Small Touches Complete The Perfect Log Cabin Décor

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11 years ago
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WThat's what makes your log cabin decor design completehen furnishing your home or get-away place with this charming style, it’s important to remember that small finishing touches can make or break your overall design. Taking the time to decorate each room involves more than just choosing large furniture pieces. Rustic decorating involves attention to detail and an eye for which accents work best to bring the layout of a room together. In the living room, wall decorations are key. Log shelves can hold everything from books and magazines to clocks and framed photographs. Be sure to choose shelf brackets that complement the overall rustic décor of the room. For the perfect finishing touch, add matching curtain brackets in a variety of woodsy themes. More prominent living room decorations include themed fireplace screens and votive candle holders that add a beautiful accent to any tabletop or mantle. Log cabin décor in the bedroom is easy to finish. Mirrors with log frames draw the eye and lend a sense of space. Rustic clocks and portraits liven up bare walls, and the same attractive curtain brackets used in the living room can be used for bedroom windows as well. Small as they may be, these kinds of details help harmonize the look of each room in your home. Even bathrooms with rustic decorating need a little extra attention. Holders for towels, paper towels, and toilet paper with fun cabinesque themes can all be incorporated into your bathroom design. Whether you choose a classic log look or something with an outdoor theme, remembering the little things will help make your bathroom look attractive and balanced. Last but not least, don’t forget to accessorize the log cabin furniture in your front hallway. This area gives visitors their first impression of your home, and taking the time to add a small log accent table or rustic coat rack can change the whole look of the space, making it more inviting.
11 years ago at 8:42 PM
Love this mirror! Reminds me of my grandparents cabin. Been thinking I'd like to redo the family room in rustic. Kind of tired of cutesy country style. Time for something more - for want of a better word - more timeless.
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