Spruce Up Cabin Space With Log Furniture

2012-06-07 10:00:18
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Get them with entire bedding sets to save more!Getting your cabin ready for summer involves the same sort of house chores as spring cleaning your year-round home. Rooms need airing out, floors need sweeping and furniture needs a good dusting and polishing. As you go around getting these things done, you’ll inevitably discover other chores that need doing to make your warm-weather getaway the best it can be. You may find that some rooms require redecorating or rearranging to better accommodate visitors. In that case, a log furniture set such as our Cedar Log Bedroom Furniture Package gives you a quick way to ready a guest room. Choose a twin, full or Queen bed to go along with the nightstand, and you’ll have the start of a beautiful, rustic bedroom layout that any guest will appreciate. The beds come standard with cedar wood slats, but a metal center support is available for larger sizes if need be. Solid Northern White Cedar logs and wood come together in the Rustic Natural Cedar set to create a sturdy, attractive addition to your country decor. All logs are sanded smooth and left unfinished. The light, buttery color of the logs in this natural state remains beautiful over time due to cedar wood’s inherent resistance to damage and decay. You can enjoy these characteristics of the bedroom set as-is or apply whatever shade of stain best matches the overall look of your cabin. Purchasing bedroom sets instead of individual pieces is a great way to add log beds and other log furniture to a summer home without spending too much money. When you bring the Rustic Natural Cedar set to your cabin bedroom or guest room, you get a comfortable place to sleep as well as somewhere to store and organize common bedroom clutter. Add a rustic lamp, colorful bedding and a few art prints, and you’ll have an attractive bedroom setup to offer to visiting friends and family. In no time at all, your cabin will be ready for all of your favorite summer activities.
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