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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Truth, Honesty and Log Furniture

    Rustic BookcasesTruth is not something that comes to mind when you think of the furniture in your home, or pieces that you have yet to purchase. Yet, it is a dominate issue in most home furnishings on the market today. Truth is what you look for in the company you purchase your log furniture online from. You won’t find a cheap, tawdry, sugar-coated piece of particle board anywhere in the main construction of handmade log furniture on our site. We know that truth and trust go hand in hand and we only place products on our site that we know will reflect the quality Woodland Creek’s is associated with.

    There unfortunately are online companies more interested in making a buck than quality and truth. They may brag about a large selection and offer extremely low prices – but look beneath the exterior. Read reviews about the site, check the BBB, the Web of Trust, etc. This is your log furniture. Pride of craftsmanship and the purity of natural wood is essential and promising when you live with log furniture in any room of your home.

    The inferior particleboard is well disguised in some finer brands of furniture, as long as you don’t move it much. Every time you move particleboard furniture, the structure is just a bit more compromised. Log furniture, being made of 100% solid wood, not chips and sawdust glued together, is the type of home furnishings investment that is built to withstand the test of time. There are many pieces of log furniturebuilt over a century ago that are still in great shape and under daily use today.

    The natural beauty of the wood is allowed to remain in all pieces of log furniture. There is no attempt to cover up the pureness that Mother Nature has built into every log and planed board. Many pieces of log furniture made attractive ornamental use of the bark to add character and originality. For a more rustic look in your home décor bark intact portions of these beautiful pieces denotes a stronger presence of nature within the home.

    Log furniture is safe for the environment. It will not remain clogging the earth’s landfills for hundreds of years like plastic will. Not that anyone would want to dump these lovely home furnishings, quite the contrary. Unlike cheap plastic furniture, log furniture is comfortable to live with and easily becomes instant heirlooms that will be ready to grace the next generation’s nest in fine style when the time comes. One could never expect such long lasting use from any type of particleboard furniture.

    Removing plastic and vinyl furniture from the interior of your home is a big step towards embracing and reconnecting with nature. Log furniture is 100% natural and exudes warmth and charm no mass manufactured furniture could hope to convey. No two pieces of log furniture are an exact duplicate of the last. There will always be a variety of unique personality and singular character to furnishings that are built to play up the natural beauty found in each piece of wood.

    The openness and honesty of log furniture makes your home an inviting place where relaxing is easy and comes over you quite naturally the moment you enter and shut the chaotic world out. It will be far simpler to allow your own unique style and personality reign in a home outfitted with log furniture in every room. Contemporary, traditional or eclectic, every fabric color is at home on the true, pure colors of natural wood. Timeless charm isn’t trendy; the style is ageless and uplifting. The handmade quality of log furniture is as honest as the day is long.

  • Log Rental Cabins in Branson, TX

    Dressers with StyleLooking for a getaway in the Branson, TX area?  Then I can recommend Amazing Log Cabins.

    They would love to have you visit.  They currently have a 2 bedroom cabin, a 3 bedroom cabin anand  4 bedroom cabin.  They are all located 7 miles from Branson Landing but tucked away in a wooded golf course area.  They are newer log cabins with new exquisite rustic furnishings each with a private spa on your back deck ranging from 1200 sq ft to 2440 sq ft.

    The cabins are located on spacious lots in a great location and are lovely inside and out.  The cabin décor and rustic furnishings are top of the line and are  fully equipped.

    Please visit their website for more information and pictures.  You can visit their website.

    The cabins are 7 miles from The Branson Landing and about 15 minutes from the main part of the strip.  There is a marina very close, less than a 5 minute drive to the ramp!  It is called Gages Marina.  It provides boat rentals and many other activities as well.  The lake is beautiful and great for water sports.   The cabins also are centrally located to see activities and events.  Each cabin also offers a private spa on your own back deck!

    To check availability, pricing and to confirm please visit their website or give them a call.

  • How to Care for Your Log Furniture

    Porch Swings for the Rustic HomeLog furniture is becoming more and more popular, not just in cabins and resorts but in homes and apartments as well.  The natural rustic look of log furniture is very popular because the look is soothing and relaxing.  Finishing log furniture can change the appearance slightly but it is still going to look like the same beautiful rustic log piece that it did before.  Finishing your log furniture will benefit you in the long run.

    We recommend finishing your rustic furniture because wood is a porous material.  It will easily absorb the oils and dirt in our hands leaving stains on your furniture.  Hands get dirty very easily, no matter how many times a day they are washed.  Dresser handles, door handles, footboards, anything that comes in contact with your skin can stain requiring you to wash the unfinished log furniture regularly to keep the stains from becoming permanent.  A finish on the log furniture will prevent oils and dirt from absorbing into the wood.

    Outdoor Log Furniture

    Northern White Cedar (Outdoor Log Furniture) and Western Red Cedar (Arches & Arbors) are some one of the most sought-after woods for many outdoor uses.  It is a fine grained durable wood, naturally pitch-free and resistant to rot and insects.  These qualities combine to make cedar a top choice for carefree living.

    Before you start in making a choice of finishes, decide what effect you wish to achieve.  One of the positive characteristics of cedar is its ability to accept a wide range of finishes.  Although it does not require finishing for protection, a properly applied finish will enhance the beauty and life of a cedar piece.

    • Untreated Pine: Finish outdoor pine furniture as quickly as possible.
    • Untreated Cedar:Left untreated, Both Western Red and Northern White Cedar will weather to a beautiful soft silver-gray color similar to driftwood.  See the following picture for an example of weathered Northern White Cedar.

    Although untreated cedar is natural and pleasing, it must be understood that cedar wood is a porous material and, over the long term, will need care to minimize surface problems.  In many cases where untreated cedar sits in a damp or shaded area, the wood may become discolored with mildew.

    How To Clean Your Unfinished Log Furniture

    A 20 percent solution of household bleach in water with one ounce of detergent per gallon will usually remove the stain.  Even after years of exposure, cedar can be refinished to a bright, clean appearance with this solution.  A high pressure water sprayer will also help to remove the weathered color effects.

    Finishing Your Log Furniture

    • Stain Finishing: There are a wide variety of penetrating stains, many of which retain much of the wood’s natural color and texture while adding a protective element.  For outdoor use we recommend the outdoor stains/finishes that include water repellent additives, mildew inhibitors (mildicides), and UV inhibitors.  Penetrating stains go into the wood without forming a surface barrier so avoid the problems of blistering and peeling of painted surfaces.  They work well on wood with knots and deep surface texture.
    • Paints: Before deciding to paint cedar, it must be realized that the natural color and grain of the wood will be concealed.  If you choose to paint, apply the product according to the manufacturer’s directions for the best protection and good service.  A good alternative to paint is a stain that has been pigmented with the color you want.  This will give the look of painted cedar log with the protection of an outdoor finish.

    Outdoor Log Furniture Finish Options

    You have the option of ordering the Contoured Comfort and Nature’s Twist log furniture pieces with an outdoor finish on our website:  Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place.  When you do so your pieces of log furniture will go through a multi-coat finishing process.  This in-depth process will insure that all parts of the logs are coated with our outdoor stain/finish.  Our outdoor stains will protect the wood against harmful UV rays and have an anti-mildew agent built in.  As with all outdoor stains and finishes, the outdoor stains will need to be reapplied over time.  Depending on the weather/climate the stain could last one year to five plus years – it varies with all the different climates the log furniture could be in.

    You may use any type of outdoor sealant to refinish your furniture as desired.  The outdoor stain/finish that we use has been pigmented with a slight color to provide a finish that brings out the natural highlights of the cedar wood.  Here is an example of our Contoured Comfort 4 ft Love Seat, Coffee Table, and Rocking Chair made by our co-owned factory Lakeland Mills, Inc finished in our cedar tone finish:

    Pine log outdoor furniture should be finished as soon as possible to ensure a long life out of the wood as pine does not have all of the characteristics that cedar has.

    Indoor Rustic Furniture Care

    Indoor log furniture that has been finished needs virtually no extra care. Just a dusting as needed.  If you would like to keep your rustic furniture unfinished we recommend washing the wood regularly with a mild wood soap to keep dirt and oils from the skin from permanently staining the logs and wood.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions.  Our toll free number is (877) LOG FURN (564-3876).

    This article has been written for Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place and for my blog.  It is not authorized to be copied and used on any competitor website without a link back to us.

  • Understand Logs: Checking and Cracking

    Rustic Furniture is protected from CheckingWe have all seen the checking that occurs in round logs, heavy timbers, utility poles, and log furniture.  Checking is a natural occurrence in wood components that contain the pith, or center of a tree. But what is the cause?  Checking, or the process of the logs cracking, happens as wood releases moisture, and normally occurs across or through the annual growth rings. It is the usual result of wood seasoning.

    Wood shrinks twice as much in the tangential direction as it does in the radial direction. This can be observed in the amount of shrinkage that occurs in individual pieces of wood cut from trees. But, whenever concentric circles (continuous growth rings) occur in wood, the circumference of those circles (tangential orientation) shrinks twice as much as does the diameter (radial direction). Since the circumference is shrinking at twice the rate as the diameter, something has to give.

    One way to visualize how the difference between tangential and radial shrinkage causes checking in logs is to consider the concentric growth rings. The line formed by each growth ring is basically a series of tangent lines, or, one continuous tangent line (in a manner of speaking). As a log dries, the length of each growth ring will shorten by a proportionate amount (tangential shrinkage). But even though the growth rings are shortening, the overall log diameter shrinks at a lesser rate (radial shrinkage). Stresses build up, and checks occur.

    How big will the checks become? It depends on the location within the log. The larger diameter outer rings shrink more than the inner rings, since they all lose a percentage of their overall length. Thus, the checks in smaller logs are narrower than the checks in larger diameter logs, just as checks are narrower the closer one gets to the pith.  Whenever continuous growth rings exist, the tangential versus radial shrinkage stresses will cause checking. Can checking be prevented in round wood?  Not really.

    So why do boards not check while logs do?  Well, individual boards cut from logs usually do not contain the pith, so these boards will not check during drying. Those boards that do contain the pith will typically check only on one side.

    It is important to know that we dry our wood in a large heated room for months to ensure that 99% of all “checking” is already done.  All logs are stress tested before they enter production to ensure that they will hold up to the test of weight and time.  This way when we package your log furniture you will know that you will not have to worry about the durability of the log furniture.  Not all companies do this, but you can rest assured that all rustic furniture found on our site goes through this rigorous testing process.  Your safety and satisfaction is of most importance to us.

    Checking occurs mainly on the surface of the wood and does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood. This natural process adds to the uniqueness of the pieces and lends it that certain rustic appeal that has become so popular in home and garden decor. The degree of checking will vary from product to product and from log to log.  Checking can range from very slight slivers of cracks to larger cracks running the full length of the log to the pith (middle of the log) of the wood. In either case this checking is completely normal and in no way affects the integrity of the wood or the strength of the furniture.

    Information above provided by our knowledge and by Merrimac Quality Log Homes.  Pictures below are of a couple pieces of my outdoor log furniture

  • Cedar vs. Pine - Which Rustic Furniture is Better?

    Experience Outdoor Log FurnitureFor indoor rustic furniture cedar and pine are both a fine choice.  In fact we mix pine and cedar in many of our rustic dressers, chests, nightstands, desks, bookcases, etc. Pine will be used for the framing while Cedar is used as trim and handles. The cedar (Northern White Cedar) and pine (White Pine) that we use are extremely similar in color allowing this mixing of wood types. The main difference between the two is Cedar will tend to have more knots and streaks of color in the grain.

    All of the log beds from Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place whether they are made of White Cedar, Red Cedar, Pine, Aspen, Hickory, or Barn Wood all are extremely strong. So pick out the bed whose style you like the most and rest assured that any log or rustic bed you purchase from Woodland Creek’s will last a lifetime.

    For outdoor log furniture, unfinished Cedar will last longer than unfinished Pine. Cedar is known for being naturally resistant to decay and most insects and thus is one of the best woods to use outdoors. When left unfinished Cedar will weather to a silvery gray color.  Pine, when regularly treated with an outdoor protective sealant, will also last for quite a few years outdoors. So again, choose the style that you like with the upkeep of the furniture in mind.   One of the reasons we carry so many different styles of rustic furniture is so that you will find the style that fits your tastes.

  • Keurig Coffee, K-Cups and My-Kap

    Today a short and sweet post having nothing to do with log furniture or rustic furniture!

    So for Christmas my wife and I were gifted with a Keurig Coffee Machine.  A convenient coffee maker which uses K-Cups (small individual cups which have a paper filter and ground coffee).  The coffee maker is great, however, we like a specific blend of coffee which is not offered in a K-Cup.  We bought and played with Keurig’s mesh reusable K-Cup but were not all that impressed (it makes very weak coffee in my opinion).  I then stumbled across the My-Kap on Amazon.  It looked promising and the reviews were great so we ordered a set.  What a simple and easy to use invention!  We are able to use our own grounds now and we save from not having to buy as many K-Cups.

    If you have a Keurig Coffee maker and are looking to use your own grounds I highly recommend the My-Kap.   Browse the My-Kap site and when you order your own set let David know that Jason from Woodland Creek’ssays hi.

    My-Kap receives our 5 tree award!

  • Differences in Our Log Furniture Collections

    Our Furniture Collections are Unique!A question we are asked quite often is what are the differences in our log furniture collections and why do some take longer to receive than others.  Today I am going to explain the differences in the logs that are used in these rustic collections.  This will give you an idea as to why some collections take longer than others.

    On our site we feature various log furniture collections and styles.  These styles range from simple log styles to intricate gnarly log styles.

    The simple log furniture styles (like our Hidden Lake, Ozark and Rustic Natural Cedar collections) use logs that have been machine doweled.  This process involves placing a log into a machine which sands it down until it is smooth and uniform in size.  From here the furniture making process can be automated fairly quickly since all the parts will be the same size.

    We then move a step up to our Rustic Lakeland and North Woods collections. In the Rustic Lakeland collection logs are German peeled.  The German peeling process is the process of rotating the logs against a wheel of spinning blades.  The blades will peel off the bark and it leaves the logs relatively smooth – yet the knife marks in the logs are visible and the log retains it’s natural shape.  In the North Woods line the logs are hand draw knifed.  The draw knife process is done by hand using a drawknife tool.  The craftsmen will draw a the knife down the log removing the bark.  This process leaves a very clean looking log with a unique knife pattern.  Once the logs are peeled the log furniture is then able to manufactured pretty easily and quickly.

    Moving another step forward we come to the Montana and Wilderness collections.  These rustic furniturecollections are skip peeled.  Skip-peeling does not remove all of the inner bark.  A skip-peeled log will show patches of the interior bark producing a more rustic look.  Skip peeling can be viewed as an art.  It sounds simple just removing some bark, but the skip peeler or ‘log artist’ must visualize each log to envision where the patches will accentuate the furniture the most.  Once the skip peeling is complete the construction of the furniture can again move fairly quickly.

    Stepping further into the rustic realm we come to our Cedar Lake, Aspen, Red Cedar, Cottage, Cabin Creek, Nature’s Twist and Heritage collections.   These lines will take longer due to all the extra labor and time that goes into the manufacturing process.  The logs that are used in these collections are hand peeled aged dead standing trees and/or logs that have aged in barns for multiple years.  The hand peeling process is done by physically taking the outer bark in hand and pulling/peeling it off of the log.  This labor intensive process leaves the logs completely natural looking with their unique shapes – gnarls from tree limbs, burls and beetle tracks all remain visible.  The logs will be very rustic looking with patches of cambium (the inner bark) left from the peeling process, the beetle trails and occasional surface rot from the aging.

    From here the rustic furniture is made piece by piece.  Since all the logs are all vastly different this process cannot be automated.   In this process the ‘artists’ are the specialized builders who sort through the logs while envisioning the final piece, creating it in their mind, then finding the complementing pieces that will make your finished rustic furniture truly one of a kind.  Bends, beetle tracks, twigs, splits, forks, arches, burls and knots – all of these natural markings on the logs – come into consideration in the placement and construction on your piece of log furniture.

  • Is Log Furniture Green?

    Today I’m going to talk about the conception that the makers of log furniture and rustic furniture are hurting the environment.  In all actuality this is the furthest from the truth.  Our factory and the other log furniture manufacturers that we work with are in my opinion some of the ‘greenest’ people in the rustic furniture business.   I would even go so far to say that we/they are the ‘greenest’ people in the whole furniture business – rustic and modern.

    How can I say such a thing?  Well let’s look and see where our logs come from.  At our Log Furniture Place Factory we use the leftover logs from the log cabin industry.  They use the larger lower parts of the trees and we use the tops that are too small for them to use.  The logs that would normally go to waste.  For our more rustic line of log furniture – our Cedar Lake collection – we use dead standing trees and aged logs.  Our friends and associates also practice the same techniques as us.  Those who create the beautiful reclaimed barn wood you see on our site gather their wood from old barns – usually 100+ years old – reusing what would have gone to waste.  I don’t believe modern furniture companies can claim the same.

    You can’t go through a day without hearing something about the environment.  If the earth friendly activists would stop for a moment and really look into what furniture is actually eco-friendly I believe that you would see a lot more log furniture out in the world.  I can only imagine how word would spread.  Log Benches in waiting rooms and in foyers of large companies.  Log dining tables in your workplace break room and in restaurants.  Rustic vanities in bathrooms.  Log beds and rustic dressers in hotels and motels.  The list would go on and on.  It would create a demand for rustic furniture that would send prices soaring!

  • JHE's Log Furniture Place on Facebook

    Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place on FacebookBecome a fan of Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place on Facebook!  Why?

    • You will have access to special discounts
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  • Rustic Furniture Showroom

    We get asked quite often if we have a log furniture manufacturer's showroom.  The answer is yes, we do!  Our showroom is located by our factory in Edmore, MI.

    We have on display (when we keep it in stock) our Contoured Comfort collection of the outdoor cedar log furniture line and our indoor rustic furniture lines Rustic Lakeland (featuring log beds – including low post beds, canopy beds, daybeds and futons – and rustic log living room furniture), Lakeland Cabin (featuring rustic bedroom furniture – including dressers, nightstands and chests), and our newest Cedar Lake and premium Cedar Lake Logger lines (featuring very rustic cedar log beds, dressers and bedroom casegoods, bathroom vanities, dining tables and chairs, sofas, chairs and loveseats and so much more!).  We also have prototypes, seconds, and some miscellaneous furniture on sale as well.

    Our showroom at Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place is open Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm, and on Sundays with an appointment.

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