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Reflections of Nature

A mirror is a home accent that is often taken for granted. You get up in the morning and check your reflection almost without thinking, smoothing your hair or making sure you look like you got enough sleep. And how many times during the day do you glance into the mirror as you pass, eyes naturally drawn by the movement you create in the glass? Thought of this way, a mirror is a functional piece or even a distraction rather than part of the look of your bedroom.

Reflective glass takes on a whole new personality when you have a mirror like the Black Bear Mirror by DL Collections Hand-layered pieces of natural wood in varying colors turn a traditional oval mirror into a work of art. A fine piece of rustic décor, this mirror features the images of two black bears surrounded by a rugged wood frame. One bear perches in a tree while the other looks out from a cliff ledge. The design breaks up the glass for an attractive, off-centered look that’s a departure from traditional mirrors.

While this piece would be most practical hung in your bedroom, you can also use it as an accent in any area of the home. Mirrors add depth to a room, and the unique handcrafting of the Black Bear model adds beauty as well. The subtle wood colors are wonderfully rustic, echoing a bear’s natural habitat. And since the artwork itself is three-dimensional, it draws the eye more than flat pictures or prints. This mirror will draw more attention for its design rather than what can be seen in it. For this reason, it also makes a wonderful addition to your entryway.

If you already have a lot of log furniture in your home, you don’t have to do much more to ensure the beauty of your rustic décor. The design of the Black Bear Mirror updates a traditional home accent with an artistic woodland scene that you can admire as part of functionality of the piece or on its own any time.