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aspen log furniture

  • Quality, Handcrafted Rustic Furniture Could Save Humanity

     Our Robot Furniture Overlords Have Arrived

    "Step One Nearing Completion. Step Two: Strap Human to Cheaply Made Chair."

    Okay, so maybe it is still up in the air as to whether automated, assembly will be the undoing of us puny humans, but you have to admit that robots doing EVERYTHING is more than a little unnerving!  What does a person have to do to find quality, handcrafted rustic furniture??

    Is this funny to you?!

    Second Rate Will Make You Irate

    We realize that there is a market for inexpensive, cheaply made furniture for a reason.  Some people don't care about craftsmanship, can't afford quality built products, or don't realize the lack of quality they are paying for.  But things are just getting ridiculous...

    Popular Swedish Furniture made from particle board.
    Particle board loosely translates to cardboard in Sweden?

    Surely, we aren't the only ones that yearn for the days when it meant something to purchase a handcrafted product!  Remember when a big furniture purchase meant heirloom pieces to pass on to the kids? Heck, even to THEIR kids!  Well thanks to our Robot Furniture Overlords, those days seem numbered.  Around every corner lurks a crappy piece of furniture made in a rush, with inferior materials, with poor craftsmanship, or attention to detail.  A lot of times, real, solid wood isn't even used in the building process!  We don't want to be curmudgeonly, but how do we fight back?

    Teach your kids to build or create something for themselves. It's good for the soul!

    Quality, Handcrafted Rustic Furniture Is What We're Great At

    Fear not, all is not lost.  Not yet.  There are those of us who are fighting the good fight.  Resisting our Robot Furniture Overlords and their cheaply made furniture army.  It may take several weeks, but in the end our handcrafted, solid wood, rustic log & reclaimed barn wood furniture will be built and delivered.  You'll be proud to purchase and own furniture that you can pass down to your children.  We sure are proud to build it for you.

    Whether it's putting together the highest quality, handcrafted rustic dining furniture,

    We don't mess around when it comes to quality, handcrafted rustic furniture!

    or maybe you've had your eye on a brand new, quality, handcrafted rustic bedroom set.

    Sometime's it's good to go dark.

    Maybe you've really need to upgrade to quality, handcrafted rustic bathroom furniture.

    This reclaimed beauty will make you weep.

    No matter what kind of furniture you're in the market for, be sure to do your homework.  Buying rustic and log furniture is a big investment.  We want you to get it right the first time, and at Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place, our master craftsmen are ready to ensure that happens.

  • Brighten Up Your Home with Aspen Log Furniture

    Aspen log furniture is the way to go when you want a rustic feel.You can shop at Ikea, Walmart, or flea markets and garage sales in search of unique furniture for your home. The first two will try to force you to keep up with the latest trends in interior design, and the later is where those who prefer originality and shabby chic will shop. But, you will never find furniture like what you can find at Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place if that’s where you’re shopping. We have nothing against an awesome flea market find, but you won’t find good quality or originality at places like Ikea and Wally World!

    Uniqueaspen log furniture is loved by many people who seek to create a very individual statement with their home décor. What makes it so attractive is the light, fresh look of the aspen logs that these designs are made from. When we build our furniture, we do it with love, care, and skilled craftsmanship.

    We believe that the most beautiful things are made from natural resources. This is why we create our aspen furniture completely from aspen trees. We tediously sculpt our furniture to ensure that it will be perfect for our customers. Each piece is hand-sanded to bring the beauty of the wood to the surface, ensuring that each piece is different and totally unique. Good luck locating such a find in the plastic faux wood grain surfaces of the particle board wonders at Ikea or Walmart. Millions of people own the same piece of temporary furniture.

    It's amazing, the things that aspen furniture can do to a home. The transformation may begin with just one piece. Soon after its arrival, there is this tendency to begin plotting the purchase of more pieces, a full ensemble and ultimately the entire house is soon in renovation. Maybe it’s the sudden arrival of natural light tossed off of the smooth wood. Then again, it could be that it’s innate beauty is so much more warm and inviting, you just can’t help yourself in needing to surround yourself with its pure honesty.

    Many people prefer aspen living dining furniture over any other types of log furniture. The reason for this is how it looks. The bright and airy tones of aspen logs bring light into the room. This honey-kissed furniture is a must-have among those who would love to have a taste of nature in their home.

    The aspen living roomfurniture collection creates the perfect place to relax in the comfort of your home. Chill out on your aspen mountain sofa and admire your widescreen television standing atop a Beartooth Aspen log television stand. Its easy for anyone to put together a wonderfully coordinated interior that flows when the next room over is filled with aspen dining furniture.

    You might be tempted to extend your collection of homey aspen log furniture throughout the home. This is a simple task, because the aspen log furniture makers have great designs for your home office, bedrooms and family room too.

  • Get the Facts on Aspen Log Furniture

    Aspen is a natural choice for your rustic furniture.When furnishing your home to be a warm, rustic oasis. You want everything to be natural looking, but still contemporary and sophisticated. One of the best ways to go about doing this is by choosing to place aspen log furniture in your home to give it a woodsy, yet upscale feel. The logs used for our aspen wood furniture are naturally pleasing to the eye, and our preparation methods are the best possible ways to bring out the attractive qualities lying beneath the surface.

    The aspen furniture is crafted through a long, meticulous process. First you should know that aspen trees are only grown in the northern hemisphere, primarily in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Dead-standing aspen trees are located and collected, which is a great benefit to the forest and the environment. Next they are peeled using a draw blade and are hand-sanded, which is the best way to make the most beautiful aspen wood furniture. The hand-sanding brings out each of the inherent knurls and patterns in the wood. Just as in nature, no piece of aspen wood looks exactly the same, so you’ll have your own unique, natural-looking pieces throughout your home.

    The care of your rustic log furniture is simple and not at all time-consuming. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and high quality furniture polish is very important. You should always clean in the direction of the grain with only a slightly dampened cloth, and be sure to not leave any moisture on the furniture for an extended period of time after dusting. You should keep your aspen furniture away from heat, chemicals, water, and direct sunlight, because you don’t want your rustic furniture to dry out.

    If you plan to place something on top of your piece of aspen log furniture, make sure to use a soft disk to protect it from scratching. Also be sure to allow ventilation between the item and the wood. These steps are very important to prolong the beauty and life of your aspen furniture.

    The style, craftsmanship, and endurance of our rustic log furniture is unmatched by any other manufacturer. When you enter a home furnished with our rustic furniture, you will feel as though you are stepping into a natural, woodland environment, which will bring comfort and relaxation to you.

    When you look around your home, you will constantly be noticing different details in your furniture, because each piece is so unique. Your guests will be impressed with the sophisticated, untrendy abode you dwell in, as well. They will be awestruck by the beauty of your home, and the high-quality furniture you have adorned it with. Striking aspen furniture will make an impact on everyone who sets foot in your rustic domicile.

  • Wake Up Surrounded by Rustic Aspen Bedroom Furniture

    Rustic aspen bedroom furniture all starts with that focal point bed.Imagine coming home after a long day at work. All day, you’ve been thinking about finally getting home and getting some sleep. Once you get home and enter your bedroom, you are surrounded by the fresh, sleek look of rustic aspen bedroom furniture. The warm, mahogany tones are inviting.

    Rustic bedroom furniture creates the perfect atmosphere for a deep, relaxing sleep. While you sleep, you will be surrounded by the beauty of nature that rustic aspen bedroom furniture brings. The stresses of everyday life will be released as you indulge in the best sleep that you’ve ever had. As you wake up refreshed, you will once again be encompassed by warm tones and beautiful furniture.

    To create a bedroom like this, some research will need to be done. You will need to find what styles, colors, and types of rustic bedding sets that are available. There are several varieties to choose one, so you will find the perfect one for you. At Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, we offer many different bedroom themes such as camouflage, animal, western, and tropical themes.

    Why should you go with rustic furniture?

    Unlike furniture that is made from a cheap material, rustic bedroom furniture is created from sturdy, durable wood. Log bed frames are your best buy! Typically, mass manufactured bed frames need to be replaced every couple of years due to constant lower quality construction and materials. You can appreciate the wise investment found with rustic aspen bedroom furniture, replacement of this furniture is unnecessary. It will stay strong throughout the years and provide comfort to you every single day.

    Rustic bedroom furniture will transform any room to a nature lover's paradise. Even if you’ve never been too fond of nature, you will learn to appreciate it as the beautiful colors and tones will blend together to create the perfect atmosphere. This rustic log furniture blends brilliantly with any other furnishing, so if you only want one or two pieces of this furniture in your bedroom, you can do that as well.

    Once you’ve created a rustic atmosphere in your bedroom, you will probably be inspired to spread rustic bedroom furniture to all the bedrooms in your home. This furniture will look great in the kid's room, and they will love it as well. You and your family will enjoy rustic aspen bedroom furniture so much, that you will want to spread it to every other room in the house. The aspen living room, dining room, kitchen, and other rooms will feel completely ignored if they haven’t yet been made as warm and charming as rustic furniture adds to a room's decor.

    Before you know it, your home will exude elegance and nature all throughout the house. Guests will be in awe at each room, and will quickly want to know where you got this great looking and unique aspen log furniture from. You will become the talk of the neighborhood, as more visitors come to gaze at the masterpiece.

  • A Perfect Home: The Nature Lover's Solution

    Kicking back at home is easy and so natural with Aspen log furniture from quality aspen log furniture manufacturers.Rustic, simple aspen log furniture has been a favorite among nature lovers for many years. Aspen log furniture brings a little of the outdoors in, it can make the whole house or just a room look like the great outdoors. Many nature lovers have trouble with decorating their homes because they want it to showcase an earthy theme but there are not a lot of places that will sell complete outdoor themes for the inside. Providers offer garden and patio furniture, leaving the homeowner to decorate the inside with whatever is available.

    Any manufacturer of aspen log furniture can sell a few home decor products online. The best Aspen log furniture manufacturer will give you so many ways to make your home unique and still bring the outdoors in. These products include aspen bedroom furniture, living room furniture and aspen dining room furniture. This way any room can possess the compelling invitation of the great outdoors.

    Log furniture makes for a great theme for any nature lover’s home. An aspen log furniture manufacturer will take pride in their work and the quality of the craftsmanship, which makes for an even better home. For families with children, they know it can be hazardous to the furniture and children to let their kids play in the house. With this furniture, whether they play in the house or outside, parents have peace of mind knowing that their kids and sofa are safe. Aspen log furniture has been known to pass the test of time and the test of children.

    Everyone wants a good looking kitchen. Aspen log furniture also offers furniture for the kitchen. This kitchen furniture can complete the look of the home, adding a sleek, yet rugged look which gives an outdoor appeal to the room. The kitchen and living room are just two small factors, though. The bedroom is another important spot that needs a taste of warm, rustic Aspen furniture. Many children have their adventures in the bedroom, making it very hard for parents with hyper children to keep a piece of furniture for long. This furniture is guaranteed to last for years to come. It is the perfect home solution for families with children. Buying log furniture from an aspen log furniture manufacturer will be the best decision that any home owner, renter, or parent could do for their home.

    Log furniture fits with almost any design or décor of the house and aspen log furniture manufacturers can deliver it custom-made. It does not matter if the furniture is the same color, it will always match. The colors of nature vary subtly, so creating that color variation in your own home will make it feel as if you are surrounded by nature. Additionally, as is found in nature, any color of fabric, paint and flooring will look right at home with rustic Aspen furniture. Learn to let your hair down, Nature isn't so worried about what matches and just look how magnificent her sense of adventure is to be in the midst of.

    Log furniture completes any home with an honesty so natural it is ingrained, is guaranteed to last for years and is the best solution for nature lovers and their decorating. There is not much more anyone can ask from an aspen log furniture manufacturer than what they already do. A quality aspen log furniture manufacturer can provide quality craftsmanship for a product that can last for generations.

  • Transform Your Home with Lodge Furniture

    Ready for something different? Lodge furniture selections for every room in your home.In order to make your house stand out from the rest, you will need furniture that stands out from the rest. Every homeowner wants their house to look nice. When guests come over, you want them to be stunned by the interior of your home. When guests praise your home, saying that they wish they lived there, that is the ultimate compliment to any homeowner.

    Rather than buying furniture that can be found in houses all along the street, try being a little different. Lodge furniture is a great way to add a unique touch to your home. When a guest enters your house, they will be immediately stunned by feel of nature surrounding them.  Lodge furniture includes tables, chairs, bedroom posts, cabinets, and stools. It is great for both the indoors and the outdoors. This furniture is available in a variety of designs and wood types including contemporary, traditional, and intricate designs. This means that you will be able to choose furniture that fits in perfectly with the rest of your home.

    Many people choose to go with lodge furniture because it creates a homey feel. Depending on the type of furniture purchased, it can create a nature or sleek atmosphere.  Each piece of lodge furniture is built to be long lasting and durable. Unlike other pieces of furniture that you have to replace every couple of years, this furniture will stand tall for future generations to see. It lasts through the years, making it perfect for families with children. Since you will most likely keep this furniture for decades, it is known to be a little steep. But, when you consider the fact that it will not have to be replaced and can be passed down to your children and even your grandchildren, it is a bargain.

    When it comes to durability and strength, price should not matter. But, if you still always find yourself in the sale section of stores, there are markdowns swarming Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place. Here, you’ll find the best deal on all things log. Hickory furniture is another great addition to any household looking to have a unique feel to it. Many homeowners search all around to find ways that they can transform their home. They should be looking outside. They should be examining nature and the beauty it offers. By doing this, we are sure that they will be convinced that they should bring a little nature into their home.

    The benefits that hickory furniture and lodge furniture have are huge. They will build a more relaxing atmosphere and have your neighbors in awe and envious of the transformation that has taken place in your house. If you have not yet checked out different pieces of hickory furniture that you can add to your home, what are you waiting for?

    Once you discover the welcoming aroma and the undeniable strength of wood furniture, you are going to wonder why you waited so long to enrich the quality of your home. You may be compelled to go back online and order more furniture and décor that will help you add to the down-home look your home is acquiring. A great addition to bookcases is a rustic wood log lighting fixture. Books need to be read, and you can't very well read in the dark. Sure you could go get any lamp, but the same rule applies. Not only is the rustic look more desirable, the quality of wood is there to back your purchase of hickory and aspen log furniture, making sure you get the longest lasting home decorations and furnishings that money can buy.

    If you still need to think about it, this is what you should do. Go to bed tonight, and imagine that you are sleeping on a Aspen Lodge Rustic Apsen Canopy Bed.  Think about the comfort and security that would inspire.  Additionally, imagine how many times you've replaced pieces of furniture because they lost their ability to continue to provide the functionality you need from them. When you are ready to make the investment in rustic wood bookcases, there will be an internet retailer that can help you achieve your goals.

  • Discover the Benefits of Log Furniture

    Timeless styling and durability that can last over 100 years - log furniture is a wise buy for your home today.It used to be that it was easy to discern the difference between well made furniture and cheap furniture simply by looking at it. Traditional furniture manufacturing has completely adopted the hidden use of pressboard and thin laminate wood surfaces. You can pay a handsome price for mass manufactured ‘fine’ furniture today and wind up with inferior products that don’t last long at all. The first and obvious benefit of log furniture is that it is hand crafted from 100% solid wood. You can feel confident that you are getting what you paid for when purchasing log furniture.

    The finishes used on these handsome pieces of log furniture is there only as a sealer to keep the surface looking great for many years to come. The natural color and beauty of grain shines right through the clear finish. You’ll find it so much easier to coordinate fabric colors of any hue with any of the woods used to create handmade log furniture.

    Stains change the entire character of wood and will differ in appearance from one type of wood to another. When purchasing a mass manufactured piece that is stained ‘Country Cedar’ on inexpensive bass wood laminate, it will not really be a cedar color at all. Nor would such a fake finish provide a grain that would match true cedar log furniture. All of this nonsense and misleading decorating issues are completely absent in the honesty of log furniture. Here what you purchase is definitely true to color and true to the expected wood grain pattern.

    For decades, using log furniture in your cabin or vacation house has been an expected practice. Today’s more relaxed decorating style opens the doors to outfitting your home with its innate charms and character. Not all rustic furniture is completely made of logs. The use of naturally planed lumber and logs are combined to create lovely pieces for every room and any purpose or utility in the home. Log furniture is also an excellent choice for lounging on the porch and out into the yard as well. Your home can be so much more warm and welcoming with the more relaxed aura that rustic furniture introduces to your rooms.

    It really doesn’t matter if your home is decorated in eclectic, traditional or contemporary style; log furniture designs are available that will be perfect for bringing the warmth of natural wood into the room. The simple lines and freshness used in designing these more unusual pieces of rustic furniture make them easy to adapt to so many different tastes and themes. The clear wood tones are completely free of faux coloring. This makes working with the fabric and paint colors you love simple, no matter which type of log furniture wood you choose.

    Off white and soft brown of pine or the pale reddish blush of cedar log furniture is wonderful wherever soft tones are called for. The honey and rich browns of aspen and hickory offer a different look and feeling where a little more drama is called for. So much true beauty and artisan handcraftsmanship found in modern rustic furniture will be a welcome breath of fresh air and the best value for your home decorating budget.

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