Simple Charm for the Smallest Room in the House

Simple Charm for the Smallest Room in the House
9 months ago
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We know not all bathrooms are small, but they are meant to be a spot for a little calm self-indulgence. That’s why we’ve designed a range of rustic furniture pieces that add a rustic ambience and character, without overshadowing the entire space.  Just because we decided to keep things a little less dramatic with our Olde Towne log bathroom vanity, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less beautiful or worthy of a place in your home. We just know that though our extra rustic designs are eye-catching, they might not work with a hybrid or more contemporary interior design scheme. We want to be able to offer a wide range of styles, to not only show versatility but also a commitment to our wide-ranging clientele and we think this particular piece is something rather special, even if it is simple.  So what makes this log vanity so exceptional? Firstly, all of the Olde Towne range of rustic furniture is made in Michigan, by hand. This allows us to respect the white cedar being used and to give it a little extra love while we fashion it into cherished rustic furniture items. Secondly, we give you the rustic look you want, without going too overboard. You’ll find authentic saw marks, hand carved logs and little age marks on your vanity, all of which lend themselves to the narrative of the piece itself. The finish is smooth to the touch but utterly beguiling to the eyes and with the aesthetics taken care of, we can get down to the all-important issue of personalization. You can decide the following, without compromising on the finished look of your new Olde Towne log vanity unit:
  • Size. We offer standard sizes from 24"-72" but always feel free to contact us about something totally bespoke. No dimensions are too awkward.
  • Top. You can have your vanity supplied with or without a top.
  • Sink position. Are you having one or two sinks? Where do they need to be placed? For copper sinks that we supply, we can cut the holes ready for you. Vessel sinks will need to be fitted by a professional and we do not cut holes for them.
  • Finish. We might be huge fans of our proprietary Barnwood Lager stain, which gives the look and feel of genuine barnwood to such an extent that even experts will fail to spot the difference, but we have more to choose from. A clear finish is always offered, if you love the tone and natural look of the white cedar. 
  • Orientation. Tell us where in your bathroom your vanity will be placed and we can make allowances for perfect fitment, at no extra cost to you.
  • Handles. Forged metal strap or log handles? The choice is yours and both are made by artisans. 
We also have a range of complementary accessories, including log wall mirrors, which can be shipped alongside your vanity. Supplied with a limited lifetime warranty and shipped for free within the US, we know you’ll love this unit forever and can’t wait to talk with you about your order.
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