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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • Somewhere to Gather Your Thoughts

    Writing desks. There might be a temptation to believe that fancier is better, but in reality, the simpler more rustic touch can be more effective. Just take a look at our real hickory log writing desk option, if you don’t believe us!

    We will get to the design nuances shortly, but let’s focus on the refreshingly understated composition first. A smooth, level top sits above two useful drawers on this rustic desk and that’s it folks! But what else do you really need? The drawers have been designed to elegantly house stationery and the top offers the perfect surface for either hand-writing or placing a laptop and getting down to some keen penmanship.  Anything extra would have been unnecessary. We did, however, add in our unique flair with materials.

    The difference real hickory makes

    We know a lot of competitors get by very well with their veneer furniture pieces, but we have always been a solid wood furniture company. When it comes to making the ultimate writing desk for a rustic cabin, lodge or even a modern home though, we know how to go all-out.  Who wants a veneered piece made to look rustic anyway?

    Combining hickory wood and logs, we leave enough of the pieces unpeeled, to give you the authentic woodland look that you love, while also focusing on the smooth operation of the individual facets. The drawers, for example, all feature full extension glides, for seamless and silent use. To look at it, you’d be forgiven for assuming this desk is a heritage piece, with quirks of its own, but it works as a contemporary build should, without losing any genuine rustic charm. The balancing act was hard to get right nut we are the experts!

     Choose your style

    Let’s say that you love the look of this rustic writing desk, but there are just a couple of small changes you’d make, if you could. Who says you can’t? We’ve built in a couple of choices for you:

    Finish – Whether you love the natural hue of the hickory and simply want a clear lacquer or fancy something colored, such as our honey or vintage whiskey hues, we are happy to apply this for you, by hand, for the perfect finish. Protection can be beautiful too.

    Solid Wood Desk top – We can either finish your top in our standard gorgeous way or, we can liquid glass-finish. This gives you a deep shine that begs you to reach out and touch it.

    You can also choose to upgrade your drawers to dovetail construction and, if you’re feeling really fancy, you can add a matching rustic desk chair too. This is actually a cost-effective idea, as it will let you enjoy free shipping on the chair itself and you can choose from a wealth of beautiful upholstery fabrics.

    Built from solid hickory, using mortise and tenon construction, we know this log writing desk is made to last, which is why we give you a 20-year warranty, with our compliments and our full confidence.

    Who knows, in years to come, your grandkids might be writing their first novels on this very same rustic desk!

  • The Perfect Life/Work Balance

    Can a desk ever look pretty enough to be a focal point in your home? It can when you choose our Cedar Lake Cabin file desk!

    While we are exceptionally proud of the large eye-catching rustic executive desks that we have designed, amazing things can come in smaller packages too, as our compact but stunning log desk here proves. Equipped with everything you need, chock-full of customizable options and small enough to be utilized in a home office setting, we know you’re going to see the wealth of potential that this fabulous office furniture offers, so let’s find out more.

    We start with carefully selected northern white cedar logs, which we peel by hand and finish, ready for construction. This allows us to choose the most characterful timber and allows for the preservation of all the natural patination that has occurred through age. Machine-processing strips all of the rustic nature from timber and that’s not what you’re here for! We then use traditional construction methods, including tenon joints, to create solid structures that are unique, created with attention to detail and respect for the materials being used. The result is beautiful furniture that you have a personal connection to, especially when you can add your input and make some key decisions as to the final product.

    Your desk will be supplied with a sturdy top, complete with log edging, but there is plenty to get involved with. For example, do you want us to finish your new desk with a clear, honey or vintage whiskey lacquer? We can do any of these, depending on the wider design scheme in your home. We can also supply your desk with a standard finish to the top, or we can glass-polish, giving you a luxe shine. Choose which side you’d like your drawers and we will take all of the hard work out for you, for no extra cost and then let’s talk about the small but important details.

    As standard, your drawers will have half-log handles, but we can use real antler pulls, for the ultimate in rustic commitment. Also, the small drawer that you can see in the center? Choose whether you’d like to have that as a pull-out keyboard tray or pencil drawer. Whatever works best for you and will guarantee your productivity, we can do for you.

    A desk is more than just a fancy table, it’s a potential setting for the future of your career. It can be the spot where your children ace their revision and go on to achieve academic excellence. It’s a space where people convene when they need to focus, so what’s the harm in making it even more magnetic and appealing? Function and beauty can work together and this desk proves it!

    Shipped for free and supplied with a limited lifetime warranty, we know that you’ll enjoy many happy hours sat at this beautiful piece of real wood rustic office furniture, so don’t forget to check out our range of comfortable and ergonomic rustic desk chairs too!

  • One Desk to Rule Them All

    If you’ve been looking for a rustic executive desk that aptly manages to combine your seniority with your love of rustic design and traditional craftsmanship, look no further. We understand that it might have taken you some time to find it, but you’ll never want another desk, regardless of how long your career is, once you’ve sat behind our stunning Beaver Creek Aspen Rustic Executive masterpiece! Don’t believe us? Just come and see for yourself.

    The first thing you’ll notice here is the sheer size and stature of this gorgeous piece of executive furniture. Designed to offer you the maximum amount of usable work surface, the ‘L’ shape creates not only an incredible visual impact but is also eminently practical for garnering as much practicality from your office as possible. Housing two or more screens will be no trouble for this rustic office desk and never again will you have to bear the ignominy of a boring, uninspiring workspace.

    We know that a desk, even a modern rustic desk designed with inherent beauty in mind, is the hardest working piece of furniture you’ll ever buy. It supports your family, it fulfils your dreams and ambitions and now, it can be comfortable, beautiful and built to last. It can also be tailored to your exact specifications, when you join the Log Furniture Place family.

    Built from aspen, we give you so much creative freedom in terms of what you include or leave out, all in the name of creating the ultimate piece of office furniture that works exactly as you need it to, without compromise. Choose the following:

    Drawer faces – Do you prefer a flat front on for your drawers or are you looking to maximize the rustic design influences? Our half-log upgrade will give you an unapologetically organic look and feel.

    Desk top – Choose from either a solid aspen work surface, or add in a decorative walnut inlay for an extra special finish. Either way, you’ll get a smooth and sleek top that’s ready to work on.

    Timber style - Aspen comes in dark and light varieties, which is great for customizing. Choose your preferred look and then your ideal finish, with either a clear or warm honey lacquer. Both will protect your precious investment, so this is simply a personal aesthetic preference.

    Drawer layouts – Do you prefer standard drawers, file options or a mixture of both? You can pick and choose and decide where they will be placed in your ‘L’ shaped desk. Flexibility is important and only you know how much you need of each style, so why would we decide that for you with a standard design?

    Keyboard tray and pencil drawer – If you like your workspace sleek and tidy, we can add keyboard drawers and pencil trays for you, to keep everything out of sight but within easy reach.

    Shipped for free and supplied with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, we are as committed to your success as you are. Beautiful, functional and designed with your ambition in mind, we know that you’ll love this log executive desk and the difference it will make to your productivity.

  • Beauty in the Bathroom

    Not always a natural partnership – the bathroom and beautiful imagery, but after we’ve introduced you to our Rustic Aspen log vanity unit, we think you’ll see the potential for things to get a whole lot more stunning in your most private space!

    If there’s one thing that every bathroom can use it is more storage. Making the most of every nook and cranny in a bathroom is essential, especially in a family home, where everybody has multiple toiletries and personal effects that need to be contained, which is why we created our rustic Aspen vanity that can be tailored in multiple ways. Essentially, we give you an overarching design aesthetic to admire, then a myriad of ways in which to make it utterly perfect for your one-off home.

    First off, we take carefully selected Aspen logs and hand peel them, to reveal the glorious wood beneath. This introduces an instant injection of rustic character and charm to your bathroom storage, but don’t forget to have your input on the following:

    Size – We offer 9 standard sizes to choose from, ranging from 24 to 72” wide. That’s a lot of variation, in order to give you the best chance of a perfect fit.

    Top – Would you like to add a vanity top? We can do that for you. We seal your top with a clear or honey lacquer to protect the wood from water splashes.

    Sink position – Tell us where you are planning to put your sink and we will make the entire process simpler for you.

    Vanity location – This is an important question and one that so many competitors negate to ask! We want to know where your vanity will be placed. Will it be between walls, or freestanding? Perhaps it will sit up next to a closet on one side? This will affect overhangs and as you want a perfect fit, it cannot be ignored! To get things absolutely right, we ask for the measurement between two walls, if that is applicable.

    Log style and finish – Now for some fun! Would you rather have light or dark Aspen logs? With clear or honey lacquer? Now’s the time to tell us so we can build to your exact specifications and deliver to you, free of charge, in ready to use condition.

    Optional extras include a matching mirror and a sink and faucet package, but we only draw your attention to them in case we can make your entire design process simpler. They are not in any way mandatory! You can also get in touch with us to discuss more custom options, such as back and side splashes, accounting for vessel sinks and upgrading individual elements, such as drawer and door handles. None of these items will affect your limited lifetime warranty on your rustic vanity either.

    Designed and made from scratch, right here in the USA, we never ship-in inferior quality rustic furniture. When you order a new rustic or log bathroom vanity from Log Furniture Place, you can rest assured that it has been made in an American workshop, by talented artisans and for your specific requirements.

  • Shed a Little Light on the Matter

    It has long bamboozled us that having painstakingly composed a beautiful room, filled with carefully selected pieces of furniture, pretty accessories and the perfect textiles, so many people simply plump for a standard boring lamp. Of course, it might be case that after crafting such a perfect space there’s little energy left for the finishing touches, but we want to show you how easy it can be to finish a room with a rustic lamp to ensure that it’s next level incredible.

    Our hand carved Bear in Tree log table lamp is something else. There. We said it! We could beat around the bush, trying to be overly modest about it, but there’s no point because this is a design that we are so proud of. Moreover, we are incredibly proud of our artists that make each and every one of these beautiful lights. Why? Because they are all a real labor of love!

    Starting with an unadulterated log, our craftspeople hand carve the pretty and cheeky little bear design, using traditional tools, patience and nothing more than their extraordinary talent. With the 3D design cut into the log, they shape, finish, paint and lacquer the lamp, still be hand. Not only does this mean that your new log table lamp will be the product of a genuine artist, it also ensures that no two will ever be exactly the same. The design is merely a guiding template, with every carver using a little ingenuity and interpretation to make the finished piece their own. Every rustic carved lamp is special, unique and made to order, taking between six and eight weeks to complete, but we know you’ll agree it is worth the wait!

    We protect your lamp with a protective clear lacquer and add a three-way switch for easy operation. Standing at around 28” high, from base to top of light fixture, this is an eye-catching addition to any home that always proves to be a conversation starter! We also think that it’s a fabulous way to build on an existing rustic scheme with some extra flourishes or start a transition from another vibe towards the rustic end of the design spectrum. In an otherwise contemporary room, this could be a fun contrasting item that starts to shift the aesthetic nicely.

    Shipped for free but without a shade, we invite you to take a look at our complementary designs. Our rawhide shades are particularly popular and work well, though you are of course free to choose any style of shade that you like best.

    Supplied with a full year’s warranty and designed to work in any room in the house, we have to confess that we think this would be a wonderful touch in a child’s room! Can’t you just picture a cozy little rustic nursery, complete with flannel linens, sheepskin rugs and one of these sweet little bear lamps just keeping the dark at bay? We can and we have plenty of bear-themed accessories that would tie the look together too!

  • Small But Perfectly Functional

    Rustic bedroom furniture doesn’t come any smaller or more considered than our Beaver Creek Aspen 1 drawer log nightstand. Bringing together enviable style with eminent functionality and charm isn’t easy, especially when you only have 24” of width to play with, but we have managed!

    Think about what you need a nightstand to do. You want to be able to pop a lamp on it, maybe a book or two, your reading glasses, and a drink. You might also want a secure storage addition, for more personal effects, so a drawer would be useful as well. Now imagine trying to account for all of these desires, while still building something that looks as though it has been plucked straight out of the forest. Not an easy task, but here we are, with our simple rustic nightstand design that has captured our customers’ hearts!

    Standing at 30” tall, this little bedroom storage gem is the ideal height for beside your bed, letting you enjoy a useful surface without the need to stretch or contort yourself and though it may be small, we have built-in enormously useful features for you. The drawer, as an example, features full extension glides that can support 75lb a piece. Combine this with the classic construction of the box and you shouldn’t struggle to store anything regardless of weight, inside it. We haven’t skimped on the top either, as that is solid wood. No sneaky veneer here, thank you very much!

    Given that no two homes or customers are ever the same, we have included a number of variables, to allow you to tailor our nightstand to your exacting specifications. This will come in very handy when trying to complement existing furniture, or if you are hoping to invest in an entire bedroom set from one range (which comes highly recommended in order to enjoy free shipping!). When ordering, we ask you to tell us, via our easy to use dropdown menus, the following:

    Drawer face preference – Flat or round, we can cater for either requirement. The half log finish really ups the rustic looks, but the flat front keeps things simple and elegant.

    Aspen color and lacquer finish – Aspen comes in two varieties, dark and light. The dark looks more earthy and robust, whereas the light has a pleasant creamy tone that works in multiple design schemes. You can tone or protect your choice using either a clear or honey-hued lacquer.

    Log style – Are you ken to embrace the most rustic aesthetic possible? Then our extra characterful logs are for you! We set aside the Aspen logs that have the most distinctive markings, for special projects and you can choose to have them used for your nightstand. Of course, our standard Aspen is also stunning, with plenty of natural patination too.

    Armed with all of these choices, we can construct the closest thing to perfection for you.  Designed and built by industry leaders, our products are all USA domestic and made to order. It’s a key part of our identity and one that we are exceptionally proud of.

  • Stylish, Even When You Sleep

    Nightstands aren’t supposed to be pretty, are they? Aren’t they just handy little accompaniments to a wider bedroom design that looks great? Well, that may have been the case back in the day, but now that taking time to choose the perfect rustic bed is a real thing, we believe that adding the perfect finishing touch, in the form of a matching rustic nightstand, is the way to go!

    Imagine, if you will, a stunning, handcrafted bed with distinctive gnarled log details. Are you drooling yet? Now picture the standard flatpack side table that so many people put next to gorgeous beds. Wow. That’s disappointing. Talk about undermining the rest of the space! It’s time to step away from the cheap and nasty and invest in your bedroom furniture, with our Beaver Creek Aspen 2 drawer log nightstand.

    Designed to complement our wider Beaver Creek Aspen range, this handy little nightstand offers the perfect surface for a lamp and your bedtime reading, while also including two drawers for hiding away all your personal effects, such as wallets, keys, contact lenses etc. And all while looking spectacular!

    Crafted from either light or dark Aspen peeled logs and finished in either a clear of honey-toned lacquer, you can perfectly match other pieces of furniture that you already have, though it is worth nothing that there will be a shipping fee to pay for this item, unless it is bought with a large piece. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to buy a large dresser or even a new bed, this might just be it!

    As with the rest of the range, you can select from flat of half log drawer fronts, depending on your commitment to the rustic aesthetic and you also get the choice of standard or extra characterful logs. To put all of these choices into context, if you wanted to purchase the most distinctive rustic nightstand possible, you would need to choose a half log drawer fronted nightstand in dark Aspen, with a clear lacquer, all made from extra characterful timber. Conversely, for a subtle take on the look, you’d want a flat drawer front design made from light Aspen with a honey lacquer and standard log construction. Don’t get all tangled up though, as we are always here to help, so just get in touch with any questions or if you simply want some help during the design process! Your happiness always outweighs your perceived hassle (which it never is. We LOVE hearing from you!).

    Designed, crafted and shipped right here in the USA, we take great pride in contributing to our domestic economy and would like to take this moment to thank you for supporting our family business. We look to convey our gratitude through the manufacture of the highest quality furniture possible and by combining orders for more cost-effective shipping rates, while partnering with a trusted financing operation such as Bread. We hope that these endeavors make investing in your home as simple as possible and look forward to welcoming you into the Log Furniture Place family.

  • Stepping Up Your Storage Game

    We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard people saying that they’d love some rustic storage furniture, only they don’t have a lot of space at home. To those people we say, grab a perfectly designed aspen log chest that is narrow but tall!

    We know that the archetypal image of rustic dressers is enormous drawer-filled cabinets with beautiful log detailing and chunky handles and yes, we do have plenty of these on offer, but we also want to cater to the smaller, more bijou home too! Not everybody has a cabin the size of a Swiss ski lodge, after all! With this in mind, we created our timeless and practical Beaver Creek Aspen 4 drawer log chest.

    At 40” wide, our rustic chest is hardly tiny, but is significantly smaller than many of our dressers, giving you flexibility and more potential spots for housing it. What it lacks in the extra 20 or so inches in width, it makes up for in height, standing at 45” tall, with four beautiful deep drawers ready to fill. With full extension glides fitted as standard, you won’t have to climb into your new aspen log chest in order to get the most from the drawers either, as you’ll be able to get right to the back with ease.

    How rustic you want to go is entirely up to you. If you love all things extra gnarled, dark and looking as though they have been plucked from the forest floor that morning, we can easily make this a reality for your home storage solutions, but equally, if you like a lighter homage to the natural world, we can guide you through some more subtle options. Your choices, at the point of purchase, will include:

    Drawer face style – Do you like the look of flat drawer fronts or are you after an unapologetically rustic vibe? Choose half logs for a really striking finish or keep things simple with flat fronts and mini log handles.

    Wood color – Light or dark? It’s the question that has plagued chocolate fans for years and now you too! Light Aspen timber has a creamy tone that works wonderfully with our hand-applied honey lacquer, for a golden finish. Equally, the dark Aspen creates an eye-catching visual that is amplified by our simple clear lacquer.

    Log character – this is the choice that most people struggle with. Our regular Aspen logs all feature natural patination and markings. They look beautiful and organic and have a really rustic feel, but we also offer extra gnarled logs for your construction. These have been set aside for their remarkable personality and touchable appeal. This is where the depth of your affection for all things rustic will come into play!

    Remember that however you choose to style your chest, your storage potential will remain the same and the impact your new furniture will have will be incredible. We will ship for free, within the applicable 48 states, plus we are always on hand to help you with any queries. Who knows, with one of our 4 drawer chests in place, you might suddenly find space for a few other pieces from the same range!

  • Storage That Stands Proud

    It’s no secret that we think it’s hard to ever have enough storage in a home, but when you select the right pieces, you can create a cohesive, functional organizational system that looks incredible as it performs.

    Our Beaver Creek Aspen range is a firm favorite. Not just of ours, although we are exceptionally proud of it, but customers the world over rave about the specific aesthetic that we have captured, as well as our exemplar build quality. The 6 drawer log dresser is no exception, with verified buyer reviews confirming how beautiful it is, not to mention that it is worth its price.

    When we designed this gorgeous piece of furniture, it was with bedroom storage in mind, but now that it is available to buy, we see potential for so much more. A lovely addition to any den or living room, perfect in a hallway or even in a kitchen, there’s nowhere we can think of that wouldn’t be immediately improved with one of our rustic dressers, thanks to the character and quality built-in.

    In terms of construction, we don’t mess about. You’ll find the frame secured with a blend of heritage carpentry joints, glue and screws, all completed by master craftspeople who understand how to add strength, while never leaving any of the underpinnings on show. Even the drawers have full extension smooth glides, so you’re never left focusing on the operation of the individual pull-outs. But really, how could you, when the incredible aesthetics are impossible to overlook?

    We give you a choice when it comes to your drawer fronts on your rustic dresser. Choose flat, for a more understated nod to all things rustic storage or go all-out with the organic vibe and select half-log fronts. The impact is astonishing! Next, you’ll need to decide if you want your hand peeled logs to be light or dark. Again, the lighter tone keeps the rustic vibe a little diluted, whereas the dark amplifies the look. Your choice of lacquer will be important as well, with clear simply protecting your choice of timber and honey adding a golden hue. Finally, you get the opportunity to dial up the character by choosing logs that have been set aside for their extra gnarled appearance. The standard logs still have plenty of beautiful markings, from elk antlers rubbing against them and assorted insects making their presence known when the tree was alive, but not quite as many as the super gnarled ones.

    66” wide, this is not a small piece of furniture, but it’s worth remembering that with six large drawers in place, you’d be able to do away with smaller, less effective alternatives. Also, the top is large and smooth enough to offer more surface space as well, making it ideal for lamps, books and so forth.

    Delivered free of charge within the 48 contiguous states, your new ultimate storage dresser is just a few clicks away. If you have any questions, want to talk about setting up a financing package with our trusted partner Bread or simply want to say hello, please get in touch and we will help you to make the best decision for you and your home.

  • A New Era for Bunk Beds

    We don’t know about you, but we think it’s about time that rustic bunk beds stopped being thought of as just a space-saving sleep solution. For far too long, they have been unimaginative, often uncomfortable and barely study enough for one sleeper, let alone two, but we are on a mission to change all of that!

    Our Beaver Creek Aspen log bunk bed combines gorgeous good looks with robust build-quality and plenty of customizable options, to give you the best chance of bagging that perfect spare room slumber solution. Just as fantastic for kids as it is adults, we approached the design process with a determination to maximize both function and aesthetics and honestly, we don’t think it can get any better, especially in terms of rustic bedroom furniture.

    The overall finish is one of organic charm and reach-out-and-touch tactile draw, but you won’t have to worry about splinters or rough surfaces. Though our carefully selected logs might look gnarled, they are hand sanded and finished to create a smooth feel, without losing any of that natural appeal.

    We invite you to get involved with the design process, by choosing from a plethora of options at the point of purchase, including:

    Bed size – No longer will you have to make do with two stacked singles, as we know that your sleeping arrangements can vary in complexity. With this in mind, we have opted to give you six spectacular options, ranging from twin over twin, all the way through to full over queen! This give you plenty of freedom when inviting other families to stay with you, or if you have a large family of your own but not too many bedrooms.

    Log color – Whether you choose the light or dark Aspen logs, they will always be hand peeled and finished. The lighter tone has a creamy vibe, while the dark looks more rugged. You’ll want to think about bed linen and wall colors when making this decision.

    Log finish – Would you prefer a clear or honey-toned lacquer protecting your new log bunk beds? The choice is yours and we are only too happy to apply whichever finish you like best. The honey over light Aspen logs is particularly popular, as it creates a golden hue that is hard to beat.

    Log style – Finally, we ask you to choose from either standard Aspen logs or those with extra character. If you are trying to maximize your rustic bunk bed style, let us select the most interesting and gnarly logs for you, from our supply of fabulous and sustainable timber. The standard logs give you a more understated organic feel.

    With built-in ladders, mattress foundations and free shipping all included as standard, these bunk beds couldn’t possibly get any better, or could they? Designed and made in the USA, this is a domestic product, infused with all the pride and skill of master carpenters. When you buy from us, you not only invest in your own family, you invest in ours and America itself.

    A striking, fun and reliable purchase for any lodge or cabin, we think that the finished aesthetic is stylish enough for any style of home that could use some connection to the natural world.

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