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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • I'm Looking at Bunk Beds... What is a Bunkie Board?

    Learn More about Bunk BedsSo you have started looking at log bunk beds, congratulations!  A question that comes up a lot when our customers call in to us at Woodland Creek’s is “What is a Bunkie board, and do I really need it?”  This is a great question and I’m going to give you a great answer along with some more information on Bunkie boards.  There are many styles of Bunkie boards and we’ll cover all of the ones you will find at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place.

    Bunkie Board Is…

    Bunkie board is a thin substitute for a box spring.  It is a thinner platform for the mattress to sit on so that the mattress does not slide through the cross supports on the log bunk bed.  Where a box spring can be 5” – 9” thick a Bunkie board is typically ¾” – 1”.

    Is the goal of the Bunkie board is to eliminate the need for a box spring it must perform the same function as the box spring.  It must provide support for the mattress.  To meet this goal the mattress should be placed directly on the Bunkie board with nothing in between.

    Come of the log bunk beds you will find on our site include a Bunkie board while others list the Bunkie board as optional.  We have found that some customers prefer to make their own Bunkie boards so we list the Bunkie board as optional on some of the cabin style bunk beds.

    The Bunkie Board was Invented Because….

    Most styles of bunk beds, including rustic bunk beds, are designed to fit into a room with standard height ceilings.  To fit them into the average size room, care has to be given to provide as much headroom as possible to the bunk below as well as to the bunk above.  Also to meet safety specifications all bunk beds must have a certain number of inches of safety rail above the top mattress.  A 3ft tall safety rail would be needed if a box spring was used on the top bunk and that would put the mattress very close to the ceiling, as well as look pretty odd, so the Bunkie board was invented.

    That Styles of Bunkie Boards Do We Carry?

    The first style is a standard slat kit.  Slat kits are a series of wooden slats that attach firmly to the log frame of your log bunk bed.  The slats will typically attach to the log cross supports running the width/depth of the rustic bunk bed with screws.  This will ensure that they stay on place on rustic bunk beds that have an open design.

    The second style is the plywood Bunkie board.  The plywood Bunkie board is typically made of 5/8” to ¾ plywood.  At first the thought of a plywood Bunkie board may sound pretty dull.  It does not have to be!  Let me share a quick rustic décor tip for the upper bunk Bunkie board.  First find a flat bed sheet with a design on it that you like, it could be a solid color, a rustic theme, camouflage etc.   Now wrap that sheet around the Bunkie board, fully covering the bottom of it, and staple the remaining sheet into the top of the Bunkie board.  Now as you lay on your log bunk bed on the bottom bunk looking up at the top bunk you will see the log cross supports and your dressed up Bunkie board instead of the dull plywood Bunkie board!

    The third style is the tongue and groove Bunkie board.  The tongue and groove Bunkie boards are made out of… yes, you guessed it, tongue and groove wooden boards.    These Bunkie boards provide a bit of rustic style and charm while providing solid support for the mattress.

    The fourth and last style is the wooden frame Bunkie board.  These Bunkie boards are typically made of a series of wooden slats framed together and covered in fabric to mimic the look of a box spring.

    Bunkie Mattresses

    You may have seen or heard of a Bunkie mattress but you haven’t been able to find them on our site.  Why is that?  The reason is because, in my opinion, they are not worth the money.  If a child was to wet the bed you can’t clean the mattress and then flip it over and use the other side.  Why not?  Well a Bunkie mattress is a mattress that has a Bunkie board built into it on one side.  Basic coil mattresses need to be flipped so that they do not get lumpy and to give the springs a rest.  This is not possible with a Bunkie mattress.

    Are Bunkie Boards Uncomfortable to sleep on?

    If you search the internet you will find people who say that using a Bunkie board causes the mattress to be uncomfortable and they couldn’t sleep at all on it.  You can also find people online who say a lot of other crazy things.  In my opinion the mattress you use is going to determine at least 90% of your sleep comfort.

    Our guests commonly choose to sleep in the bunk bed room because they say they like the way it sleeps.  I think it is partially that and partially because you can’t help but feel younger when sleeping in a rustic bunk bed.  And when it is a comfortably sleeping log bunk bed… well how can it get better than that?

    Please feel free to contact us with any other log furniture related questions that you may have.  We at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place are here to help.  Thank you.

  • Rustic Furniture: The Heart of America

    Western tablesRustic furniture is known for its simplistic beauty. Created from wood that is unfinished or that has a rough finish, rustic furniture is treasured by those who love a “country” theme. Rustic furniture includes beautiful pine log cabins as well as the “rustic style” furniture that graces many homes, hotels, and cabins today.

    Whether it is a log cabin that is nestled in the heart of the Carolinas, or a beautiful sculptured and reworked piece of rustic barn furniture, this style appeals to those who love the wholesome beauty of nature, country, and desire to surround themselves with these pieces. Nothing says America better than beautiful handmade rustic furniture and its popularity is vast. Many modern homes have come to include some rustic elements to their decorating scheme as well as those who wouldn’t trade one step of a rustic staircase for an entire home furnished with contemporary décor. Maybe the allure rests in the fact that long before the building materials that we frequently use today, existed, many homes and furniture pieces were hand carved from beautiful wood logs. Every inch of a detailed chair, railing, bureau, or bed frame was expertly crafted with simple materials, but with such detail that the beauty was evident to all.

    Today, rustic furniture still holds that appeal. From log cabins to meticulously carved furniture pieces, rustic reminds us of the heart of America.

    Rustic Furniture: The Combination of Form and Function

    Rustic furniture reminds us of the pioneering spirit that first created these beautiful pieces. Combining both form and function, not only is rustic furniture cherished for its natural charm, but also for it’s ability to create beautiful form and functional furniture with primitive methods, tools, and materials. Today’s rustic furniture may keep to the patterns of building techniques used in the past, or it may be enhanced by using some of today’s more modern styling. The choice is yours. You can choose for very simple hand crafted rustic furniture pieces, or items that have been adorned with more modern tools, hardware, and finishes.

    Rustic Furniture and Decorating Themes

    The beauty of rustic furniture is far reaching, and this style is appropriate for many different themes. For example, when decorating with a country and western style, rustic furniture is essential. You can use any Native American or Country Western piece and anything that is classified as rustic furniture will enhance and compliment your decorating theme. Another great alternative is that when choosing rustic furniture and themes, you don’t have to commit your entire house to a rustic look. You can add a few pieces here and there, or even choose to decorate a room or two with a rustic theme. Since the rustic look combines the beauty of wood, you can accentuate many pieces such as mirrors, bookcases, and tables with rustic charm and grace simply by adding accessories such as flowers, twigs, and other natural items.

    The rustic look is a perfect choice when opting to decorate an outside patio or lanai. No matter where you choose to showcase your rustic furniture, you will love the country look and grace of your newly decorated room.

    If you are interested in learning more about country home decor then you will definitely want to drop by Rustic, a resource that offers tips and advice pertaining to owning and decorating your very own rustic home.

  • Daily Enjoyments: Comfort Contoured Cedar Log Rocking Chair

    Natural and Cedar Rocking ChairsThere is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting in a comfortable rocking chair and just rocking back and forth.  Something about the motion is calming and relaxing for all ages.  Babies love to be rocked and many young children love to try to rock themselves.  Mothers enjoy rocking their baby to sleep.  Grandparents are often pictured fondly in the mind sitting in their favorite rocking chair as they tell you stories.

    Throughout the years rocking chairs have been made in many different shapes and sizes.  The first rustic rocking chairs to appear in England in the early 1700’s were commonly used as garden chairs.  Today we are going to look at a cedar log rocking chair that can be used in the garden, on your porch, on your patio, indoors, or just about anywhere else you would like to place it.

    The Contoured Comfort Cedar Log Rocking Chair, model # CF1125 made by our co-owned factory Lakeland Mills, inc, is hand built using Northern White Cedar.  Yes, the same Northern White Cedar that is nearly impervious to insects, rot, and fungi.  The same cedar that requires little maintenance, is dimensionally stable, and is as durable as it is beautiful.    You will not find any cheap and brittle Chinese Fir in the construction of this log rocking chair.  You may read more about the benefits of Northern White Cedar here: Information & Benefits of Northern White Cedar

    Our Cedar Log Rocking Chair from Lakeland Mills features comfortable contoured seat slats.  The seat slats contour to fit the natural shape of the body minimizing pressure points.  The slatted fan style back is also slightly concaved to provide a comfortable back rest.  The back is also angled just right, not sitting too upright, and not leaning too far back.  This log rocker was designed with comfort in mind, comfort and durability.

    Our log rocking chair is constructed from time tested Mortise and Tenon construction.  You can read more about the mortise and tenon here: What is a Mortise and Tenon? The tenons used in the construction of the wooden rocking chair are large to ensure the rocking chair is strong and durable.

    Assembly is very easy as the log rocking chair will come partially assembled.  The back and the seat will be fully assembled.  Figure on the rustic rocking chair taking 10 to 15 minutes to assemble.

    I personally love the Contoured Comfort collection.  We have quite a few pieces on our own front porch and screened in back porch.  It is always a fun experience watching people sit in it the first time.  Seeing the look of amazement come over their face as their belief that log furniture is uncomfortable without cushions is shattered.

    I also love the fact that since this eco-friendly rustic furniture collection is made of white cedar and thick durable tenons it will last us for 15+ years.  I also love the fact that this rustic rocker is made by an American company who’s employees care about the rustic furniture they are hand crafting.

  • How to Lend Your home a Rustic Decor Theme

    Versatile ChandeliersRustic decor is a look that many people aspire to or choose as a theme when decorating or redecorating part of their home. They choose the style because it is homely, simple and can lead to a warm and welcoming space.

    The first thing to examine when looking to decorate in a rustic style is what the term ‘rustic decor‘ means to you. For many people it conjures up visions of log cabins, country farmhouses and Shaker style kitchens. However, most of us now do not have exposed wooden beams in our houses, and so we must tailor our rustic decor to suit the architectural style of our surroundings.

    True rustic decor comes in various different themes and time periods. You could, for example, choose a colonial or country theme, or pick a romantic Victorian theme.

    Colonial and country decor is based on a very utilitarian style. Items are practical and useful, and decoration and themes are simple and clean. A country or colonial themed room can be dressed with items such as handmade quilts and tablecloths, earthenware pottery, and ‘folk art‘ style paintings. For the more extreme decorator, you could choose a conversation piece such as a stuffed moose head or pair or antlers!

    Victorian style rustic decor is more romantic and not quite so utilitarian. Try dressing your room with wicker baskets, and look for flounced or ruffled curtains, tablecloths and bedding. Think beautifully embroidered white bedding on a dark framed wooden bed, or delicate flower sprigged curtains in a kitchen.

    The advantage of rustic decor as a theme for your interior design project is that you can do as much or as little as you like. The whole room or house can be rustic themed, or you can simply use a few carefully selected accent pieces to bring a rustic feel to a neutrally decorated room.

    You can even use functional rustic pieces to recreate the lifestyle of the period – many old fashioned pastimes are getting a new lease of life and can be integrated into your theme. For example, why not purchase an old fashioned table based sewing machine, or even a spinning wheel? Or for a less extreme solution, how about a wicker basket in your room to keep your knitting wool and knitting needles in?

    One of the keys to a rustic theme is to include plenty of natural materials. These can be functional (wooden blinds, wicker baskets) or decorative (a dried flower centerpiece, or a spray of twigs in a vase). The natural materials can be used to achieve the impression of ‘bringing the outside inside,’ which is used to great effect by many of the decorators and room designers on television design programmes.

    The key to rustic décor is to do what works for you. Don’t shy away from including something in your theme because you don’t feel it counts as traditional rustic; just integrate it into your overall design. There are no hard and fast rules for a rustic theme, so get designing and enjoy it!

    Are you looking to lend your home a rustic touch? Then drop by where we offer a wide variety of free rustic decor tips and advice.

  • Rustic Log Patio Furniture Considerations

    Lounge on these Rockers all AfternoonA nice looking patio is useless if you cannot enjoy it properly and some rustic log patio furniture may be just the answer for that. Pine and cedar furniture that is designed specifically for the outdoors not only looks great but it is also extremely functional. Not only will the rustic touch add to the overall image of your patio and garden, but you will also enjoy all the comforts of your home outdoors.

    Rustic furniture is one of the hottest trends in home decorating and chances are it will still be fashionable years and years from now. Pine and cedar wood is mostly used to manufacture rustic log patio furniture, but other types of wood might also be used. One of the main concerns related to outdoor furniture is the effect of the elements on the wood and coating, as well as on other accessories and parts. To answer such problems, most outdoor furniture manufacturers offer items that are waterproof and that age in a graceful manner under the sun’s rays.

    Items to consider as your rustic log patio furniture

    Chairs are, of course, the number one furniture item that comes to mind when thinking of the outdoors. Enjoy the beauty of your garden in a traditional or Adirondack style chair. You can get an unvarnished wooden chair if you want to keep your home as rustic as possible, or you can go with a soft weathered paint or exterior coated chair. Ottomans are another item of rustic log patio furniture that you could put on your “to buy” list. Not only do they offer excellent comfort, ottomans are also more stylish than chairs and they improve the visual aspect of your patio. Footrests are a popular item to buy alongside ottomans and chairs.

    Rocker chairs are exclusive and fun, plus you can use a blanket to make them soft and cozy and spend hours admiring the view of your garden or yard. And if you wish, you can take this even further and purchase a wooden love seat, providing a great place to share memories with the one you love.

    Benches, tables and children’s furniture

    These rustic log patio furniture items should also be on your list if you wish to have a great looking and, at the same time, extremely functional patio. Log style benches are priceless when it comes to seating a lot of guests. Of course, when you are all alone you can also use the bench as a footrest. Tables andcoffee tables are another popular rustic log patio furniture item.

    Rot resistant materials are used in all the mentioned log furniture items and many manufacturers offer insect resistant ones as well. If you have children, why not let them enjoy the patio as much as you do? You can buy small sized rockers, tables and chairs and you can go for natural wood or a variety of lively colors your kids will love.

    If you are interested in learning more about rustic home decor then you will definitely want to drop by Rustic, a resource that offers tips and advice pertaining to country-themed homes.

  • Cedar Lake Collection: Introducing Rustic Log Bathroom Vanities

    Cedar Lake Rustic Bathroom VanitiesIn the search for a rustic log vanity you will come across many styles and collections online.  There are numerous log vanities that look great, but what a lot of our customers do not realize before purchasing is that many of the most popular log vanities online have cabinets and counter tops which are made from furniture grade plywood with a thin veneer.  You can recognize these vanities by reading the descriptions where they will state that they come with a ‘Log Edge Top’ or ‘Slab Style Top’.

    I don’t know about you but I don’t associate thin veneers with rustic furniture in my head.  I think of beefy solid wood furniture that can take a scratch and take a dent and look better for it afterwards.  We decided to redeem people’s visions of solid and durable rustic vanities by taking that beefy solid wood furniture mental image and turning it into Our Cedar Lake collection of rustic bathroom vanities.  These log bathroom vanities are available in two cabin style flavors just like our rustic bedroom dressers and log chests and are built to last a lifetime.

    Our rustic log bathroom vanities are available in various sizes starting at 30” wide and moving up to 72” wide.  We are also more than happy to custom build to specific sizes if the need arises.  We offer various options on the vanities so that you can customize your log bathroom vanity to look exactly the way you want it.

    For our original design for our log bathroom vanities we took inspiration from log cabin homes.  The tongue and groove commonly found on the interior walls, the unique log trim found on staircases, and the thick slab wooden countertops found on bar tops.  The end result is a cabin vanity with a thick and solid countertop with a natural front edge.  This sturdy natural countertop sits on top of the vanity base which has sides made from wooden tongue and groove boards.  We use hand sorted and picked naturally aged hand peeled cedar logs which feature various unique natural characteristics for the log corners.  The smooth gliding drawers are available with flat drawer fronts or you can kick up the rustic style of the vanity by choosing half log drawer fronts.

    For our second design style on our log bathroom vanities we took inspiration from our Cedar Lake Logger collection.  As you may have read about on our blog introducing our Cedar Lake Collection found here:  Article introducing the Cedar Lake Collection, we went all out on the Logger collection.  The same holds true with our Cedar Lake Logger Bathroom Vanities.  We went all out for a true rustic look and feel.

    The Logger bathroom vanities feature half log trim made from our naturally aged cedar logs.  This trim lines all visible sides of the rustic vanity cabinet.  The same half logs will make up the drawer fronts as well.  The authentic antler drawer pulls help glide the drawers open and shut effortlessly and silently on roller bearing glides.  The log vanity top will also be a solid thick slab of wood with a natural wavy front edge.  The sides of the countertop are hand draw knifed and a splash of color will be added with a blow torch.  The countertops are then finished with a liquid glass finish.  The liquid glass finish sets off the colors of the wood and scorch marks from the torch.

    The Cedar Lake Log Bathroom Vanity collection is made to last a lifetime.  No shortcuts are taken in the construction for either rustic vanity style.  When you think of rustic furniture you think of solid furniture and our goal is to have you think of Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place Cedar Lake collection.  A collection ofrustic log furniture that has so much unique character that you can look at it again and again and see something unique, previously unnoticed, each time.

  • Review of Rush Creek Log Foosball Table

    We have received quite a few calls on the Rush Creek Log Foosball (table soccer) table that we have on our website –  Everybody wants to know what the quality is like.  In deciding whether or not to carry the Rush Creek line we had looked at and handled a few pieces of their rustic game room furniture – but not the rustic foosball table.  So we ordered a log foosball table for the office so that we could give an official review and have hands on knowledge to give our customers.

    I ordered the log foosball table and it arrived a few days later (typical with the Rush Creek pieces – they ship out quickly).  Upon arrival we found the log cabin foosball table to be packaged quite well in a large single box.  The box and packaging weigh about 115lbs so it was easily manageable with a hand cart/dolly.  Upon opening the box we found the table section pre-assembled with the rest of the pieces packaged together in sections.  Unpacking the pieces and laying them out took roughly 10 minutes.

    The Rush Creek Log Foosball Table is made from kiln dried pine.  There is no question about it being made of pine as the sweet smell of pine will waft through the room immediately upon opening the box.  After reading through the directions I started assembly and after roughly an hour my wife and I had the log foosball table setup, leveled with the adjustable leg levelers and we were ready to play!

    I have to stop and make a note here.  The Rush Creek line of cabin style rec room furniture is dry assembled before it is packaged up.  Once dry assembled lettered stickers are placed on the parts so that when assembled again by the end user all the parts will match up exactly.  We found this to be true, assembly was very easy and I was grateful for the lettered stickers.

    Ordering was simple, shipping was quick, assembly was easy – how is the log foosball table itself?  I decided to not review the rustic foosball table for a while because I wanted to give it some play time.  I figured two weeks would be plenty of time.  Here we are about 6 months later and I’m finally writing the review.

    After 6 months the rustic foosball table is looking and playing like it did on day 1.  It is solid and sturdy and well worth the price in my opinion.  The hollow steel rods are heavy and strong, the pine frame has been holding up like a champ to our strenuous office play matches, err product testing.  Everyone enjoys it and I am very pleased to offer it on our website complete with free shipping.

    I feel the Rush Creek Log Foosball Table will make a perfection addition to any home wanting a bit of a rustic feel to it and to any cabin.  From what we have seen the table is durable enough for rental cabins.  Let your log cabin stand out from the rest, most rental cabins have basic non rustic game furniture in the rec rooms, imprint your cabin in your renter’s minds with this log foosball table.

  • Rustic Furniture: Unique Alternative in Home Decorating

    These Chairs will give your home a fresh lookRustic furniture is usually hand made using the primitive methods of days gone by, leading to unique pieces that have a natural charm. One of the most popular furniture styles right now, it is displayed in homes from Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida. Rustic furniture is usually handmade and not factory produced from wood such as hickory, cypress, cedar and pine wood.

    The word “Rustic” is a wide-ranging term that corresponds to almost any type of furniture or decorating style that has a less refined, “outdoorsy” appearance. Rustic furniture was brought indoors in the Adirondacks during the building boom of the great camps and opulent mountain mansions commissioned by turn-of-the-century magnates. Rustic furnishings literally “spring” from the earth and give a home a homespun look that other furniture just cannot match. Furniture and accessories with a more raw, “rustic” look help create a less formal, “country living” atmosphere where ever they are used. This style of furniture can also blend well with a variety of decorating themes, and are an excellent choice if you are redoing your outdoor living space.

    Every furniture style makes a statement. Rustic furniture comes in many styles, shapes and colors, and most of them say “warm, comfortable and/or inviting.” Quality homemade furniture continues to remain very popular nationwide. It’s no wonder as well – like jazz music, this style of furniture is a true American invented style.

    The rustic style is as valid as any enjoyed today. Whether it be the delicate lines of a Queen Ann highboy, the kitschy boldness of a Louis XV vanity, or the resolute proclamation of a log dining table, rustic furniture can add texture, style, and charm to any home décor. Rustic furniture can add country-style appeal to a guest room, warmth to a game room, or a welcome atmosphere around the fireplace. “Rustic” used to mean “rickety or cheap.” No more. The quality rustic furniture today is all grown up and now even borders on sophisticated and trendy. Beautiful wood, polished logs, and twiggy charm has made “rustic” one of the most popular styles in the market today.

    This kind of furniture is a favorite among those who like to have an “outdoorsy” feel in their gardens or backyards. One of the big reasons people tend to like rustic garden furniture is because it is typically not made in a factory (or if it is, it is made using hand tools one part at a time.) Another feature of it that endears itself to people is the fact that every little imperfect knot or twist in the wood shows up. Some of the types of wood that are often used in building rustic garden furniture are cedar, hickory, cypress, and pine.

    The term “rustic furniture” can mean one of two things: furniture that is handcrafted out of authentic raw materials, or furniture that is built to look handmade. One key to finding unique furniture is to look for furniture that has truly been handcrafted or hand painted. The look and individuality of handcrafted rustic peeled wood furniture cannot be matched by mass-produced furniture offered in many specialty shops. In most cases, each piece of truly rustic furniture is one-of-a-kind in character and materials. Another benefit of handcrafted furniture is that it can be custom made to meet your unique design needs.

    Cedar works wonderfully in rustic furniture. Cedar is used in many places for its comfort, long use, and durability at the cabin, on the patio, in the garden, or most anywhere else outdoors, but it also looks great indoors! One of the more beautiful kinds of cedar is aromatic cedar. Another variety – Northern White – weathers to a beautiful silvery gray if untreated and exposed to the elements. Northern white cedar can with stand the elements for years. You can expect between 20-50 years of useful life out of your rustic furnishings if you choose cedar wood.

    The label “rustic” when applied to furniture is most accurate when labeling older, more primitive furnishings, like the famous Adirondack chair. While it is cherished for its combination of form and function, the charm and appeal of rustic furniture is the unfinished look, the roughness and ruggedness made comfortable and homey.

    Jay Gerth writes extensively about rustic furniture. Specializing in Muskoka chairs and other Adirondack furnishings, his expert opinions have helped others find satisfaction with and great uses for their outdoor living spaces.

  • Introducing New Rustic Furniture Collection: Cedar Lake

    Original Lake Log BedsWe are all very excited here at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place to exclusively debut our new collection of log furniture.  With this collection we decided our goal was to combine the best of the best while offering the collection at a competitive price.  What we have ended up with is our Cedar Lake collection, a line of log furniture that will simply take your breath away when you lay your eyes on it.

    The Unique Aged Cedar Logs

    We started by locally sourcing the cedar logs from friends and associates.  For the cedar logs we wanted as much character as possible so we found logs that were naturally aged.  What we were able to find were a lot of dead standing cedar trees and cedar trees that had been cut down by farmers and stored in barns.  There the trees were left to sit allowing nature herself to age the logs.  The naturally aged cedar logs are thusly rich in character and many will feature beetle marks, burls, gnarls and other rustic character.

    Then the logs are brought to our factory we set out hand peeling the logs.  Hand peeling is not a fancy name for a machine peeler of some sort.  Literally we dig our fingers in under the bark separating the bark up off of the log enough to get a better grip in the hand and then the bark is peeled away.  It is a very labor intensive and time consuming process, but the end result are amazingly beautiful logs that have their outer bark stripped away while having areas of cambium, or inner bark, left on.  This hand peeling process ensures that the logs keep as much of their uniqueness as possible.  The cambium also adds some color to the whitish hue that Northern White Cedar has.

    After the hand peeling process the logs are brought in to the drying room, where a large wood burning furnace, or kiln, dries the logs.  During this kiln drying process a good percent of the moisture that was left in the logs is removed.  The escaping moisture is what creates the checking in the logs.  More about checking can be read in our article here:  Checking and Cracking.

    The Log Beds in the Cedar Lake Collection


    The log beds you will find in our Cedar Lake Collection are going to range from the classic log bed style to more unique styles.  Select skilled builders, or log furniture artisan if you will, will carefully construct each and every lodge bed.

    Since all of the logs are vastly different the building process cannot be automated. The specialized builders will sort through the logs patiently and carefully while envisioning your log bed in their mind’s eye.  After they have found the complementing logs needed to create the rustic masterpiece they envision they will then lay the logs out and will start constructing your cabin style bed by hand.  Bends, beetle tracks, twigs, splits, forks, checking, arches, burls and knots – all of these natural markings on the logs come into consideration in the placement and construction of your log bed.  The most unique markings are placed in the most visible areas when possible on your log bed ensuring that your rustic bed is a unique piece of art.

    This process is repeated for each and every bed in our Cedar Lake Collection, whether you choose the Original Log Bed, the Super Spindle Log Bed, the Flat Top Spindle Log Bed, the Original Canopy Bed, the Leaning Ladder Bunk Bed, the original Bunk Bed, headboards etc. etc.

    The Log Chests, Rustic Dressers and Cabin Style Nightstands in the Cedar Lake Collection

    We decided to create two lines of rustic chests, log dressers and log nightstands in our Cedar Lake Collection.  Both lines feature solid construction with smooth rolling drawers.  Both lines are built to become your family’s rustic heirlooms. Both lines feature solid tops with a natural edge.  Solid?!  Yes, solid…

    We looked around at a lot of the cedar furniture being sold, and found that the most popular and best selling rustic cedar furniture lines use plywood with veneer for the sides and the tops.  The tops are typically a thinner piece of furniture grade plywood with a log edging to make it appear thick.  These tops look great… but rustic furniture to me should be real.  It should be solid, it should be built to withstand lifetimes of use and abuse.  So we decided to go with a real top, a thick and solid top that will last lifetimes.  The tops feature natural edges on two sides.  These natural edges are often wavy and add a lot of character to the furniture.  The two non natural edges are hand draw knifed and can be lightly fired with a blow torch, if desired, to add even more color and unique character.

    The Cedar Lake Logger line is a heavy, extremely rustic, naturally beautiful line.  As you will soon see we built this line with no holds barred.

    The logger line features drawers with strong and durable full-extension drawer glides.  Yes, I said full-extension.  These smooth and silent roller bearing glides open effortlessly and allow you to pull the drawer open completely.  We continued with the logger line and built half log drawer fronts – not the typical one log makes a drawer – no, we combined multiple logs to create uniquely beautiful drawer fronts.  The drawers turned out so good that we decided to create the sides of the logger chests, dressers and nightstands with logs also.  Now you can see why we called this line the logger line!  For the drawer pulls we decided to use authentic drawer handles to accentuate the look of the log trim.

    We stood back and were pleased and satisfied with the result of our logger collection.  We then brought others in to get opinions and soon found that although everyone appreciated the unique look, not everyone would want a no-holds barred piece of rustic furniture in their home.  Thus we created the second line of rustic case goods in our Cedar Lake collection.

    The second line features the same thick and solid natural edge tops, the same solid construction, but we toned down the look by creating the sides of the rustic dressers, cabin style chests and rustic night stands with tongue and groove.  The tongue and groove sides give a cabin wall look.  We then used our extremely rustic logs on the corners for legs and decided to offer the drawer fronts in a flat front style or a half log style.  For the drawer slides we switched to smooth gliding euro-glides.   Now everyone was happy and we could move on to designing dining room and living room furniture!

    Log Dining Tables, Half Log Benches, and Comfortable Rustic Log Dining Chairs

    With the rustic dining room furniture we decided to start with the dining chairs.  We figured what point is it to have a nice solid log dining table if you don’t have a comfortable chair to sit in at it?  We used this same thought in our outdoor log furniture collection – the Contoured Comfort collection.  Our outdoor log furniture is known for comfort, for the ability to hug and curve the natural contours of your body.  We were not going to stop until we had duplicated this sense of comfort in a rustic elegant dining chair.

    Yes, we know a lot of companies are charging more for upgrading their dining chair to a comfortable log dining chair.  I don’t like to nickel and dime our customers.  You know what you want, why should you have to upgrade and upgrade just to get it?  It should come standard in my opinion.  So our log dining chairs come standard with a comfortable seat.  Not only a comfortable seat, I should also mention that we spent a lot of time on the comfort of the back as well.  You can lean back in your chair and relax after eating your meal, or while trying to mask your face while holding pocket aces, all comfortably and naturally.

    How that we had the comfortable log dining chairs it was time to create the center piece of the dining room, the dining table.  A dining table top goes through a lot of abuse, unintentional or intentional a dining table top needs to be solid and durable.

    Were again we found a lot of cabin dining tables using a thin wood with veneer with a log edging to give the appearance of being thick.  I’m sure these tables are fine for showpieces – for those with dining rooms that will only be used for the Holidays.  But why not have a rustic dining table that is not only an elegantly beautiful showpiece, but also a strong and durable log dining table as well?  Thus we drew design after design, constructed prototype after prototype, trying to hit that fine line of beauty and rustic.

    That we ended up with, funnily enough, is the same style of top that we use on our rustic dressers and chests.  The natural edge gives a natural beauty, like looking at a tree.  The thick and solid top can take beatings from kids without worry.  Any dents in the top will only add to the rustic look of the dining table without taking away from the rustic sophistication.

    Cedar Lake Collection Log Sofas, Rustic Easy Chairs and Other Log Living Room furniture

    The living room was quite a bit easier to design.  We had learned our lesson with the dining tables and knew we could use the same tops for our log coffee tables.  We also wanted to add a second option of table styles in the living room though, so we gathered inspiration from our logger line of bedroom furniture.  We took half logs and joined them together side by side creating a flat top and a unique log bottom.

    Our rustic living room seating includes log sofas,log futons, log easy chairs and log love seats.  We wanted to set our cabin style living room furniture apart from all the others.  What we decided to do was to add to the classic rustic log style by adding leather capped arms.  These softly padded arm pieces are added to the tops of the arms with nailhead trim, adding an elegant sophisticated look to your cabin furniture.

    Comfort is, in my opinion, the most important feature in a piece of furniture.  Especially living room furniture where one tends to sit the most.  Thus we spent a great amount of time designing the seat cushion supports, finding the most comfortable angle of the back, and of course creating the most comfortable yet durable cushions.  I’m quite pleased to say that though our log living room furniture looks rustic… it seats luxuriously

  • Lounge in a Contoured Log Chair and Relax with Nature

    Lounge chairs for the outdoorsWith spring fast approaching we are all looking forward  to being able to sit outside with friends and family, or with a good book.  Sitting outside with a nice breeze and the sun splashing a warmth across your skin.  The sweet smell of nature in the air, the soft scent of fresh blooms blossoming and the clean smell of freshly cut grass.  Birds twittering hello as you sit in your Contoured Comfort log chair lounging in the comfort of your own yard, or your own porch.

    We know how valuable being able to get away to relax is.  With this in mind we created our Contoured Comfort log lounge chairs, log love seats and log settees to be extra comfortable.  In our opinion, and many others, we ended up with the most comfortable log furniture you can sit in.  What sets our line of rustic log furniture apart is our seat slats are contoured to conform to the natural shape of your body for maximum comfort and support.

    We carefully hand make each rustic lounge chair using Northern White Cedar Logs – no brittle and weak imported Chinese fir logs found here!  Don’t be fooled by cheap and often uncomfortable look-a-likes.  Made from Northern White Cedar our CF1126 Contoured Comfort Log Lounge Chair is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage.

    All of our logs are kiln dried thus most of the checking (cracking) will have already occurred.  Checking occurs when the logs dry and the cells shrink causing the wood to split.  We stress test all of our dried logs before putting them into production to ensure that the cracks have not weakened the logs.  Read more about checking and cracking in our article here.  Checking gives cedar log furniture its natural rustic beauty.

    Our American made outdoor log chair is made by my family’s company, Lakeland Mills, Inc, in Michigan.  Our heavy duty rustic wood chairs and log furniture are built to last year after year.  We believe in supplying a quality product, a product you will be proud to display, a rustic product you will love to call your own.

    Your outdoor wood chair will ship partially assembled with some basic and easy assembly required.  Read our article on how simple our outdoor log furniture is to assemble here: Outdoor Log Furniture Assembly Instructions.  Complete in the box you will find rust resistant zinc dichromate hardware and easy to follow instructions.

    Remember, you can always find time to get away and relax when you don’t have to go farther than your own home.

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