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Rustic Outdoor Furniture

  • Rustic Decor Adds an Iconic Look to Your Yard

    Afternoons Outdoors are Best with Yard SwingsEvery yard should have a swing where you can sit and relax as you gaze out over your yard or garden. The Rustic Natural Cedar American Garden Log Yard Swing is a classic example of country decor that’s designed to look beautiful in a variety of settings. With strong construction and eye-catching style, this swing is not only comfortable but also makes a beautiful accent for your outdoor space.

    Available with a four-foot or five-foot swing to accommodate two or three people, this stunning rustic decor is crafted with solidity and longevity in mind. Tall Northern white cedar logs create a strong A-frame to support the swing seat. Straight cross-supports and angled double supports at the upper corners ensure stability. Sturdy chains hold the two logs from which the swing is suspended. Close-set slats are affixed to a log frame for a strong, comfortable seat that can be enhanced with the addition of your choice of rugged seat cushions, which are available separately.

    The Rustic Natural Cedar American Garden Log Yard Swing is safe for the whole family to swing on. Smooth-sanded wood provides a soft look and feel without the worry of splinters. Shrinking and warping are unlikely with Northern white cedar and the hardware is coated to be resistant to rust. Together these features make for a strong swing that won’t crack, bend or wobble.

    This iconic wooden swing will become a fixture of your yard from the moment you finish the simple assembly process. Put it by the garden and watch the bees and butterflies bounce from flower to flower as you swing, or set it in the backyard by the fire pit for guests to enjoy whenever they stop by.

    Cedar wood lasts for many years thanks to its ability to resist rotting and damage from insects. Whether you leave it as is and watch it turn from its original bright tone to a soft silver-gray or seal it with your choice of exterior wood stain, the Rustic Natural Cedar American Garden Log Yard Swing is one piece of country furniture that you’re sure to treasure.

  • Swing Into Summer with Country Furniture

    Enjoy the Outdoors with Porch SwingsA solid wood swing turns your porch into a cozy nook for visiting with friends, reading a favorite book or simply relaxing and enjoying the summer weather. The Real Hickory Contoured Rustic Porch Swing combines the bold beauty of hickory logs with lighter Northern white cedar slats for a country touch. With both 4-foot and 5-foot sizes available, this stunning rustic wood furniture comfortably seats several people so that you can share the fun of spending a lazy afternoon out on the porch.

    The choice of hickory and Northern white cedar as materials to construct this porch swing gives it special properties such as resistance to insect damage and decay. This allows you to enjoy the swing without any kind of finish and know that it won’t suffer premature wear from the elements. Each component from the hickory log frame to the cedar back and seat is crafted to bring out the character of the wood and create a beautiful finished piece that enhances the look of your porch.

    If you prefer to tint the swing so that it matches the rest of your outdoor rustic decor, you can purchase it with a “cedar tone” finish. This adds a warm tone that complements the natural color of the hickory bark. Finishing the piece yourself with standard clear deck sealant keeps it looking new and prevents the natural color change that cedar undergoes as it weathers. Each style has its own beauty that caters to different personal tastes.

    The Real Hickory Contoured Rustic Porch Swing is made with stabilizing logs along each side instead of springs. This innovative design improves the safety of the swing by ensuring that it can’t flip while in use. Optional “comfort springs” may be added for an even smoother swinging motion. Curved seat slats follow the natural shape of your legs to make this country furniture as comfortable as possible. Add an outdoor cushion or pillow and you have a cozy, beautiful place to relax whenever you need an infusion of summer sunshine.

  • Swing in Comfort with Country Furniture

    Yard Swings for the Great OutdoorsEach year as spring creeps in, it brings with it the promise of warmer days with more time spent outside. It’s a time to plan gardens, clean off the patio, get out the lawn furniture and start setting up your outdoor seating area. Adding the Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Yard Swing to the setup brings the beauty of country decor to the landscape and gives you a fun place to relax when the warm weather arrives.

    Clean-peeled Northern white cedar logs are assembled by hand into a rugged support frame for the Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Yard Swing. The triangular shape includes crosspieces and angled logs to ensure that the swing is sturdy and safe. Instead of chains, more logs are used to hold the swing, and no chains are used at the bottom of the swing. This design creates a well-supported seat that won’t flip so you can feel confident about letting your whole family enjoy this stunning rustic decor.

    A unique seat slat style sets the Contoured Comfort line of furniture apart from other log pieces. Many rustic designs feature straight slats which can irritate the backs of your knees, but the cedar slats on this swing curve at the edge, allowing you to sit comfortably for as long as you want. Leave the wood unfinished for a smooth, natural look that softens to a silvery-gray tone over time, or deepen the natural color with the choice of a “cedar tone” finish. Either option gives you beautiful results that you can enjoy for years.

    Thanks to natural oils in the wood, cedar resists damage from insects and the decay that other country furniture can be prone to. That means you can leave it in the yard to enjoy any time and know that it will stay beautiful, rugged and sturdy. Whether you spend some quiet time swinging alone or gather the whole family for an afternoon of relaxation, the Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Yard Swing is a great way to welcome the spring.

  • Swing in the Summer with Outdoor Country Decor

    Swings for the Summer AfternoonsThere's nothing like spending time outside in early summer as the weather is just beginning to heat up and give a hint of the hazy days to come. After a spring full of cleanup work, it's time to take a step back, relax and enjoy the beauty of your yard with the Rustic Natural Cedar Deluxe Garden Double Glider. The cozy design of this beautifully made wood furniture offers enough space for you to sit with three friends or family members and share in the beauty of the outdoors.

    Made from decay-resistant cedar wood, the Rustic Natural Cedar Deluxe Garden Double Glider features two double-wide seats facing each other with a removable table in between. Everything is mounted on a sturdy gliding mechanism that allows the assembly to move back and forth with ease. Quiet operation ensures that your outdoor time stays peaceful. Use the table to serve up classic summertime beverages such as pink lemonade or iced tea, or share a game of cards with your friends. Whatever you decide to do, you'll be getting fresh air and sunshine as you enjoy the gentle gliding motion of the swing.

    Every part of this eye-catching wood furniture is crafted in a traditional style that includes fanned slats on the chair backs, sturdy straight boards for back and side supports, curved arms and a solid wood plank "floor" between the swings. Each seat features a comfortable contour that follows the natural curve of your legs. Rugged cedar planks sit underneath it all, providing a strong base for the entire glider. Topping it all off is an all-weather canopy in your choice of burgundy or forest green. The resulting style looks beautiful in any yard or garden.

    Cedar wood requires little to no maintenance to retain its beautiful yellow-brown appearance. If you wish to finish the swing, you may do so, but the cedar will stay lovely on its own. Make this swing part of your summertime country decor and enjoy hours of shared relaxation with the people you love.

  • Make Every Season Special with Country Furniture

    Pick the right end tables for the season!After a long winter, you want to make the most of the coming warm weather. The slow arrival of spring gives you time to plan your outdoor country decor for the season. It's not unusual for your thoughts to turn to gardening as you clear up the debris of winter. However, you also want to design your porch or patio area so that you have a comfortable, relaxing space to enjoy every moment of sunshine.

    The Contoured Comfort Log End Table is the perfect complement to the country furniture you already have in your outdoor seating area. Crafted with Northern white cedar logs that have been peeled clean, this eye-catching table gives you a place to set drinks while lounging in the sun or socializing with friends. It's also a great way to showcase your favorite potted plants or add a little lighting to your outdoor decor. Whatever you use it for, this attractive handcrafted table brings something special to any seating area.

    Sturdy log legs with log crosspieces provide the foundation for the Contoured Comfort Log End Table. Three sleek, clean planks sit together to form the tabletop, resulting in a strong piece that is as beautiful as it is reliable. You don't have to worry about your table becoming damaged outdoors, either, since cedar wood contains natural oils that help it resist damage. The only change you'll see is a natural shift from the light wood shade to an aged silver-gray. If you'd prefer your furniture to have a deeper color, you can order it finished with a penetrating cedar tone stain that adds extra protection against sun and mildew.

    Including an end table or two in your outdoor living space is a practical way to add room for drinks and plates at summer parties. When you choose log furniture, you bring an extra dimension of rugged beauty to the decor. Try the Contoured Comfort Log End Table on your patio or porch this season and enjoy the unique look it adds to your country home.

  • Great Log Furniture Indoors and Outdoors

    If you've chosen log furniture for your home, don't forget outdoors, as well.The big windows that are so popular in homes today are definitely something long overdue. Letting in natural light and adding the blues, greens and browns of the outdoor world become part of your indoor living certainly has brought new life to the sense of home. That beautiful blend of sky and water, soil and greenery blend together to create an atmosphere that is so peaceful and relaxing. Adding log furniture and rustic furniture increases that aura even further.

    Natural peace from the inside out, it’s a breath of fresh air even on a cloudy, blustery day. Let that sun come out a warm the earth and you yearn to head outside. Spending some time on the patio or porch is always good for rejuvenating from a long and harried day. We’ve got a great selection of beautiful outdoor log furniture. Our outdoor wooden furniture collections feature outstanding craftsmanship, made from Northern White Cedar. Each piece is unique, and will look great in your outdoor living spaces.

    There are several pieces of outdoor furniture that you can mix and match from Woodland Creek’s. We offer log patio chairs, log picnic tables, log porch swings, log rocking chairs, and evenyard or garden accessories. We have everything you need to deck out your…deck.

    The log patio chairs and great for lounging and enjoying warm weather. Pour a glass of iced lemonade and relax in total comfort on your porch. For your backyard barbecues you’ll find our cedar log picnic tables are sturdy and stylish, perfect for those family and friend get-togethers. But wait, keeping the kids busy during these barbecues can be a challenge. That’s where log porch swingscome in handy. Let the adults enjoy the comfortable log rockersetwhile the charcoal is working its way to the smoky BBQ perfection stage.

    All of our outdoor wooden furniture is made of the finest quality logs and will last a lifetime, even with a herd of rambunctious children clambering over the porch swing. You’ll find the same level of quality in materials and craftsmanship with our huge selection of indoor log furniture as well. We’ve seen to it that you can outfit every room in your home with the solid, natural beauty of real wood that will outlast mass manufactured pieces made using modern techniques and inferior quality materials.

    Log furniture is the perfect combination with the view outside that bay of windows in the kitchen, oversized door wall in the family room and picture window in the living room.  Stone fireplaces in dining rooms and living rooms are popular today, and log dining room furniture or log living room furniture is the natural companion to compliment their beauty. You certainly couldn’t find a better place to enjoy your organic salad than a 100% natural wood table and chairs. If you ask us, they go together beautifully!

  • Get the Facts on Unique Teak Wood Rustic Furniture

    Teak is a durable form of rustic furniture that is beautiful, as well.You have exceptional taste and style, and you like to show it off by displaying your gorgeous wooden outdoor furniture made from teak. When a person lays their eyes on the fine craftsmanship of this rustic log furniture, the striking features and rustic details of the pieces you have chosen definitely won’t go unnoticed.

    A material that has always been prized, teak wood has been used to outfit and adorn the homes of the wealthy and powerful since around the 7th century. The wood was once used to build entire ships, because it has extraordinary abilities to ward off dry rot, fungi, and parasites. Today, teak has decorative uses on finer leisure boats.

    The finest teak wood comes from trees that have grown slowly in natural forests; this makes for the most durable type of teak wood. Teak from very young trees is more likely to split or discolor. Because of this knowledge, growers of teak know that it will take around 80 years before a tree they plant will be ready for harvesting to be made into rustic furniture.

    Grown in an environment that is hot, wet, and humid, teak wood is the perfect choice for your wooden outdoor furniture because it can withstand similar conditions. The finest teak wood comes from trees that have grown slowly in natural forests; this makes for the most durable type of teak wood. When you make the choice of teak wood for your rustic log furniture, you can be sure that it will age beautifully.

    Teak wood has a very high content of natural oils, which makes it unnecessary to treat the furniture with varnish, wood sprays, oils, or preservatives, although you may choose to apply a special teak oil if you want your outdoor furniture to have a surface sheen. These natural oils protect it in even the worst weather conditions, and make your rustic furniture resistant to pests such as termites.

    The colors of teak wood furniture vary from light brown to dark brown, and no two pieces are quite the same, just as no two trees are quite the same. You get your money’s worth with teak wood furniture, because the amount that you would spend on annual waterproofing of other wood is saved when you purchase teak furniture.

    Objects made from teak over 2000 years ago have been found intact in caves in Western India. This is unheard of for log furniture that was un-used, un-treated and un-cared for. Because of the awesome qualities that teak wood possesses, previously used teak - such as from old ships or structures – is often made into teak wood furniture when it is no longer needed.

    With all of the excellent attributes of teak wood, you can’t go wrong in choosing teak for your wooden outdoor furniture. This gorgeous wood will create the perfect rustic wood look for years to come.

  • Outdoor Cushions for Your Outdoor Log Furniture

    Comfortable Outdoor CushionsOur outdoor cushions for our Cedar Looks line of outdoor log furniture by Rustic Natural Cedar are primarily manufactured from top of the line Sunbrella™ fabric which, as any cushion connoisseur knows, is the leading fabric for sun and weather resistance.  Our cushions will typically last more than 5 years outdoors in almost any climate. Not only is Sunbrella™ the best fabric for weather and fade resistance, but it is also offered in dozens of vibrant, appealing colors and patterns.

    Our outdoor cushions are manufactured with lock stitch seams and tough zippers to last for years. Hand crafted in West Warwick, RI, our cushions will always have matching seams and patterns thanks to the careful attention and nimble fingers of the staff that manufactures them.

    Outdoor cushions for our line of outdoor cedar log furniture are cut, sewn, and assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality product for you. Each step is carefully executed to eliminate problems and mistakes.

    The Process

    First, the fabric is chosen and placed on a template. The fabric is then cut with a specialized saw and matched with the rest of the pieces for that cushion. The fabric is then sewn by hand to ensure that all stripes and patterns are set in the right direction.  Any zippers, tubing, or ties are attached to the fabric and any strings or extra fabric is snipped off.

    While the fabric shell is being sewn, the foam filling is being made. The foam enters the facility in large blocks and has to be cut down to the proper size.

    A large machine is used to cut the large blocks into manageable pieces.The smaller blocks are then cut, using the same specialized saw and a pattern, to the proper size for the cushion.

    Once the foam and fabric shell are completed, they are brought to be put together. The foam filling is lined with a softer piece of batting that enhances the comfort of the finished product. The foam filler is then compressed to a very small size and the fabric is slipped around it. The foam is then allowed to expand to its original size and filled into the corners by hand. This process ensures that your cushions will be consistently soft and fit onto your furniture.

    Once the foam has been inserted to the fabric shell, it is zipped up and placed in a plastic covering. The plastic helps the cushion stay clean until it arrives at its final destination.

    The outdoor cushions are packed into boxes and shipped all over the US. Unlike other cushion manufacturers, we never fold or roll our cushion so they always arrive to you in pristine condition without creases or wrinkles.

    Order your log outdoor furniture cushions here on

  • Showcase Your Home from the Inside Out

    When it comes to style and long lasting comfort, log patio furniture is a winner.Creating an ideal home for you and your family doesn’t require an interior designer. All it requires is a little imagination and a lot of log furniture. Have you ever imagined being able to create the perfect home, that you’ve always desired, in a short amount of time? Your home is the most important place to you. It’s the place where you spend time with your family, unwind after a long stressful day, and spend most of your time.

    There is rustic furniture crafted from solid logs for every room in the house. You can choose to either create this theme in one or a few rooms, or you can spread it throughout the house for an allover nature appeal. Whatever you choose you do, you will be happy knowing that you did something better for you, your family, and your home.

    What many people fail to realize, is that the outside of their home is just as important as the inside. It is the first thing that people will see of your home, and sometimes the only thing. So, it is important that you dress up the exterior of your house to create the perfect first impression. Here again you will find high quality, made for the elements log outdoor furniture is a great choice.

    To create a classic, down-home look to your front yard, adding furniture such as log patio swings, log rockers, and log patio chairs is a great idea. There are several different types of wooden outdoor furniture to fit the look that you envision. If you have children or grandchildren, log swings are perfect. They will enjoy being able to play on them, and you will love that they can have fun right in the front yard. For a get-together, log picnic tables are ideal because food made from barbeques can be cooked and eaten outside.

    To relax, both under the sun and the stars, log patio furniture should be added to the porch. You can relax with a tall glass of lemonade while you watch your children or grandchildren play on the log swings. Included in log patio furniture are rocking chairs, log side tables, and more.

    The log side tables are great for accessorizing as well as a place to put things, such as that refreshing pitcher of lemonade. It is sturdy enough to hold lots of weight, without ever breaking a sweat. Unlike other rocking chairs made of cheap material, log rockers are created from strong, durable wood, which is important when it comes to furniture. This wood is long lasting, so there’s no need to replace it e very few years. You will be able to pass it down from generation to generation, so that each family member can enjoy the benefits of log furniture.

  • Create Peaceful Outdoor Settings with Log Patio Furniture

    Log patio furniture made of cedar is long lasting, capable of many years of use in the grass, on the patio, deck or porch.Log patio furniture has helped millions of people realize their landscaping potential. The act of taking something that was born of nature, and placing it in your yard to enhance the quality of your surroundings is the best way to feel at maximum comfort when you are outside, enjoying your many summer activities. The peaceful atmosphere inspired by log outdoor furniture has proven to be an experience they would not have wanted to live without.

    When most people think of a peaceful summer afternoon at home, they think about swinging outside on the porch. It may be that you have that certain special person in your life in mind. Sharing a romantic afternoon together on a log swing is an experience hardly like any other. You may have the perfect idea of what log swings should look like; or you may be interested in discovering how many options actually exist.

    While there are many preconceived notions that exist about log patio furniture. Very few realize the amount of variety that is available in this classic genre of décor. With the various kinds of wood used to make different types and styles of log picnic tables and other log furniture, the possibilities of finding a unique collection of outdoor furnishings that will set your home apart from any other are great. If you are looking for log patio chairs, for example, you will find that you can easily search through hundreds of web pages online. You won't have a hard time finding log furniture to match your taste. It will be much more difficult reaching a decision on which of the amazing deals you should purchase. The good news is that you may be able to get a steal on outdoor package deals.

    The many package deals available online include a great number of log furniture. Imagine a fully decked out scene of great patio furniture coordinating your own mix of log picnic tables with lots of different styles of contoured chairs, log rockers and log side tables to work from along with many other pieces. Each of these pieces is highly attractive wood-based furnishings. Bringing the serenity of a log cabin to your home is easier than you may think. Not only can you easily shop online for an impressive variety of log patio furniture, the prices available on this long-lasting brand of outdoor décor are relatively low.

    As with any industry, there are many companies who have your best interest in mind. There are others who may not be concerned with your welfare as much as they are concerned with making a buck. These companies may not provide you with the best quality, and it is important to check into the integrity of a company before settling on any purchase. The leading internet retailers of log patio furniture take a great deal of pride in delivering you top quality log furnishings. Look online to find a few of them.

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