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Relax in Style with Canopy Log Beds

Dressed to the nines, dripping with lace or left bare for the beauty of wood, canopy beds are cottage chic focal pieces.Canopy log beds are the epitome of classic country charm and cottage chic decor. Whereas other styles and models of beds can be large, awkward and even imposing, log beds with canopies will be surprising, as they offer simple elegance that can be quite beguiling to anybody.

Canopy log beds come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. These lovely pieces of rustic furniture invite owners and guests to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with no annoying metal creaking when someone rolls over.  The great thing about these beds is that they are sturdy, built to allow all four legs to touch the floor. This is a much better option in comparison to beds that are anchored to wheels that move the bed to a position it should not be in. Log beds with canopies are beautiful, providing various shades of wood color that can fit into or stand out in any color room. There are a variety of canopied log bed frames with different styles for the head and foot boards, allowing the individual the choice of what he or she wants to see every day.

With the right canopy log bed, the entire room will be inviting. Beds are the centerpiece to any bedroom suite, and usually draw the most attention. With charming cottage chic log beds, what people see is the inviting, comfortable work offered by nature and skilled craftsmanship. But, there are more pieces of warm, homey cottage style log bedroom furniture that you can add to the ambiance.

Rustic furniture comes in full suites of log bedroom furniture perfectly suited to the cottage chic decorating style. This includes the Cedar Lake Log Canopy Bed, the Rustic Collections, Cabin Creek Canopy Collection, Aspen Mountain Canopy Bed and many more. These collections will please even the most discerning of tastes, bringing an effortless simplicity that anyone will find naturally enjoyable. With the canopy log beds, people can lie down and wake up in style, offering aesthetics and as well as functionality.

These beds are handmade and crafted out of the finest wood available. Log beds with canopies look great just about anyway you choose to dress them. Draped in lace, left with bare canopies wearing vibrant quits or comforters, or fitted with corner drapes for softening. They are durable and resilient, providing years of service. When canopy log beds are made, the manufacturer guarantees the work for several years, making it more cost-effective than that of another type of furniture. The same is true of all other pieces of log bedroom furniture. This is far beyond the quality guarantee you find with any standard, mass manufactured furnishings for any room in your home.

Furniture made of cheap materials will wear out in a few short years (or less), leaving you searching for suitable alternatives. With rustic furniture crafted from solid wood and the timeless style of canopy log beds, this is a once in a lifetime purchase that you can and pass on to your children. As in the past, these pieces can become family heirlooms that will be treasured by the generations to come. The reason for such a sharp difference between traditional mass made furniture and the longevity of cottage log bedroom furniture is simple. These craftsmanship skills have been proven to last hundreds of years when the rustic furniture is well cared for. Particle board could only hope to assume the durability of real solid wood.

Log canopy beds are a unique source of rich warmth and enduring cottage chic charm. These country home style beds can be dressed up with so many beautiful fabrics on the  mattress or frame, and they look just as fetching left bare. In their simple state the grain of the wood and artistry of these personality plus log beds can be savored. Whichever way it is dressed up or down, log canopy beds can fit into almost any existing furnishings, providing a charm that will please anyone.