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  • Use Cabin Decor to Light Up Your Home

    Table Lamps with a Rustic AccentSimple accessories create a rustic look that enhances cabin decor in any room of your home. The Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp incorporates the weathered beauty of barnwood into a functional piece that can be placed on the end table in your living room, den or bedroom. Whether you need extra light or are looking for a unique piece to bring balance to the style, this lamp offers just the right flair.

    Handcrafted from reclaimed barwood, this table lamp features UL-certified wiring and a traditional socket with support for an optional lampshade. The base is fashioned from a single barnwood beam and supported by a small, square plank. Although the style is basic, the patterns in the barnwood make every lamp unique. In fact, barnwood can be considered a work of art thanks to the forces of nature imprinting the wood with individual characteristics over the span of many decades. Clear catalyzed lacquer is used to finish off the base and protect the surface of the barnwood from damage and wear.

    If you choose to add a lampshade to your Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp, you get another handmade accessory that features a cedar background with a distinctive pattern of leaves across the lower half. Since these shades are made individually, no two are exactly the same. You wind up with a stunning lamp that brings a soft, warm glow to any room while adding to the beauty of your country decor. Flip the switch whenever you need extra light and enjoy the simple charm it exudes.

    Standing 26 inches high from the base to the top of the shade, this lamp makes the perfect compact complement to barwood furniture. It’s small enough to sit on a nightstand without crowding out other accessories but large enough to provide light for all of your favorite activities. Set up one or more around your home to create a beautiful style that shines with all the appeal of reclaimed barnwood. With its combination of personality and practicality, the Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp is just what you need to make any room feel cozy and inviting.

  • Create a Unique Bedroom with Aspen Furniture

    Log Beds are Your Bedroom Centerpiece!Imagine settling into a custom bed every night, supported by the rugged strength of aspen wood as you drift off to sleep. With handmade aspen furniture like the Rodeo Light Aspen Log Bed, you can bring this unique experience to any bedroom in your cabin or lodge.

    After harvesting a collection of aspen logs from dead-standing trees, skilled craftsmen peel away the bark by hand to reveal the attractive light shade of the wood underneath. The logs are then hewn by hand with attention to their natural character. Each log features a distinct pattern of knots, warps, cracks and other “beauty marks” put there by nature. You’ll never find two logs that are exactly the same, so the Rodeo Light Aspen Log Bed that you get will be exclusive to your home. If you want a bed that truly shows off the personality of aspen wood, you can opt to have the piece built with “extra character” aspen logs instead.

    Simple style lets the beauty of the wood used in this cabin decor take center stage. Log side rails stretch between a headboard and footboard that each feature a trio of horizontal log posts. Support slats provide a sturdy place for your mattress to rest, and the option of upgrading to double log side rails adds even more strength. The mortise and tenon joints between the logs serve to not only hold the bed together but also give it the beloved style of classic cabin decor. Enhance that style with clear catalyzed lacquer, or choose a honey glaze finish for an extra hint of warmth.

    You can enjoy the Rodeo Light Aspen Log Bed in any bedroom. Whether you want a twin bed for your guest room, a full bed for your teen’s room or a California king bed for the master suite, you’ll get the same beautiful workmanship in every size. Each headboard measures a full 50 inches except for the twin, which is 42 inches high. The slightly lower footboard creates another level that draws the eye and brings balance to a handcrafted piece that’s unique among log beds.

  • Dine in Style with Attractive Cabin Decor

    Serving bowls from the Stoneware CollectionYou don’t have to limit playful cabin decor to artwork and home accessories. With the Black Bear Stoneware Collection, you can enjoy your favorite woodland images every time you sit down to a meal. This rugged, attractive set lets you choose individual components to build a collection that complements your kitchen and dining area.

    The Black Bear Stoneware Collection features hand-painted stoneware that’s safe to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Every piece goes from preparation to serving to cleanup without the need for any special care. The basic 16-piece dinnerware set includes four place settings, each complete with a 16-ounce mug, a dinner plate, a salad plate and a small bowl. A matching platter and a deeper bowl are available for serving your family’s favorite foods, and a three-canister set can be added to store dry goods in the kitchen. Complete the collection with a spoon rest and a pair of fanciful salt and pepper shakers.

    A black bear sits front and center in the motif painted on each piece in the Black Bear Stoneware Collection. Dinner plates and bowls feature multiple bears “walking” along the edge and the sides, and the rims of the salad plates include eye-catching paw print designs. You’ll also find vibrant green pine trees along with rings or bands of deep yellow. These natural colors serve to contrast the creamy shade used for the base of the design. A deep red-brown color coats the insides of the bowls and mugs for a bold finishing touch that enhances rustic decor. All designs are lead-free, making the dishes safe for the whole family to use.

    Creating a balanced look in your dining room sets the mood for fun family meals and relaxing gatherings with friends. When the place settings complement the log furniture with woodland designs, you’ll feel like you’re in a cabin in the middle of the forest even if you live in a busy suburban neighborhood. Use the Black Bear Stoneware Collection to prepare and serve all of your best dishes, and you’ll enjoy daily meals that look as great as they taste.

  • Cabin Decor Turn the Bedroom into a Rustic Getaway

    Bedding Sets add a Final Touch to the BedroomClassic cabin decor begins with wood furniture pieces and becomes complete with the addition of rustic accessories that depict the beauty of nature. The Autumn Trails Bedding Set brings this style to your bedroom with a complete selection of bedding, pillows and room accents that feature a “deep woods” theme. Choose a twin, full/queen or king set to start and add decor as desired to create your own unique setup.

    The basic Autumn Trails Bedding Set comes with a comforter, a bed skirt, one or two pillow shams and a throw pillow. Each piece showcases the predominant brown shades of the motif along with repeating images of bears and bucks. Other colors such as yellow, red-orange and pine green round out the theme. You’ll find all of these shades stretching in bands across the comforter as solid stripes or as a backdrop for diamond and woodland designs. The rusty brown of the bed skirt provides attractive contrast to makes these images stand out.

    If you’re looking for extra comfort and warmth, add a black bear grid throw to your bed. This large throw displays a grid pattern of forest green and light tan with black bear images in several of the squares. The back sports a tan shade that complements the comforter and adds an air of softness to log cabin furniture. Choose one or more pillows to go with the throw and emphasize the motif of the set. Try a square pillow that displays a bear on a pine green background or opt for shades of chocolate brown and tan with an embroidered buck design. Rectangular pillows with contrasting brown colors and bear motifs are also available to balance the collection.

    Full-size curtain panels with tiebacks and matching valances bring the style of the Autumn Trails Bedding Set to the rest of the room. Along with log furniture, these accessories create a sense of rustic comfort that echoes your favorite things about the big woods. Complete the set with a shower curtain for your master bathroom and enjoy the Autumn Trails style as you go about your daily routine.

  • Keep Treasured Dishes Safe in Style with Rustic Furniture

    Buffets and Hutches will keep those dishes safeYour most treasured dishware deserves a beautiful display space that will preserve its most attractive characteristics for years to come. The Cottage Hickory Log 48-Inch Buffet & Hutch provides a generous amount of storage in the form of an eye-catching piece of handmade log furniture. Crafted using a combination of hickory wood and logs, this sturdy buffet and hutch combination is just what you need to protect your favorite dishes.

    Kiln-dried hickory logs adorn each corner of the Cottage Hickory 48-Inch Buffet & Hutch. The bark is left on the logs to create deep contrast with the hickory boards and planks used in the rest of the piece. Smooth lines and slight differences in color draw the eye while European-style hinges keep the hardware out of sight. Drawers feature a half-inch hickory overlay that matches the fronts of the cabinet doors. Short log drawer pulls and door handles harmonize with the dark log edging around the hutch top and buffet shelf to complete the look.

    When you make this buffet and hutch combination part of your dining area, you get a spacious two-door cabinet along with two dovetailed drawers that slide out on full-extension ball bearing glides. The top portion includes two glass doors that are perfect for showing off your best dishes. If you don’t have anything to display but still need a solid storage space, you can purchase just the buffet section. This gives you the cabinet and the drawers to place your pots and pans, special serving dishes and flatware. The buffet features all the characteristics of the full piece and can double as a sideboard in the dining room.

    Choosing a dark “Espresso” finish for your Cottage Hickory 48-Inch Buffet & Hutch gives it a bold, attractive look stands out among other cabin decor. If you prefer a lighter shade, try either Rustic Maple or Rustic Alder finish. Traditional clear catalyzed lacquer lets the natural beauty of the hickory wood shine through. Add other pieces from the Cottage Hickory collection to your dining room area for an eye-catching setup that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

  • Make Aspen Furniture the Focus of Your Rustic Living Room

    Coffee Tables for the Living RoomEvery room needs a centerpiece to draw the eye and provide a focal point for the layout. A well-made coffee table fills that roll in the living room by functioning as the central piece around which other furniture is arranged. The Rustic Aspen Log Coffee Table with Shelf sets the stage for a stunning design that features the rugged beauty of log furniture. With its unique characteristics and solid construction, this table is just what you need to start creating the living room you’ve been dreaming of.

    Each corner of the Rustic Aspen Log Coffee Table with Shelf features a solid aspen log that’s hand-picked for its distinctive beauty. Knots, gnarls and bumps appear along with decorative cracks in the wood. All of these develop as aspen trees grow and are preserved with a careful process that involves peeling the outer bark off the logs by hand. These logs are then used to frame the coffee table and support the top and the lower shelf.

    Cabin decor should be functional as well as beautiful, which is why this handmade coffee table features space for setting down your favorite beverage while you’re relaxing with the newspaper and for displaying decorative items to beautify the living room. Log edging around the aspen slab tabletop enhances the look of the piece, and this same edging appears on the slightly smaller shelf below it. This provides deep contrast with the lighter color of the inner part of the aspen tree. Clear lacquer finish lets each shade shine through in all its natural glory while protecting the wood from accidental coffee spills.

    The moderate size of the Rustic Aspen Log Coffee Table with Shelf makes it suitable for living rooms in cabins, lodges and summer homes. Due to the individualized way that aspen trees grow, every piece of log furniture is just a little different. The aspen logs may vary in size, and you’ll never see the same patterns duplicated on another log. Placing this coffee table at the center of your living room creates an attractive central point that establishes a rugged, timeless style.

  • Get Better Bathroom Storage with Rugged Barnwood Furniture

    Linen Closets that will Fit the Rustic BedroomEven in large bathrooms, storage can be a challenge. Towels, sheets, curtains and other linens are all fighting for space, and before you know it, your closets are overflowing with hopelessly jumbled messes. The Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Linen Closet expands the available storage and helps you regain control of the clutter before it takes over your bathroom. It’s an eye-catching piece of wood furniture built to highlight all the unique characteristics of barnwood that give it a special flair.

    Furniture in the Wyoming collection features both naturally weathered barnwood and regional hardwoods to create finished pieces with personality. Each barnwood plank has been exposed to the elements for at least ten years and has the distinctive color variations and grain patterns to prove it. Barnwood ranges in color from light gray to rusty orange and displays a whole rainbow of shades in between. Unique knot designs make barnwood furniture even more interesting to look at.

    From a functional perspective, the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Linen Closet has a lot to offer. Two doors conceal a total of four shelves that divide the unit into six cubbies, and these are just right for storing your best towels and other home linens. Everything is easily accessible when you place the piece in the corner of the family bathroom or make it part of the design of your master suite. It’s also great for organizing personal care items, extra rolls of toilet paper and hair styling tools.

    Barnwood boards line the doors and frame the side paneling in this rugged storage closet. Corner beams span the entire 72-inch height to function both as legs and as supports. Attractive staked boards create a stepped edge at the top for a rustic accent that complements other cabin decor. Add the perfect final touch with bronze oval, faux antler or tooled leather door hardware. The choice of a left- or right-side door hinge makes it easy to fit the piece into the layout of your bathroom in whatever way is most convenient. Thanks to the longevity of barnwood, you’ll have reliable storage for many years to come.

  • Balance Rustic Decor with Beautiful Lighting

    Bring Table Lamps to the Living RoomIt’s fun to decorate your cabin or lodge with rustic decor, but it’s also possible to go overboard if you focus solely on accessories like artwork and knickknacks. When you’re looking to bring an extra element of outdoor beauty to a room but don’t want to clutter it up, try the Pioneer Table Lamp. With its carved resin base and woven shade, this simple lamp combines beautiful craftsmanship with useful lighting for an attractive accent that literally brightens up any room.

    This 28.5-inch tall lamp features a base made to look like the trunk and branches of a pine tree. Each miniature “branch” features a carved pinecone that adds visual interest and texture to the piece. The rough texture of the resin looks just like bark so that, from a distance, the lamp has a true treelike appearance. Another carved pinecone appears on top, peeking out of the shade just enough to draw attention.

    A classic bell shade covers the upper part of this rustic decor to diffuse the light from a 100-watt bulb. This gives you enough brightness for any task from working on a project to relaxing and reading the newspaper. The three-way socket design provides multiple levels of light so you can choose how much illumination you need. Go for low light in the early morning, bright light at night and something in-between for those gray days when your house is just a little too dim.

    Using functional accessories adds beauty to your home without making it look like you went on a crazy woodland decorating spree. As a simple, elegant accent, the Pioneer Table Lamp pairs well with classic log furniture choices such as pine and cedar. Include it in your living room on an end table or put it on the nightstand in the bedroom so you can enjoy its dual purpose of providing light and adding charm to your existing rustic design. Then pick out a knickknack or two to balance it and put a personal finishing touch on the room’s decor.

  • Unique Lighting Adds Woodland Charm to Cabin Decor

    Pendant Lights are Good CenterpiecesLighting is an essential element in all country decor. Without properly placed lights, a room can seem cold, claustrophobic and uninviting. The Colorado Lighting 3 Leg Pendant Light suspends from the ceiling to spread light into every corner, banishing unwanted shadows and making your living room, dining area or den a bright and appealing place to spend time in. Not only does it provide the light you need to make the room look its best; it also adds a touch of woodland beauty to the style of the room.

    This attractive pendant light is handmade in the USA from rugged wrought iron and hefty glass. Three sturdy “legs” radiate out from a central pillar held in place by a sturdy chain. One light fixture hangs down from each leg and is adorned with a flower-shaped shade that diffuses the glow from a 100-watt bulb. The result is beautiful, even lighting that’s perfect for illuminating evening activities or brightening up dreary days. All wiring and fixtures in the piece are UL rated, so you know you can use this fixture safely in any part of your home.

    Thanks to the inclusion of one six-inch and two 12-inch rod couplers, you can hang this attractive cabin decor from flat or vaulted ceilings of any height. Adjust it as necessary to create just the right ambiance for any room. In the living room, it provides eye-catching overall brightness which can be enhanced by choosing Alabaster Glass shades. In the dining area, you may wish to aim for something more subdued, a look perfected with Mission Amber Diffuser shades.

    Right in the center of the Colorado Lighting 3 Leg Pendant Light, you’ll find a trio of pine cone and “branch” accents complete with pine needle decorations. This contributes a “woodland” look to the piece that’s perfect for cabins and country homes. Enhance the design with pine log furniture in the room below or choose other accessories with pine tree and pine cone themes to create balanced decor with attractive, timeless rustic style.

  • Make Aspen Furniture a Featured Part of the Game Room

    Play with Dartboards all DayAt the end of a long work week, all you want to do is sit back and relax. Weekends are meant to give you the time you need to unwind, and there’s no better way to make the most of that time than to have your friends over for an afternoon or evening in the game room. The Aspen Log Dartboard Cabinet with Doors gives you all something fun to do while you hang out, catch up and enjoy a little downtime. Plus, it adds the beauty of rustic decor to your home.

    Solid aspen wood creates a sturdy cabinet that opens to reveal an old-fashioned dartboard. Hand-peeled aspen logs make up the body of the piece and also serve as handles for the smooth wooden doors. Another, larger log sits across the top to cap off this unique aspen furniture for a rugged, beautiful look.

    The Aspen Log Dartboard Cabinet provides space to store your darts where they’ll be safe when not in use. On the opposite door, there’s space for a score card and pen to keep track of who’s currently in the lead. Track one game at a time or hold tournaments with your friends to make things more interesting. As you play, you can admire the natural beauty of the dark aspen logs which includes gnarls and knots as well as unique patterns that stretch along the length of the wood.

    Since a dartboard is the only piece of cabin decor you’re likely to throw sharp things at on purpose, it’s a good idea to choose a protective finish. Go for clear to seal in the beauty of the aspen or opt for a honey color that deepens the wood tones to bring out even more of its natural character. This well-crafted rustic beauty is made to last so you can enjoy it as part of your game room for many years to come. Make darts a routine part of “game night” and unwind with this rugged piece at the center of the fun.

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