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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Relieve the Stress of Your Day with a Log Yard Swing

    Log Yard Swings for the OutdoorsLooking to relax and relieve some of the day’s stress, but are not sure where to go?  With our log yard swing you don’t need to go any farther than your own yard.  Relax in our log swing which features contoured seat slats for the utmost in sitting comfort.  The seat slats conform to the natural shape of your body for maximum comfort and support. Lean back and swing your stress away on a rustic swing that was designed from the ground up to be as comfortable as it is durable.

    We carefully hand make each rustic yard swing using Northern White Cedar Logs – no brittle and weak imported Chinese fir logs found here!  Don’t be fooled by cheap look-a-likes.  Made from Northern White Cedar our CF1128 Contoured Comfort Log Yard Swing is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage.

    All logs are kiln dried thus most of the checking (cracking) will have already occurred.  Checking occurs when the logs dry and the cells shrink causing the wood to split.  We stress test all of our dried logs before putting them into production to ensure that the cracks have not weakened the logs.  Read more about checking and cracking in our article here.  Checking gives cedar log furniture its natural rustic beauty.

    Our American Made log swing is made by my family’s company, Lakeland Mills, Inc, in Michigan.  Our heavy duty log swing weighs around 160lbs not 100lbs or less like many of the imported fir swings you may find.  Featuring a 5 ft comfortable sitting surface it will easily accommodate and support 3 average size people with ease.

    Your rustic swing will ship partially assembled with some basic and easy assembly required.  Read our article on how simple our outdoor log furniture is to assemble  here: Outdoor Log Furniture Assembly Instructions.  Complete in the box you will find rust resistant zinc dichromate hardware and easy to follow instructions.

    Remember, you can always find time to get away and relax when you don’t have to go farther than your own home.

  • How to Care for Your Copper Sink

    Copper Sinks are Easy to maintain!Are you worried about purchasing a copper sink because you think there will be a lot of work involved in taking care of it?  Don’t worry, so are a lot of other people.  By now you have read my blog on ‘How to Find and Choose a Quality Copper Sink’ so you know how to find and pick out a quality copper sink.  If not I highly suggest that you take a minute and read that blog…. All done?  Great!  Let’s dig in and find out how to care for your quality copper sink.

    How To Maintain Your Quality Copper Sink

    I’m going to start out with a quick statement: I’m going to stop saying quality copper sink now because you know the difference between copper sinks – all references to copper sinks = quality copper sinks.

    You are going to love this next sentence… When it comes to the general maintenance of a copper sink, the less you do to the sink the better.  Copper sinks do not require polishing or scrubbing.  Due to the tempering of the copper to a patina finish, your copper sink will feature an aged, weathered look.  No need to polish the sink because the weathered look is the desired look.  Now there are a few things you can do to keep your copper sink looking its best.

    1. Copper Sink Wax:  Copper sink wax is an easy to use sprayable wax which helps alleviate a lot of the cleaning requirements.  The sprayable waxes you will want to use will spray a natural bee’s wax.  The surface protecting wax will clean, protect, preserve and restore the luster of your copper sink.

    How often should you apply the copper sink wax?  The best way to tell is to watch the sink, whenever water stops beading on the surface it is time to spray it again.

    Do copper wax on hand? No worries, here are a few more tips:

    1. Rinsing:  After you are finished using your copper sink, give it a quick rinse.
    2. Wipe the Copper Sink Out:  Do you live in an area that has a lot of mineral content in the water?  If you have hard harsh water it is a good idea to wipe the sink out.  Hard water, if left to sit on your copper sink’s surface for too long, can cause spots to form.
    3. If you ever need more than a rinse to clean your copper sink just use a soft cloth and a very mild cleaner.  Anything abrasive can scratch the copper sink which isn’t good, but a scratch isn’t the end of the world.

    My Copper Sink Got A Scratch!

    The fact that copper sinks looks more beautiful with age is amazing enough, but the idea that copper sinks can heal themselves is almost unbelievable! It is true though.  If you happen to scratch your copper sink, don’t worry, just sit back and do nothing.

    Due to coppers ‘living finish’, the copper sink will heal itself.  Just maintain your copper sink as we instructed above.  In time the scratches on the sink will fade out and disappear.

    Do Copper Sinks Dull with Age?

    Copper improves with age, unlike many other things which will dull and lose their luster with age.  As time goes by your patina finish, that beautiful weathered look will deepen and become richer.  The more use your copper sink gets, the faster it will age.

    Amazing Fact

    Copper is a natural antibacterial.  Unlike stainless steel sinks, copper sinks actually fight bacteria.  It has recently been proved that bacteria can only live on copper sinks for a few hours.  Bacteria can live on stainless steel for several days!  Your copper sink can be thought of as self cleaning as far as germs go.

    With all of the wonderful qualities that copper sinks possess, it is hard to believe that everyone would not want a copper sink!  Copper sinks require little maintenance, they improve with age, they are antibacterial, and they heal themselves.  Along with adding a beautiful unique look to any bathroom, kitchen or bar copper sinks are the easiest type of sink to maintain.

  • How to Find and Choose A Quality Copper Sink

    Copper Sinks are Easy to MaintainThe other day we talked about how eco-friendly copper sinks are.  Today we are going debunk a myth about copper sinks and talk about what to look for when purchasing a copper sink.  With so many choices available it is very easy to make a mistake depending on what your end result goals are.   Let’s begin by myth busting a common misconception.

    Copper sinks are time consuming to clean and are difficult to take care of.  WRONG!

    Copper sinks, by which we mean quality copper sinks made from 99.7% of copper like you will find on our site, are easy to care for.  A lot of people think of copper pots and pans and how difficult they were to keep clean.  Before the non stick Teflon you had copper in the bottoms of your pans.  These copper pots and copper pans had to be scrubbed and polished regularly.

    That is a lot of work, too much work in today’s fast paced world.  I can only imagine how people look back and remember how difficult and time consuming it was scrubbing and polishing their copper pots and pans and wonder, “why would I want to spend so much time scrubbing and polishing a beautiful copper sink?”.  I wouldn’t and I don’t blame you if you wouldn’t.  But here is some great news – quality copper sinks require little to no maintenance at all!  How is this possible? Well I’m getting a bit off track so we will talk about that on another day.  Today we are talking about finding a quality copper sink.

    Step 1: Finding a Quality Copper Sink

    So how do you know your copper sink is of a good quality?  Make sure your copper sink is made of 99.9% copper.  A lot of cheaper copper sinks are only made of 90% copper and these you will have to scrub and polish.  If in the care description it states that you need to wipe out the copper sink after each use, just keep on looking.  It may be the cheapest bathroom copper sink you have found, but how much is your time worth?  Can you imagine washing your hands, and then having to stop and wipe the bowl dry afterwards?  Can you imagine your family and guests having to do the same thing?  It doesn’t make for a fun time for most people.

    Step 2: Construction of a Quality Copper Sink

    Construction is something you should look at in a copper sink.  “Duhh”, you may think.  But we are not talking about looking something over to make sure there aren’t any holes where there shouldn’t be or any other basic construction aspect.  You need to look a bit deeper at the construction.  Think ahead for when the copper sink will be in use.

    Hand-rolled Corners and Edges

    A good quality copper sink will feature hand rolled corners and seams.  Why is this important?  Well picture a copper sink (or look at the image below) that does not have a rolled corner and seam.  Imagine how much dirt, grime, food, etc. would get stuck in the small, tight corners and seams.  With a rolled seam and rolled corners you will not have this problem.  There are no tight corners for the dirt and grime to get stuck in.  The hand rolled corners and seam feature promotes proper drainage and easy cleaning.  Simply rinse the sink and walk away.

    Reinforcements and Supports

    A good quality large kitchen sink will also have hidden reinforced corners under the sink.  Look at the image below.

    Notice the difference?  On the left is a good quality Premier Copper Product single bowl farmhouse apron kitchen copper sink.   On the right is a low cost, low quality “similar” product.  The sink on the left has three 14 gauge supports that provide stability in the middle of the apron and at the corners.  This feature will keep the apron straight for the lifetime of the product.  Since copper is a soft metal, a straight apron that remains straight over time is a difficult task that is only accomplished by a skilled artisan and maintained by proper support.


    Quality copper kitchen sinks will also be troughed to provide proper drainage to the drain.  A copper sink with a flat bottom (like the cheaper sink on the right) will have to be wiped dry after each use to keep the cheaper 90% copper sink from rusting.

    Step 3: Considering the Gauge of your Copper Sink

    The gauge of the copper used in the construction of a copper sink is an important consideration.  A thicker gauge will hold up better during regular use and will be less susceptible to dents or scratches.  You do not want a cheaper copper sink that is constructed by cutting corners using thinner materials for the sinks and supports.

    Step 4: Tempered Patinas

    The natural rich look you will find on quality copper sinks is achieved by heat-setting, or tempering, the copper to a patina finish.  The patina is a living finish that will endlessly regenerate throughout the life of the product with regular use and simple maintenance.  Poorly manufactured copper sinks achieve color with chemical treatments and sealants that are not easily maintained over time.

    Step 5:  The Last Consideration

    The term “handmade” can mean many things.  Most of the companies making lesser quality copper sinks will promote the term “handmade” to disguise poor or inconsistent manufacturing techniques.  Purchasing acopper sink that is manufactured by a known and trusted copper sink manufacturer may cost a bit more up front, but will save you time, trouble, and more than likely more money in the end.

    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  In the area of copper sinks this is very true.  However, just because a sink may be priced a few hundred dollars more than another does not necessarily make it better.  Some may try to disguise their poor construction and cheaper materials by raising the price to portray the thought “You are spending so much more on this copper sink, it must be the best”.  Look at the sink and compare it to our steps above.  If it has everything mentioned in the steps above then it will be a great quality copper sink and you will enjoy not only a lifetime of use out of it, but a lifetime of comments from friends and family about how beautiful your copper sink is.

  • Go Green with Copper and JHE's

    Go Green with Copper SinksGreen building and furnishing solutions is not just a hot topic, it is an important benchmark in our society’s commitment to protect the environment for future generations.  Green Building is a positive trend in consumer thinking, to which Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place embraces seriously by providing eco-friendly log furniture and rustic barn wood furniture solutions.  We have also expanded our green offerings by including handmade hammered copper products like copper sinks, copper bathtubs and copper switch plates.

    Quality hammered copper sinks will endure for generations.  Copper is a uniquely durable metal with literally endless ability to regenerate its protective patina.  This patina is what gives copper its legendary antibacterial and antimicrobial properties along with its natural beauty.  Having these protective properties will allow consumers to reduce the need for harsh chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment.

    You should take great care though in choosing the perfect copper sink.  Some of the cheaper varieties of copper sinks available in the market are made from recycled copper that is only 90% pure.  These sinks will not age well, they will lose their shape and/or they will turn rusty.

    Copper is one of the most abundant and valued recyclable materials on the planet.  The handmade hammered copper sinks found at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place are made by SCI and Premier Copper Products.  They are manufactured using 99.7% pure grade A copper wire that has been reclaimed and recycled into copper blanks which are then hammered into the elegant yet rustic copper products you will find on our site.  Endlessly recyclable, your copper sink will never take up valuable space in a landfill like other stone, concrete, stainless steel or ceramic sinks.  All copper products can continue to be recycled into new products without limit.

    Contact us with any questions you may have regarding log furniture, rustic furniture or copper products.  We are more than happy to help!

  • What is a Mortise and Tenon?

    Learn how Log Beds are MadeLet’s talk about what a mortise and tenon is today.  You will see the term mortise and tenon used on our site in descriptions due to most all of our rustic furniture uses mortise and tenon joints.

    Mortise and tenon joints have been used for centuries by woodworking craftsmen because of the benefits they give in strength and simplicity.  Mortise and tenon joints in log furniture are used when one piece of log is joining to another.  You will see mortise and tenon joints on all of our log furniture in one form or another. What most do not realize is that the strength of the log furniture will fall upon the tenon and how large it is.  Keep this in mind as you are looking at rustic furniture; The size of the logs used doesn’t make a rustic furnishing stronger or weaker – the size of the tenon does.  A log bed made with 4″ diameter logs and 2″ tenons will probably be stronger than a log bed made with 6″ diameter logs and 1 1/2″ tenons.

    The basic premise behind a mortise and tenon joint is that one piece of wood is inserted into another, and then held in place with a fastener.  Today most mortise and tenon joints in rustic furniture are held together with glue and a screw or lag bolt.

    Tenons can be cut and shaped by hand, but most often the tenon is formed by placing a spinning blade shaped like a funnel over the end of the end of the log.  Most tenon cutters are sold by the size of the tenon they cut.  A 2″ tenon cutter will leave a 2″ tenon on the log.  It is recommended to apply some pressure to the tenon after it is cut – make sure the log did not have a hidden weak point.  This tenon is what will support the weight of the log furniture piece and the person using the furniture.

    Cutting the mortise involves marking a spot on the log where you want the other log to join and then drilling a hole the same size as the tenon you are going to insert into the log at the angle you desire.  A drill press is most often used to keep the mortise straight and clean.  The log is usually locked in place so that it will not move and then the press is lowered allowing the bit to sink into the log, drilling a small amount at a time so as not to ‘chew’ the wood around the mortise.

    This sums up what a mortise and tenon is.  I hope you have found it useful.  Of course if you have any questions or comments regarding log furniture or rustic furniture please feel free to contact us at 877-LOG FURN (877-564-3876).

  • What to Look For in a Log Swing

    Ideal Outdoor SwingsSpring is around the corner… I think… So today let’s talk about what features to look for when purchasing a log swing.  You and your loved ones are going to be relaxing and swinging in yourlog yard swing or log porch swing so you will want to make sure that it is going to hold up.   There are multiple styles of rustic swings out on the web and in stores all varying in price and features – yet in our online store we only list a few. “Why is that?” you may wonder, “what makes one log swing better than the next?”  Let’s dig in and find out by looking at 4 main points that make a quality log swing:

    First let’s take a look at the wood that is used in the construction of various rustic log swings.

    • Cedar is an excellent choice – it is the most durable outdoors due to it’s long life, stability, and resistance to rot, insects, and fungi.  Cedar logs are softer and have some give to them which enables cedar log swings to generally be stronger.
    • Pine is another choice which can hold up decently well outdoors – however you will want to make sure to keep an outdoor finish on your pine log swing as pine wood is not as durable outdoors as cedar.
    • Teak is another wood choice that holds up extremely well outdoors.  It is also very strong and very unique looking.  Teak swings and teak wood swings are becoming very popular.
    • We then move to the wood that you will not find in our online store because they will not hold up more than a year or two on average – Chinese Fir.  This wood is brittle and breaks easily.  Not something we would own ourselves so you will not find it at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place.  You will usually find log swings in some larger retail stores made from Chinese Fir.  They are usually sold for about $100 less than a quality log swing that will last 10 times longer.

    Second, check to make sure the logs used in the construction of the rustic swing are dry – and were dry before they went into construction.  The reason for this is because all logs check (crack) as they dry.  Using logs that have gone through the drying process allows the builder to ensure that the log has not been weakened by stress testing the log. Wet logs that are used in construction may develop cracks along vital strength points in the log swing, resulting in the swing being much weaker and not durable or safe at all.  The logs we use are all kiln dried and are then stress tested before the logs are even allowed to go into production.

    The third area to look at in a rustic yard swing or rustic porch swing is the size of the chucks/tenons that are used.  The size of the chuck/tenon is what determines the overall strength of the log swing.  It doesn’t matter if the log swing is built with massive 9″ diameter logs and weighs 500 lbs.  If the chucks/tenons are small it will not be any stronger than a smaller log swing with larger chucked/tenoned connections.  In my opinion you will want a log swing that has at least 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ or larger chucks/tenons.  Many companies will use 3/4″ or 1″ size chucks/tenons and will hide in small print that their log swing will only support 200lbs.  Personally I enjoy sitting with my wife or friends on our log porch swing.  I can’t imagine having to hang a sign that says one person at a time and only if you weight less than xxx amount of pounds!  Keep watch out for this as there are many copy cat companies who will try to duplicate a quality log swing but will cut costs by using smaller chucks/tenons.

    Fourth and last thing to look for in a rustic swing is the comfort.  Unless you are buying your swing for looks the comfort of the seat and back should be a pretty big concern.  Contoured seat slats as found on our Contoured Comfort line of log furniture (built by my family – Lakeland Mills, Inc) offer a comfortable sitting area as well as offering a sloping front seat design so the seat does not dig into the back of your knees.  I’m sure I sound biased, and I may be, but in my opinion the comfort that the contoured comfort log yard swing and the contoured comfort log porch swing offer cannot be beat.  This is not to say that a contoured seat is for everyone.  Some people may not find it comfortable or some may want a flat seat with a cushion.  If this is the case I can highly recommend the Rustic Natural Cedar line of log swings.

    I hope this helps you in your search for a log swing.  As always if you have questions please feel free to contact us either through email or via our toll free phone number 877-LOG FURN  (877-564-3876)

  • Montana Classic Spindle Log Bed

    Montana Log BedsThis classic, spindle style log bed has graced American homes and cabins throughout the land. A wonderful addition to any rustic style home or any home in need of rustic style, this log bed is as comfortable as it is charming. Like all Montana Woodworks ® furniture, this rustic bed is handcrafted in the U.S.A. using solid lodge pole pine.  Skip peeling by hand with old fashioned drawknives ensures a one-of-a-kind look making the piece as unique as it is functional.

    The mortise and tenon joinery system employed by Montana’s artisans has been used for millennia to join multiple components into a single, solid and strong log furniture assembly thus ensuring a truly heirloom quality piece of rustic furniture that will last for generations to come. Two log side rails per side increase the strength and rigidity while simultaneously adding value to this log cabin bed.

    The Montana Classic Spindle Log Bed is available either unfinished, varnished or stained and varnished.  All varnished rustic furniture items are professionally prepared prior to receiving three coats of premium grade, clear lacquer to ensure a superior product you will be proud to display in your home.

    • Heirloom quality craftsmanship
    • Handcrafted in Montana
    • Hand Peeled using draw knives
    • Skip-Peeled for texture and color contrast
    • 2 log side rails per side, self supporting with slats

    Some basic assembly is required for the Montana Classic Spindle Log Bed.  This log cabin bed is shipped via a freight trucking agency.  The approximate outside dimensions are:

    Twin: 46”W x 87”L x 47”H
    Full: 58”W x 87”L x 47”H
    Queen: 66”W x 94”L x 47”H
    King: 80”W x 94”L x 47”H

    California King: 76”W x 98”L x 47”H

  • Assembling Outdoor Log Furniture

    Enjoy these Lounge Chairs OutdoorsI wrote a few days back on how to assemble indoor log furniture. Well, we received a few requests after that to write about what is involved with assembling outdoor log furniture. So today I’m going to talk about that.

    How To Assemble Your Outdoor Log Furniture

    When looking at a cedar log swing, or a log porch rocker, or a cedar log lounge chair on our site you may feel intimidated mentally breaking the piece down in your head. The truth is… assembling your outdoor log furniture is very easy. Nope, you don’t need to attached each and every back slat or each and every seat slat – it has already been done for you! All of our outdoor log furniture is sent partially assembled, so all that is needed is basic assembly. Let’s touch on a few pieces in a bit more detail.

    Cedar Log Lounge Chair, Log Loveseats, Log Dining Chairs and all variations of our Outdoor Log Settees

    he log lounge chair is one of our most popular sellers due to its versatility. It can be used on a porch or on a deck. Around an outdoor fireplace or in an outdoor seating area. Our log lounge chairs can even be used indoors! We are going to start with the assembly of the outdoor log lounge chair since it is so popular.

    When you receive your log lounge chair it will more than likely arrive in one box. The seat will already be assembled as well as the back. The hardest part of the assembly is already done! We do it for you at the factory. What nice people we are you are probably thinking, if not… well please feel free to think that. So you have your assembled back and your assembled seat, you will simply set the assembled seat on the floor and insert the assembled back into the seat. The first step is done and it probably took you all of 30 seconds!

    In your outdoor log chair box you will also find two arms, two front legs and two back legs. For the second step you are going to take the back leg and insert the doweled section into a hole on the front leg. You will then place the arm onto the doweled section of the front leg. Next check your watch, that should have taken maybe 2 minutes. Repeat the process again and you will end up with the two arm and leg sections that will attach to the seat and the back. That will complete the second step.

    So 5 minutes or less has gone by and we are now heading into step 3. For this step you are going to tip the back and seat (from the first step) onto it’s side and insert the sides (the legs and arm assembly you just created in step 2) onto the 2 doweled sections of the seat. Flip the seat around and attach the other side and… nothing… that is it for step 3!

    We are now on step 4 and your chair is looking like a chair after just 6 or 7 minutes, you are probably not even tired enough to sit in it yet which is good because we have a couple more steps to go through first. Ok, we have the chair sitting upright now, we are going to open up the hardware packet that came with your log chair and take out a couple lag bolts. Head around to the back of the chair and insert the lag bolts into the back upright log support – you may want to look at the instruction sheet that came with your chair – it has pictures which will probably be a lot easier to understand than this. Anyway – you will insert the lag bolts through the back upright log support and will semi-tighten the lag bolt with a 7/16″ wrench or socket. The lag bolt will screw into the arm of the arm and leg section. You will repeat this for each side. All done with step 4, let’s move on to step 5.

    In the box you will have found 2 angled log braces. You are going to tip your chair on it’s back and attach the log braces the the front legs and the bottom of the seat using 4 screws – 2 for each brace. Step 5 is done and you have spent maybe 10 minutes on assembling your chair now.

    Step 6 – the last step. Set your log chair on a level surface and tighten down the two lag bolts. Then take the remaining screws and secure all of the doweled joints with the screws – best to refer to the picture in the instruction sheet. This step is actually the most time consuming step and may take 5 minutes. Your outdoor log chair is now assembled and ready for use! Total time for a chair 15′ish minutes!

    Cedar Log Rocking Chair, Porch Log Rocker, High Back Log Rocker and Rocking Log Love Seats

    Assembly for our outdoor log rocking chairs will be the same as above with one extra step, that step will be attaching the rockers. The rockers will attach to the log chair at the bottom of the legs. Lag bolts will be included to attach the rocking sections to the legs.

    Log Yard Swing and Cedar Log Porch Swings

    Our log yard swings though larger than a log chair are still very easy to assemble.  The assembly is possible with a single person though it is much easier with two people.  We’ll start with the log porch swing because the assembly will be the same for it as for the log yard swings.

    Swing assembly part 1.  The first step will very similar to the first step of the log chair.  Simply take the pre-assembled back and pre-assembled seat (feel free to think about how nice we are again) and attach the back into the seat.  Step 1 is short, sweet and is now complete.

    or the second step you will find an arm and an arm brace in the box – you will attach the arm to the arm brace by placing the doweled portion of the brace into the hole of the arm.  Then attach the arm to the back of the swing with a lag bolt just like you did with your outdoor log chair.  Repeat this step for the opposite side of the seat.

    The third step is very similar to the 6th step of the log lounge chair – you are going to secure all dowel joints with the included non rusting screws.

    For the fourth step you are either going to attach the eye bolts for chains if you purchased a Rustic Natural Cedar Log Porch Swing with Chain Kit, or you are going to attach log swing bars if you purchased my family’s Contoured Comfort (Lakeland Mills, Inc) porch swing.

    That’s it!  Assembling the rustic porch swings are quick and painless – they will probably take around 15 minutes to assemble as well.

    For those with Log Yard Swings we have a couple more steps to go.  We are going to assemble the Log A-Frame assembly now.  The log A-frame will consist of the top log and 4 legs.  The 4 legs will attach to the ends of the top support log with bolts.  Half log braces then attach to the legs and from the legs to the top of the top log – this is the part where it is handy to have 2 people.  One person can hold one end of the A-Frame as the other attaches the half log braces.

    Lift the porch swing up and attach it to your A-Frame and enjoy your new log yard swing!  We estimate assembly of a yard swing to take around 30 minutes or less.

    Cedar Log Ottomans, Log Coffee Tables and Log End Tables

    Outdoor log tables and rustic log ottomans also need just basic assembly.  The tops will already be assembled.  All you will have to do is attach the legs to the tops.

    I would like to thank those of you who requested this article/blog writeup.  If you would like to read about something log furniture or rustic furniture related please feel free to contact me with your requests of what you would like to see me write.

  • How Hard Is It To Assemble Log Furniture?

    Aspen DaybedsToday we are going to talk about the assembly of log furniture and rustic furniture.  We receive quite a few emails and calls from customers and potential customers who wonder or worry about how much assembly may be required with the rustic furniture they are ordering.  Hopefully this blog will help to clear up some of the questions that may have arisen in your mind.

    Assembly and the amount of assembly will vary between our rustic furniture collections and between other log furniture manufacturer collections.  There will be a lot of similarities as well though so I will concentrate on the similarities and group everything together as much as possible.

    First, let’s start with the question, ‘What tools will I need to assemble my log furniture with?’  The answer to this is just your basic household tools; a rubber mallet can come in handy, a screwdriver or drill and a basic socket set is all that is needed for assembling most of our log furniture.

    Let’s begin with log beds and rustic beds.

    Our rustic log beds will generally come with the headboard fully assembled and the footboard fully assembled.  All that is left to do is to attach the frame to the headboard and footboard.  Our rustic beds can typically be assembled within 20 minutes by those who have never assembled a log bed before.

    Our log canopy beds will be the same except you will also need to attach the side canopy rails as well.  Rustic log canopy beds are much easier to assemble with 2 people.  Give yourself about 30 minutes to assemble your rustic canopy bed.

    Our log daybeds will generally come with 4 main sections, the back is generally one assembled piece as well as each of the sides.  Simply connect these three pieces together, attach the frame for the mattress and you are done.  As with our standard log beds assembly will take around 20 minutes.

    Our log bunk beds will arrive partially assembled as well.  The headboard and footboard ends are assembled, you just need to attach the side rails and safety rails.  As with our log canopy beds assembly of our log bunk beds are much easier with 2 people.  Give yourself an hour and a half for the assembly of your first log bunk bed.  You can cut the time in half on your second bunk bed.

    Assembly is fairly easy for the most part as you can see. Our rustic log beds are dry fitted in the factory to ensure all parts will fit correctly as well.  This is just another quality control step that we like to take.

    et’s continue on with rustic dressers, rustic chests, log night stands and rustic wardrobes and armoires.

    Our rustic casegood furniture will generally come either fully assembled or 90% assembled.  All that may need to be done is to attach the log handles.  These may be shipped unattached so they are less likely to be snagged shipping.  In the case that the handles are not attached you will find that the holes are predrilled and the screws are included for attaching the handles.

    Let’s move along to rustic dining room furniture.

    Our rustic log dining tables will generally arrive either as one piece or as two main pieces.  When shipped in two pieces all that needs to be done is to attach the table top to the table base.

    Most of our log dining chairs and rustic bar stools also generally arrive fully assembled.

    ur log buffets and rustic cabinets will ship assembled like our rustic dressers.  The only thing that may need to be done is to attach the log handles.

    We now move down the hallway to the rustic living room with log sofas, log loveseats, rustic lounge chairs, and log coffee tables.

    Most of our rustic log coffee tables and log end tables will ship fully assembled.  All you have left to do is to place them where you want them and then stare at the rustic natural beauty.

    Most of our rustic log sofas, loveseats and chairs will arrive to you fully assembled when the pieces are able to fit through a standard 36″ door.  The exception to this is if the rustic living room furniture pieces are too large to fit through a 36″ wide door then we will ship the pieces partially assembled.  Assembly may take 15 – 20 minutes in these cases.

    Budget/Economical Log Furniture


    Our budget log furniture will need a bit more assembly.  These pieces are typically shipped partially assembled so that they can ship via UPS or FedEx.  These pieces will be from the Rustic Natural Cedar, Rustic Lakeland, and Old Adirondack collections.  These will arrive in partially assembled sections that will go together very quickly.  The log beds may need to have the legs attached to the headboard and footboard sections, the rustic night tables and nightstands will need to be partially assembled, dining chairs will be partially assembled and will need about 15 minutes of assembly.

    As you can see it won’t take long at all for you to sit back and relax in your new log furniture!

    This blog article covered a broad range of our rustic furniture so if you have any questions regarding a specific piece of log furniture you are always more than welcome to contact us.

  • Northern White Cedar - Information and Benefits

    Cedar StoolsNorthern White Cedar has many benefits and is very popular for log furniture because of its many aesthetic and molecular advantages. The USDA Forestry Division ranks it as one of the best woods to use in exterior building. Northern White Cedar has the lowest shrinkage factor, lowest moisture content, and requires very little maintenance. Northern White Cedar is one of the most versatile woods available. In fact, Northern White Cedar is one of only three woods allowed by National BOCA Code to be used to build a deck or porch without pressure treating for rot, decay, fungi, and wood infesting insects.

    Northern White Cedar is one of only a few woods that can be used for outdoor log furniture instead of pressure treated lumber because of its long life, durability, stability, and resistance to rot, insects, and fungi.

    Northern White Cedar is produced in the greatest quantities in Canada, Maine, and the Great Lake States. Although it is a difficult tree to harvest, its many aesthetic and structural advantages make up for this.

    Northern White Cedar grows in damp swampland and can be harvested only when the winter’s chill freezes the ground sufficiently to support the weight of the loggers and their heavy equipment. Even with the most determined effort and the longest winter, loggers manage to fell barely half the Northern White Cedar trees that are ready to harvest each year.

    Northern White Cedar is an extremely slow growing tree with very tight growth rings. The trees that are mostly harvested are from 25 – 75 years old. The cedar wood is one of the most versatile. It is nearly impervious to insects, rot, and fungi. It requires little maintenance, it is easy to handle, dimensionally stable, and as durable as it is beautiful. The heartwood is light brown, and the sapwood is thin and white.

    Northern White Cedar is a superior choice for log furniture because of its beauty, practicality, and durability. The Northern White Cedar used in log furniture is a creamy white color that gracefully weathers to a silver-gray color when left out in the sun. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. Because of this, cedar log furniture can be used indoors or out, and may be left completely unfinished, treated with protectants, even stained or painted. Whether finished or not, each piece of log furniture will be a durable, beautiful addition to any home, cabin, outdoor setting or garden.

    The information above was provided by our knowledge as well as our friends at Timber Ridge Furniture

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