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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • This Little Fella ain't From Around These Parts!

    Well howdy partner! This gun-toting squirrel makes a fun little addition to any home, but partner him with another and suddenly, you have dueling varmints (or should that be vermin?) that create a beautiful focal point.

    What a bit of fun. We’ve often looked at squirrels and thought that they looked like they were up to no good and now, they are dressed for mischief and rustling! With fluffy tail, bright eyes and bristling whiskers all in place, the addition of a cute little holster and cowboy hat, made specifically for each squirrel, creates a western themed display to rival all others. 

    We joke that these little chaps are quick on the draw, but maybe too slow to get away, which is why they’ll end up in your home, but it’s all light hearted humor. We treat the animals with the utmost respect and give them endless life as beautiful trophies but where’s the harm in adding a little creativity and fun too? 

    Picture your rustic retreat. Whether it’s a cabin, lodge or second home in the woods, we are willing to bet that it’s furnished and decorated with authentic pieces that come together to create a harmonious theme. Now let’s assume that you have a good sense of humor and an appreciation for the finer and more unique things in life. That’s where a striking piece of expertly crafted taxidermy can add extra style to your home.

    Not all taxidermy is created equal. There’s no point in denying it, because as soon as you see our gunslinger squirrel, you’ll be able to see how much time and expertise has gone into his creation. While other lesser ‘artists’ would be happy with second grade leather, ratty furs and unimaginative diorama themes, we give our creative geniuses more freedom. We only accept the finest materials, the cutest ideas and the best final pieces, because we want them to last a lifetime and bring joy forever. We back this up with a lifetime guarantee as well.

    If you’re an outdoors enthusiast and a crack shot, we know you’ll appreciate these trophies and will see the good natured humor in them. We bet you might even buy more than one, to position them in funny places around your home. As you can see in our pictures, we rather like the way that two gunslingers look as if they are about to have a showdown, but nothing’s stopping you from creating an entire corral! 

    Packaged with care and shipped for free, our little pistol wielding squirrels are ready for their new homes but don't be shy about talking about a custom idea. Just as with our log furniture pieces, we are always looking for ways to create something new and fresh and specifically for you. Our craftspeople are ready to make your display dreams come true, so why not get in touch and tell us what you’re picturing?

  • The Ultimate Cabin Buddies

    Let’s take a minute to leave the beautiful furniture that we craft to one side while we talk about accessories for your rustic home. No, we’re not just referencing lampshades and coordinating mirrors, but more unusual, artistic and eye-catching centerpieces that add a little whimsy back into your wilderness retreat.

    If we simply tried to describe our canoeing racoon taxidermy display, we would have a tough task on our hands. Fortunately, the finished piece really speaks for itself. Fun, unusual and a really creative way to make more of an empty sideboard or table, these cheeky little chaps will forever be a happy display that starts some rather amusing conversations.

    Absolutely everybody decorates their cabins, lodges and woodland homes with steer horns and hide rugs, but who wants to simply follow the herd? Not us and not our beloved customers either, which is why we are always striving to think of new and original ideas. That’s why we shied away from simply stuffing your coon trophy in a ‘regular’ position and instead, partnered a couple and gave them their very own bark canoe to sail into your lives with. Just a word of caution though: thanks to the sturdy base that we’ve mounted these charming critters to, they will not float. If you have a creek nearby and inquisitive kids, you might want to keep an eye on the piece!

    Taxidermy is up there with the skills that we hold in such high esteem. Similar to our master carpenters, taxidermists need to commit to years of intensive training, practice and focus and even then, not all have the eye for creating truly exquisite items. As you all know, our workshop is filled with artisans and we have extended our particular brand of choosiness to who we trust to complete our taxidermy work for us. The result is a trophy that will last a lifetime and beyond.

    Just as with our wood furniture, we use only the best materials for our stuffed animal displays, coming from the most premium tanners available. The leather that we craft with, coupled with our respect for the animals themselves, as well as the home that they will be going to is the perfect trifecta that concludes with treasured pieces that families love (and probably name!) for generations to come.

    Please note that no two finished displays can ever be identical, thanks to no two animals being the same. We think this lends an extra note of exclusivity to your canoeing coons. 

    When in stock, we will ship your trophy within 3-6 working days and free of charge as a courtesy. We take every precaution to ensure that your cheeky new friends will arrive in perfect condition and recommend that they be placed in a well ventilated space upon arrival, to acclimatize naturally.

    Quirky and perfect for any rustic home, these are little coons that you’ll never find going through your garbage!

  • Subtle Design and Timeless Charm

    We love rustic furniture. That much is obvious. The problem is, when trying to create something new that looks as though it has heritage, there is a natural propensity to veer into the realms of novelty. We think this cuts through the charm of antique-style furniture and as such, always focus on creating timeless styles that look as authentic up close as they do from a few steps away and this set does just that.

    Our Timber Haven Rustic Dining Set features all the best elements of traditional furniture, but with none of the fiddly details. In essence, we wanted to create something that looks as sturdy as it feels, could withstand countless rounds of dining room redecoration and be passed down through generations of a family. We really think we’ve nailed it too.

    Let’s start by looking at the rustic dining table. A fitting centerpiece for any family meal, whether everyday or formal, the table is simplicity itself. With a chunky top, solid trestle base and just a few fixing details, it stands proud but doesn’t overshadow the rest of the room. It looks as though it has been plucked from an old farm in the Midwest, given a good oiling and nothing more. So authentic and yet, crafted from high quality pine! We know you couldn’t tell, because we always have to double check we didn’t actually use some of our genuine barnwood timber. 

    The only way to complement a table of such stature is with equally authentic-looking seating. In a family home, we think there are few things nicer than a mix of high back rustic dining chairs and benches. A set-up like this allows for some flexibility in terms of where everybody sits and also lets you easily account for extra guests with a ‘move up and squeeze in’ approach. Though they are from a different set, the Western Wind dining chairs and benches are a perfect match here, thanks to the identical method of construction and finishing, which we are going to tell you more about, now.

    To make new pine look like authentic barnwood that has been infused with at least a century of history and use takes expertise, patience and a delicate touch. Well, not so much a delicate touch, but a careful consideration of what constitutes just enough faux age marks. Our master craftspeople use rough sawn timber to recreate the imperfect but perfectly beautiful vizage of barnwood and add other character marks too. The result is a hearty rustic dining set that guests will be too shocked to ask the cost of, but only you’ll know that it was perfectly affordable!

    Ideal for the less fussy rustic home, we think our Timber Haven rustic dining set brings a charm all of its own to any room and will be cherished by your whole family. With a lifetime warranty in place as well, you might have to prepare yourself to have younger generations fighting over it for their homes!

  • Game, Set, Dine!

    One of the hardest parts of revamping a dining room is getting the furniture right, especially if you make the mistake of buying a table first and then trying to match chairs to it later. 

    There’s no getting away from the fact that our Western Winds Dining Set is a good looking collection of rustic furniture dining room pieces, but what makes it special enough to warrant pride of place in your home? A few things actually!

    Firstly, we knew that we wanted to offer the look, feel and authenticity of reclaimed barnwood but without the often expensive price tag that comes with it. That’s why we’ve used pine, expertly applying patina and character without ever straying into novelty or gimmick styling. When finished with our in-house Antique Barnwood stain, we think you and your guests will struggle to tell the difference between this and real vintage timber. Even we do.

    Second on our must-have list for this set was the ability to comfortably seat an entire family. Well, we think you can see that won’t be a problem. Comfortably seating six on matching rustic dining chairs or more if you add more chairs or benches, this is a dining set designed for making memories around. If you can’t picture your entire brood collected around this for Thanksgiving, we haven’t done our job!

    Lastly, we didn’t want to compromise style for affordability. So often, when trying to keep a piece of rustic furniture budget-friendly, we see competitors using sub-par materials or simply negating the small touches that makes something special. In some cases, the build quality is sacrificed in favor of a more appealing price, but we are immovable in our unwillingness to fall into any of these traps. That’s why we design our pieces first and then see about offering transparent financing through our trusted partner, Bread

    We know that you’ll love the unapologetic rustic design of our Western Winds set. From the expertly rough sawn pine to the stoic high back chairs, luxuriously padded seats and the subtle X detailing in the ends of the table, which hark back to barn door design and is mirrored on the reverse of the chairs as well. Eye-catching but never over the top, this set is the perfect blend of functional and stylish, as well as eminently customizable in terms of size and seating composition. You can also enjoy your pick of finishes, so don’t feel bamboozled into selecting Antique Barnwood, just because we think it works so well here. Our Weathered Grey, Honey Amber and American Chestnut are all stunning when applied to this set.

    Don’t forget that we ship for free within the contiguous 48 states and this set also comes with a lifetime warranty. Because when you buy the best that the USA has to offer, we think you should get peace of mind as standard.

  • Modern and Rustic with Built in Lumbar

    If we asked you to picture a set of comfortable rustic dining chairs, what would spring into your mind? Reclaimed barnwood perhaps? Farmhouse detailing? Well both of these would be spectacular, obviously, but what if you want the best of every world with some rustic AND modern touches? Well that’s a little trickier to bring together, but we’ve done it for you!

    Our Sawmill Comfort Chairs are a totally unique product because they prioritize lumbar support, genuine comfort and chic styling equally. The result of such a collaborative approach is a rustic dining chair that functions beautifully, finishes any dining space to perfection and lasts longer than you ever thought possible. The question is: why did we decide to focus on comfort?

    We noticed that formal dining chairs have a tendency to look good but not feel great, most likely because they are used infrequently and don’t need to stand up to endless hours of being sat on. Who can’t put up with a little stiffness for one short meal, after all? Well we don't think you should have to and now, you can bask in back-supporting comfort regardless of how long you are perched and no worries about sleepy-butt syndrome either. Have you seen how padded the seats are? Let’s take a closer look at the design features that guarantee your posture and stamina.

    Curved seat back: Adding just enough ergonomic shaping without disrupting the overall aesthetic of the chair, the subtle slant of the back rest allows you to sink against the upright of the chair with your lumbar region perfectly hugged. Whether you’re enjoying a quick family dinner or something more formal that stretches into the evening, you won’t need to stretch your legs.

    Thick seat pad: Say goodbye to numbness and endless shifting thanks to our extra thick seat pad that sits proudly atop the most sturdy chair frame you’ll have ever seen. Resembling reclaimed barnwood, it exudes a strength and character all of its own and is balanced with the soft and luxurious seat itself, all wrapped in classic brown upholstery. That’s what we call ultimate design harmony.

    When we started to design this chair we had one mandate in mind: to bring together modern lines and rustic detailing in the most comfortable formal dining chair ever. Have we managed it? We firmly believe so, but don’t just take our word for it. Buy from us, risk free and with free shipping included when you buy two or more chairs in one order. You will see for yourself how stylish and supportive these charming chairs are and all you need to do is choose your finish color. Whether you’re a cool grey or deep Antique Barnwood kind of person, we have a stain that will suit the inside of your home perfectly and moreover, we will have a table to compliment it too.

    If you’ve been considering updating your entire rustic dining room set, there’s never been a better time to do so, as everything will ship together and for free, letting you simply choose your finish, click to buy and then wait for our delivery updates.

  • The Perfect Accompaniment

    A stunning rustic dining table might well be the centerpiece of an unforgettable dining room, but let’s not underestimate the value that well chosen comfortable yet rustic chairs can have as well. An easy way to bolster the beauty and theme set out by the rustic table, dining chairs need to also account for support and comfort, so choose the wrong ones at your peril!

    Here at Log Furniture Place we take great pride in conceptualizing, designing and making dining chairs that cannot be overlooked as simply functional pieces of furniture. They are all art in their own right and our Western Winds Rustic Farmhouse set is undeniable proof of that. Let’s start with those gorgeous good looks and then talk about comfort levels of the Western Winds Rustic Farmhouse Dining Chairs.

    Crafted from expertly aged rough sawn timber that mimics aged barnwood to such an undetectable extent that even we have to do a triple-take, these rustic farmhouse dining chairs give you all the style and heritage of antique wood but without the often astonishing price tag that comes with it. Naturally, when showcasing a more rustic style, a farmhouse design works so well, which is why we've taken a simple frame style and added in the cross design in the backrest. Reminiscent of farmhouse buildings it ties everything together. Genius!

    Available as a side or arm chair, you can also choose your finish, to ensure perfect integration with your existing furniture. Want something warm and natural? Our Honey Amber stain is ideal, but we also have a cool grey, a rich chestnut and the ultimate finish: Antique Barnwood. Don’t forget to decide whether you want to complement or contrast with your cross inserts too, as we offer a white, ebony or frame-matching finishing service. Essentially, we want you to be able to put your stamp on your rustic dining chairs just as much as we do. They may have our name on them, but they are going in your home and we don’t mind sharing the design credit with you!

    Now to the really important issue: are these rustic dining chairs comfortable? The answer is yes. We haven’t skimped on the padding for the seat and though the chairs come with brown upholstery as standard since it blends with all of our finish options. Just tell us what you want and we will always endeavor to make your dreams come true.

    Don’t forget to take a look at our selection of beautiful rustic dining tables too. You never know when you’ll need to replace a piece of furniture with something more timeless than tired!

  • The Perfect Blend

    You might not think that ultra rustic and sleek contemporary styling can work together and if you’d asked us a few years ago, we might have agreed with you, but you no longer have to choose between the two. We’ve spent time developing a dining table that captures the harmony and balance that can be achieved, so prepare to fall in love.

    We can’t lie; it’s taken some time to get here. Trying to decide between a modern base and a rustic dining table top or what you see here with an antique-inspired base and a smooth, modern top was tricky, but we knew that we wanted to get the balance right using only solid wood. Were we adding metal accents, we could have been more flamboyant, but this needed to be something timeless yet of its own time, all at once. No wonder we had to work so hard!

    Let’s start with the base. We’ve aged new pine to resemble genuine barnwood beams that look as though they have been rescued from an old building, to give the rustic underpinnings that this design called for. The rough sawn marks add a lot of character and depth, transforming new pine into something so much more stunning and all but undetectable too. With the rustic table base design set in stone, we then open up the options for you to create your perfect table, with just the right amount of modern chic added in. You can select:

    Rustic Table size: With eight sizes on offer, reaching 12ft in length, we like to think we have all bases covered, but get in touch if you need something not listed. Custom work is a speciality for us.

    Rustic Dining Table Top style: Why let us have all the fun with the design process, when you can decide which wood you’d like for your top? We have five to choose from, including sumptuous black walnut and classic oak.

    Edge style: You can dial the rustic finish up or down, with your choice of top edge finish. Choose a live edge for the more earthy aesthetic, or a flat or chamfered option for a stylized alternative. 

    Top finish: Finally, we ask you to tell us what color you’d like your table top. Bear in mind that the base is our proprietary antique barnwood, so you’ll want to choose something that works well and will complement your home too. We have five options, with an under clear being one of them, if you’ve selected a wood that you are particularly taken with.

    There are no wrong choices, only the ones that will look the best in your particular home. We think that with the combination of modern and rustic elements here, there is no limit as to the type of property this table would work well in, though a family cabin definitely springs to mind!

    Designed, built and shipped from right here in the USA, our Rustic Timber Dining Table has been created to please aloof the people, all of the time and without any compromises on quality, finish or customer service.

  • A Table for the Ages

    When you want genuine antique barnwood but the cost is simply too high, finding a dupe that actually fools is a hard task. We’ve mastered the art of imitation, thanks to our carefully selected team of experts and now, we can invite you to try and tell the difference!

    Traditional trestle dining tables work so well with antique barnwood. There’s just something so right about the combination on a rustic dining table, but the price of such pieces is often a stumbling block for customers with fabulous taste. Not anymore though, as we are proud to offer our Timber Haven Trestle Dining Table, which offers the charming aesthetic you love but for a price that’s manageable. The secret? Our beautiful faux aged pine!

    Our craftspeople are something else. We boast about them a lot, but that’s because they are the best at what they do. It’s as simple as that. If you want gorgeous solid wood rustic furniture, they are the people you want to be building it and when it comes to imitating expensive finishes, there are none finer! Using rough sawn marks and special hand finishing techniques, our workshop can turn new pine timber into barnwood that would fool almost anybody. We’ve even had to look twice before now. Of course, the design plays a big role too.

    Barnwood is rarely used in contemporary styles, as the contrast is just a bit too stark, so replica timber needs to follow suit. That’s why we drew on time honored classic visuals for this stunning rustic table. The trestle base — with thick supportive legs — is the perfect prop for the ultra thick and heavy top. Thanks to using new wood, we are also able to offer this design in a huge array of different sizes. We offer eight as standard, in our dropdown menu, though the sky really is the limit. Custom sizes are no problem for us here at Log Furniture Place and we enjoy the opportunity to take a style that we’ve dreamt up and turn it into something one-off and unique for a particular customer. Just get in touch for help.

    Just as no two houses are ever the same size or subject to the same interior design scheme, we know that offering just one color would have been a big mistake. For the ultimate in barnwood mimicking, you can select the antique barnwood finish, or select from one of the other three lighter hues. This dining table comes with a lifetime warranty, so you need to be sure that it will look at home and that you’ll love it, literally forever, so there is no point in compromising at the final hurdle, is there?

    Each piece is built to order, just so that we can take our time and lavish it with all the care you’d expect, but we will ship for free, within the contiguous 48 states, as a way of thanking your for your patience. This is the last rustic table you’ll ever need to buy though, so what’s a small wait in the grand scheme of things?

  • Farmhouse Made Fabulous

    If you’ve always thought of farmhouse style furniture as less glamorous and more quaint, prepare to be shocked by our take on the quintessential dining room design genre.

    Farmhouse furniture has a knack for conjuring images of freshly baked bread, hearty meals and a focus on functionality, sometimes at the behest of style. It’s ok to admit that, especially when we’ve made a big effort to add the wow factor back into rustic furniture designs! We wanted to keep all of the charm of farmhouse furniture, just without any of the fuddy duddy features and that’s when our Western Winds Farmhouse Table came to us.

    The perfect blend of pretty and practical, we’ve used distressed pine timber to recreate the look of authentic barn wood, just without the price and because it’s not imbued with real American history and heritage, we didn't feel bad about adding a splash of color too!

    Just look at those rough sawn marks! The ideal way to age and distress new wood, our artisans have become masters of replicating the charm and character of barn wood in new, sturdy timber. This gives you a table that looks as though it has a story to tell, but will also last a lifetime and let you create your own family memories around it. The color schemes we chose to offer also guarantee that your table will never go out of style or look out of place in your home. Call us old fashioned, but we believe a rustic dining table should be a once in a lifetime purchase, not a disposable piece that gets replaced every season. And yes, we know that means we will sell fewer of them, but customer satisfaction is a bigger priority than empty profits!

    A stunning base, with double x features, sits below a thick and tactile top. Even the biggest Thanksgiving feast won’t pose a problem here, but you might struggle to choose from the color options we have, not to mention the eight standard sizes! For the top, we have four colors, ranging from a neutral weathered grey through to a rich and decadent antique barnwood. Then comes the all-important base. Will you contrast with a traditional whitewash? Go a little dramatic with a deep ebony? Or what about matching the top and bottom finishes, for the ultimate in cohesive farmhouse designs? Whatever you choose, you can rest easy that we will put the same amount of care and love into each option, with finishes applied by hand for the perfect coverage.

    Forget what you think you know about farmhouse furniture because you don’t need to be herding cattle on the daily to deserve this family centerpiece! Supplied with a lifetime warranty, we know you’ll quickly realize that this is an investment, not just a new table. What’s more, we’ll ship for free within the 48 contiguous states, so keep that in mind when you’re wondering whether to buy chairs now or later. Smaller pieces can incur a delivery cost, but chairs will ship for free when bought with a table. 

  • Built To Last a Lifetime

    There are plenty of things to love about genuine reclaimed barn wood, but the price is rarely one of them. The ease with which it transforms an everyday piece of furniture into a show stopping focal point is chief amongst the benefits and we have captured that essence, but without the heavy cost. 

    Before we start talking about the gorgeous Sawmill Barnwood Dining Table, let’s address the issue of non-authentic barn wood. We are completely transparent when we create designs inspired by reclaimed timber, telling you all about our faux patina and ageing techniques that masterfully mimic the real thing. We never try to pass off our replica timber as antique though. We can’t say the same for every furniture maker out there, but our actual reclaimed barn wood all has at least a century of domestic history and pride running through it and we select every piece to ensure strength, character and charm.

    Right now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at our barn wood style dining table that on the face of it, is so simple in style. While we often love to come up with unusual, striking and bold designs, with this particular piece we were thinking about classic lines and a style that would let the timber itself do the talking. We wanted to retain the rustic vibe, which is why chunky proportions have been included but just look at the rough sawn finish that gives the feel of reclaimed wood! You’d never be able to guess that this is specially finished pine, would you? Nor will your guests!

    Though we adore using genuine barn wood, it limits the scope of customization significantly, just because we can’t always guarantee the sizes or amounts that we can source. With aged-effect pine, we can build a staggering number of options. This table alone allows for more than 30 incarnations, with eight standard sizes to choose from, four lacquers and that’s before we even mention bespoke possibilities.

    What we love most about this rustic dining table is the chunky base. The thick, strong legs and truss brace make for a design that not only looks classic, but will also stand the test of time and any stresses put upon it. Finished with a rustic top that begs to be eaten, studied and played on, we can picture this being the centerpiece in any cabin or lodge home, not to mention a contemporary space that needs some contrast. The top is finished to prevent staining, so all you have to worry about is finding the right comfortable rustic chairs to pair with it!

    Designed and built in the USA, this rustic barnwood table is the embodiment of domestic craftsmanship. It can weather any storm and keeps family at the center of everything and if that’s not American, we don’t know what is! Supplied with a limited lifetime warranty and delivered via free shipping, within the contiguous 48 states, we know that you’re going to love making memories around this fabulous piece of furniture. 

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