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Rustic Log Furniture is the Perfect Choice for Pampered Pets

Rustic log furniture isn't just for humans any more.Your pet is a member of your family, and you love to treat them that way. You give them the best of everything. While you’re picking out the rustic log furniture for your home, remember to pick out the pet accessories that will blend in with your charming taste, and go with rustic pet accessories.

You often have to set aside an area of your home specifically for your pets, so that their sleeping areas don’t stick out like a sore thumb amongst your log cabin furniture. Not anymore! You now have the option of keeping your pet with your family at all times by choosing a log pet bed. These gorgeous pieces of furniture blend seamlessly into your rustic-themed home. While you wouldn’t think that a pet’s sleeping area would be a beautiful addition to your furniture collection, in this case, a log pet bed certainly is.

Log dog beds and other rustic pet beds are not only stylish pieces of log cabin furniture. They are the best choice for many other reasons. Made from Northern White Cedar logs, they are hand-picked, hand-peeled, and handcrafted. Because of the way the rustic furniture logs are handled, their natural detailing shines through unlike mass-produced pieces today. Their beetle marks, burls, gnarls, and other natural details give them have such incredible appeal it makes one wonder what interest others find in standard and inferior furniture choices.

The solid construction of log pet beds means they will last so much longer than other mass-produced madefrom lesser-quality materials. The logs used in creating these stunning beds are tenoned, which is a way of joining pieces of wood together so they are much sturdier than other ways of constructing furniture.

Every pampered pet big or small deserves to snooze in comfort, with room to either curl up or stretch out. You may think that log pet beds are one-size-fits-all, but that is not so. We have rustic log furniture for any of your furry companions. The small size pet bed will fit a mattress that is 17" x 23", and the “big dog” size will fit a rustic log bedding mattress that is 30" x 48". There are also medium, large, and extra large sizes. This means that a rustic pet bed will be able to accommodate any size animal, from your cute kitty to your massive mastiff!

After you have chosen rustic furniture for your four-legged friend, you can move on to finding the matching accessories. You adorn your table with fine china, and you should consider spoiling your pet in the same way. Choose a rustic pet feeder so your animals can dine in style befitting the home.