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Stepping Up Your Storage Game

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard people saying that they’d love some rustic storage furniture, only they don’t have a lot of space at home. To those people we say, grab a perfectly designed aspen log chest that is narrow but tall!

We know that the archetypal image of rustic dressers is enormous drawer-filled cabinets with beautiful log detailing and chunky handles and yes, we do have plenty of these on offer, but we also want to cater to the smaller, more bijou home too! Not everybody has a cabin the size of a Swiss ski lodge, after all! With this in mind, we created our timeless and practical Beaver Creek Aspen 4 drawer log chest.

At 40” wide, our rustic chest is hardly tiny, but is significantly smaller than many of our dressers, giving you flexibility and more potential spots for housing it. What it lacks in the extra 20 or so inches in width, it makes up for in height, standing at 45” tall, with four beautiful deep drawers ready to fill. With full extension glides fitted as standard, you won’t have to climb into your new aspen log chest in order to get the most from the drawers either, as you’ll be able to get right to the back with ease.

How rustic you want to go is entirely up to you. If you love all things extra gnarled, dark and looking as though they have been plucked from the forest floor that morning, we can easily make this a reality for your home storage solutions, but equally, if you like a lighter homage to the natural world, we can guide you through some more subtle options. Your choices, at the point of purchase, will include:

Drawer face style – Do you like the look of flat drawer fronts or are you after an unapologetically rustic vibe? Choose half logs for a really striking finish or keep things simple with flat fronts and mini log handles.

Wood color – Light or dark? It’s the question that has plagued chocolate fans for years and now you too! Light Aspen timber has a creamy tone that works wonderfully with our hand-applied honey lacquer, for a golden finish. Equally, the dark Aspen creates an eye-catching visual that is amplified by our simple clear lacquer.

Log character – this is the choice that most people struggle with. Our regular Aspen logs all feature natural patination and markings. They look beautiful and organic and have a really rustic feel, but we also offer extra gnarled logs for your construction. These have been set aside for their remarkable personality and touchable appeal. This is where the depth of your affection for all things rustic will come into play!

Remember that however you choose to style your chest, your storage potential will remain the same and the impact your new furniture will have will be incredible. We will ship for free, within the applicable 48 states, plus we are always on hand to help you with any queries. Who knows, with one of our 4 drawer chests in place, you might suddenly find space for a few other pieces from the same range!