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bedding sets

  • Cabin Decor Turn the Bedroom into a Rustic Getaway

    Bedding Sets add a Final Touch to the BedroomClassic cabin decor begins with wood furniture pieces and becomes complete with the addition of rustic accessories that depict the beauty of nature. The Autumn Trails Bedding Set brings this style to your bedroom with a complete selection of bedding, pillows and room accents that feature a “deep woods” theme. Choose a twin, full/queen or king set to start and add decor as desired to create your own unique setup.

    The basic Autumn Trails Bedding Set comes with a comforter, a bed skirt, one or two pillow shams and a throw pillow. Each piece showcases the predominant brown shades of the motif along with repeating images of bears and bucks. Other colors such as yellow, red-orange and pine green round out the theme. You’ll find all of these shades stretching in bands across the comforter as solid stripes or as a backdrop for diamond and woodland designs. The rusty brown of the bed skirt provides attractive contrast to makes these images stand out.

    If you’re looking for extra comfort and warmth, add a black bear grid throw to your bed. This large throw displays a grid pattern of forest green and light tan with black bear images in several of the squares. The back sports a tan shade that complements the comforter and adds an air of softness to log cabin furniture. Choose one or more pillows to go with the throw and emphasize the motif of the set. Try a square pillow that displays a bear on a pine green background or opt for shades of chocolate brown and tan with an embroidered buck design. Rectangular pillows with contrasting brown colors and bear motifs are also available to balance the collection.

    Full-size curtain panels with tiebacks and matching valances bring the style of the Autumn Trails Bedding Set to the rest of the room. Along with log furniture, these accessories create a sense of rustic comfort that echoes your favorite things about the big woods. Complete the set with a shower curtain for your master bathroom and enjoy the Autumn Trails style as you go about your daily routine.

  • Create a Log Cabin Getaway with Rustic Decor

    Create an Easy Rustic Bedroom with Bedding SetsLog cabins have long been associated with living the simple life and the coziness and comfort that comes with being sequestered from the crazy pace of the modern world. With the right accessories, you can bring this feeling to your home even if you live on a busy street in suburbia. The Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set gets you started with an eye-catching combination of simple colors and bold designs that make rustic decor really pop.

    Tailored for queen and king beds, the Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set includes a duvet, a bedskirt, two pillow shams, a bedrunner and one unique envelope-style accent pillow. Each is made from soft yet sturdy fabric. A “Panama Tobacco” shade of cotton takes center stage for the duvet while the three-paneled bedskirt is made from “Gravel Plaid,” a dark brown pattern reminiscent of tweed with a polyester, rayon and cotton mix that stands the test of time. Each stunning red and black Arcadia sham is fashioned from polyester and complemented by the double-sided bedrunner, also in Arcadia style.

    With the envelope pillow, you get a two-toned accent featuring light Gravel Plaid with “Suave Black” folded over the top, affixed using brass accent studs with a large metal button in the center. These designs work together to complement log cabin furniture with a unique sense of beauty. To make the bedrunner match this pillow instead of the shams, simply flip it over to reveal more light brown fabric in the Gravel Plaid style.

    This beautiful collection is made to accentuate log furniture with its rustic colors and bold patterns. Using a stunning contrast between black, red, white and tan, the Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set becomes the star of the bedroom. Light woods like cedar and pine balance out the vivid tones. Barnwood, teak and walnut add complementary dark shades. Choose your favorite wood in designs that speak to you to create a bedroom space that makes you feel as comfortable as if you were drifting off to sleep in the log cabin you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Bedding Sets Create Cozy Nurseries in No Time

    Build the Best Nursery with Bedding SetsAre you anticipating a new addition to the family? Though caring for a baby can be hectic, it's also one of the most joyful stages of parenthood. You get to watch as your little one discovers the world, learning and growing more each day. Give your baby a comfortable start with the Soho Blue and Brown 9 Pc Crib Bedding Set. Complete with everything from crib sheets to window valances, this set turns a bare nursery into a cozy bedroom in no time with its attractive country decor style.

    Sleep is one thing that many parents wish their babies did more of. The Soho Blue and Brown set encourages this with a comfortable combination of machine washable micro suede and subdued colors. The patterns are simple with alternative squares and bars of sky blue, chocolate brown and caramel brown appearing on each piece. Sizes to fit all cribs, this set makes it easy to create a coordinated look for your nursery without having to shop around at dozens of stores before the baby arrives. Get the crib ready with a fitted sheet, comforter, bumper, decorative pillow and crib skirt; get ready for daily changing with the diaper stacker and fill up the toy bag with baby-friendly entertainment and you'll be all set.

    This rustic crib bedding also offers a few extra accessories if you're looking for a more complete nursery style. Window valances come standard in chocolate brown with a stripe of blue at the bottom. Add a hamper to hold baby's dirty clothes and keep them in order until laundry day or choose the cute musical mobile with hanging stars to place over the crib and soothe baby to sleep at night.

    Blue is often associated with baby boys, but baby girls will enjoy the Soho Blue and Brown 9 Pc Crib Bedding Set as well. When paired with wood furniture, this simple set creates a style suitable for your little one from his or her first days until it's time to graduate to a "big kid" bed.

  • Country Decor Brings the Deep Woods Indoors

    Bedding Sets that Feel Like the OutdoorsWalking in the deep woods brings new sights and sounds at every turn. One trail may lead through spindly birches while another takes you past towering pines that have been growing for decades. As you walk, you'll hear birds calling and small animals chattering to one another from all directions. The Crestwood Pinecone Bedding Set is made to echo the experience of being immersed in nature, bringing all the best characteristics of a woodland walk to your country decor.

    With four standard sizes to choose from, this set combines tweed, houndstooth, faux leather and microsuede fabrics in a complete package to dress up any bedroom. The basic set includes a comforter and bedskirt, one or two pillow shams and an attractive accent pillow. Other accessories and decor items can be added to enhance the style, including a neckroll pillow and a pillow with a central button design. Other unique throw pillow options include an envelope style and one that features a "frame" of fabric around a pine cone design.

    Houndstooth check patterns, deep chocolate brown colors and a repeating motif of pine cones and branches characterize the style of the Crestwood Pinecone Bedding Set. Adding a pinecone duvet brings balance to the design and looks great with log beds, especially those made out of light woods such as pine and cedar. Darker beds, including aspen and barnwood, provide complementary shades. Pinecone and houndstooth Euroshams are available to dress up your larger pillows and create a more complete natural look.

    Cuddling up in this cozy bedding collection brings to mind the sights and sounds of the woodland walks you love. When you match bedding and other home accessories to your country furniture, you get a bedroom style that brings you comfort and enjoyment for many years. Other Crestwood Pinecone accessories are available separately to complement the bedding set and make the room feel just like the deep woods. Try adding curtains and valances with the pinecone or houndstooth motif or even shower curtains to make your master bath match the bedroom.

  • Country Decor Dresses Up Kid's Bedroom Spaces

    Kids will Love these Bedding SetsMaking the switch from the nursery to a bedroom is a big deal for kids. Part of the fun of this once-in-a-lifetime milestone is choosing country decor for the "big kid" bed as well as accessories to adorn the rest of the room. The Starry Night Bedding Set is a complete coordinated collection with a fun motif that's perfect for your child's new room. This attractive bedding set appeals to both boys and girls with its combination of chocolate brown, white, dark blue and light blue colors.

    A new bed is one of the most exciting parts of "graduating" from the nursery, and the Starry Night Bedding Set ensures that your little one's new sleeping space will look beautiful. A comforter, pillow sham, bedskirt and valance are all included with the twin size set, while the full and queen sets provide a comforter and two pillow shams with an optional bedskirt. Alternating patterns of stars and moons march across the comforter as well as the shams while the bedskirt features alternating vertical stripes of color. A dark brown border accentuates each eye-catching piece. You may expand either size set by adding coordinating light blue sheets with striped accents. The cotton fabrics used ensure a cozy night's sleep for your child.

    You don't have to look far to find other accessories to complement the cottage furniture in your child's new bedroom. Other Starry Night pieces are readily available in addition to the comforter set. Add a cute moon and star accent pillow to the bed and place a matching lamp shade over a black or white base on the nightstand to balance out the style. Blue curtains with striped borders and a striped window valance are available as well, so you can let the light in for playtime and shut it out when it's time for a nap.

    From log beds to contemporary kid bed designs, the Starry Night Bedding Set provides a comfortable, attractive covering for all bed styles. Make your child's "big kid" room special with this eye-catching set.

  • Accentuate Rusitc Furniture With Eye-Catching Bedding

    These Bedding Sets Offer and Outdoors DesignWhether you’re looking for a way to brighten up your country furniture or you’ve been searching for just the right home decor, a good rustic bedding set can give you what you need. Designed to bring rugged outdoor beauty to every aspect of your bedroom, the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection offers a comforter set, sheet set, accent pillow, window treatments and even a shower curtain all in the same attractive, woodsy style.

    Perfect for use in any cabin, lodge or cottage, River Fishing bedding lives up to its name with beautiful complementary designs. The 100 percent heavy cotton material of the comforter uses a pattern of deep brown divided into squares by lighter pinstripes to frame the eye-catching “river fishing” fabric. Along this brightly colored strip, a multitude of fish swim and leap through sparkling blue water. A rocky riverbank lined with towering fir trees provides a lovely contrasting backdrop. You’ll find the same pattern on the included pillow shams along with more brown squares on the bedskirt. The tan-colored sheet set sports even more leaping fish, providing both contrast and interesting detail.

    Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, the River Fishing collection can be used to complement any rustic furniture. With its mix of light and dark colors, the bedding is perfect for cabins, cottages, lodges and more no matter what the size of the bedroom. Add a square accent pillow featuring the same bright river fabric as the comforter for extra outdoor personality. You can further deck out your bedroom with River Fishing curtains and a window valance. The dark brown curtains match the comforter, while the valance adds a splash of color with even more river fabric.

    If your bedroom is a master suite or has its own accompanying bathroom, why not bring the River Fishing style in there as well? An optional 72”x72” shower curtain completes the set, creating a balanced look throughout your bedroom and bathroom areas. Enjoy the feel of the outdoors with this bright and beautiful cabin decor collection.

    Get the entire sheet set of the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection for only $44.95! Take a look at the rest of the collection and see what more is in store for you!

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