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  • Country Decor Art Captures the Spirit of Christmas

    Christmas Themed Art PrintsThe Christmas season brings a special kind of feeling that many people wish they could hold onto all year long, and you can do just that with prints like Christmas By The Fireplace. As a permanent fixture of your country decor, this fine art print gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling every time you look at its depiction of a snowy evening during the holidays.

    Red, white and green are the colors most often associated with Christmas, and the artist uses these in abundance in Christmas By The Fireplace. A green armchair sits to the right in the foreground of the image and is balanced out by a brightly lit Christmas tree on the left. Presents wrapped in red and gold sit under the tree, and more gifts are stacked on the chair. A large brick fireplace dominates the background, framing a warm fire crackling away on the hearth. Just above the flakes, two patterned Christmas stockings hang ready and waiting for Santa to come fill them with presents.

    A few more seasonal touches make this rustic decor print perfect for Christmas decorating or any time you want to feel the cozy glow of the holidays. One is a large wreath that hangs above the fireplace, encircled by strands of red and accented with a red ribbon in the center. Candles in red, silver and gold crowd the mantle, lighting up more greenery that complements the chair and the Christmas tree. On the tree itself, giant balls of red and gold reflect the light of candles. Look closely you’ll find splashes of blue and silver that create balance with just a bit of contemporary flair.

    A window to the outside provides the final touch in Christmas By The Fireplace. Frosty panes frame flakes of Christmas snow, gently falling against a dusky blue sky. Whether or not you have a white Christmas where you are, you can enjoy the classic image as part of this beautiful cabin decor. Hang it up and leave it up for as long as you want to continue experiencing the joy of the season.

  • Rustic Decor Keeps the Christmas Glow Alive

    Keep the Holiday Cheer Alive with Art PrintsEvery year after Christmas, there’s a sense of sadness as the glow of the season fades and the routines of daily life creep back in. You find yourself wishing that you could capture the feeling of Christmas day and hold onto it all year long. With prints like Snow Folk Hope by Mary Ann June, you can. Though the holidays are over, this cheery print will continue to bring joy to your rustic decor throughout the rest of the winter months.

    Snow Folk Hope features a pair of snow people—one snowman and one snow woman—standing on either side of a scraggly Christmas tree. Each is decked out in festive winter outerwear including a coat, scarf, hat and mittens. As they stand looking out at the viewer with big smiles on their snowy faces, they’re reaching out to hold the tree up so the star on top can be clearly seen. More stars appear around the border of the print along with intertwining twigs that sport bright berries and curls of bark. Finished off with a tan background and the word “Hope” written above the tree in simple script, this print is just what you need to keep the holiday cheer alive in your home.

    Simple colors create a subtle landscape in this decorative art print. Whether you choose a custom frame for the museum-quality image or have it reprinted on canvas, you’ll enjoy shades ranging from rustic brown to light tan with splashes of forest green and golden yellow here and there. Deep maroon also makes an appearance, standing out against the white of the snow for an eye-catching accent that looks beautiful when displayed above wood furniture. Artist Mary Ann June makes the most of every color to create a well-balanced print with timeless style.

    Hang Snow Folk Hope wherever you’ll see it most often to enjoy its cheerful image and uplifting message throughout the day. As part of your cabin decor, these happy snow people will bring a bright spirit to any room.

  • Rustic Decor Makes the Christmas Season Shine

    Classic Snowmen on Art Prints!While it may not yet be time for Christmas, it never hurts to shop early for new country decor. After all, you want to have everything together to deck the halls once the snow starts falling and Christmas bells ring. Putting up a tree is only part of the festivities. To truly make your home shine this holiday season, add artistic touches such as the Merry Christmas art print by Pat Fischer.

    Printed on heavy, acid-free stock paper, Merry Christmas features an adorable lineup of snowmen decked out in cold-weather gear. From top hats and stocking caps to earmuffs and checkered scarves, this group of six smiling snowmen stands holding a wooden sign that declares "Merry Christmas" in cheery script. The black lettering stands out against the white of the snow, making this the perfect print to hang in your front hallway to greet seasonal guests.

    Fischer focuses on simplicity, keeping the colors subdued to let the "Merry Christmas" greeting stand out. The bright white of the snowmen is tempered by rustic reds, soft blues, deep yellow and hints of green. A checkerboard pattern of black and tan surrounds the image, serving to frame it and make the snowmen stand out. Look closely in the upper right corner and you'll see a vine with green holly leaves and red berries adding its seasonal accent to the piece. A distressed tan background gives Merry Christmas a vintage look that complements country furniture.

    If you'd like to make your rustic decor even more artistic come Christmas, you may choose to have this attractive print reproduced on canvas. The texture adds a special touch that may be further enhanced by the addition of a custom frame. At 16 inches by 8 inches, Merry Christmas allows room for framing without taking up too much space. Choose a frame style that goes with your holiday layout so you can enjoy the print every year alongside your other decorations. The high print quality ensures that the image will remain beautiful season after season.

  • Inspirational Country Decor Brings Peace to the Home

    Send Inspiring Quotes with Art PrintsSometimes daily life gets so hectic that you forget to stop and take stock of the blessings that you and your family have. Between school, work, chores and personal obligations, it can seem as though there's never time to rest and reflect. No matter how busy you are, though, it's important to take a step back, relax and breathe now and then, even if it's only for a few minutes every day. Making inspirational art prints like Linda Spivey's Goodness of the Lord part of your country decor helps to remind you of what's truly important, even when the rigors of life make you feel as if you're in over your head.

    Goodness of the Lord is a simple 5"x7" print that depicts a quote from Psalm 33:5 in which the psalmist declares, "The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord." These words are written out in attractive, easy-to-read letters that reflect an almost childlike innocence in their flowing shapes. Small round embellishments at the ends of lines and the edges of curves add a decorative feel to the text, and large colorful capitals on "the," "goodness" and "Lord" emphasize the main message of the passage.

    An outline drawing of two bluebirds in a branch appears in the lower left corner of Goodness of the Lord. This decorative accent is filled in with brown, green, blue and yellow shades, adding a splash of color that stands out from the print's white background. The same pretty blue is used to shade in the block capitals in the Scripture quote, creating a balanced look for your home's rustic decorating scheme.

    The living room, bedroom and kitchen are all great places to hang inspirational artwork. Framing Goodness of the Lord helps it stand out among your log furniture and catch your eye whenever you need a gentle reminder of the true goodness there is in the world. As you go about your daily schedule, let Spivey's simple artwork bring a sense of peace and rest to each day.

  • Bring Vintage Country Decor to Your Kitchen

    Vintage Art PrintsWhen the kitchen is the center of activity in your home, it creates a warm, inviting bustle of activity that draws family together. This is especially noticeable around the holidays when you begin cooking more elaborate meals and baking up seasonal treats. You might not think of the kitchen as a great place to hang artwork, but by choosing unique and interesting prints to enhance your rustic decor, you can make your kitchen even more welcoming.

    Nutmeg by Pamela Gladding is a vintage-style kitchen art print with deep and mysterious appeal. Rendered in shades of brown, tan, gray and green, this unusual print is perfect for hanging by your spice rack or beside the sink. Bold lettering and a distinctive antique design set this print apart from the traditional, folksy artwork found in many kitchens. Its dark coloration looks best in contrast with cream or tan kitchen color schemes and light wood furniture such as cedar or pine.

    Looking deep into the layers of imagery in Nutmeg brings to mind visions of the distant lands that explorers once coveted as sources for exotic herbs and spices. Misty mountains rise inside a central circle adorned with a flowing banner that proclaims "Fair Isle" in bold letters. Over to the left, a curious monkey stands as a symbol of uncharted territory. Fronds of palm trees and other foreign plants adorn the rest of the picture.

    Well-placed words and lettering bring the look of the Nutmeg print together. A large bar of black with copper-colored leaf designs spans the bottom of the image, serving as a backdrop for the name of the title spice. An old-fashioned brand name appears near the top along with the designation of "imported select spices." The overall look is that of an antiquated spice label and is perfect for drawing attention whether you have it framed when you buy it or choose a frame of your own later on. Adorn your kitchen with this and other unique country decor to enhance its beauty and charm.

  • Cabin Decor Creates a Cozy Feeling

    Art Prints of LakesMany people dream of living by a lake, being able to look out their front windows and enjoy the calming sight of water lapping the shore any time of day. If you've ever spent time in a cabin or lodge with a lakeside view, you know just how relaxing it is. It's hard to recapture that feeling when you have to return to your daily routine, but artist Judith Gibson does an amazing job in her Lake View art print. With its restful images and rustic colors, this print adds a touch of lodge decor to any room in your home.

    The star of Lake View is the log cabin that appears in the left-hand half of the image. From the half-log siding to the gabled roof, everything about it is iconic. Tall windows on every side reveal a softly lit interior that gives the whole cabin a cozy feeling. In the front, wooden steps descend down from a small porch, ending right at the edge of the lake that makes up most of the other half of the image. A small canoe sits off to the left of the steps, waiting to be taken out for a trip around the tranquil waters. Though greens and browns make up most of the print's color palette, you'll also see splashes of red, blue and yellow that make the print stand out among your log furniture.

    A classic woodland setting fills out the rest of the image, contributing to its beauty and charm. Tall, thin fir trees grow in dense groups on either side of the lake while the snowy face of a mountain rises in the background. At the top of the mountain, you'll spot just a bit of sun peeking through a band of clouds. Look closely and you'll see two deer in the distance, stopping by the lake for a drink. The combined effect of these elements creates a beautiful cabin decor piece that can be framed or printed on canvas for a customized finishing touch.

  • Artwork Makes Rustic Decor More Inspiring

    Art Prints for the Christian HomeDo you find that there are too many things competing for your attention every day? In the modern world, this isn't unusual. Living in a constant state of rushing from one thing to another makes it hard to slow down when you find yourself with a bit of free time. However, your home should be a place where you can go to relax among your favorite rustic decor, enjoy time with your family and let go of the cares of the day.

    Creating this atmosphere isn't as hard as it sounds. The furniture and accessories you choose, as well as the way you arrange them, contribute greatly to the feeling you get when entering each room in your home. By incorporating inspiring artwork like Danny Hahlbohm's Living Water print, you can bring a sense of peace and quiet to your living room, bedroom, den or family room. This stunning image features a mountain stream flowing down from a waterfall and bubbling between craggy rocks. Stands of pine trees frame the waterfall, adding a cool, calming feeling to the natural scene. Neutral shades of brown and gray along with simple blues and greens enhance this soothing combination.

    What really stands out about Living Water, however, is the central part of the image. Rising above the waterfall is a stirring depiction of Jesus Christ. Portrayed in a traditional fashion with long hair and a beard, this picture of the principal figure of Christianity creates the focal point of the print. His white robes become part of the water itself, reflecting many passages in scripture that speak about living water. Whether you hang this print in a room filled with log furniture or use it as an accent in your entryway, it will add a sense of beauty and serenity to your home.

    Using religious artwork as part of your country decor makes your home feel more peaceful. Enjoy Living Water on its own or in a custom frame to preserve the museum quality image for many years to come.

  • Simple Artwork Complements Country Decor

    Art Prints are great accessoriesFocusing on basic shapes and neutral colors in your rustic decor gives your home a comfortable, laid-back feeling that helps you unwind even in the midst of a busy schedule. Whether you live in a cabin, cottage or modern suburban home, the furnishings and decor you choose go a long way toward creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation. The goal is to combine the best of the natural world with accessories such as art prints to make your home as comfortable as possible.

    Colors De La Nuit I by Shirley Novak is a stunning contemporary print that adds a touch of simple beauty to any room in your home. Through the use of basic lines and a limited palette of colors, the artist creates the image of flowers growing and blooming. Green, yellow, cream, red, pink and brown shades make appearances throughout the piece. Some, like the red of the flowers on the left-hand side of the piece, are used in broad swatches. Others appear as simple accents, a burst of light against a dusky background. The setting is vague so you could be in a forest, a field or even your own backyard, watching the flowers emerge from the ground. A few dark buds rise between the open blooms, hinting at the promise of more color to come. This simplicity is the perfect complement to all kinds of wood furniture, making the print suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and more.

    Since Colors De La Nuit I is so simple, you might want to dress it up a bit with a custom frame. Choose a frame that balances out the colors in the print and complements your country decor. For an even more unique appearance, have the print reproduced on canvas rather than acid-free paper. Both bring out the beauty of the floral image, but canvas adds some of the depth that you would get with an original painting. Whatever you choose, you'll get a beautiful art print that will brighten up your home for many years.

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