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Rustic Outdoor Furniture

  • Why Rustic Garden Furniture is a Fitting Outdoor Tribute

    Garden design is just as personal as interior decorating, with individual preferences playing a huge role and while some people love modern outdoor furniture, we can’t help but think that rustic designs in outdoor log furniture and rustic outdoor furniture look so good in the great outdoors. There’s a place for all styles of furniture, we firmly believe that, but when it comes to gardens, we just love the way that rustic garden furniture blends right in and connects with the wider space and we think it’s for the following reasons:

    Wood comes from nature

    Chief amongst our reasons for liking rustic outdoor furniture so much is that it feels like a return to the source. Wood comes from nature and to be placed back in the outdoors feels right and respectful. Metal and plastic alternatives can look attractive, but they don’t have the same symbiosis as wood and when it’s given a rustic treatment, it looks even more at home. Organic lines, unfussy finishes and respect for the materials lend themselves to a natural flow in a garden space.

    Stains can be inspired by the flora and fauna

    Rustic furniture looks fantastic with a stain, whether bold and colorful or traditional and with an entire garden to take inspiration from, your imagination can run wild. Just picture a stunning rustic loveseat, nestled in a flowerbed and stained a delicate lavender. Or how about a swing seat, colored to match the evergreens in your borders? Using existing greenery to inspire your color palette adds an extra layer of personalization.

    Weathering will only add to the aesthetic

    Nothing ages garden furniture quite like the elements. All it takes is a little harsh rain or a cold spell and suddenly, the luster is gone and things begin to look somewhat tatty. Unless you’ve chosen rustic furniture to start with! Every new mark, weathered section and bit of patina will simply amplify and complement the wider design, while also giving the impression that the piece has been in situ and beloved for years.

    It’s timeless, not trendy

    Of course, we are unabashedly biased when it comes to rustic and log furniture, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fantastic. What we particularly love is that it has the ability to adapt to any and all new trends, but stick to a rustic aesthetic and what you have is timeless appeal. When you’ve labored in your garden, making it an outdoor space that you look forward to spending time in, the last thing you want to be doing is regularly replacing your furniture. You want to install and use, not worry about whether it looks dated and rustic pieces give you that freedom and peace of mind. They just look good. Always. 

    If you’ve been thinking about investing in some new garden furniture, don’t snooze on the potential that rustic designs offer.

  • Adding Flair To Your Yard in 5 Easy Steps

    If you love a rustic aesthetic and your home is a fitting tribute to the style, make sure that you’re not overlooking the potential of your yard to follow suit with outdoor log furniture.

    Rustic homes are always gorgeous and have such a cozy and welcoming vibe but what about the yards that surround them? With just a few simple additions, that timeless and inviting aesthetic can be extended out into open air spaces as well, but which are worth the investment? Read on to find out!

    The ultimate porch swing

    Is your home even rustic if you don’t have a sturdy porch swing in place? You need somewhere to sit and look out over your estate, cocktail in hand, or maybe just a coffee if it’s the morning. Bringing all the southern charm that a rustic home needs, we love porch swings for the dose of nostalgia they bring to literally any home. 

    Swingsets for the kids

    It’s one thing to have a design style for your home, but if it’s a family house, you have to think about what the younger members need too. Luckily, you can pick up a range of beautiful garden play sets, with swings, slides and lookouts built-in, while staying true to a more organic and rustic aesthetic. And an added bonus, the more a playset is used, the more it will weather, patina and blend into the wider rustic feel too. 

    Picnic tables for family fun

    There’s a lot of talk about creating outdoor seating and eating spaces that feel like a living room, but for us? Nothing beats a rustic picnic table with bench. That’s real family eating and communing, not to mention that during an unforgettable cookout, everyone loves hitting the picnic benches for salads, rolls and all the good stuff that doesn’t come off the grill. 

    You can have some fun with your benches too, by staining them a fun color and adding a little modern rustic chic into the mix. We’ve been really enjoying the trend for pastel outdoor benches that has sprung up in recent years.

    Loungers with character

    Catch those rays but in a rustic way, with wooden loungers that are designed to feel as good as they look. Adirondack chair styles maximize your back support and viewing pleasure and they certainly look better than cheap plastic versions, or worse yet, tacky deck chairs! Always try to display your loungers in pairs, as they look more chic and deliberate that way, not to mention being more sociable.

    Small decorative touches

    Finally, don’t forget all those charming little trinkets and additions that you can find in thrift shops, at antique fairs or in our shop! Things like forged metal weather vanes, house signs, hanging basket brackets, garden sculptures and of course, gorgeous mailboxes. It’s those small touches that will bring an entire theme together. We’ve always been partial to the odd cart wheel as well, but that might be our love of reclaimed barns manifesting in home decor accessories.

    Don’t simply close your door and forget about your yard. When it comes to inclusive and well-conceived design, it pays to draw your interior inspiration out into your external space too and with rustic homes, it couldn’t be easier. That’s the joy of solid wood and it’s timeless appeal!

  • Cool Parent Points – GUARANTEED!

    Parents and grandparents come closer. Do you want to know the secret to never hearing the words “I’m boooored” ever again? It’s simpler than you might think, if you have some outdoor space going spare and a free afternoon. That’s right, we are talking about garden play sets!

    Our Double Tower Timber Peak Premium Play Set is the champion of outdoor children’s entertainment and can be customized as little or as much as you want. We know you’ll have a lot of questions, so let’s pre-empt a few of them!

    How sturdy is the rustic play set? – This is a solid wood log play set, constructed from Northern White Cedar. This is a strong timber, that has a natural resistance to both insects and rot, meaning that it will stand true for many years. We also put your mind at rest by having our talented team of artisans use mortise and tenon joins. Nothing is held in place with a few nails and prayer, we guarantee that!

    What is included, as standard in this log playground setup? – As standard, you will receive two towers (with fabric canopies), an A-frame segment, suspended log bridge to connect the towers and a set of monkey bars. From here, you can customize further by adding swings, slides, rope ladders, a trapeze and even a sandbox. The only limit is your imagination.

    Do you offer any warranty? – Of course! We know our quality is unrivaled and even though your kids or grand-kids will want to play on this every day and for hours at a time, we have no qualms in supplying the play set with a full five-year warranty. We don’t want you having even a second of concern, so let our guarantee remove any lingering doubts. The warranty is valid despite the play set being supplied in a natural state, with no seal or stain applied. That’s thanks to the natural decay resistance of the cedar.

    Will I have to build the set? – There will be far less construction needed than you might think! When we pack our play sets for shipping, we balance shipping costs with damage limitation and ease of assembly for you. Of course, we could disassemble every single piece and enjoy less costly deliveries, but we would rather cover a higher cost that reduces your assembly time significantly. All screw holes come pre-drilled for your convenience and our instructions are easy to understand. We are always available to help as well, so don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you are having any trouble.

    Shipped for free within the contiguous 48 states and available to buy through a transparent financing deal through our partner, Bread, your garden could get a seriously cool makeover in the blink of an eye.

    When you buy a solid wood play set from Log Furniture Place, we form a special relationship. You can take joy from the fact that you are supporting a domestic USA company and we get so much satisfaction from knowing that your children’s development and happiness is improved by something we can supply.

  • Patio Furniture With Finesse

    If you’ve been making do with plastic patio furniture for long enough and thinking that there’s no alternative, especially when you want a parasol in place, think again! Here at Log Furniture Place, we have the best combination of patio-ready, comfortable, stylish and long-lasting, in the form of our Contoured Comfort Roundabout Table & Chair Package.

    We like to think that we have a good handle on all the things that you’ll be considering, when looking to buy new patio furniture and as such, we have accounted for them all.

    Stability – Nobody wants rustic garden furniture that is simply going to blow away or tip when a little wind gets up. We have made our beautiful log table and chairs set from solid wood logs, with bracing and thick slats, all to add the right amount of weight and the right rustic aesthetic as well.

    Rot resistance – Plastic always seems like a good option because it won’t rot, is easy to clean etc, but choose the right wood and you can have all that, plus a genuinely gorgeous set of furniture that won't blow away! We use Northern White Cedar, stripped to reveal the stunning creamy color underneath. Coupled with stoic White Pine, the look is fresh and bright, while also being naturally and organically resistant to not only decay but also insects. Mother Nature really does provide.

    Comfort – The real sticking point with a lot of garden furniture! If you are eating outdoors and having a great time, a meal can stretch into two, plus drinks and maybe even more, so you need to know that you’ll be comfortable in your seat. Traditional patio furniture can get too hot, stick to bare skin and moreover, isn’t usually designed with the body’s natural curvature in mind. Ours is! We use curved seat slats on our outdoor log dining chairs to remove all sharp edges, while also taking care of your lower back with an angled back rest. You won’t even need a cushion to sit on our fabulous chairs.

    Easy assembly – We ship to the contiguous 48 states for free, but to keep costs down, we obviously need to send your furniture in flatter crates. This means that there will be an element of assembly required, but we make it as simple as possible for you. From pre-drilling all your screw holes to supplying clear and concise instructions, we want you to feel empowered to build your new furniture, not frustrated by the process. We are also always just an email, call or live chat away, if you need us.

    We are happy to offer you a package price when you buy a log table and chairs together. It might seem like a big outlay, but you know that you don’t want to have a mismatched patio set, which is why we have partnered with Bread, a transparent and trustworthy financing agent that can help you spread the cost.

    All that’s left to do is pop up the umbrella, fire up the grill and enjoy yourself!

  • Perfect For Picnics

    Individual rustic garden chairs are one thing, but for cohesive and close family meals, you can’t beat a picnic bench, sat out near the grill and within easy reach of some freshly cooked treats. That’s why we’re so pleased to be able to offer our Contoured Comfort Log Picnic Table.

    We’ve taken everything you know and love about these casual dining giants and added a little signature Log Furniture Place flair in the form of stripped Northern White Cedar logs, which we intentionally leave natural. You have the option to stain or seal as you see fit, but if you leave the table as is, you’ll see it age to a chic silver-gray in time, while not losing any of its natural resistance to insects and decay. What a wood!

    We wanted to beef up the overall design of the log picnic table, just to give you added stability, which is why we were careful to include cedar bracing underneath, while keeping the benches and top a little lighter by crafting them from White Pine. We have been generous with the bench width, as there’s nothing worse than a picnic table that isn’t comfortable to sit at or feels as though it will tip. Solid, beautiful and so sociable, we think we’ve combined the best of our design principles with a garden classic here and the end result is something that every outdoor space needs.

    Whether you’re shopping for a rustic cabin, an upmarket lodge or a suburban setting, this solid wood rustic picnic table and attached benches will not disappoint, and it can comfortably seat a surprising number of diners. Six adults can easily eat together here, or a whopping eight children, making this a practical as well as fun choice.

    The question is, what happens after you click to buy? Well, we ask for between three and five weeks to build your order, as nothing is ‘off the peg’ here! Completion times can vary, but we will keep you updated as your table progresses. From there, we will deliver to any of the 48 contiguous states free of charge, in pieces that are simple to assemble and require no specialist tools or carpentry knowledge. We even pre-drill all the holes for you, to make assembly a fast and painless task.

    If you’re wondering about outdoor use and warranties, let us put your mind at rest. We’ll supply your new picnic table with a full year’s warranty. Yes, we do know that the table will be sat outside and in all weather conditions and yes, we do remember that we supply it unfinished so you can choose to seal it or not and it all makes no difference, because our quality craftsmanship speaks for itself. We know that your table is sturdy, strong and built from suitable timbers. We also know that you’ll fall in love with it the second it’s assembled, so you’ll do whatever you can to look after it, so we have no qualms about guaranteeing your furniture.

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fire up the grill and get the family round!

  • Cuddle Up Close

    Love seats aren’t just for inside the house, now that we’ve extended our garden furniture range to include the Contoured Comfort 4ft Log Love Seat!

    Made in exactly the same way as the rest of the Contoured Comfort outdoor log furniture range, our love seat benefits from a Northern White Cedar construction, offering natural protection against both pests and rot. If left in its natural state, it also ages gradually from a warm buttery hue to a beautiful silvery-gray that exudes timeless elegance into your garden. That’s not to say that a coat of stain, seal or paint wouldn’t go a miss, however, if you are keen to coordinate with other pieces of outdoor rustic furniture.

    When we set about to design a log chair that you can cuddle up in, we wanted to keep the look simple and the structure supportive. That’s why we made sure to keep the frame sturdy and just the right amount of chunky, with handy arms and a braced underside, all topped with a comfortable yet slightly more cozy seat.

    Standard two-seater log benches are perfectly sized for sitting a little closer, or sit alone and enjoy a more compact yet still undeniably beautiful piece of garden furniture. Perfect for smaller spaces and patios!

    While it would have been far simpler to finish the seat with straight slats, we know all too well how uncomfortable that can be after an extended period of time. Nobody wants slats jutting into the backs of their knees and who hasn’t felt the familiar dull ache in their lower back after sitting outdoors for a period of time? Well, we wanted to tackle both of these issues and have managed to do so with one, rather stylish, solution – expertly contoured slats! You’ll notice that not only do they curve over the lip of your love seat, offering a pain-free transition, they also bend to accommodate your lumbar region more effectively as well. When coupled with a subtly angled back rest, the result is not only great to look at, it’s amazing to sit on.

    Trust us, your back WILL thank you after a long family barbeque but take a look at our verified customer reviews for extra peace of mind. Garnering five stars from everybody, it is clear that our main objectives have been met, especially when people write,

    “Love it! Heavy do it won’t blow around, easy to assemble and most important it is comfortable!”

    Reviews like this are music to our ears, because your satisfaction is what we care about most, hence we do whatever we can to make your buying experience more enjoyable. Free shipping, within the contiguous 48 states, is something we are proud to offer, as well as foresight in terms of necessary assembly. Naturally, we need to ship your log love seat in pieces, to ensure it isn’t damaged in transit, so we include comprehensive assembly instructions and have made sure to minimize your inconvenience. You shouldn’t need much more than 30 minutes to erect your new seat and of course, if you need us, we are always easy to contact and happy to help.

  • Simple Designs with Comfort in Mind

    We don’t know when garden furniture suddenly started to get so uncomfortable, but we know that it did. Because of this, we set out to make sure that every one of our yard designs as ergonomic as it is gorgeous, and the Contoured Comfort outdoor rustic furniture range is a testament to our efforts.

    The great outdoors is a place to be shared with friends and family, whether you choose to come together around a campfire at your weekend cabin or simply sit together in the garden and our Contoured Comfort Log Tete-A-Tete makes it so much more luxurious to do either! Let’s talk about how great this seat looks, for a start.

    Built using the finest Northern White Cedar logs, all stripped perfectly to reveal the creamy timber beneath the bark, there is a natural juxtaposition between the delicate color and the chunky proportions of every log. Opposites attract though, so the overall look is one of rustic charm that entices you to take a seat. We wanted to maintain a timeless aesthetic here, so that if your tastes change over time, your garden furniture won’t need to be replaced, which is why a simple liner style has been chosen, with just a few curves thrown in for comfort.

    Can we take a second over the connected garden table? It might be small, but wow is it useful! When not in use for keeping drinks and food safely off the ground, your bijou table is ideal for displaying potted plants, or a pretty gardening trug. But enough about the practicalities and good looks, let’s give you more details about how we’ve upped your garden comfort levels.

    Using an angled back rest and gently curved seat slats, we’ve managed to negate all of the traditional sore spots that outdoor furniture tends to create. With nothing digging in behind your knees and your lumbar region given more consideration, we know that you’ll be able to sit in our log chairs for hours.

    While we think that the stripped logs look exceptional just as they are, we know that you might want to get creative, which is why we supply your new chair with no finish applied, leaving you to choose if you’d like to add a coat of stain, varnish or even paint. If you’d rather leave everything natural, you can enjoy the evolution of your furniture from a pale creamy tone through to an elegant silvery-gray, as White Cedar ages beautifully. It’s worth noting that your year’s warranty takes into account that you might leave your seat totally natural, so there’s no punishment for not applying a sealant!

    If you need any extra reasons to invest in some contoured rustic log garden seating, how about domestic pride? All of our designs are created, built and shipped from right here in the USA and this particular item enjoys free delivery, within the 48 contiguous states. There will be some assembly required, but we keep this to an absolute minimum to allow you as little time as possible between delivery and enjoyment.

  • Tea for Two!

    A little alone time in your perfectly manicured yard is one thing, but to up the romance stakes, it’s always lovely to spend some time with your partner, out in the fresh air. The only problem is finding chairs that are comfortable enough and figuring out a sturdy side table, for drinks and snacks. Well, it was a problem, before we released our Contoured Comfort Log Visa-Tete!

    Let’s talk about the construction. Crafted by our expert artisan team, using stripped Northern White Cedar logs, you know that this is going to be a special addition to your outdoor space. While there were plenty of stunning timber varieties to choose from, we opted for the cedar for its natural resistance to decay and insects. It also offers fantastic strength, which has allowed us to supply this two-person chair with a full year’s warranty.

    When it came to the design, we were focused on two things – comfort and rustic style. We were picturing all of your investing in this chair for your lodge, cabin or cottage garden, so we wanted authenticity to run through every facet, but equally, we wanted it to look chic enough to work outside a contemporary family home too. With this in mind, we developed a style that would increase your support and comfort and then dialed the aesthetics in from there. The result is an understated yet still perfectly rustic garden chair for two that hugs you in all the right places.

    Contoured seat slats make for a far more comfortable seat than you will have come to expect from outdoor furniture and with a gently angled back as well, you can enjoy chatting, eating or simply relaxing safe in the knowledge that your back and neck won’t suffer. We’re not believers in the idea that you have to suffer to look good, so we’ll leave that to the fashion industry!

    Perhaps the real shining grace of this particular design in the Contoured Comfort log furniture range is the addition of a small but exceptionally handy console table, between the two individual chairs. Not only does this connect them and add a little romance, it’s also the perfect spot for a couple of glasses of wine and some sharing snacks. If you’re not already picturing yourself watching the sunset from your back yard, while enjoying some tapas and easy conversation with a loved one, we bet you are now!

    Designed, made and shipped, free of charge, right here in the USA, this is a seat for two that will bring so many years of happy outdoor enjoyment and add something special to your yard too. Supplied with minimal assembly required and in its fully natural state, you can add a stain or finish if you want to coordinate with other items of furniture. Don’t worry if you like the organic color of your Northern White Cedar though, as it will age beautifully, to a charming silvery-gray, while remaining resistant to rot.

  • Logs You Can Lounge On!

    Naturally, we think that reclining on some beautiful stripped Northern White Cedar logs sounds like heaven, but we work with wood every day and have a natural affinity for it. Convincing all of you that cushions are an unnecessary expense however…that’s the real trick! We think that our Contoured Comfort Log Lounge Chair has done the trick though.

    Enjoying five-star reviews from a host of confirmed customers, the log lounge chair is something special because it balances beautiful aesthetics with practicality, longevity and comfort, all in one piece of outdoor furniture. That’s essentially unheard of, as it our commitment to quality, which we demonstrate by giving you a year’s warranty. Think about how much the weather can impact yard furniture in a year and you’ll see that this is more than just a gesture, it’s a firm belief in our team of craftspeople.

    Brought to you by our good friends over at Lakeland Mills, a fellow family-owned business right here in the USA, the comfort log chair is everything you’ve wanted in your garden, especially when those moments of peace call to you. Imagine sitting down, in a quiet little enclave of outdoor space and feeling the gentle curves of your chair hugging your lumbar area, to give you the best support. As the breeze picks up, a gentle aroma of stripped logs mixes with the flora of your yard and suddenly, utopia doesn’t feel like such a dream anymore. That’s a summer experience we can all get behind.

    The design here is all centered around gently contoured seat slats that curve over the lip of the seat, to give you no sharp edges or discomfort at all. Add in an angled back that encourages relaxation and it’s not hard to see why we called this the lounge chair! In fact, we defy you to find a more luxurious or comfortable solid wood seating experience! Outside of our own products we mean, as they are all given the same amount of consideration during the design process.

    Crafted from expertly peeled logs, we supply your new chair in its completely natural state, leaving you to either enjoy the natural gray-silver hue that develops over time, or decide on a colored stain. We’ve seen numerous images of these chairs, finished in various ways and we are happy to report that they look incredible, however you choose to personalize them. A stain or varnish is not necessary for protection, as Northern White Cedar is naturally resistant to both rot and insects, but we totally understand that for peace of mind or garden cohesion, you might still want to apply a coat of something.

    Part of a larger range of Contoured Comfort garden furniture, the lounge chairs ships for free within the contiguous 48 states and is made entirely in the USA. Please be aware that there will be some assembly required, though we have tried to keep this to a minimum and provide comprehensive instructions to make the process as simple as possible. If you find yourself needing extra support, we are only too happy to assist, as soon as you contact us

  • A Garden Great

    Think about how you like to spend time in your garden and what comes to mind? Probably some pottering and tending to your beautiful grounds, but what about taking a seat and just letting the afternoon drift by?

    Luxurious reclining is what we think of when time well spent in garden is the topic of conversation, which is why we decided to create the ultimate in garden swings that everybody will love.

    Long gone are the days when garden swings were unwieldy, uncomfortable contraptions, made from flimsy metal tubing that always seemed to give way half-way through a barbeque! Now, perfectly constructed, considered and, most importantly, contoured wooden garden swings are the way to go and our Comfort 5ft Rustic Log Yard Swing is, in out humble opinion, one of the best out there!

    Crafted from gorgeous Northern White Cedar, you won’t have to worry about the finished aesthetic not blending in with your natural surroundings. This is a wood that is both naturally resistant to rot and insects and ages beautifully, taking on more of a grayish-silvery hue. That’s not to say that you have to leave the wood unfinished though, as a sealant or stain would be a fantastic touch, especially if you have other rustic garden furniture that you’d like to match.

    Aesthetics aside, we knew that we wanted to focus on adding more comfort to this worthy addition to your outdoor space. After all, a rustic yard swing that looks good is one thing, but creating one that you actually long to sit in for a few hours? That’s something else, which is why we designed the entire item with a contoured seat at the center of it. Fitting your natural curvatures, you’ll be shocked at how relaxing an all-wood seat can be, without any cushions or padding. We know you’ll appreciate the extra touch of curving the seat panels too, so that the backs of your knees aren’t pressed up against hard edges either. There simply isn’t a facet of use and comfort that we haven’t considered, which brings us to a key safety feature.

    We are a family business and we understand that safe use of garden swings will always be in the front of your mind when considering a purchase. With that in mind, as parents and committed family members, we decided to design a swing that negated the need for bulky, risky chains at the base. This removes the hazard of the chair potentially flipping when being used. Incredible, no?

    Sturdy, comfortable and, frankly, a stunning centerpiece for your yard, this swing is one of our favorite designs from the Contoured Comfort range. Made and shipped for free within the USA, we offer you a full year’s warranty and try to keep your assembly to a minimum. We know that you’ll want to erect your new seat as soon as possible, so we supply full, simple instructions that will guide you through the easy assembly process. Don’t believe us that it’s a piece of cake? Just take a look at the five-star reviews for swing and you’ll be reassured instantly!

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