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aspen furniture

  • Interior Design—The Aspen Way

    We have aspen furniture to match everyone's tastes.If you’re looking for a unique way to design the inside of your home, the Log Furniture Place is the right place. Aspen furniture breathes life into your home with its own special signature. Something you can’t say about modern furniture designs from mass production factories. The latest and highly advertised trends today are expensive! Marble counters, costly chandeliers, intricate doorway and window moldings and natural stone walkways, retro designs, complicated appliances…the list can go on forever.

    Like most of the latest in life, it takes a super healthy budget to purchase the passing fancy. There’s a lot to be said for the simpler approach, it may have been around awhile, but isn’t going anywhere. If it was absolutely without value to move yesterday into our homes, there would be no such thing as antiques. Nor would they sell for many times more what their newly created counterparts do today.

    Like who really needs an illuminated platinum faucet, or an infrared sauna, or designer lounge? Let’s leave that to the music and film celebrities or television stars and MTV cribs. These people don’t lead real lives! Yet, their expensive indulges are becoming so popular that a simple home seems to be unique. Real people need real homes furnished with honesty and long lasting value for the money they’ve earned and spent. You can’t beat the solid wood construction of aspen furniture for that.

    Loved by indoor and outdoor people alike,aspen furnitureis - for those who love the natural world – an appreciation shown by bringing it inside their homes. There is no special location for aspen log furniture to stand, it can be used in every room of the house. You can transform your front rooms withaspen living dining furniture. Without a doubt, silvery cream and taupe toned natural wood aspen living rooms are attractive and an excellent way to make a unique statement in our over simulated society. Conforming to the futuristic styles that interior design magazines want you to have is a bit much, not to mention quite cold and unfeeling. Keeping it simple, relaxing and close to humanity with aspen log furniture will create a home that is fresh, unique, warm and fun.

    There are so many ways to mix and match your aspen furniture. You can choose the pieces and styles that match, blend or accent the rest of your home. If you plan on expanding you aspen living room and adding aspen dining furniturein your home, we’re the go-to people. Our aspen dining furniture is made from the finest aspen logs. And talk about unique—each piece is different and has that handcrafted appearance you’d expect from an original piece of art.

    And why stop there! Aspen living dining furniture will illuminate your main rooms, but what if you want to relax in total comfort, surrounded by the airy beauty of all natural aspen wood?  Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you expect total peace after a long day. You personal spot where you can unwind, ease your mind and rejuvenate. Imagine how easy it would be to decompress after a particularly demanding day if you were surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of untamed nature. To get freedom and fresh air, you can simply enter your boudoir filled with aspen bedroom furniture.

    Every member of the family will appreciate the exquisite look of aspen furniture. Even the children will love the look and feel of your new home furniture. While you wouldn’t consider the possibilities of being able to pass down the pieces of furniture most homes contain today, you’ll be able to count on that from aspen wood, or any other solid wood furniture found at the Log Furniture place.

  • Get a Taste of the Outdoors Inside the Walls

    Unique personality and top craftsmanship goes into every piece of aspen living dining furniture we make.When it is time to redecorate or furnish a new home, rustic furniture is a great way to do it. Aspen furniture is made with the finest materials and crafted with exceptional quality to give homeowners simple country style that will last throughout the years. The outdoors will become a part of your home, and your family and guests will love it.

    Rustic furniture brings a classic, easy allure to any home decorating theme. It is known for style and function that won't get outdated or unattractively aged. With aspen furniture, everyone in the house can have tasteful, durable furniture to enjoy for themselves or guests. It holds up incredibly well in homes and in vacation houses, providing style and reliability that can outlast any warranty offered by the manufacturer. Aspen furniture is made for the bedroom, living room or dining room and offers rustic perfection for any discerning eye. Homeowners can choose to decorate each room with a different theme or decorate the whole house in a similar fashion. Either way, Aspen living room furniture can meet the needs and the budget of the designer.

    Aspen dining furniture can serve the family for years, giving the room a comfortable, friendly appeal that can make family and guests feel right at home. Homeowners can get an entire set of aspen dining furniture to fill the room, or get individual pieces to complete the room. Aspen dining furniture offers quaint round tables, formal dining tables, extended height tables and chairs, and tables with log stools. For the outdoors, there are tables and benches for a family get-together or simply to relax in the front yard. Aspen dining furniture also includes china hutches and buffet pieces or one and two drawer pantries. These pieces can be used for years and passed on as family heirlooms to the next generation.

    Aspen living dining furniture will offer added value with the elegant, hand-made craftsmanship this furniture is created with. Homeowners will be proud to show off their house with handmade works of art created by nature. Aspen living dining furniture can tie together shared living room and dining areas. Homeowners can pick and choose what to put where to blend the two rooms seamlessly. Aspenliving dining furniture will make the outdoors a comfortable stylish theme in any home.

    Aspen living room sets can include the couch, futon, rocking chair, love seat, easy chair, sofa and more. These pieces are made for comfort and style. The makers of aspen living room furniture have gone on to provide other necessities like the entertainment center, TV stand, bookcase, coffee table, bug table, corner table, end table and sofa table. These tables are made with or without drawers, and in a variety of colors. Aspen living dining furniture will help the homeowner provide comfort and function for the family for years.

  • Creating Better Home Atmosphere with Aspen Furniture

    Aspen furniture and aspen log furniture add warm, natural beauty and function to any room or home.Aspen furniture is very popular with nature lovers. Due to its great look and warm feeling, along with the fact that it goes great with almost any décor. It comes in a variety of types, such as aspen bedroom furniture, aspen dining furniture and aspen living room furniture. Some people like to decorate their whole house with this style of furniture to give it the rustic feel of the country and outdoors. Most of the time, one piece of aspen furniture is not enough. Many people prefer to have two, three, or more pieces to accentuate the theme of their home.

    Aspen log furniture is among the most popular, because it creates an outdoor feel indoors. This furniture is made completely of solid aspen logs. It is thicker and is a little more durable than the material made to build other furniture. It still has the rustic, natural look to it that most nature lovers crave. Homeowners like different things, so aspen log furniture is made into different types of furniture and different types of furniture styles. Some are intricate, so it looks even more beautiful. Some are crafted with simplicity in mind, making them sleeker than you expect from rustic furniture. Aspen log furniture is very popular because it gives comfort with a natural and smooth look.

    Aspen bedroom furniture should be added to each bedroom to bring nature into every room in the house. There are many types of aspen bedroom furniture, like Aspen Mountain, which is more of the smooth, with a different colored wood style. Another type of aspen bedroom furniture is rustic aspen, which has a more woodsy appearance. Aspen designs, which have a more natural feel to them, are preferred by many nature lovers. It's like bringing the best of nature straight into your home.

    There is yet another type of aspen furniture is aspen dining furniture. Aspen dining furniture is an excellent way to bring the country into the dining room. It gives the dining room a nature feel, while still providing the necessities needed for a great dining room. There are many different types of parts to the collection of aspen dining furniture. Tables and chairs are just the beginning. Manufacturers make benches and children’s tables along with cabinets to put plates in and stools for the bar. Aspen dining furniture comes with great looking dining tables that complete the dining room.

    Aspen living room furniture is needed for a natural, country room. They make chairs, footrests, sofas, in tables, coffee tables, entertainment centers, rocking chairs and more. All of this is to get as close to a cabin in the woods as possible. The aspen living room makes for a great look while still giving the comfort and stability that are needed from furniture purchases, especially needed with kids. The aspen living room collection also includes coat hangers and wall hangings. This way there is no need to give anything up while having a great look to the home. First impressions mean everything, so why not make a good one?

  • Assembling Outdoor Log Furniture

    Enjoy these Lounge Chairs OutdoorsI wrote a few days back on how to assemble indoor log furniture. Well, we received a few requests after that to write about what is involved with assembling outdoor log furniture. So today I’m going to talk about that.

    How To Assemble Your Outdoor Log Furniture

    When looking at a cedar log swing, or a log porch rocker, or a cedar log lounge chair on our site you may feel intimidated mentally breaking the piece down in your head. The truth is… assembling your outdoor log furniture is very easy. Nope, you don’t need to attached each and every back slat or each and every seat slat – it has already been done for you! All of our outdoor log furniture is sent partially assembled, so all that is needed is basic assembly. Let’s touch on a few pieces in a bit more detail.

    Cedar Log Lounge Chair, Log Loveseats, Log Dining Chairs and all variations of our Outdoor Log Settees

    he log lounge chair is one of our most popular sellers due to its versatility. It can be used on a porch or on a deck. Around an outdoor fireplace or in an outdoor seating area. Our log lounge chairs can even be used indoors! We are going to start with the assembly of the outdoor log lounge chair since it is so popular.

    When you receive your log lounge chair it will more than likely arrive in one box. The seat will already be assembled as well as the back. The hardest part of the assembly is already done! We do it for you at the factory. What nice people we are you are probably thinking, if not… well please feel free to think that. So you have your assembled back and your assembled seat, you will simply set the assembled seat on the floor and insert the assembled back into the seat. The first step is done and it probably took you all of 30 seconds!

    In your outdoor log chair box you will also find two arms, two front legs and two back legs. For the second step you are going to take the back leg and insert the doweled section into a hole on the front leg. You will then place the arm onto the doweled section of the front leg. Next check your watch, that should have taken maybe 2 minutes. Repeat the process again and you will end up with the two arm and leg sections that will attach to the seat and the back. That will complete the second step.

    So 5 minutes or less has gone by and we are now heading into step 3. For this step you are going to tip the back and seat (from the first step) onto it’s side and insert the sides (the legs and arm assembly you just created in step 2) onto the 2 doweled sections of the seat. Flip the seat around and attach the other side and… nothing… that is it for step 3!

    We are now on step 4 and your chair is looking like a chair after just 6 or 7 minutes, you are probably not even tired enough to sit in it yet which is good because we have a couple more steps to go through first. Ok, we have the chair sitting upright now, we are going to open up the hardware packet that came with your log chair and take out a couple lag bolts. Head around to the back of the chair and insert the lag bolts into the back upright log support – you may want to look at the instruction sheet that came with your chair – it has pictures which will probably be a lot easier to understand than this. Anyway – you will insert the lag bolts through the back upright log support and will semi-tighten the lag bolt with a 7/16″ wrench or socket. The lag bolt will screw into the arm of the arm and leg section. You will repeat this for each side. All done with step 4, let’s move on to step 5.

    In the box you will have found 2 angled log braces. You are going to tip your chair on it’s back and attach the log braces the the front legs and the bottom of the seat using 4 screws – 2 for each brace. Step 5 is done and you have spent maybe 10 minutes on assembling your chair now.

    Step 6 – the last step. Set your log chair on a level surface and tighten down the two lag bolts. Then take the remaining screws and secure all of the doweled joints with the screws – best to refer to the picture in the instruction sheet. This step is actually the most time consuming step and may take 5 minutes. Your outdoor log chair is now assembled and ready for use! Total time for a chair 15′ish minutes!

    Cedar Log Rocking Chair, Porch Log Rocker, High Back Log Rocker and Rocking Log Love Seats

    Assembly for our outdoor log rocking chairs will be the same as above with one extra step, that step will be attaching the rockers. The rockers will attach to the log chair at the bottom of the legs. Lag bolts will be included to attach the rocking sections to the legs.

    Log Yard Swing and Cedar Log Porch Swings

    Our log yard swings though larger than a log chair are still very easy to assemble.  The assembly is possible with a single person though it is much easier with two people.  We’ll start with the log porch swing because the assembly will be the same for it as for the log yard swings.

    Swing assembly part 1.  The first step will very similar to the first step of the log chair.  Simply take the pre-assembled back and pre-assembled seat (feel free to think about how nice we are again) and attach the back into the seat.  Step 1 is short, sweet and is now complete.

    or the second step you will find an arm and an arm brace in the box – you will attach the arm to the arm brace by placing the doweled portion of the brace into the hole of the arm.  Then attach the arm to the back of the swing with a lag bolt just like you did with your outdoor log chair.  Repeat this step for the opposite side of the seat.

    The third step is very similar to the 6th step of the log lounge chair – you are going to secure all dowel joints with the included non rusting screws.

    For the fourth step you are either going to attach the eye bolts for chains if you purchased a Rustic Natural Cedar Log Porch Swing with Chain Kit, or you are going to attach log swing bars if you purchased my family’s Contoured Comfort (Lakeland Mills, Inc) porch swing.

    That’s it!  Assembling the rustic porch swings are quick and painless – they will probably take around 15 minutes to assemble as well.

    For those with Log Yard Swings we have a couple more steps to go.  We are going to assemble the Log A-Frame assembly now.  The log A-frame will consist of the top log and 4 legs.  The 4 legs will attach to the ends of the top support log with bolts.  Half log braces then attach to the legs and from the legs to the top of the top log – this is the part where it is handy to have 2 people.  One person can hold one end of the A-Frame as the other attaches the half log braces.

    Lift the porch swing up and attach it to your A-Frame and enjoy your new log yard swing!  We estimate assembly of a yard swing to take around 30 minutes or less.

    Cedar Log Ottomans, Log Coffee Tables and Log End Tables

    Outdoor log tables and rustic log ottomans also need just basic assembly.  The tops will already be assembled.  All you will have to do is attach the legs to the tops.

    I would like to thank those of you who requested this article/blog writeup.  If you would like to read about something log furniture or rustic furniture related please feel free to contact me with your requests of what you would like to see me write.

  • Truth, Honesty and Log Furniture

    Rustic BookcasesTruth is not something that comes to mind when you think of the furniture in your home, or pieces that you have yet to purchase. Yet, it is a dominate issue in most home furnishings on the market today. Truth is what you look for in the company you purchase your log furniture online from. You won’t find a cheap, tawdry, sugar-coated piece of particle board anywhere in the main construction of handmade log furniture on our site. We know that truth and trust go hand in hand and we only place products on our site that we know will reflect the quality Woodland Creek’s is associated with.

    There unfortunately are online companies more interested in making a buck than quality and truth. They may brag about a large selection and offer extremely low prices – but look beneath the exterior. Read reviews about the site, check the BBB, the Web of Trust, etc. This is your log furniture. Pride of craftsmanship and the purity of natural wood is essential and promising when you live with log furniture in any room of your home.

    The inferior particleboard is well disguised in some finer brands of furniture, as long as you don’t move it much. Every time you move particleboard furniture, the structure is just a bit more compromised. Log furniture, being made of 100% solid wood, not chips and sawdust glued together, is the type of home furnishings investment that is built to withstand the test of time. There are many pieces of log furniturebuilt over a century ago that are still in great shape and under daily use today.

    The natural beauty of the wood is allowed to remain in all pieces of log furniture. There is no attempt to cover up the pureness that Mother Nature has built into every log and planed board. Many pieces of log furniture made attractive ornamental use of the bark to add character and originality. For a more rustic look in your home décor bark intact portions of these beautiful pieces denotes a stronger presence of nature within the home.

    Log furniture is safe for the environment. It will not remain clogging the earth’s landfills for hundreds of years like plastic will. Not that anyone would want to dump these lovely home furnishings, quite the contrary. Unlike cheap plastic furniture, log furniture is comfortable to live with and easily becomes instant heirlooms that will be ready to grace the next generation’s nest in fine style when the time comes. One could never expect such long lasting use from any type of particleboard furniture.

    Removing plastic and vinyl furniture from the interior of your home is a big step towards embracing and reconnecting with nature. Log furniture is 100% natural and exudes warmth and charm no mass manufactured furniture could hope to convey. No two pieces of log furniture are an exact duplicate of the last. There will always be a variety of unique personality and singular character to furnishings that are built to play up the natural beauty found in each piece of wood.

    The openness and honesty of log furniture makes your home an inviting place where relaxing is easy and comes over you quite naturally the moment you enter and shut the chaotic world out. It will be far simpler to allow your own unique style and personality reign in a home outfitted with log furniture in every room. Contemporary, traditional or eclectic, every fabric color is at home on the true, pure colors of natural wood. Timeless charm isn’t trendy; the style is ageless and uplifting. The handmade quality of log furniture is as honest as the day is long.

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