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  • Previously Loved Pieces

    Two Door Bookcases with NailheadsFurniture comes in all shapes and sizes, with wide variations in quality and appearance. Some pieces are made to withstand outdoor elements, others for portability, and still others for longevity. The choices in furniture are as numerous as the reasons you use it.

    How do you shop for furniture? Do you ask family members and friends for their hand-me-downs? Visit the local thrift shop to find a piece ripe for reclaiming? Check out the curb selection in town on dump day? Drive to the local furniture megastore to browse the mind-boggling options available? Or, perhaps you consult the Google machine in an effort to find what you’re looking for.

    I used to be a big-box store buyer. After all, they do all they can to entice you into their store. One local establishment used to serve fresh-baked cookies right inside the front door. And once you’re inside, the smell of leather and new furniture is a lure that draws you further inside the depths of the store. Before you know it, you’re plopped down on a super comfy sofa enjoying the last of the cookies and a good show on the TV (which is also for sale). It’s not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Then I discovered the satisfaction of reclaiming and refinishing used furniture. I still remember my first piece. It was an ugly oak baker’s rack, rickety as all get out, and it was left curbside for dump pickup. I hauled it home, sturdied it with some glue and nails, and put a coat of paint and glaze on it. It’s still a source of pride and joy, taking up residence as a prominent piece in my living room. From that piece on, I was hooked. Previously loved pieces are now my first choice for furniture. The Rustic Mountain Barnwood 2 Door Bookcase with Nailheads reminds me of that.

  • Aspen Furniture Brightens Up Home Offices

    Your Home Office Will Look Great with BookcasesRustic furniture adds a warm touch to your home office that makes it feel more inviting and comfortable. Whether work follows you home from your day job or you’re bogged down with your yearly taxes, you deserve to have a space that’s enjoyable to work in. Solid pieces like the Elk Summit Aspen Log Bookcase a combine classic form with the unique beauty that’s only found in aspen wood harvested from dead-standing trees.

    Chunky hand-peeled logs meet smooth panels in this stunning bookcase. A central fixed shelf with log edging divides the top of the piece from the bottom, and three adjustable shelves allow you to create the best configuration for storing books or displaying decorations. Four corner logs form a sturdy base for the rest of the shelf. Another eye-catching aspen log stretches across the top to balance out the rugged appearance. The hand peeling process ensures that none of the original character of the wood is lost in the making of the piece.

    Some bookcases use pressboard or cardboard backings that are simply nailed or screwed in place, but the Elk Summit Aspen Log Bookcase is made entirely from aspen wood. Its back features tongue and groove paneling that’s not only attractive but also rugged. You’ll never see the back of the piece bowing or bending. This strength is one of the classic characteristics that makes aspen furniture so popular. Supplement the natural rugged nature with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish, or create a bold look for your office with the honey tone option.

    You can choose either a 36-inch or 40-inch wide bookshelf to accommodate your needs and fit your available office space. Add doors in place of the lower shelves on the unit if you need a cabinet for storing office supplies such as printer paper, files or envelopes. Stick with standard aspen wood and you’ll get log furniture that sports interesting twists and turns as well as knots and even old tracks from insects. “Extra gnarly” aspen has more personality and gives you something to admire whenever you need a break from the daily grind.

  • Versatile Bookcases Enhance Country Decor

    Bookcases will keep your precious collections safeAny living room or home office can benefit from the attractive look of log furniture. Heirloom-quality handcrafting and natural wood beauty work together to create pieces that enhance decor. When a piece is also functional like the Hidden Lake Rustic Cedar Bookcase, it becomes even more desirable. Whether you have a large collection of books or are looking for a way to display decorative home accents, a solid bookcase gives you the space that you need.

    Bookcases can serve many purposes as part of country decor. The first, of course, is to organize books. From novels and poetry books to biographies and cookbooks, any book collection is safe and secure in the Hidden Lake bookcase. Built from solid Northern white cedar wood with 5” log legs and tongue and groove back paneling, this rugged case can hold even your heaviest books without shifting or warping. Four height options give you the flexibility to include this bookcase in any room. Depending on the size you choose, you’ll get anywhere from three to five shelves for book storage and organization.

    A smooth-sanded finish gives each part of the Hidden Lake bookcase a sleek, attractive look. The rugged shelves and flat top provide a beautiful backdrop for your books or for displaying knickknacks, photos and decorative plates. Try alternating books with decor items to create a unique look in your living room. In your home office, you can use the shelves to hold computer peripherals or essential reference materials. Whatever you place on the shelves, you can be sure that the Hidden Lake Rustic Cedar Bookcase will keep it safe and sound.

    No matter what type of log furniture you’re already using in your home, you can match your new bookcase to the current decor with one of three finish choices, all at the discounted price of $499.00. Leaving it unfinished imparts a rustic look. Clear finish protects the wood while preserving the natural color, and honey pine finish adds a warm glow that looks especially attractive with other country furniture. Enjoy extra storage and beautiful design with the Hidden Lake bookcase.

  • The Perfect Place to Store a Bookworm's Treasure

    No laminated plastic woodgrain here! Solid wood bookcases that can take the weight of your book collection.Bookcases are a bookworm's favorite accessory, storing books of every kind and other valued treasures. They are used as secret hiding places for valuables and to store other necessities for quick access. Since book shelves are used a variety of different ways, it is important that you choose a bookcase that can do the job. Something you won't find just anywhere today.

    Cabin bookcases are sturdy enough so when a person needs to fill it up to the top with books, it is unbreakable. However, we don't advise testing their strength with more than a mountain of books, trinkets and trophies. Everything, no matter how well crafted has it's threshold of abuse. Use properly, cabin furniture will last well over 100 years.

    With cabin book cases, you will be worry-free, knowing that the weight limits that most manufacturers place on their inferior cases crafted from cheap materials do not apply to these bookcases. If you're going to build a bookcase, then for crying out loud craft it to hold books, not feathers! Here you have solid wood book cases, crafted from thick, sturdy honest wood able to withstand great pressure without breaking into that telltale sag or collapsing altogether. No particle board, no plastic strip edging... just good honest reliable quality construction from cabin furniture.

    Cabin bookcases are not only sturdy, but they are also very beautiful. They make a great accessory to any home, even if they are being used for items besides books. Unlike flimsy, mass manufacturer made bookshelves, cabin bookcases do not have simulated wood patterns or coverings on them. The patterns you see are nature-made, which make them even more beautiful. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This makes it easier to blend them any home furnishing. Cabin furniture manufacturers offer you solid wood bookcases have a rustic look that gives them the look and feel of the outdoors.

    Cabin book cases are beautiful and strong because of their coloring and sizes. They come in a variety of natural wood colors, from black to off white. They make different sizes and shapes that fit just about any home interior design. Large or small, dark or light bookcases are great for the bedroom, living room and especially the home library. They are sure to fit into any existing home setting with its variety or color and sizes.

    Since these are solid wood bookcases, they last many times longer than those cheap flimsy department and big box store purchased cases ever were engineered to provide. Many people feel like they should plan for the next time they will need to buy another piece of furniture for their home. However, cabin book cases being built with time honored craftsmanship and solid wood, will remain straight and sturdy, making it unnecessary to replace them.  What is better than knowing your purchase of fine quality has saved you so much money over the next several decades?

    Cabin bookcases are the perfect accessory for any room in the home or at the office. They are sturdy, beautiful and they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors along with an amazing array of other cabin furniture to compliment that room and your entire home.

  • Book Cases for Book Lovers

    Durable and charming, solid wood bookcases handcrafted from aspen, pine, cedar and hickory.Any book lover needs one or more bookcases to store their treasures on. A true booklover will want a bookcase that is durable and that can protect the books from the worst of household mishaps. With the right bookcase, the book collection is protected and shown off with the proper amount of style and class.

    Cabin bookcases are very popular because of their study construction and classic look. It doesn't matter if the book lover lives in the country, the mountains, or an apartment in the middle of a large city. Rustic bookcases offer a natural touch that fits in anywhere. These rustic, timeless pieces provide an extra element to the surrounding décor and help showcase the booklover’s most valued collections.

    Cabin bookcases are easily spotted for their rustic appearance, offering quality and function in several different styles. These bookcases are offered in a variety of collections, including the Cabin Creek, Aspen Mountain, North Woods and Cedar Lake collections. Some are made of log, while others are plank constructed. All have a unique grain pattern and finish, so none are exactly like any other piece. Some of these bookcases are left in the natural hues, while others are finished to bring out the various colors and grains of each individual piece. Each piece is as distinctive and unique as the person that owns it, and brings a sense rustic culture with it.

    Books can be safely housed on these bookcases, or they can be used for storage and displaying for other items like cushions, bowls, vases and movies. Cabin bookcases come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any collector. They range from simple designs with three shelves to units that can be six feet tall and include drawers. These bookcases are built with artisan quality craftsman offering years of service that can withstand normal wear and tear. They do not wear out like cheaper quality bookcases, and can provide a timeless centerpiece to show off and protect collectors’ editions and personal favorites.

    Books can be protected and shown with the class and style of weathered wood, offering a touch of the country indoors. These bookcases can be sold as single units, or bought in pairs to make a matching set to showcase on either side of the TV, bed or couch. Cabin bookcases have the ability to blend and match almost any color of fabric and paint to give the room a boost, or just a new addition. They can even be used in children’s rooms, since they can withstand rigors placed on them by children.

    Any book lover would be happy to display his or her most precious collections on these bookcases. They offer beauty and style for aesthetics and durability for function. With cabin bookcases, a booklover, or collector of any kind, will have the storage and room for precious items for years to come. Cabin bookcases are offered for the avid collector, or for the person that just appreciates cabin furniture. There are a variety of styles and forms these beautiful bookcases come in, enough to please anyone.

  • Truth, Honesty and Log Furniture

    Rustic BookcasesTruth is not something that comes to mind when you think of the furniture in your home, or pieces that you have yet to purchase. Yet, it is a dominate issue in most home furnishings on the market today. Truth is what you look for in the company you purchase your log furniture online from. You won’t find a cheap, tawdry, sugar-coated piece of particle board anywhere in the main construction of handmade log furniture on our site. We know that truth and trust go hand in hand and we only place products on our site that we know will reflect the quality Woodland Creek’s is associated with.

    There unfortunately are online companies more interested in making a buck than quality and truth. They may brag about a large selection and offer extremely low prices – but look beneath the exterior. Read reviews about the site, check the BBB, the Web of Trust, etc. This is your log furniture. Pride of craftsmanship and the purity of natural wood is essential and promising when you live with log furniture in any room of your home.

    The inferior particleboard is well disguised in some finer brands of furniture, as long as you don’t move it much. Every time you move particleboard furniture, the structure is just a bit more compromised. Log furniture, being made of 100% solid wood, not chips and sawdust glued together, is the type of home furnishings investment that is built to withstand the test of time. There are many pieces of log furniturebuilt over a century ago that are still in great shape and under daily use today.

    The natural beauty of the wood is allowed to remain in all pieces of log furniture. There is no attempt to cover up the pureness that Mother Nature has built into every log and planed board. Many pieces of log furniture made attractive ornamental use of the bark to add character and originality. For a more rustic look in your home décor bark intact portions of these beautiful pieces denotes a stronger presence of nature within the home.

    Log furniture is safe for the environment. It will not remain clogging the earth’s landfills for hundreds of years like plastic will. Not that anyone would want to dump these lovely home furnishings, quite the contrary. Unlike cheap plastic furniture, log furniture is comfortable to live with and easily becomes instant heirlooms that will be ready to grace the next generation’s nest in fine style when the time comes. One could never expect such long lasting use from any type of particleboard furniture.

    Removing plastic and vinyl furniture from the interior of your home is a big step towards embracing and reconnecting with nature. Log furniture is 100% natural and exudes warmth and charm no mass manufactured furniture could hope to convey. No two pieces of log furniture are an exact duplicate of the last. There will always be a variety of unique personality and singular character to furnishings that are built to play up the natural beauty found in each piece of wood.

    The openness and honesty of log furniture makes your home an inviting place where relaxing is easy and comes over you quite naturally the moment you enter and shut the chaotic world out. It will be far simpler to allow your own unique style and personality reign in a home outfitted with log furniture in every room. Contemporary, traditional or eclectic, every fabric color is at home on the true, pure colors of natural wood. Timeless charm isn’t trendy; the style is ageless and uplifting. The handmade quality of log furniture is as honest as the day is long.

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