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Rustic Furniture

  • 3 Ways Rustic Design Will Spruce Up Your Bathroom

    If you’re looking for ways to change up the look or feel of your bathroom by adding warmth and natural tones, then you’ve come to the right place. These durable, solid wood rustic furniture pieces; will sure spruce up your bathroom, and give you a cozy vibe that will last for years to come.

    1. Beautiful Rustic Bathroom Vanities Built Right

    The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Vanity Collection is the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom. It looks fabulous with  stone, tile or medium to dark wood floors; and the warm, toasty color it provides adds depth to any space no matter what size.

    This rustic vanity piece  is fashioned to form a true, log furniture aesthetic; made from solid Northern White Cedar logs. Each one of which is peeled by hand, a process that leaves some of the cambium layer intact for extra character and individuality. Talk about true craftsmanship.

    1. Rustic Solid Wood Washstands are Making a Comeback

    The Cedar Lake Bathroom line not only can craft and deliver beautiful  natural looking vanities; it also revives some of the classics like this solid wood washstand your great grandpa may have used. Made in the USA, these solid wood counter tops come from real wood and have natural distressing, that really enhances that rustic charm you are looking for!

    They come in various sizes, from 24 - 42” to  48” - 72”.  See below for additional details on each.

    Washstand Configurations

    • 24" - 42" Vanities with Sink Center will have two doors.
    • 36" - 42" Vanities with Sink Left or Right will have drawers on one side and doors below sink.
    1. A Double Duty Magazine and Paper Holder Made for You

    This solid wood double duty toilet paper and magazine holder for the bathroom is perfect for creating a rustic functional area; all while freeing up floor space. For those who enjoy some reading, your magazine and books will be protected by solid natural cedar slabs.

    This piece comes with mounts, so you can securely place it anywhere you would like. Available in a clear finish or honey finish to match your rustic decor and or room.

    Don’t Wait. Get These Looks Today

    Transform your bathroom into the rustic escape you’ve always dreamed of all while taking advantage of some of the best prices online. So don’t wait, our rustic design consultants are standing by. Please give us a call or reach out to us online; we are more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

  • I've Been Reborn! An Exclusive Interview with a Rustic Barn

    From Old Barnwood to Beautiful Rustic Reclaimed Furniture

    It looks quite beautiful to the average eye. But when you’ve seen what it was before and what it is now, it’s hard to think anything would have come out on top of the situation other than bunnies and any other grass grazing animal in the area.  An overgrown green pasture with fallen fence and wildflowers sprouting throughout. You can see an area of pasture to the North where a barn used to stand; tall, strong, and full of use. This is the exclusive interview with that barn. Its rise to fame and glory, its depleting use, the big fall of defeat, and when it found its purpose again.

    LFP: How old are you?
    Barnwood: Is this how you start all your interviews?  That’s sort of a blunt question. Let’s start off by stating that barnwood is like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

    I am a third-generation barn, my great grandpa was one of the first barns ever built in North America. I was the first in my family to be built with a metal roof; man, was my mom proud…. I was built in 1880- you can do the math from there.

    LFP: Metal roofs, I bet that was a huge upgrade back then. What was your purpose when they built you?
    Barnwood: I was built for a family of farmers. I had a multitude of uses. I housed the work horses, the hay to feed them, the equipment they would hook up to plow and plant the fields. I gave the barn cats a cozy place free from weather and generations of kids a place to play and use their imagination. I loved it, I was happy! I stood tall and strong nothing could bring me down.

    LFP: Or so you thought…  When did you start to see your uses be depleted?
    Barnwood: A new family bought the land to farm in 1960, they farmed the land but horses were no longer needed for that and they didn’t raise livestock. There were no animals for me to house, no kids to use their imagination to morph me into a pirate ship or to play house. It was just me and a couple of tractors.  The animals talked with each other and me, but those tractors – they just stayed quiet and wouldn’t talk to me, I felt so empty and alone. This was also the year that they brought electricity in. It would be the beginning of the end of me. There was an electrical fire in 1972 that took a good quarter of me to the ground. What did the tractors do during the fire?  Not a darn thing!  The cows and horses would have at least called out warnings.  The family couldn’t afford the doctor’s (contractor) bill to repair me, so there I sat. Empty and alone, as they took the tractors out of me as well.  I was at the lowest point in my life I had ever been. It was then that that tumor of a shed was built…

    LFP: Oh my! How sad! What happened?
    Barnwood: I sat, depleting. Watching as the new shiny shed get all the attention and use. I was neglected, crumbling physically and mentally for almost 30 years. The land was handed over to the bank in the 1990s, I was forgotten. Besides the occasional teenagers parking behind me to hide while they wrestled it looked like, odd creatures you humans are. It was in 2010 when I was found again. And that was by far, the best day of my life. At first, I was scared, all I heard was a bunch of guys talking about tearing me down. If wood could pee…. I would have created a river. Needless to say I had pitch streaming down my beams.  But as they started working I heard them say how this piece will work great for a vanity, and this would be great color for a dresser. All I could think was, they are only tearing me down to build me back up again.

    LFP: That’s wonderful! It must have been uplifting to find purpose again.
    Barnwood: Yes it was! I was built into all sorts of rustic furniture. My beams were used for barnwood beds, my planks for reclaimed barn wood hutches, buffets, vanities, and tables. I was useful in SO many pieces. I don’t know what has happened to all of me throughout the years, but looking at how I turned out. I can imagine all the parts of me are happy. Being used in the practical rustic fashion they were meant for.

    LFP: Have you been able to keep in touch with other pieces of yourself?
    Barnwood: ….. Did you really just ask that?  I’m remnants of an old barn.  Not a cell phone, not a tablet, not a computer, how would I have kept in touch genius?

    LFP: Let’s move on.  What have you learned from your long life?  By the way I finally completed that math, you’re 137 years old.
    Barnwood:  And I still look better than you!  Over the years, I have learned that no matter how you feel, how low you fall… your life always has reason. Looking back, even when I was just a structure to block teens’ cars from view of the road… I was useful. But being reclaimed, it has been the best feeling in the world. I’ve been reclaimed!  I am beautiful and useful and ready to live on for another 100+ years!

    LFP Exclusive interview with an old barn Exclusive LogFurniturePlace Interview with an Old Barn
  • Barnwood Furniture and You

    Barnwood is the perfect rustic furniture when you want your home to be unique.Barnwood furniture is very distinctive. It's a look that can only be created with planks that have weathered whatever nature has thrown at it for a century or more. The pieces are ruggedly handsome, so it isn’t at all surprising to see how popular this rustic furniture is with people across the country. It's totally different than log furniture or cabin furniture and people who prefer more of a clean, shaker look to their solid wood furniture find it very attractive.

    No faux finishes or chemical processing secrets are used in any of these great looking pieces. Our barnwood furniture is the real thing, created by naturally aged reclaimed wood from old structures that once stood on farms all over North America, including Minnesota and Wyoming.  The trees that were used to create these planks and boards were felled at least 100 years ago. The finish you see on each piece was created naturally by many decades of bare exposure to sunshine, wind, rain and snow. To be honest, there is no way to mimic this patina in a manmade process.

    We have a great selection of rustic bedroom furniture pieces found in our barnwood furniture collections. The simple, yet elegant designs can be combined into some wonderful bedroom settings. Each collection of barnwood bedroom furniture has its own unique coloring due to the different types of timber that naturally was available in regions across the country.

    The Cottage Barnwood line is crafted from red oak tobacco barn boards, which give it a deep russet kissed with honey tones. Each piece is sealed with a protective coat dull lacquer to preserve the natural beauty, and bring out its full character. The Cottage Barnwood craftsmen are very proud of their work, and have extended their line to include bunk beds, night stands, chests, armoires, and mirrors.

    These furniture makers haven’t overlooked your needs for rustic furniture for the kitchen and dining room. Remember those old movies that where a family is sitting around a big country table laden with homemade food? There are fresh hot biscuits and gravy, fruit, stacks of steaming pancakes, and other mouthwatering looking dishes sitting atop the table. Barnwood furniturecan help you achieve this homey eating spot look, the cooking however, they have left up to you.

    Adding pieces of barnwood furniture to your living room, family room or den is also possible. You’ll find some rich looking tv stands, coffee tables, end tables and sofa tables in our Barnwood Living Room section of the website.

    While you’re browsing the barnwood furniture pages at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, you’ll see why the wonderful patinas of these pieces find their way into homes that are done in any decorating style that is currently in vogue. Rustic furniture doesn’t always mean that it only belongs in country, cabin or western themed homes. Check out just how much warmth one unique piece could add to your non-traditional home’s beauty.

  • Rustic Furniture Especially for Hunters and Fishing Enthusiasts

    We have the perfect log furniture for the outdoorsman.Where would the sportsman be if it weren’t for the raw wonders of the great outdoors? If you are a hunter or a fisherman, we have great looking rustic furniture pieces designed with your most enjoyable interests in mind. We offer a great variety rustic sports racks, including gun cabinets, log gun racks, fishing rod racks.

    Our rustic and cabin line gun cabinets are top of the line solid wood construction. They cradle your gun with the utmost care, and safely store them until your next excursion. The thing that most hunters love about our gun cabinets is that they have a cabin appeal that reminds them of nature. Each piece is beautifully crafted from Northern White Cedar, Red Cedar, or Aspen logs. Each style varies dramatically, so you will find a gun cabinet that fits your style and needs.

    For the fishing enthusiast, the Log Furniture Place features fishing rod rustic sports racks that can hold up to six rods at once. It safely stores them and in an organized fashion, leaving them within easy reach, always ready for your next fishing trip. The neat thing about the design of Rush Creek fishing rod racks is that it mounts flush to the wall in either a vertical or horizontal position. You’ll love how they allow you to install it to fit your available space and still hold your prized poles snugly in place.

    No matter where our customers’ interests and pastimes lie, we have made sure that there is an excellent way to incorporate them into the rustic décor home, lodge, cottage or cabin. Naturally, rustic furniture designed purposefully to fit the interest of every outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) is readily available at Woodland Creek'sLog Furniture Place. Our rustic sports racks will compliment the look of the rest of your rustic home, and display you of your love for hunting and/or fishing proudly.

    The inspiration for the designs of our gun cabinets and rustic sports racks comes from people like you—people who enjoy outdoors sports. Our craftsmen have put a great deal of thought, planning and work into creating solid pieces with great looks that will last a lifetime, becoming a part of your hunting and fishing memories over the years. We are proud to say that we carry the best log furniture for outdoors people like ourselves.

    We made sure to incorporate beauty with function, so our sturdy gun cabinets or rustic sports racks won’t cause much objection from the decorating aficionado in your home, even if they aren’t the died in the wool outdoorsy type. Heck, they might even pave the way for adding more rustic décor and log furniture to your abode, the uniqueness and interest from solid natural woods have a habit of influencing change in decorating tastes.

  • Interior Design—The Aspen Way

    We have aspen furniture to match everyone's tastes.If you’re looking for a unique way to design the inside of your home, the Log Furniture Place is the right place. Aspen furniture breathes life into your home with its own special signature. Something you can’t say about modern furniture designs from mass production factories. The latest and highly advertised trends today are expensive! Marble counters, costly chandeliers, intricate doorway and window moldings and natural stone walkways, retro designs, complicated appliances…the list can go on forever.

    Like most of the latest in life, it takes a super healthy budget to purchase the passing fancy. There’s a lot to be said for the simpler approach, it may have been around awhile, but isn’t going anywhere. If it was absolutely without value to move yesterday into our homes, there would be no such thing as antiques. Nor would they sell for many times more what their newly created counterparts do today.

    Like who really needs an illuminated platinum faucet, or an infrared sauna, or designer lounge? Let’s leave that to the music and film celebrities or television stars and MTV cribs. These people don’t lead real lives! Yet, their expensive indulges are becoming so popular that a simple home seems to be unique. Real people need real homes furnished with honesty and long lasting value for the money they’ve earned and spent. You can’t beat the solid wood construction of aspen furniture for that.

    Loved by indoor and outdoor people alike,aspen furnitureis - for those who love the natural world – an appreciation shown by bringing it inside their homes. There is no special location for aspen log furniture to stand, it can be used in every room of the house. You can transform your front rooms withaspen living dining furniture. Without a doubt, silvery cream and taupe toned natural wood aspen living rooms are attractive and an excellent way to make a unique statement in our over simulated society. Conforming to the futuristic styles that interior design magazines want you to have is a bit much, not to mention quite cold and unfeeling. Keeping it simple, relaxing and close to humanity with aspen log furniture will create a home that is fresh, unique, warm and fun.

    There are so many ways to mix and match your aspen furniture. You can choose the pieces and styles that match, blend or accent the rest of your home. If you plan on expanding you aspen living room and adding aspen dining furniturein your home, we’re the go-to people. Our aspen dining furniture is made from the finest aspen logs. And talk about unique—each piece is different and has that handcrafted appearance you’d expect from an original piece of art.

    And why stop there! Aspen living dining furniture will illuminate your main rooms, but what if you want to relax in total comfort, surrounded by the airy beauty of all natural aspen wood?  Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you expect total peace after a long day. You personal spot where you can unwind, ease your mind and rejuvenate. Imagine how easy it would be to decompress after a particularly demanding day if you were surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of untamed nature. To get freedom and fresh air, you can simply enter your boudoir filled with aspen bedroom furniture.

    Every member of the family will appreciate the exquisite look of aspen furniture. Even the children will love the look and feel of your new home furniture. While you wouldn’t consider the possibilities of being able to pass down the pieces of furniture most homes contain today, you’ll be able to count on that from aspen wood, or any other solid wood furniture found at the Log Furniture place.

  • Utility and Decorating Outside the Box with Rustic Furniture

    When you're looking for versatile rustic furniture, barnwood is the way to go.For most of us when the word ‘dresser’ is mentioned, we immediately think of the bedroom. Once upon a time, every piece of furniture that had drawers was called a dresser, no matter what it was designed to be used for. Isn’t it refreshing to know that with rustic furniture, those hard core modern rules are tossed into the wind?

    Take this particularly handsome Wyoming barn wood furniture dresser in the photo. It’s definitely roomy for ample clothing storage as rustic bedroom furniture, yet it doesn’t necessarily scream it must go in the bedroom. Here is one of the really cool things about rustic or log furniture - it crosses the lines in decorating rules so easily.

    Breaking the Rules Adds More Charm and Utility to Home

    Now where in your home, beyond the bedroom, could you make use of 7 large roomy drawers for valuable storage? I can think of a number of places that you could really enjoy this rustic barn wood furniture dresser. As added linen storage in the bathroom or just outside in the hall would be one spot. Not all homes have ample space for this in the bathroom or anywhere else within easy reach when you need another towel.

    Some people love to dress the table differently for each type of cuisine they serve for dinner. If cooking and entertainment decorating in the dining room is your thing, chances are you have oodles of different sets of dishes clogging your china cupboard and little room for candles, silverware and napkin rings… or your collection of table cloths and matching napkins. Here you have a very warm looking piece of rustic furniture for the dining room that will house your entire horde of table setting goodies very neatly. Plus, it will double as extra serving space for mingling guests for those large holiday gatherings.

    Barn Wood Furniture for Laundry or Mud Room

    Where do you store those beach towels, car cleaning rags, winter mittens and scarves, and other off season items? If the pool is in the backyard, you’ll want fast access for those chlorine dripping kids before they reach the carpeting. Since a lot of us have a utility room that doubles as the laundry room/mud room and cabinets are at a minimum, this big 7 drawer dresser would come in awful handy for getting rid of clutter in a flash.

    Imagine the warmth of something not wrapped in Formica that you don’t have to worry about the abuse it would get in the mud room. Barn wood furniture has already been exposed to the elements for a century or more. This tells you that the wood is seasoned and hard. While some things like gooey paint cans could really mess up the finish, a little pool water or mud isn’t going to faze it and will clean off very easily. You couldn’t put a piece of modern particle board and laminate furniture to this test and win! Nope, those manufacturers only put into their products the amount of strength you’ll need to get by for a year or two in the setting they have planned for its use.

    So it’s no wonder that we have been trained to think of furnishings in made to match sets. It isn’t just that it makes decorating for the style challenged easier; it’s about how much quality went into each piece. Rustic furniture and barn wood furniture is built to span time and be used in a busy home, not pampered and closing off your imagination. Rustic bedroom furniture can be used in almost every room of your home and hold up beautifully. Well all except the bed, that is. I guess not all rules were meant to be broken.

  • Choose Rustic Office Furniture to Transform Your Office into an Oasis

    Create an office oasis with our rustic log furniture.You need to get work done at home, whether it is in your den, your home office, or your student’s bedroom. You also want to maintain the rustic log cabin style you have throughout your home. If you are looking for desks, chairs, bookshelves, or filing cabinets, we have the rustic office furniture for you. You won’t even feel like you’re working, because you will be so comfortable in your rustic surroundings that you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in a rustic oasis.

    Your first choice of office furniture has to be your desk. This is going to be a tough one, because there are so many styles of cabin log desks to choose from. We have executive desks, computer desks, writing desks, student desks, hutch-topped desks, file desks, L-shaped desks, funky-legged desks, and secretary desks.

    Our executive cabin log desks come in many different styles. You can choose the type of wood you want for your desk, either cedar or aspen, in a choice of colors and finishes. There are some executive desks with cabinets, file drawers, and regular drawers. There are also executive desks that have only cabinets and file drawers, or only file drawers and regular drawers. Your choice depends on what your needs are in an executive desk, and what style of rustic log furniture suits your taste.

    All of our computer desks feature a slide-out tray for your keyboard, and a large workspace so you have plenty of room for your monitor and other desktop accessories. There is a cabinet the perfect size to fit your computer tower on the side of each computer desk, as well as a file drawer and regular drawers to store your office accessories.

    Our writing desks feature a large open workspace. There is plenty of leg room underneath, so you will be able to work comfortably. Depending on the size of writing desk you choose, you may even be able to fit two chairs underneath. This is great for allowing more than one person to utilize the work space of this rustic furniture piece at once. Some of our writing desks also have a drawer to hold pens, paper and other writing supplies.

    Our student desks are perfect for the primary, high school, or college student. They are much like the writing desks, although some of the student desks also feature drawers on the side to hold the school supplies essential to the completion of homework.

    We have log filing cabinets to suit the needs of everyone in cedar, aspen, and hickory. You can choose to have an unfinished cabinet, or to have one of many beautiful finishes we offer on select pieces of our rustic log furniture. There’s a size just right for every spot with two, three, or four drawers available. The four drawer models can be vertical or have two drawers on each side. We also carry stands for your printer, fax machine, or telephone with either one or two cabinets underneath, and several different styles and sizes of log bookcases.

    You can find all of your rustic office furniture here, no matter what your spatial or organizational needs are. Don’t settle for boring or low-quality office furniture that will warp or fall apart before you know it. When you buy from us you know you’ll be getting the highest-quality rustic furniture products available.

  • The Evolution of Hickory Furniture: From Pioneer Days to Today

    Hickory is a must-have for the log furniture lover.In the early 1800’s there were many discoveries made in the Midwest. One of the most important discoveries related to the future of rustic furniture and home production for the pioneers travelling through and settling down. This discovery was that of the hickory sapling. These trees were very small in diameter, staying between 2 to 3 inches even after 20 or 30 years, and grew in groups of 20 or 30. These saplings were very resilient. They grew up tall and straight, reaching towards the bright sunlight overhead.

    Because of the size and shape of these strong little trees, the pioneers realized that they were the perfect material to make chairs and table frames from. When they were soaked in boiling water, they became very malleable, so they could be shaped many different ways. They could be made into hoops or even woven together. Another important detail about these trees is that new trees would sprout from the same stump every time the wood was harvested. Because of the knowledge gained through studying the hickory sapling and using it in the production of hickory furniture, the pioneers also used it in early home-building, as well.

    Through the years, the evolution of the production of hickory furniture has evolved, and the results are amazing. The rustic furniture craftsmen working with hickory create visually stunning pieces. Leaving the natural bark on the logs we use in our furniture allows us to show off the beautiful details of the hickory trees we use. The logs are kiln-dried, which preserves the innate beauty of the hickory tree. After the drying process, a clear coat of catalyzed lacquer finish is applied to seal the wood. It is then ready to be turned into one of many unique pieces of rustic log furniture perfect for someone’s rustic home.

    Rustic log furniture works so nicely in every room in your home. You may choose to decorate your bedroom with a rustic hickory armoire in the corner of your room, with a hickory blanket chest at the foot of your log bed. Selecting an entire ensemble adding a hickory dresser on one wall under a hickory mirror and hickory nightstands are available too.

    Living room selections include a hickory sofa and adjoining loveseat, a hickory lounge chair and ottoman, a hickory coffee table and end tables, a hickory television stand, and even a hickory gun cabinet for the hunters out there. You can beautify your dining room or bar with a stunning hickory hutch, and any of our wide variety of tables, chairs, stools or benches. There are also desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and executive chairs for your home office. The bathroom hasn’t been overlooked with vanities, towel bars, and paper towel holders. Last but not least, there are rustic lamps in hickory for every room in your home.

    Hickory wood is the perfect choice when you want to add some dramatic rustic furniture pieces to the rustic décor home. The production process and fine craftsmanship that goes into every selection ensures that your log furniture will be around a long time.

  • Get the Facts on Aspen Log Furniture

    Aspen is a natural choice for your rustic furniture.When furnishing your home to be a warm, rustic oasis. You want everything to be natural looking, but still contemporary and sophisticated. One of the best ways to go about doing this is by choosing to place aspen log furniture in your home to give it a woodsy, yet upscale feel. The logs used for our aspen wood furniture are naturally pleasing to the eye, and our preparation methods are the best possible ways to bring out the attractive qualities lying beneath the surface.

    The aspen furniture is crafted through a long, meticulous process. First you should know that aspen trees are only grown in the northern hemisphere, primarily in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Dead-standing aspen trees are located and collected, which is a great benefit to the forest and the environment. Next they are peeled using a draw blade and are hand-sanded, which is the best way to make the most beautiful aspen wood furniture. The hand-sanding brings out each of the inherent knurls and patterns in the wood. Just as in nature, no piece of aspen wood looks exactly the same, so you’ll have your own unique, natural-looking pieces throughout your home.

    The care of your rustic log furniture is simple and not at all time-consuming. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and high quality furniture polish is very important. You should always clean in the direction of the grain with only a slightly dampened cloth, and be sure to not leave any moisture on the furniture for an extended period of time after dusting. You should keep your aspen furniture away from heat, chemicals, water, and direct sunlight, because you don’t want your rustic furniture to dry out.

    If you plan to place something on top of your piece of aspen log furniture, make sure to use a soft disk to protect it from scratching. Also be sure to allow ventilation between the item and the wood. These steps are very important to prolong the beauty and life of your aspen furniture.

    The style, craftsmanship, and endurance of our rustic log furniture is unmatched by any other manufacturer. When you enter a home furnished with our rustic furniture, you will feel as though you are stepping into a natural, woodland environment, which will bring comfort and relaxation to you.

    When you look around your home, you will constantly be noticing different details in your furniture, because each piece is so unique. Your guests will be impressed with the sophisticated, untrendy abode you dwell in, as well. They will be awestruck by the beauty of your home, and the high-quality furniture you have adorned it with. Striking aspen furniture will make an impact on everyone who sets foot in your rustic domicile.

  • Wake Up Surrounded by Rustic Aspen Bedroom Furniture

    Rustic aspen bedroom furniture all starts with that focal point bed.Imagine coming home after a long day at work. All day, you’ve been thinking about finally getting home and getting some sleep. Once you get home and enter your bedroom, you are surrounded by the fresh, sleek look of rustic aspen bedroom furniture. The warm, mahogany tones are inviting.

    Rustic bedroom furniture creates the perfect atmosphere for a deep, relaxing sleep. While you sleep, you will be surrounded by the beauty of nature that rustic aspen bedroom furniture brings. The stresses of everyday life will be released as you indulge in the best sleep that you’ve ever had. As you wake up refreshed, you will once again be encompassed by warm tones and beautiful furniture.

    To create a bedroom like this, some research will need to be done. You will need to find what styles, colors, and types of rustic bedding sets that are available. There are several varieties to choose one, so you will find the perfect one for you. At Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, we offer many different bedroom themes such as camouflage, animal, western, and tropical themes.

    Why should you go with rustic furniture?

    Unlike furniture that is made from a cheap material, rustic bedroom furniture is created from sturdy, durable wood. Log bed frames are your best buy! Typically, mass manufactured bed frames need to be replaced every couple of years due to constant lower quality construction and materials. You can appreciate the wise investment found with rustic aspen bedroom furniture, replacement of this furniture is unnecessary. It will stay strong throughout the years and provide comfort to you every single day.

    Rustic bedroom furniture will transform any room to a nature lover's paradise. Even if you’ve never been too fond of nature, you will learn to appreciate it as the beautiful colors and tones will blend together to create the perfect atmosphere. This rustic log furniture blends brilliantly with any other furnishing, so if you only want one or two pieces of this furniture in your bedroom, you can do that as well.

    Once you’ve created a rustic atmosphere in your bedroom, you will probably be inspired to spread rustic bedroom furniture to all the bedrooms in your home. This furniture will look great in the kid's room, and they will love it as well. You and your family will enjoy rustic aspen bedroom furniture so much, that you will want to spread it to every other room in the house. The aspen living room, dining room, kitchen, and other rooms will feel completely ignored if they haven’t yet been made as warm and charming as rustic furniture adds to a room's decor.

    Before you know it, your home will exude elegance and nature all throughout the house. Guests will be in awe at each room, and will quickly want to know where you got this great looking and unique aspen log furniture from. You will become the talk of the neighborhood, as more visitors come to gaze at the masterpiece.

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