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Rustic Decor

  • These Rustic Antler Chandeliers are Perfect for Any Space

    Deliver an unmatched lighting experience with these rustic antler chandeliers.

    Sometimes it's good to be bold. It feels empowering, and when you add bold to a room it lifts that space up. This can be especially true when it comes to lighting. For instance, chandeliers have played a pivotal role in interior design, some fancier than others of course.

    No Matter What Size Space, We Have a Chandelier For You

    If you’re looking to light an entrance or an adjacent book room, or a small dining area; the Elk Tripod 3 Light Antler Chandelier would be perfect. Offering sufficient light, the 3 light version of the very popular 6 light; offers the classic antler design in which no one antler is the same. Authentic natural shed Elk antlers deliver the best craftsmanship. Transform your space today.

    Illuminate Your Next Dinner Party With Flare

    The Elk Tripod 6 Light will cast a larger radius of light offering the best ambiance possible for your next dinner or hosting event. The light glows and bounces off the beautiful brown tones from the antlers, casting a warm and rich glow. These beauties usually ship within 4-6 weeks.

    This Rustic Antler Chandelier is Destined to Rule Them All

    If you’re looking to create a rustic space that truly transforms the interiors into a mighty destination fit for Davy Crockett, the 30 antler chandelier is for you. Wine and dine in the most exquisite lighting experience; perfect for log cabin homes, lodges, or bigger conference style spaces and entrances. Each antler is picked to display the beauty of mother nature, through the antlers’ vivid lines and the chandeliers 21 lights; bathe and illuminate in what is sure to be the talking piece of the night.

    Design with Ease

    If you’re still not sure which rustic antler chandelier to choose, one of our rustic interior design consultants can help. Contact us today, and let us know your questions and thoughts; or buy online, all of our products are backed by a 1 year warranty and made in the USA.


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  • 3 Reasons to Decorate With Log Furniture

    LLog furniture makes for a unique choiceog furniture can help you achieve a truly different and beautiful look for your home. There are many reasons to choose this type of furniture when looking at rustic decorating options.

    Unique Style
    Unlike most furniture available today, log furniture has character and style. Most pieces you find online and in furniture showrooms are constructed in plain, boxy shapes that lack interest and often fade into the background when placed in a room. By contrast, rustic furniture echoes the very nature of the logs it is made from. Rounded shapes pair with slight variations in color and grain to make you feel as if you’re living in the heart of the forest. Whether you seek out specific wood types like hickory or aspen or prefer the weathered beauty of barn wood, cabin furniture brings a unique style to any room in your home.

    Most of today’s furniture is made to fit into a modern home or a specific idea of “classic” décor. This makes it possible to use traditional furniture pieces in any room of the house, but often at the expense of true beauty. Log cabin furniture takes the opposite approach by offering pieces that define and enhance each room. Even unexpected places like the bathroom can benefit from the outdoor charm of log furniture.

    Wood furniture is much more reliable than many of the “inexpensive” pieces you see in department stores. As long as it’s taken care of, wood is less susceptible to bending, warping, and cracking. This means that once you’ve built your rustic décor, you can continue to enjoy it far into the future, which is something that cheap pressboard furniture can’t promise.

    For quality craftsmanship, long-lasting reliability, and unique character, you need look no further than log furniture. Your home will look stunning when finished with rustic décor, a marvelous mesh of simplicity and relaxing woodsy beauty.

  • Finding the Log Furniture Fabrics to Match Your Style

    We have a large selection of fabric for your log furniture.Decorating with log furniture in your home at all is a huge statement of who you are at heart. After all, the building you live ceased to be just a house. As soon as you moved in and unpacked your stuff, it turned into your home. It’s the only place in the world that you can surround yourself with all your favorite things - with complete freedom. This is probably why eclectic décor is so popular, because anything you really love goes so long as you stick to color rules.

    Animals, geometric shapes, solid colors, floral prints, lines, swirls and textures--the fabric style that you choose for your log furniture gives it a totally unique look. Your selection definitely says a lot about your taste and personality. Since we are all such unique personalities, Woodland Creek’s has a wide assortment of cushion and futon fabrics to choose from.

    For many of our log chairs, log patio furniture, and log living dining furniture designs, you can add your personal touch to these items or sets by choosing the upholstered parts to be covered with a variety of different colorful fabrics. We like to give our customers a choice, because none of us have the same taste or sense of the perfect style. Some will prefer dark, solid colors while others prefer light colors like pink or yellow, and then there are those who want patterns in a range of hues.

    Whatever your taste in rustic décor and log furniture design is, we have something for you. Our earth tone solids are loved by log home furniture owner's who like things simple and aesthetically pleasing. Our fabrics featuring animals are a fun, decorative way to bring wildlife into your home or hunting themes to the upscale cabin and lodge. Adding this fabric to your log patio furniture or log living dining furniture will give the comfortable cushions colorful appeal.

    Personalizing your home, cabin, porch or patio is paramount. Adding your choice of color, pattern or texture in fabric to your log home furniture and log outdoor furniture gives it your personal style. Using different fabrics through the various rooms of a home and different styles of log furnituregives you instant variety. A far more interesting home is the result as opposed to the abode where everything looks the same.

    Are you unsure of which fabric you should choose? It's okay! We allow you to order sample swatches so that you can choose which fabric is just the right colors for your rooms. The last thing you need is for that exciting moment when your log home furniture arrives to be a letdown because the fabric color is all wrong once seen beyond the image on our web pages. We know all about the ins and outs of decorating! After all, we are homeowners too.

  • Rich Homey Décor with Barnwood Furniture

    Barnwood is a type of rustic furniture that gives you a natural, homey feel.One of the things that is possible with real, solid wood furniture is the ability to pair up almost any color of wall paint your hear desires. With the clean facial colors of barnwood furniture, lovers of beautiful jewel tones should be prepared to fall in love. Take this particular piece of rustic bedroom furniture pictured above. Here we have aged to perfection wooden furniture you won’t find at any local store.

    Richly resplendent with those gorgeous red walls, this bedroom setting is sumptuous without being overdone in any way, shape or form. While we can’t at this instant show you just how mercurial the character of our beautiful Riverwood Barnwood furniture beds are, put on your imagination hat and picture this same bed against walls of harbor blue, sage green or fall butter would be.  Granted, you may not have the same aged barnwood flooring and corner hand-hewn timbers to work within your house that you see in this image. With some creativity, you can put together just as lovely of a look.

    Working with the dark tones of aged rustic furniture woods allows you to get very imaginative with your decorating choices. Natural wood flooring comes in lots of tones and wood types. This particularly fetching bed from our barnwood furniture designs collections would look just as grand on a scrubbed pine floor. You’d be hard pressed to find mass manufactured furniture beds or bedroom suites today that could pull of this rich, dramatic wall color with this much class and character. To accomplish the same look, you’ll need to find a weathered barn that no one really cares about anymore and learn the trade of master furniture crafter using long ago parked construction methods.

    You choices in barnwood furniture don’t end with the bed or even the bedroom. Our high quality rustic furniture makers use reclaimed barn wood from locations across the country to create pieces you’ll find highly useful in just about every room in your home.

    From blanket chests to entertainment armoires and end tables of bedside stands and on into dressers and hanging mirrors, the charming warmth and rich drama of barnwood furniture and home décor accessories is pretty plentiful here. Such a bed as we are featuring today is as stunning and warm with scads of white eyelet and lace as it is with this homespun patchwork quilt. Just another one of the many freedoms that makes rustic furniture so endearing, is it’s complete adaptability to a massive range of wall colors and textile treatments.

    You can dress barnwood furniture up or play it down and it just seems to shine through whatever your mind puts together as the finished look. Whether the bed you select from the many styles we have available is dark and burnished or silvered by a century of sunshine, these always unique pieces of rustic bedroom furniture, or in any other room of your house, will continue to charm you far into the future.

    Here you have excellent quality of craftsmanship and timeless warmth for a home that you will never tire of… or disappointing furnishing investments that quickly wear out. Imagine solid wood bedroom furniture that allows you to change the wall and floor covering on a whim and never look anything but wonderful. Say goodbye to the boring bedroom with the introduction of barnwood furniture in an array of styles for both adult and children’s rooms.

  • Reflections on Life with Log Mirrors

    Rustic furniture needs rustic accessories to go along with it.There is any number of spots in your home that cries for a mirror. When you have chosen cabin or rustic furniture, you’ll want the right mirror to coordinate with your relaxed décor. If you’ve seen one log mirror, you haven’t seen them all. We have craftsmen that create great looking mirrors from a variety or woods and in many shapes and styles. So don’t get the idea that you have to have log furniture to find just the right mirror to look at home in your rooms.

    For light reflection, checking on your hair situation or to make a room look bigger… every home needs mirrors. The beauty of playing one wood bark against the other in a geometric design like the log mirror’s framing pictured above could jazz up just about any room in your home. Picture this lovely wall hanging above the fireplace mantle or installed over the sideboard in the dining room. It would be equally fetching in your foyer or bedroom too. This mirror is found in our Hickory Cottage Collection of rustic furniture, but you can see it will work well with a number of other styles. Even if you don’t have any other log furniture pieces in your home, many a homeowner will truly enjoy this one of a kind piece.

    Some log mirrors are smooth and sleek too, like those we have made from pale pine. Others can be a bit more contemporary or funky fun in design. With the interest of bring a more natural feeling to home today, we find that people who bridge modern decorating with rustic furniture are growing in numbers every day. There are those who think this is surprising, but we don’t. You just can’t beat the realness, honesty and solidity of log furniture and decorating accessories. Nor can you beat the quality of construction.

    You won’t find one piece of plastic or any particle board hidden beneath the lovely surface of anything we carry at Log Furniture Place. Here we have the philosophy that great craftsmanship using time honored traditions in furniture making that heirlooms were made with is what the world really needs. Granted, a couple of hundred years ago, people most likely did not have log mirrors. We modern folks tend to be more caught up in the finished look of our interior decorating than our forefathers. Yet, log furniture and log beds that were handcrafted even 200 years ago are still in daily use today. We certainly can’t say the same about anything mass manufactured since about the 1940’s.

    Speaking of log beds, it’s just occurred to me that here is one more spot that is perfect for hanging log mirrors. How did I overlook this common place we use mirrors in our homes? Well, at least it wasn’t forgotten altogether while I was caught up picturing how great these mirrors look hanging on stone fireplaces or rough plaster in the front hall and dining room.

    Last, but not least, we also have rustic mirrors crafted from aged, weathered barnwood. So if this is your choice of rustic furniture, you won’t be left out or look beyond the great selection available in the log mirrors department on our website. We have thought of your every need in furnishing a relaxing, natural home or cabin, cottage or lodge. Whether you put it to use every day, or just for that weekend and holiday breaks retreat, you don’t have to worry about wearing out the furniture our craftsmen make.

  • Create the Perfect Kitchen With Our Log Decor

    Accent your rustic log furniture with our log decor.Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you need to treat it that way. We have everything you need to create the rustic log cabin kitchen of your dreams. You’ll want to be the one doing the cooking, because your kitchen will be too beautiful to walk away from!

    Your kitchen’s log decor starts with our North Woods custom kitchen cabinets. We can help you design the perfect kitchen cabinet arrangement, so that you have the log kitchen you desire. You have your choice of regular cabinets, cabinets featuring pull out drawers, sleeves, recycling bins, trash compacters, corner units with a lazy susan, and much more. Your wish is our command! We use hand draw knifed pine to give you the perfect log cabin feel, and your cabinets are built to handle all of the daily use they will undoubtedly get.

    Our cabinet hardware comes in many different designs, such as resin, wildlife, leaves and trees, fish, nautical, and western. There is cabinet hardware to suit everyone’s discriminating taste! A matching North Woods kitchen island is a must-have piece of rustic furniture, with all of the same great qualities you cabinets possess. You can even request liquid glass to be applied to the bar countertop of your island. All of our North Woods products can be unfinished or have a clear or medium finish applied.

    The style of sink you choose is very important when you are decorating your rustic log cabin kitchen. You can choose from many different styles of sinks, in either copper or granite. There are square sinks, rounded sinks, sinks with aprons, single well sinks, 60/40 sinks, 50/50 sinks, sinks with workstations, you name it, we have it. Our granite sinks are incredibly heat, stain and chip resistant, needing only light cleaning with a dishwashing liquid to remove everyday stains. Our copper sinks are easy to maintain, as they actually fight the bacteria that stainless steel sinks would harbor! We also offer drain and strainer sets for your sink, as well as garbage disposal caps, so all of your sink needs are met.

    Every kitchen needs a paper towel holder to go with their rustic furniture. We have a wide variety of free-standing paper towel holders. The designs on our wrought iron paper towel holders are beautiful, and there are so many of them it will definitely be a difficult choice. Our wall-mounted wrought iron paper towel holders also come in too many designs to list, so there is something for everyone.

    We also have several free-standing and wall-mounted log paper towel holders for you to choose from. If you want napkin holders, we have many wrought iron styles from you to choose from, as well. The construction of our paper towel and napkin holders is unmatched by anything you could find in a store, just like the rustic log furniture we carry.

    If you’ve dreamed of having a pot rack, you’ve come to the right place. We have gorgeous pot racks, with many different rustic scenes to choose from.

    All of your kitchen needs are met here! We have everything from your rustic log furniture cabinets and islands to that just right kitchen sink, and more. Now all you need to do is add your appliances, cooking and eating ware to compliment the log decor, and you’re ready to go!

  • Add Eye-Catching Rustic Furniture Accessories to Impress Your Guests

    When you have a home full of rustic log furniture, choosing the right accessories can be tricky.So, you have picked out all of the perfect pieces of log furniture to create a stunning rustic home. What’s next? Of course, the fun part! Now you get to select all of the unique, interesting accessories and details to complete your rustic design scheme!

    Let’s start with the entrance to your home – the foyer or mudroom. There are some very interesting and unique accessories and pieces of rustic log furniture available for these rooms. A nice addition to your entryway would be a striking hall tree, which features a seat where you can remove your footwear, handles for stability, drawers for storage, and hooks for jackets and other outdoor accessories. You can also choose to add a handsome log coat tree, with branches at different levels to hang many types of coats and hats. You may prefer a wall coat rack, duster rack, or peg rack, which are available in different types of wood or iron. A more subtle choice would be one of our log hanging brackets.

    Every rustic log living room needs to accessorize its rustic furniture with a mantle, and a log mantle is a real eye-catcher. Log shelving is also a must-have, and you can choose from many styles of rustic iron curtain shelf brackets to go above your windows, or any of our other beautiful iron shelf brackets. To add a comfortable feel to your living room, you can choose to add a natural cedar quilt bench, a double or triple cedar quilt rack, or even a quilt ladder.

    Every fireplace needs a scenic fireplace screen in front of it, or an iron fireplace pillar holder. A log footstool is a necessary piece of log furniture in every rustic log living room, as well. You can choose to place a standing log mirror in your living room or one of the many gorgeous styles of hanging log mirrors available. Speaking of things for the walls, your living room definitely needs one of our wrought iron or granite wall clocks. Who would have thought that you could get a personalized charcoal portrait from Log Furniture Place? Well, we did, of course!

    Next comes one of the most important rooms in your rustic home – the kitchen. Let’s start with the cabinet hardware. We have something to suit everyone’s taste. You can choose from many different designs, such as resin, wildlife, leaves and trees, fish, nautical, and western. Can you believe we offer 44 different styles of wrought iron napkin holders and 38 styles of paper towel holders for your kitchen?

    Every bathroom needs a few rustic furniture accessories, as well. We offer many different styles of wrought iron toilet paper holders, and you’re sure to find a matching wrought iron towel bar or ring. You can also choose from our log towel bars, and you’re sure to want a cedar towel stand to go with it! A wrought iron over-door clothes bar is a nice accessory, as is a switch plate or outlet cover.

    You are sure to find the perfect rustic log furniture accessories for your rustic home here at Log Furniture Place. We have something for everyone, and many of our items come in corresponding designs so you can keep a theme going in any room. Stick with us and you’ll have the most interesting rustic oasis to be found anywhere.

  • Shine Some Light on the Situation: Rustic Log Lighting

    Accent your rustic furniture with the right lighting.Nothing looks as beautiful in the dark as it does in the light. You can have the most stunning, well-decorated home, but if you don’t have the right lighting, your prized possessions will not be showcased properly. To solve this dilemma, you need to illuminate your home and it’s collection of cozy log furniture by adding some rustic log lighting.

    The thing is, decorating with rustic furniture; you can’t just throw in any old piece of lamp or overhead lighting and expect it to look right. Any modern lighting fixture you choose will stick out like a sore thumb unless it intermingles with the existing solid wood furniture in your home. You can’t go wrong when you add log lighting, because it is just right for the rest of your design scheme, which will make it blend in seamlessly.

    When you enter your rustic home and feel as though you are walking into an extension of the natural atmosphere outside, you know you have done a good job decorating. With rustic log lighting illumination, the spectacular aspects of the fine wood detailing of your furniture is perfectly highlighted. The overall look and feeling in such a home will give you an immense sense of comfort.

    When you settle down to read a good book, you’ll want a reading lamp in close proximity to your favorite chair. Perhaps you’re more the stretch out on the couch type who takes advantage of the lamp on the end table. There is a striking log lamp just right for either location, crafted in the same sturdy manner with a smooth surface and loads of character. Log lighting is always handcrafted, each one made of solid wood with natural and rustic detailing to complete a striking piece for any location.

    Rustic lighting designers have created lamps appropriate for every room in your home. The rustic chandelier will be the high level centerpiece of some rooms, such as the foyer or hanging stylishly above your dining table. In your game room, you will have a gorgeous bar lamp and a pool lamp to match. A rustic pendant will be a graceful addition to your refined living room, and you always have room for a rustic wall lamp or sconce. A rustic ceiling fan can be a breath of fresh air in your room, in more ways than one.

    In an overly plasticized world, your entire home is so inviting and relaxing as a natural and rustic oasis, and rustic lighting is a very important part of that theme. With the right piece of rustic log lightingin each room, your whole design scheme will come together flawlessly. Why add the same standard and boring lighting that everyone else has in their home? Complement your rustic furniture and the uniqueness of nature’s creativity with just the right pieces of rustic lighting.

  • Transform Your Bedroom with Rustic Bedding and Furniture

    Bedding Collection for a new lookRemove the old idea furniture and décor from your bedroom, and turn your sleeping quarters into something fresh and unique by adding a variety of rustic bedroom furniture. This furniture is available online, so you order these pieces from the comfort of your own home. It's time to take your thoughts about how to enrich the interior design and comfort of your bedroom and turn them into actions. Rustic bedroom furniture will bring together all the qualities of functionality and design that you need for your bedroom to be one that delivers your ultimate desire and comfort.

    Your bedroom is home to your most intimate affairs. It is a space that deserves the attention required to create an air of lasting style, beauty and ease. As you will discover by searching through an impressive variety of rustic bedding and décor, there are a ton of possibilities when it comes to transforming your bedroom into an elegant rustic sanctuary.

    Rustic bedroom furniture is not only available in hundreds of unique styles; there are also multiple types of wood used to build the seemingly endless variety of rustic designs. The lasting durability guaranteed using superior quality trees like barnwood, hickory, the Northern White Cedar, and seasoned red oak add to the unbeatable value of rustic bedroom furniture.

    Bedroom furniture is one of the most popular options with exciting rustic bedding and décor selections. Aspen trees are not only known for their strength, but also their naturally sanded look and the inclusion of natural knots of wood. Those characteristics translate the same great qualities in rustic aspen bedroom furniture. It is precisely that unique that makes it one of the most popular furniture collections.

    Retailers on the Internet rustic bedding and décor offer unique pieces of furniture designed to meet every need. They can add a new and exciting rustic theme to any bedroom. Aside from the classic bedroom furniture itself, selecting corresponding bedding set is made easy online. You are literally able to transform your entire bedroom into a rustic getaway with one visit to an internet rustic bedroom furniture and décor retailer.

    Because you want your bedroom furniture to last for years, durability must be accompanied by style. The same is true for every other piece of furniture in your bedroom. Rustic aspen bedroom furniture made by other fine woods also offers the most reliable element of lasting comfort and visual appeal.

    If you are like millions of others, once you transform your bedroom with rustic furniture and décor; you will want to introduce your new found luxury to the rest of your house. You may be inspired to try a line of rustic aspen dining room furniture, or replace the look in any other room in your house.

  • How to Lend Your home a Rustic Decor Theme

    Versatile ChandeliersRustic decor is a look that many people aspire to or choose as a theme when decorating or redecorating part of their home. They choose the style because it is homely, simple and can lead to a warm and welcoming space.

    The first thing to examine when looking to decorate in a rustic style is what the term ‘rustic decor‘ means to you. For many people it conjures up visions of log cabins, country farmhouses and Shaker style kitchens. However, most of us now do not have exposed wooden beams in our houses, and so we must tailor our rustic decor to suit the architectural style of our surroundings.

    True rustic decor comes in various different themes and time periods. You could, for example, choose a colonial or country theme, or pick a romantic Victorian theme.

    Colonial and country decor is based on a very utilitarian style. Items are practical and useful, and decoration and themes are simple and clean. A country or colonial themed room can be dressed with items such as handmade quilts and tablecloths, earthenware pottery, and ‘folk art‘ style paintings. For the more extreme decorator, you could choose a conversation piece such as a stuffed moose head or pair or antlers!

    Victorian style rustic decor is more romantic and not quite so utilitarian. Try dressing your room with wicker baskets, and look for flounced or ruffled curtains, tablecloths and bedding. Think beautifully embroidered white bedding on a dark framed wooden bed, or delicate flower sprigged curtains in a kitchen.

    The advantage of rustic decor as a theme for your interior design project is that you can do as much or as little as you like. The whole room or house can be rustic themed, or you can simply use a few carefully selected accent pieces to bring a rustic feel to a neutrally decorated room.

    You can even use functional rustic pieces to recreate the lifestyle of the period – many old fashioned pastimes are getting a new lease of life and can be integrated into your theme. For example, why not purchase an old fashioned table based sewing machine, or even a spinning wheel? Or for a less extreme solution, how about a wicker basket in your room to keep your knitting wool and knitting needles in?

    One of the keys to a rustic theme is to include plenty of natural materials. These can be functional (wooden blinds, wicker baskets) or decorative (a dried flower centerpiece, or a spray of twigs in a vase). The natural materials can be used to achieve the impression of ‘bringing the outside inside,’ which is used to great effect by many of the decorators and room designers on television design programmes.

    The key to rustic décor is to do what works for you. Don’t shy away from including something in your theme because you don’t feel it counts as traditional rustic; just integrate it into your overall design. There are no hard and fast rules for a rustic theme, so get designing and enjoy it!

    Are you looking to lend your home a rustic touch? Then drop by where we offer a wide variety of free rustic decor tips and advice.

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