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Stay Organized with Versatile Country Decor

Country Style Bookshelves for the OfficeGetting work done at home is easier and more efficient when you can keep your reference books close at hand. A sturdy shelving unit like the Lakeland Log Bookshelf with 5 Shelves gives you plenty of space to line up all of the books that you need. You may even find that you have room left over to add a personal touch with some country decor. Built using a combination of logs and boards, this shelf exudes rugged character that’s right at home in cabins and lodges.

Open construction makes this solid log furniture versatile for use in any room design. Place it against the wall like a traditional bookshelf or set it up as part of a modular layout to make your home office space more interesting. The thick Northern white cedar logs that appear at every corner draw attention while smaller logs spaced evenly down each side serve the practical purpose of holding books in place. No matter what angle you look at it from, the piece offers something beautiful to admire.

German-peeled logs with mortise and tenon joins create the frame for the Lakeland Log Bookshelf with 5 Shelves. This classic construction provides rugged support for each of the plank-style shelves and results in a smooth appearance that enhances the atmosphere of any room. Enjoy its natural look either unfinished or with a clear coating for the brightest color. Darker honey and “vintage whiskey” stains are also available to make the shelf blend in with a bolder home design.

If you love books, chances are you have them stashed in other places besides your office. Bring the attractive look of cedar to the living room by taking the five-shelf unit and combining it with other Lakeland bookshelves of varying heights using optional connector shelves. These shelves not only create a unique style but also give you more space for storing your favorite volumes. The result is a custom-made shelving system that you can use for everything from technical manuals to paperback novels. Rearrange the pieces until you have a country furniture setup that’s beautiful, convenient and timeless.

  • Joy Ann Jones

    I Love shelving! I've been looking thru the bookcases and shelving on and there's so many I like that I cannot decide which to purchase. Can anyone that's purchased their bookcases tell me more about their Construction? I really want to make sure they're sturdy!