Pillows Soften Up Log Furniture

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2012-09-13 10:00:29
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Try these rustic style pillows!Using log furniture is a beautiful way to decorate your home. From cabins to country cottages, log pieces make a statement in any room. Often made by hand, this kind of furniture is unique and special. The many different types of wood available makes rustic decorating easy no matter what your personal style. However, despite its inherent personality, sometimes log furniture needs a little dressing up to look just right. You can add style to your rustic home simply by introducing eye-catching soft goods such as the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow. Made as an accompaniment to Wildlife Venture Bedding, this comfortable and attractive pillow can also be used on its own in any room. Wherever it’s placed, the pillow’s unique shape offsets that of traditional square pillows and throw pillows while complementing the rounded appearance of most log furniture. The Wildlife Venture pillow features images of does, bucks and moose portrayed in dark brown against a tan background. These images appear on either end of the pillow and on a central strip of tan fabric. A bar of forest green to each side of this strip provides contrast and gives the pillow an overall woodsy look. At 20” long and 9” wide, this pillow offers a large surface for resting and relaxing as well as a highly visible showcase for the woodland motifs. Soft cotton/polyester blend makes Wildlife Venture comfortable as well. Whether your rustic decorating style runs more toward country or cabin decor, pillows can add an attractive finishing touch. They’re small enough to be used just about anywhere and yet large enough to catch the eye. Even if you furnished your home with wood pieces years ago, it’s never too late to update your style. Placing Wildlife Venture pillows on your bed, sofa, futon or chairs adds a new dimension of beauty to your log furniture. You’ll be able to rest in comfort while enjoying the attractive rustic appearance it creates. In cabins, cottages and contemporary homes, pillows and soft goods are perfect for adding that extra touch. Now at a low price of $109.95. Take a closer look at the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow.
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