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Scrubs Up Beautifully

Excuse the colloquialism, but you can’t deny that our Reclaimed Barn Wood Vanity is a gorgeous looking piece of bathroom furniture! So often the most overlooked space in the home, bathrooms deserve just as many eye-catching designs and thoughtful touches as anywhere else, which is why we made it our mission to create covetable pieces that will drive your guests wild with envy.

We know that your first thought is most likely that barn wood, as in wood from a barn, which has been reclaimed and is old, surely can’t be the best material to use, but that’s where you would be, understandably, wrong!

Firstly, be reassured that we hand select our reclaimed timber according to verifiable age (a minimum of 100 years), beauty and strength. Nail marks and saw impressions? They just make for some beautiful patina, what we are really looking for is a batch of characterful heritage timber that will be able to stand the test of time for more generations to come. If it can withstand rain and differing temperatures, your bathroom will be no challenge at all! Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the design features that we know you’ll love.

It would have been so easy to put regular metal hinges and catches in place, but when we were designing this vanity, we were cognizant of wanting to pay homage to the farmers that worked hard to maintain their barns. With them in mind, we have opted for subtle arched detailing throughout, as well as more traditional wooden hinges. We’ve also recreated those iconic sliding metal catches for the four cupboard doors, for an extra rustic touch. Need a sink? We can add a hammered copper one to your order for you and think your bathroom dimensions will pose a problem? We don’t!

As standard, we offer you a choice of four widths, but we are always happy to accommodate something more bespoke. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying twice the price either – custom does not equal costly! It just means that you need some extra attention, which we are happy to offer. You can have a top or choose to go without and we always ask where your new item will be placed, so we can make adjustments for you. Between two walls? Not an issue. Freestanding? That’s just fine by us too, as are any adjacent rustic linen closets. The really impressive elements, other than our design team’s creativity and our craftspeople (obviously) are the protections we put in place for you.

While your rustic bathroom vanity might contain anything from knots to nail marks and even the occasional bullet hole (seriously!), we don’t want it to contain damage, so we finish it with a protective clear lacquer. You won’t be able to see that it’s there, but you’ll have peace of mind. That’s where our other form of protection comes in as well, because we ship this beautiful vanity to you, free of charge in relevant states, with a lifetime warranty. It’s one thing to claim that furniture will last a lifetime, but another to stand behind the words and here at Log Furniture Place, our word is as strong as oak.