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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Porch & Patio Beautiful with Rustic Outdoor Log Furniture

    Rustic outdoor log furniture is perfect for today's garden style and outdoor living rooms.Rustic outdoor log furniture can make your outside landscaping more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Log cabins have historically been the envy of those who were not able to acquire one. Everyone adores the comfort and relaxing atmosphere that log cabins offer. Although many people desire log cabins, only a limited amount can own one. Perhaps you had tried your best, and got overbid; or perhaps you have looked around have come to the realization that a log cabin is simply out of your price range. Great news! Rustic outdoor furniture is very affordable.

    Without an authentic log cabin, it is still possible to achieve that log cabin look in any home. Transforming your yard into a gorgeous country host of class and comfort can be easy. Rustic outdoor furniture is now available online for admirers to purchase. Porch swings, picnic tables, decorative planter, and bridges are but a few of the outside accents that bring the feel of a log cabin to your property.

    Of course, the reality is that the decorative aspect of your home and lawn furnishings comes second to the demand for quality. Homeowners require furniture that is going to stand the test of time and elements. Rustic outdoor log furniture is made from the finest, strongest trees. Manufacturers of rustic outdoor log furniture make sure that the trees used to make the furniture have completed an adequate amount of the checking process to guarantee the structural soundness of your furniture. This is accomplished by storing the wood in the dry temperatures that induce nearly one hundred per cent of the checking process.

    Although your outdoor log furniture will undoubtedly continue to show natural signs of aging of the wood, it will never lose the durability you will come to trust. Some owners of this outdoor furniture actually prefer the unique 'rusting' look when the wood begins to age.

    Unlike other styles of furniture you can buy, aging log furniture takes on a rich patina over years of use, creating that warn, authentic log cabin atmosphere. Throughout the years, this furniture will stand tall throughout all of your outdoor affairs. As your outside furnishings matures and gradually changes, you get even more out of the unique appeal to your lawn that will continue to spawn conversations and inspire togetherness.

    Making your yard beautiful by adding the rustic look of a classic log cabin is a lot easier and considerably more affordable than you may have realized. Doing a quick search online for rustic outdoor log furniture will open the door for you to a series of functional designs that are as diverse as they are cost-effective. Many online retailers have flexible shipping options and representatives who are specialized in helping you realize your specific needs. In no time at all, you can create a unique atmosphere of tailored comfort and decorative brilliance in your yard.

  • Cost of Cheap Furniture: Better Value in Outdoor Log Furniture

    Massive Cedar SwingsToday I’m going to talk about how to get the most bang for your buck when shopping for outdoor log furniture.   It wasn’t that long ago that you could easily find quality outdoor cedar log furniture offered by quality craftsmen and companies.  It was built with care by people who had a passion for outdoor wooden furniture.  The wood of choice for most of these craftsmen is Northern White Cedar due to the unique characteristics that cedar has.  A piece of outdoor cedar furniture will survive in the open year round for 10 – 20 years depending on where you live.  While it is still possible to find well built outdoor log furniture, one must look a bit more carefully, as a lot of large corporate garden centers are looking to cash in on the unsuspecting and uninformed.

    As happens in all markets large corporate retailers are looking to make more money.  In my opinion, they do not care so much about their customers as they do about keeping their shareholders happy.  So these corporate retailers exported some American made outdoor log furniture to China.  There they were able to imitate the look but not the quality or comfort.  They build cheap furniture using brittle log furniture made of Chinese Fir.  Why should this counterfeit log furniture be a concern to you?  Let’s take a look at Chinese fir and find out.

    Chinese Fir is a prized timber tree in China.  It actually isn’t a fir but is from the evergreen species.  Chinese Fir is a fine wood to use for indoor décor use.  It is actually prized in China for the smell.  Outdoors though Chinese fir furniture becomes very brittle and can become unsafe very quickly, commonly within a year.

    Imagine the top log rail of a log yard swing – the rail that supports the weight of the log swing and the people sitting in the swing seat.  If you were to sit 3 people down at once in a log swing the top rail is going to bend slightly.  With a Cedar swing the wood is soft enough to give slightly at the first weight variance.  It then snaps back into place – like a rubber band though with maybe ½” of movement.  Imagine now Chinese fir that is brittle and doesn’t like to bend.  Instead of bending these logs just break under the same weight load.

    Another difference you will find is that some Chinese fir log furniture is made out of small 2” diameter logs with small tenons.  As we discussed in “What is a Mortise and Tenon” you know that the larger the tenon the stronger the log furniture.  Many of the samples we have seen of this imported Chinese fir log furniture have also had mold on the logs from where the log furniture was built using wet logs and then packaged up and shipped over.

    Vastly Chinese fir furniture just does not hold up as well out in the direct elements of nature as cedar log furniture does .  I bought two Chinese fir Adirondack chairs 3 years ago for testing.  I placed one of these in a covered and screened in deck.  The other was left outside.  The Chinese fir chair that was left outdoors lasted for 8 months.  The Chinese fir chair that was placed in the screened in deck is now 3 years old and is starting to show signs of weakness.  To give a comparison I have had a cedar Adirondack chairout in the open for 7 years now and it still is strong and sturdy.  I’ve had cedar log furniture outdoors for the same 7 years and it also is as strong and sturdy as it was when new.  In our enclosed deck I have 9 year old cedar log furniture that as of right now I’m guessing will last another 15 to 20 years just by the way it looks now.

    Which wood has the best value in outdoor log furniture?

    Quality North American outdoor cedar log furniture or Chinese fir log furniture?  Let’s compare log swingsand see:

    Cedar Lake Massive Cedar Log Swing

      • life span of 9 – 15 years
      • cost of $290 including free shipping.
      • At the minimum estimated life span we get $32.33 a year.

    Imported Chinese 5ft Chinese Fir Log Swing

      • life span of 1 – 2 years
      • cost of $175 at a local large retail store.
      • At the max estimated life span we get $87.50 a year.

    I would say the answer is easily American made Cedar Log Furniture.

    Weight limits of cedar log furniture vs Chinese fir log furniture

    How figure that both swings are 3 person swings.  Our American made cedar log swing has a weight limit of 700 lbs, the imported Chinese fir swing has a weight limit of 300 lbs.  Can you even swing with your loved one on a Chinese fir log swing safely?

    What is the cost of safety to you?  To me it is quite a bit – luckily as shown I can purchase the cedar log swing and it will not only be safer but will be a better value to me long term.  It will actually save me money.

    Do you care about buying American made furniture?  So do I.  I’m grateful that I am able to buy American quality cedar log furniture and it will actually save me money and will support local businesses and local craftsmen who care about quality in log furniture.  Think about the long term when you purchase.  These large corporate garden centers are betting that the American public is ignorant and will just look to the bottom dollar.

    At Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place we care about you and we care about log furniture.  You will not find dangerous imported Chinese fir outdoor log furniture on our website.  Chances are you have a local smaller garden center who believes in buying American as well.  Now that you know the difference between Chinese fir and Cedar furniture, what the real cost of cheap furniture is, you will be able to determine for yourself what the best value is when shopping for outdoor log furniture.

  • Improve Each Room in Your House with Rustic Furniture

    These Rustic Cedar Beds are a Step to Improving the BedroomAre you are bored with the decorations that have turned your house into a run-of-the-mill home? You may want to consider the inclusion of rustic log cabin furniture. The appeal of a log cabin is captured and delivered in unbelievable collections of rustic furniture.

    Each room in your house can finally come alive with the rich atmosphere of classic rusticity. It is impossible to list all the plentiful designs and categories of rustic log furniture that is available to you online. However, we will provide a brief overview of the many pieces of home improving furniture available in rustic designs.

    Rustic Living Room Furniture

    Rustic cabin furniture is available for the numerous living room furnishing needs. From sofas and love seats made from fine wood, to decorative pieces and rustic game lamps; turning your living room into a classic log cabin living space will amaze everyone that enters your home. Styles vary greatly among sofas, as well. For example, you can get the contemporary look of a futon if that's what you prefer.

    No matter what purpose your required furniture is serving, you can search through hundreds of styles that are sure to represent the uniqueness that you want defined in your home.

    Rustic Den Furniture

    Find both attractive and practical use among rustic cabin bookcases and other pieces of rustic den furniture by browsing online. Any number of furniture designed for a home office or den can be found online, and the prices to acquire such elegant furnishings are as attractive as the decorations themselves.

    Rustic Log Bedroom Furniture

    Enhance the look and feel of your bedroom with rustic log bedding. Many people have chosen to increase their level of comfort at night by adding down-home log cabin furniture to create an authentic cabin atmosphere in their bedroom. There are numerous styles of rustic log bed frames from which to choose, including one of the most appealing - classic rustic cedar beds.

    Rustic Kitchen Furniture and Bathroom Fixtures

    The bedroom, living room and den are not the only areas in which you could improve your home with rustic cabin furniture. There are even bathroom fixtures and cabinets that can help to improve your entire household.

    Bringing the country feel into the kitchen may be exactly what you need to provide the perfect dining setting to enjoy the delicious foods that your family enjoys. Finding a dining room set that represents the beauty and comfort you crave in your dining room won't be nearly as difficult as narrowing down your options and making a decision. Enter the wonderful world of rustic cabin furniture and discover the many ways you can add inviting texture to your kitchen.

    No matter what your goals are in your home, you can turn every room in your home into an impressive canvas of a rustic log cabin view.

  • Transform Your Bedroom with Rustic Bedding and Furniture

    Bedding Collection for a new lookRemove the old idea furniture and décor from your bedroom, and turn your sleeping quarters into something fresh and unique by adding a variety of rustic bedroom furniture. This furniture is available online, so you order these pieces from the comfort of your own home. It's time to take your thoughts about how to enrich the interior design and comfort of your bedroom and turn them into actions. Rustic bedroom furniture will bring together all the qualities of functionality and design that you need for your bedroom to be one that delivers your ultimate desire and comfort.

    Your bedroom is home to your most intimate affairs. It is a space that deserves the attention required to create an air of lasting style, beauty and ease. As you will discover by searching through an impressive variety of rustic bedding and décor, there are a ton of possibilities when it comes to transforming your bedroom into an elegant rustic sanctuary.

    Rustic bedroom furniture is not only available in hundreds of unique styles; there are also multiple types of wood used to build the seemingly endless variety of rustic designs. The lasting durability guaranteed using superior quality trees like barnwood, hickory, the Northern White Cedar, and seasoned red oak add to the unbeatable value of rustic bedroom furniture.

    Bedroom furniture is one of the most popular options with exciting rustic bedding and décor selections. Aspen trees are not only known for their strength, but also their naturally sanded look and the inclusion of natural knots of wood. Those characteristics translate the same great qualities in rustic aspen bedroom furniture. It is precisely that unique that makes it one of the most popular furniture collections.

    Retailers on the Internet rustic bedding and décor offer unique pieces of furniture designed to meet every need. They can add a new and exciting rustic theme to any bedroom. Aside from the classic bedroom furniture itself, selecting corresponding bedding set is made easy online. You are literally able to transform your entire bedroom into a rustic getaway with one visit to an internet rustic bedroom furniture and décor retailer.

    Because you want your bedroom furniture to last for years, durability must be accompanied by style. The same is true for every other piece of furniture in your bedroom. Rustic aspen bedroom furniture made by other fine woods also offers the most reliable element of lasting comfort and visual appeal.

    If you are like millions of others, once you transform your bedroom with rustic furniture and décor; you will want to introduce your new found luxury to the rest of your house. You may be inspired to try a line of rustic aspen dining room furniture, or replace the look in any other room in your house.

  • Here's What You Need to Know About Selecting Rustic Furniture

    TV Stands for the Living RoomRustic furniture is a great choice if you are lover of the outdoors. Bringing rustic furniture into your home will be like bringing nature into your home. If you are interested in choices for rustic furniture here are helpful tips you will appreciate.

    Rustic furniture can add a touch of relaxed elegance to any home environment. By considering the use of rustic pieces, you can give your home instant character through the furnishings, and display your personality throughout.

    The extent to which you want to take the term rustic will depend on your personal style and budget. From simple rough touches on a generally designed and finished piece, to something made to retain the look of branches or slabs of wood it is all available for you to choose from.

    Rustic furniture is generally wooden and features heavy, solid timber construction. This is furniture that is made to last and made to be used. It sometimes carries deliberate imperfections that allow the piece to bring its own character into the home. People who enjoy rustic furniture often find it leads to a feeling of comfort and security in their homes and it is convenient to allow children to be a bit rougher without the risk of destroying the pieces.

    This type of furniture style often comes from local manufacturers and is hand crafted. It is usually strong in detail and each piece is very unique and different than any other. Having furniture that is unlike any other can be quite exciting and it can often take the place of alternative art in the home.

    If you have a connection to nature, you will find living with rustic furniture a satisfying experience with it’s earthy and “woodsy” feel. At times, you will actually feel as though you are living in a forested area, even as the central air blows around you. It is sure to gain complimentary comments from guests and you will no doubt have some envious looks thrown you way as they realize that rustic does not meant old or ratty at all, but in fact beautiful and artistic furniture.

    Comfort is important with rustic furniture and you’ll find that as soon as you start using it. You can also find small furniture makers who will customize a product to suit your needs or design one based on your choices, measurements and preference of wood type. You can have a truly one of a kind product essentially designed by you, and if budget is not a major concern you could arrange for your entire house to be designed with your needs and tastes in mind.

    Rustic furniture is a gorgeous option for a homely and can add a very natural feel. It suits larger spaces best, purely because you’ll want to give it space to show off. It is also solid and often heavier in style, which means that it may crowd a very small room.

    Using rustic furniture to decorate your environment will leave you feeling like your home is truly yours, and will build a solid sentimental relationship with items that will last forever.

    Mark writes on a variety of topics including help on furnishings for your home. If you are interested in new furnishings for your home you may want to take a look at

    Author: Mark S Myers
    Article Source:

  • Get That Authentic Log Cabin Look with Log Cabin Décor

    Authentic Log Cabin DecorAlthough finding an authentic log cabin is a dream shared by many homeowners, the availability of log cabins is somewhat limited. You can still get that feeling at home, because log cabin furniture and décor is readily available for purchase online, which is the next best thing. With hundreds of options at affordable prices on the web, it has never been easier to transform the look and feel of your home. Whether you simply require a few pieces to accent your lawn, or you want your entire home to exude the warmth of a log cabin, endless options are always at your fingertips!

    There is hardly a more relaxing summer day than one spent with friends and family in a down-home setting. In addition to the beautifully crafted log cabin furniture indoors, you are also able to maintain the log cabin feel with outside planters, archways, and other items. To create an absolutely stunning home, the inside and the outside of the house must complement each other.

    First impressions are lasting impressions. Use your living room to impress your guests, and have them talking about it to the rest of the neighbors. Unique, quality log cabin furniture can replace any other furnishings in your living space. Choose from any number of log cabin armoires and shelving units, or even replace your every day couch for a beautiful log sofa. With economical prices and endless possibilities, this is the perfect theme for any home.

    Aside from providing your guests with a lasting impression, treat yourself to the durable quality and beauty of log cabin pieces. If you are not sure about this theme for your house, try adding just one piece of log cabin furniture to your home and see how it is instantly transformed. All natural mirrors, bedroom sets, bureaus, and bathroom décor are only a few out of the many ways that you can turn any standard home into a log cabin decor dream.

    One of the great benefits of log cabin furniture is its unique ability to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. This inspiring quality is what makes the use of log cabin furniture for your home office so desirable! Imagine being able to counteract the stress of your daily grind with the calming scent of oak or pine, as well as the sheer beauty of your log cabin décor.

    Finding log cabin furniture and décor online is so convenient and great deals are only a few clicks away. Search through hundreds of log cabin furnishings online, and achieve the look and feel you've always wanted in your home. This is the first step in building something that your neighbors will envy and your family will love.

  • Contoured Comfort Cedar Log Tete-A-Tete by Lakeland Mills

    Cedar Log Tete-a-TetesLooking for a place to relax with a special someone after a busy day?  Looking for a comfortable sitting solution for two people?   Maybe something with two chairs connected together with a table in between them.  A table that isn’t overly large but is large enough to serve multiple uses; an armrest, a place to set a cup and plate, a laptop table, etc.  Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place and Lakeland Mills, Inc has just the thing for you.  The Contoured Comfort Cedar Log Tete-A-Tete.

    Today we are going to take a closer look at the cedar log chairs and table set commonly called the log Tete-A-Tete.  This outdoor log furniture set can be found on our website under our outdoor log furnituresection.  It is made by our co-owned factory Lakeland Mills, Inc.

    You may be wondering why we chose the name tete-a-tete and how it is pronounced.  So let us start with some definitions and pronunciations.  Over the years I’ve heard at least a dozen variations of the pronunciation, there are however as far as I could find, three pronunciations that are correct:

    1. ‘tet-ə-ˈtet
    2. ‘tāt-ə-ˈtāt,
    3. tēt-ə-ˌtēt.

    The definition of tete-a-tete is

    1. a private conversation between two people
    2. a piece of furniture intended to seat two persons
    3. Involving two people, intimately private

    The inspiration of the design of our cedar log Tete-A-Tete came from these definitions.  Our goal was to create a comfortable piece of wooden outdoor furniture that would allow two people two sit comfortably and enjoy the day conversing amongst themselves.

    To meet this goal we incorporated into the seat our extremely comfortable contoured cedar seat slats (found on many of our Contoured Comfort log furniture pieces).  These contoured seat slats are cut out of cedar logs and are designed to conform to the natural shape of your body as you are sitting.  The result is a wooden seat that sits very comfortably due to the reduced pressure points!

    We know a comfortable seat is just the start to a comfortable piece of log furniture so we moved on to the back.  We contoured the top back log so that the slats would be concaved, allowing your back to rest comfortably, again reducing pressure points.  We then adjusted the tilt of the seat and back to both be at comfortable angles.  The seat angle gives the feeling of sinking into the log tete-a-tete while the back is angled to be both relaxing while still sitting upright.

    We understand that as much as a person will want to sit and relax all day in our cedar log tete-a-teteone must eventually get up.  The arms are built to be solid and strong rising upwards slightly at the front of the log tete-a-tete creating a sturdy base for your hands to assist raising the body out of the seat.

    The cedar log tete-a-tete is constructed using Northern White Cedar.  Northern white cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage.  Northern White Cedar is one of only a few woods that can be used for outdoor log furniture instead of pressure treated lumber because of its long life, durability, stability, and resistance to rot, insects, and fungi.  Learn more about Northern White Cedar here:  Information and Benefits of Northern White Cedar

    Our cedar log tete-a-tete will come partially assembled and is easily assembled with common tools and about 15 to 20 minutes of your time.   Rust resistant zinc dichromate hardware is included as well as easy to follow directions written in English.  This is an American made product after all, made by Michigan craftsmen who care about quality and their work.

    Please feel free to contact Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place with any questions or visit us online to purchase your Contoured Comfort Cedar Log Tete-A-Tete today.

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    Everyone knows the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  This of course refers to the idea that complex stories can be described with just a single still image, or that an image may be more more influential than a substantial amount of text.  I’m wondering then, if a picture is worth a thousand words how many words is a video worth?  It must be quite a bit!

    Subscribing to Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place onYouTube will put you in the front row!  Have first access to view and comment on our videos pertaining to log furniture.  Our videos include reviews of log furniture, informational videos of various cabin furniture and the occasional cheesy video made to informative as well as to generate a smile.  Some examples of what you will find on our YouTube channel are videos of log rocking chairs, log porch swings, rustic log foosball tables and so much more!

    At Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place we look forward to serving you better and have expanded over the years in our ability to do so.  From our renowned personal customer service to bulleted product descriptions to large detailed pictures of our log furniture on our website to our informational and helpful blogs and articles to our Facebook and Twitter accounts where we can interact with our fans and customers and now we are offering our informational and helpful videos.

    If you can think of other ways we can serve you better please feel free to let us know.

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    Do you enjoy articles regarding log furniture, cabin furniture and rustic furniture and decor?  If so you would enjoy following Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place on Twitter.

    We post 4 to 5 tweets a day providing cabin furniture and decor information including links to various log furniture related blogs and articles.   You may also catch a few updates about what is going on with us in the office!

  • Handy Tips Concerning Rustic Log Beds

    Log Beds require some familiarityThe primary goal of this article is to provide insightful information to help you make a calculated and wise decision regarding which beds would work best for your rustic-themed bedroom’s requirements and needs. After all it’s the furniture that sets the tone and dynamics of a beautiful room, and rustic log beds are one such attribute.

    When considering rustic log beds it should be stressed that price is not always the determining factor between quality and mediocrity. Due to the nature of and materials used in the making of rustic furniture, you can often find beautiful pieces at bargain prices. While it’s true that you often “get what you pay for,”rustic furniture allows for more exceptions to that rule… so shop around!

    Another handy tip for the price conscious is: buy used! Rustic furniture is often more study than their contemporary counterparts, so when treated properly a rustic piece can easily last generations.

    Before moving on I do want to quickly mention that commitment to quality should never come second to anything in the log furniture industry. While it’s great to save a dollar here or there, if you spend the time and money to select the right piece at the start it can serve you well throughout the rest of your life.Rustic log beds are no exception.

    While purchasing a rustic log bed you should look for innovativeness in their designs to match your individual tastes. One misconception among many people is that all rustic log furniture looks the same; this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth!  Just take a look at all the various styles and collections of rustic log furniture at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place!

    Rustic log beds are crafted from a variety of woods such as cedar, lodgepole pine, Douglas fir logs, etc. Each wood possesses a distinctive appearance, grain and atmosphere, so just the materials alone present a diverse realm of possibilities for your bedroom. In today’s growing market for designer and cool rustic log beds, the styles these beds are offered in also differ significantly, ranging from classic log bed designs to wild custom log bed designs.

    There are obvious reasons as to why these rustic log beds are becoming more and more popular among people and individuals. A good deal of us desires a home that radiates warmth with a natural elegance. We want a home evocative of prior times; one that brings forth the charm of days past, but still keeps with the style of the modern day. Rustic log beds merge the past with the present perfectly, lending warmth without looking entirely out of place in a modern setting.

    Rustic cedar and pine beds can be ordered in natural unfinished wood or can be completely finished with colored stain to match most any interior design. Hence it can be said that with a keen understanding of quality and design, coupled with knowledge of the fair prices of log furniture, rustic log beds can accommodate nearly any individual’s home to give it the perfect look and feel of the past and the present all collaged into one room!

    Are you looking to lend your home a rustic touch?  Then drop by Rustic where we offer a wide variety of free rustic decor tips and advice.

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