice for many other reasons. Made from Northern White Cedar logs, they are hand-picked, hand-peeled, and handcrafted. Because of the way the rustic furniture logs are handled, their natural detailing shines through unlike mass-produced pieces today. Their beetle marks, burls, gnarls, and other natural details give them have such incredible appeal it makes one wonder what interest others find in standard and inferior furniture choices.

    The solid construction of log pet beds means they will last so much longer than other mass-produced madefrom lesser-quality materials. The logs used in creating these stunning beds are tenoned, which is a way of joining pieces of wood together so they are much sturdier than other ways of constructing furniture.

    Every pampered pet big or small deserves to snooze in comfort, with room to either curl up or stretch out. You may think that log pet beds are one-size-fits-all, but that is not so. We have rustic log furniture for any of your furry companions. The small size pet bed will fit a mattress that is 17" x 23", and the “big dog” size will fit a rustic log bedding mattress that is 30" x 48". There are also medium, large, and extra large sizes. This means that a rustic pet bed will be able to accommodate any size animal, from your cute kitty to your massive mastiff!

    After you have chosen rustic furniture for your four-legged friend, you can move on to finding the matching accessories. You adorn your table with fine china, and you should consider spoiling your pet in the same way. Choose a rustic pet feeder so your animals can dine in style befitting the home.

  • Copper: A Beautiful Way to Help Fight Bacteria on Your Rustic Furniture

    Copper is the perfect accent to your rustic log furniture.It is one of the most frequented rooms in your entire home, yet it is one of the last that one thinks of when planning their design scheme – the bathroom. Many people will go with the standard white ceramic sink, tub, and tiles, but why not choose copper? This design choice will give you a seamless transition from your rustic log bedroom into your rustic bathroom.

    The very first thing you’ll notice when you step into your rustic bathroom and reach for the light switch to turn on your rustic log lighting is the beautiful copper switch plate that you are resting your hand on. A switch plate is not something that people generally focus their attention on in any room, but copper is unusual and will most definitely be noticed.

    Copper outlet covers will also draw the attention of your guests. Instead of going with the standard covers that blend in with the wall, your outlets will be another great detail that will make your rustic bathroom the best it can be.

    When you step inside this exceptional room, you won’t be able to help but notice the distinctive copper tiles on the wall under your rustic log lighting. These are a striking addition to your room that will be the envy of your guests. Your tiles could be hammered, or could feature a star, a grape, or a fleur de lis, and any of these choices will be attention-grabbing.

    One of the most amazing pieces of rustic furniture that you can add to your bathroom is an extraordinary rustic log furniture cabinet outfitted with a copper sink. This is a gorgeous addition to your room that visitors won’t forget. There are so many varieties of copper bathroom sinks available that there is no way you won’t find the perfect one for your rustic bathroom. All of the patterns are elegant on these handmade hammered copper sinks, and each one is equally spectacular.

    Everyone who steps into your rustic bathroom will be in awe when they set their eyes on your magnificent copper bathtub. Sitting beside your rustic log furniture cabinet, this is such a beautiful piece of rustic furniture that will really pull your whole bathroom together. You can have a slipper, single slipper, or double slipper style copper bathtub, and any of these styles will be the envy of your guests. A copper bathtub is the ideal option for a person who wants to show off their distinctive taste and sophisticated style.

    A bonus to including copper in your rustic bathroom’s rustic furniture design scheme is that it is completely eco-friendly. Instead of worrying about sanitizing your bathroom accessories, you can be confident in the ability of your copper accessories to actually fight the bacteria that most sinks, bathtubs, and other frequently contaminated surfaces would normally harbor. Instead of scrubbing your copper bathroom accessories with harsh antibacterial cleansers, all you have to do is wipe them down. Another bonus is that age only improves copper, it does not damage it as often happens with other materials.

    Copper is a beautiful addition to any room in your home, from your living room to your rustic log bedroom, but when you use it in your bathroom, it can transform it into a stunning rustic haven. Instead of feeling like you’re stepping out of your rustic home to enter the bathroom, you will just be continuing your journey through the oasis from the over processed world that is your home.

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