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Raiders of the Lost Snack!

Ask any sportsman and they’ll tell you that there’s only one good kind of raccoon and that’s one that’s been stuffed and displayed in their lodge! We couldn’t agree more, which is why we have designed this amusing centerpiece that immortalizes the pesky critter doing what it does best: raiding your trash for snacks!

Some people might think raccoons are cute and from an aesthetic point of view we agree, but if you've ever had a coon problem, you’ll know what a pest they are. The annoyingness of them digging through your garbage quickly outweighs how pretty their little masked faces are invest in a fun little stuffed trophy.

We think we’ve really captured the inherent cheekiness of raccoons with Cracker Jack Raccoon trophy that maximizes the ‘awww’ factor without any of the clean-up that these creatures normally necessitate. It’s the perfect combination. What’s more, we haven’t compromised quality for novelty value either. Yes, this critter has been positioned cradling a Cracker Jack box, like a little prized possession, but he himself has been prepared, stuffed and finished to the highest standards. His fur is silky soft to the touch, his whiskers look almost as though they are still twitching keenly and his eyes are shiny and bright, because he needs to look as nature intended him, even when in your home.

Can’t you just imagine this naughty little creature being positioned somewhere pertinent in your rustic home? We like to imagine that you all play little games with our trophies, positioning them around your homes to surprise and make other members of your household laugh, or maybe squeal! Us? We might be tempted to place this little piece near an indoor bin, to see if you can fool anybody, before moving him around the house to play more practical jokes. 

One thing is certain: wherever you place your raccoon taxidermy trophy, he will be well received. We take the time to work with the best tanners and masters of the taxidermy craft. The result is the most lifelike and natural trophy possible, which will last generations to come. In fact, we are so proud of the pieces we offer, we send them to you with a lifetime guarantee, because we know they can withstand regular use, even over decades of display.

Now then. Let’s talk customization. Is there an in-joke that you’d like to capture within this piece? Maybe you need your coon to be clutching a different snack? We are happy to make you something specific and deeply personal as we know these extra touches make for the most beloved trophies. Think of this design as a template for your perfect taxidermy piece and get in touch today so we can draw up your unique item.