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Rustic Lighting

  • These Rustic Antler Chandeliers are Perfect for Any Space

    Deliver an unmatched lighting experience with these rustic antler chandeliers.

    Sometimes it's good to be bold. It feels empowering, and when you add bold to a room it lifts that space up. This can be especially true when it comes to lighting. For instance, chandeliers have played a pivotal role in interior design, some fancier than others of course.

    No Matter What Size Space, We Have a Chandelier For You

    If you’re looking to light an entrance or an adjacent book room, or a small dining area; the Elk Tripod 3 Light Antler Chandelier would be perfect. Offering sufficient light, the 3 light version of the very popular 6 light; offers the classic antler design in which no one antler is the same. Authentic natural shed Elk antlers deliver the best craftsmanship. Transform your space today.

    Illuminate Your Next Dinner Party With Flare

    The Elk Tripod 6 Light will cast a larger radius of light offering the best ambiance possible for your next dinner or hosting event. The light glows and bounces off the beautiful brown tones from the antlers, casting a warm and rich glow. These beauties usually ship within 4-6 weeks.

    This Rustic Antler Chandelier is Destined to Rule Them All

    If you’re looking to create a rustic space that truly transforms the interiors into a mighty destination fit for Davy Crockett, the 30 antler chandelier is for you. Wine and dine in the most exquisite lighting experience; perfect for log cabin homes, lodges, or bigger conference style spaces and entrances. Each antler is picked to display the beauty of mother nature, through the antlers’ vivid lines and the chandeliers 21 lights; bathe and illuminate in what is sure to be the talking piece of the night.

    Design with Ease

    If you’re still not sure which rustic antler chandelier to choose, one of our rustic interior design consultants can help. Contact us today, and let us know your questions and thoughts; or buy online, all of our products are backed by a 1 year warranty and made in the USA.


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  • Bring Illuminating Rustic Decor to Your Cabin

    Wall Sconces with a beautiful rustic accentSummertime at your cabin means staying outside as long as you can until dusk turns into dark and you have to take the party indoors. As you sit and talk or play a game of cards, it's nice to enjoy cozy cabin decor like the Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce. This handcrafted piece serves two purposes: it provides light for your evening activities and brings a little bit of the outdoors to your cabin's already rugged style.

    Every Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce features a pair of small hickory logs attached to a solid wood backing. Kiln-drying the logs boosting the natural hardness of the hickory to give it extra strength. The drying process also preserves the unique characteristics found in the bark, which is left on the logs for a beautiful dark finish. The lighter color of the backing provides attractive contrast and harmonizes well with log furniture. Clear catalyzed lacquer is used to finish the whole fixture and protect the wood from damage.

    You can make your new wall sconce match the theme of your home by choosing a pair of lampshades in whatever style you fancy. Pick your favorite from a selection of solid colors, outdoor scenes and textured surfaces to create the look that's perfect for your cabin. A beautiful yellow-brown shade with a pattern of leaves and pine needles is suggested for the sconce or you can select your own design separately for a custom look.

    Measuring about 36 inches long and 17 inches high, the Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce can be placed anywhere in your home. Enjoy the combination of beautiful style and handy illumination as part of your rustic decor this summer and on into the fall. As the days get shorter, you'll appreciate having the extra light to .brighten up the evenings and bring a touch of outdoor charm to your home. Whether you only spend the summer at your cabin or like to go there for weekends throughout the year, this sconce will come in handy.

  • A Lodge Atmosphere to Make Family and Friends Howl

    Try Themed Wall Sconces!Sometimes it’s the little things in a home that make all the difference. The beautiful throw over the back of a friend’s couch might stick in your mind more than the couch itself. A particularly striking wallpaper design in your mother’s kitchen could be what you remember most about holiday gatherings. Finishing touches to a room can be simple or elegant, bold or subdued, but all are personal and impart a unique feel to your home.

    Rustic lodge décor is an especially comfortable type of style that allows for a great deal of customization. Even indoor lighting can be found in fun lodge styles like the Meyda Seneca Wolf Wall Sconce. A howling wolf motif paired with the silhouettes of trees creates an interesting, subdued design that can be placed anywhere in the home. Made by the Meyda Tiffany company, the sconce is hand-crafted so that there are slight differences that make each piece unique.

    Howling wolf designs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like rustic furniture, you can make this sconce work in your home. Remember, small touches are all about personalization. Place one or two wall sconces in your living room and you may be surprised at the transformation. Sconces offer a light source that is much more subtle than traditional table lamps, often with an orange or burgundy glow. This brings a sense of comfort and relaxation to enhance quiet time spent alone or with family.

    Wall sconces also make great accents for enclosed porches or summer patios. Low light complements the beauty of dusk, and the colored glow creates a lovely atmosphere for the transition from day to night. This kind of lighting is wonderful for winding down at the end of the day. Porches and patios are especially well-suited to rustic décor, and so a wolf-themed sconce should fit right in.

    You may not think that wall lighting can make that much of a lasting impression, but adding hand-crafted accents gives your home a rustic decor touch that may be the one thing your guests wind up remembering most of all.

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