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Rustic Decor Makes Everyday Items Unique

Rustic MirrorsIf you stop and think about it, mirrors are everywhere. Whether you're out in public or visiting a friend, you're likely to encounter at least one mirror. Some have practical uses while others are used as embellishments. You probably glance at yourself in these mirrors so often that you don't even notice you're doing it. However, mirrors can be an invaluable part of your rustic decor. More than just a simple reflective surface, a mirror has many applications when it comes to decorating.

You should take the same care when choosing a mirror as you do when shopping for furniture. Every piece that you introduce into your home has an effect on the overall style. Unique handcrafted accents such as the Oval Slab Antler Mirror are perfect when you want to enjoy the rugged beauty of the outdoors in your living room or bedroom. Crafted from a solid oval slab of wood with natural bark trim, this stunning handmade piece makes a lovely complement to log furniture. The most eye-catching feature, however, is the ring of naturally shed whitetail deer antlers that outlines the mirror glass. Each antler has its own distinctive look, making every mirror a singular work of art.

Another benefit of mirrors is the way that they reflect different parts of a room to make it feel bigger. This is especially helpful if you live in a cottage, cabin or older home where the rooms aren't as spacious as in modern houses. Hanging the Oval Slab Antler Mirror in a small space not only gives it style but also opens it up, adding a sense of space and light.

With its attractive buttery color, large oval glass panel and handy shelf, this one-of-a-kind mirror makes a beautiful accent anywhere in your home. Adding a small rustic accessory to the shelf enhances the appearance of the piece and makes your country decor that much more inviting. Choosing a mirror that's different from the ones you see every day brings a unique and special touch to your home.