Simple Designs with Comfort in Mind

Simple Designs with Comfort in Mind
2020-08-14 12:18:24
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We don’t know when garden furniture suddenly started to get so uncomfortable, but we know that it did. Because of this, we set out to make sure that every one of our yard designs as ergonomic as it is gorgeous, and the Contoured Comfort outdoor rustic furniture range is a testament to our efforts. The great outdoors is a place to be shared with friends and family, whether you choose to come together around a campfire at your weekend cabin or simply sit together in the garden and our Contoured Comfort Log Tete-A-Tete makes it so much more luxurious to do either! Let’s talk about how great this seat looks, for a start. Built using the finest Northern White Cedar logs, all stripped perfectly to reveal the creamy timber beneath the bark, there is a natural juxtaposition between the delicate color and the chunky proportions of every log. Opposites attract though, so the overall look is one of rustic charm that entices you to take a seat. We wanted to maintain a timeless aesthetic here, so that if your tastes change over time, your garden furniture won’t need to be replaced, which is why a simple liner style has been chosen, with just a few curves thrown in for comfort. Can we take a second over the connected garden table? It might be small, but wow is it useful! When not in use for keeping drinks and food safely off the ground, your bijou table is ideal for displaying potted plants, or a pretty gardening trug. But enough about the practicalities and good looks, let’s give you more details about how we’ve upped your garden comfort levels. Using an angled back rest and gently curved seat slats, we’ve managed to negate all of the traditional sore spots that outdoor furniture tends to create. With nothing digging in behind your knees and your lumbar region given more consideration, we know that you’ll be able to sit in our log chairs for hours. While we think that the stripped logs look exceptional just as they are, we know that you might want to get creative, which is why we supply your new chair with no finish applied, leaving you to choose if you’d like to add a coat of stain, varnish or even paint. If you’d rather leave everything natural, you can enjoy the evolution of your furniture from a pale creamy tone through to an elegant silvery-gray, as White Cedar ages beautifully. It’s worth noting that your year’s warranty takes into account that you might leave your seat totally natural, so there’s no punishment for not applying a sealant! If you need any extra reasons to invest in some contoured rustic log garden seating, how about domestic pride? All of our designs are created, built and shipped from right here in the USA and this particular item enjoys free delivery, within the 48 contiguous states. There will be some assembly required, but we keep this to an absolute minimum to allow you as little time as possible between delivery and enjoyment.
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