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Rugged Barnwood Furniture Reflects Style

Rugged MirrorsChoosing accent pieces for your cabin depends on the kind of rustic decor you're aiming for. There are so many different styles that you can create simply by using different colors and types of wood. Reclaimed barnwood has a special beauty that is brought out even in simple pieces such as the Cottage Barnwood Mirror.

Using red oak boards reclaimed from 1800s tobacco barns, this eye-catching mirror is perfect for any room in your rustic home. Barnwood furniture offers a unique look no matter where you place it. Each board has its own distinctive characteristics, honed by decades of exposure to changing weather conditions. Solid and attractive, barnwood creates a beautiful mirror frame.

The Cottage Barnwood Mirror makes it easy to appreciate the one-of-a-kind appearance of this special wood. Bands of light and dark colors, slight twists and curves and even a few gnarled knots may appear in the piece. A dull catalyzed lacquer finish seals in every accent so that you can enjoy the stunning look of your mirror for years. A good mirror adds a feeling of space to your bedroom, entryway or bathroom the moment you hang it up.

By reflecting a large area of the room, a mirror can make it appear as though there's twice as much space in any given area. This is a great asset in cabins where the rooms tend to be on the smaller side. It's also the perfect way to create an inviting space for guests the moment they arrive. A sense of openness puts visitors at ease and starts every visit off on the right foot. Investing in barnwood is a smart idea when you want to put together a collection of truly rugged cabin decor.

Not only does the Sawmill Barnwood Mirror give you a functional mirror that's built to last, but it also brings a unique work of art to whatever room you hang it in. The subtle differences between the boards in barnwood pieces give you a distinctive creation that you can enjoy anywhere, any time.